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Wagging my tail like a happy little bitch…..
Thoughts of your cock how excited I get.
The smile on my face gives me away, my eyes they tell you when its time to play.
I get so happy I start to squeal, its hard to stop when I wanna feel.
How wet I get…the thought of it.
My lips on your neck?
My lips on your dick!
My ass in the air, you wanna feel my throat?
I’ll swallow your cock till it makes me choke.
My eyes start to water then run down my cheeks,
You grab me by my hair and gag me till your pleased.
When my mouth is done you know just what I want.
Shove my face in the bed and fill my hot wet spot.
Pound it till you make it hurt and if I do complain,
Slap me like a dirty whore and put me in my place.
Pull my hair, slap my ass, call me filthy names,
Such a talented young man, you make me cum for days.
I want you to call me mommy, make your mother proud.
Slide your rod in really deep as you choke me out.
I try to push away, you hold my hands behind my back.
I love it when you punish me….that’s why I’m always bad.

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2012-09-09 02:16:27
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2011-07-04 10:55:10
Dude, right on there bhroter.

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