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I slap your dick a little bit, you stick your cock between my tits.
You thrust until you cream my face, I’ll lick it cause I like the taste.
You rub my pussy, I sure am wet, then tap my ass to invite your friend.
I love it that you like to share, it turns me on when you don’t care.
It makes me drip to think about a nice wet pussy in my mouth,
And the dicks I get to suck, I like to make new people cum.
I’d like it if you’d fuck a chic while I lick her pussy clit,
Cum inside her when your done, I’ll slurp it out, just for fun.
Oh how nice to have two dicks, between each set of my two lips.
Hit it from the front and back, make me cum and make me gag.
Have a bitch sit on my face, tongue my pussy, hows it taste?
It makes you hard to watch the show, so in her mouth, your dick, it goes.
She sucks you and it looks like fun,
I wanna help her make you cum.
Spew your jizz on both of us, we’ll help each other lick it up.
I’ll pull her hair and bite her breasts, bend her over cause it’s the best Eat her ass from behind, in her cunt my fingers slide.
One by one I ease them in until I pound her with my fist.
Oh my fuck it’d be real nice to do this with you every night.

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2013-02-27 02:59:10
I speak from experience.For IT hnepeapd to me with my first boyfriend, my first date,and my first sexual encounter.I was a virgin he gave me a ring a few weeks later I gave him my virginity He called off the engagement,asked for the ring back,and hit the road ..I don't think you could ever get so traumatized as that! I too,was one of those women that thought I was in love and giving myself to my future husband .So you will find yourself stressing everytime you meet and develop feelings about a man at 41 ..I'm not stressing so much anymore! I'm just enjoying the good moments,the special moments,and still hoping !!! But I still say a man calls the shots -when he decides it's a relationship-that's when it's one lmfao!You can think everything's going your way and POOF! He's gone!-

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