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I woke to see Alexis's smiling face. She was wearing a silk robe, her nipples still engorged and pressing against the fabric. Her hair was sweaty and wild and she glowed as only a well fucked woman can glow. She stroked my face. "Ahhh, you're back, Diana. For a minute, I thought I killed you. Forty-five minutes, you've had a nice nap!" She sighed. "That was the best orgasm I think another woman has ever given me." Her hand dropped to my breast, slowly circling my erect nipple. "Was it good for you, too?"

I tried to speak, but a little sob came out so I nodded instead. I felt weak and excited and wonderful and astounded...and full. It took a moment for me to understand and then as my pussy muscles flexed, I realized that I still had several inches of the thick dildo inside me. I swallowed and tried again. "Thank you," I replied in a hoarse whisper. "That was...I didn't know it could be like that with a...woman."

Alexis leaned over and kissed me gently on the mouth, her tongue barely brushing my lips. "Well, I don't think it was so much me as that well hung son of yours. Seeing him fuck Eve really aroused you." She licked her lips and added, "A lot!"

I turned my head to look into the next room. Chad was flat on his back asleep. Eve was curled up against him, her head on his chest, a shapely leg draped protectively across his legs. His penis, half erect and shiny with her juices rested against her thigh. Eve was asleep, her body still shiny with sweat, her hair bed-tousled. She looked beautiful and I envied her to the point of hatred. I sighed and realized that the sight of my naked son was making my pulse begin to race again. My pussy muscles throbbed and flexed, sending an aftershock of orgasmic pleasure coursing through my body.

"Oh my god, I want to fuck my son!" I whispered, awed at my own frank confession.

Alexis kissed me again. "Yes, I know. I understand."

I took her hand and squeezed it. "Alexis, you said you watched your son lose his virginity? You said it excited you?"

Alexis looked at me, an evil grin on her face again. "Oh yes. Doctor Claire was with me. I absolutely raped her I was so turned on watching my Louis fuck his chosen lady! She had to go fetch her favorite strap-on and she must have fucked me a dozen times before I tuckered her out."

"Then you didn't...I mean with your son... You didn't fuck him?"

Alexis blushed slightly, but her grin never wavered. "Are you kidding? I walked out of here, down to that bedroom and I fucked his brains out!"

My pussy contracted around the massive play cock in my pussy. I could feel my juices flowing again. I wiggled my butt around, seeking the delicious friction a cock provided. "You did! Do you still? Are you and your Louis lovers?"

"Oh yes," she sighed. "I still enjoy the occasional adventure here, but when I go home, I go home to my handsome son and his hard cock!"

Again a little orgasmic aftershock thrilled through me. I glanced again at my son and Eve. I so badly needed to be feel my son's cum in my pussy! I wanted it now. I wanted Chad's beautiful, thick penis inside me...filling my womb, making me cum, making me a baby, making me complete!

Alexis laughed and took hold of the dildo, still slick with her cream. Slowly she began to ease it out of my pussy, saying, "I think you've had enough of this. I think it's time for the real thing. Are you ready?"

I nodded and then began to squirm and shiver as orgasmic sparks rippled through me as my clasping pussy grudgingly surrendered the thick rubber cock. I closed my eyes as the pleasure made me dizzy and it was several minutes before I could open them up again.

When I did open them, Alexis was standing before me wearing a sheer robe which did not conceal her lovely, trim body. "Recovered enough to go visit Chad?" she asked.

I climbed off the lounger on shaky legs and looked around for my dress. Alexis laughed and said, "Just come as you are. There's a direct route to their bedroom. No one will see you naked...which is a shame. You have a lovely body, Diana."

I blushed as I felt her eyes roaming admiringly over me. "Thank you. You're beautiful too!" I replied, feeling like a lovesick schoolgirl, fumbling words of admiration to a would-be lover.

Alexis gave me one last long kiss and then took my hand and led me out a door. True to her word, a short hallway that opened up into the bedroom next door. My breathing became more rapid as we approached the bed, my son and his first lover embracing and asleep. I glanced up at the huge mirror and wondered...would somebody be watching me. My mind felt giddy as I realized I was about to crawl naked into bed with my son. Was I brave enough, crazy enough to make love to my own son?

"Eve," I heard Alexis whisper. Eve opened her eyes and looked upwards. Alexis put a finger to her lips and in a scant whisper said, "You were wonderful, Eve, but Chad's mother will take over her son's education now."

Eve turned and looked at me, her eyes widening as she looked at my nakedness. She smiled at me and carefully disengaging herself from Chad, stood up. We faced each other, our bodies so similar that we could be twins. Apparently this situation was exciting her, as her nipples were swelling again.

"Oh, you are so going to love your son's cock, Diana. Chad's a wonderful lover!" Eve exclaimed.

I blushed more, convinced my skin was beet red as I stammered in reply, "Um, uh thank you! I just hope I, be as great a lover to my son as you were!"

Alexis slid in and slipped an arm around Eve's waist. "Eve was magnificent, but there's nothing like a mother's love!" She kissed Eve while her other hand caressed the dark haired woman's hairy pussy. Then she crossed over to me and kissed me again. "For good luck," she said and then she held up three fingers. "And here's a little incentive, Diana. Imagine how good it will be when it's your cunt cream mixed up with Chad's spunk!"

She pressed her fingers against my lips. I opened my mouth in surprise and tasted my son's cum and Eve's juices. It was soooo good! I moaned as Alexis slipped her fingers out and sucked as much of the delicious mix off them as I could.

Alexis waggled her wet fingers at me and whispered, "Have fun!" and walked off hand in hand with Eve, disappearing through the door we'd just came from.

I stood there for long seconds after being left alone with my naked, sleeping son. I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful much like his father's when he'd been a young man. Muscled and stocky with a shock of my black hair above and below! Out of his thatch of black pubic hair, his cock emerged, thick and half erect and still bigger than most men erect! It made my knees weak and my pussy hot just to look at it.

I glanced once more at the large mirror and then didn't give it another thought. I eased into bed, curling up against my son's warm, firm body as Eve had done. I draped my leg over his upper legs, rubbing my hairy, wet thatch against his thigh. My breasts dragged against his skin, my nipples hard, rubbery and throbbing, aching to be taken in his mouth and sucked and bitten. Chad pressed back against me in his sleep, giving a contented sigh.

I slowly trailed my hand across his flat stomach and down into his pubic hair. Scarcely believing I was doing so, I wrapped my fingers around his cock, now slippery with a thick coating of his own semen and Eve's pussy cream. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode. I was so excited and it felt right to have my son's penis in my hand. It was if it were meant to be! I could barely get my fingers around his cock. Slowly, I began to stroke Chad's cock.

Chad sighed happily in his slumber. His cock began to grow in my hand, extending, becoming huge and long. My cunt muscles began to spasm...hungry for my son's thick cock. I could smell my own scent now, mixing with the fragrant smell of Chad's jism and Eve's pussy.

"I love you, Chad," I whispered. "Mommy loves you and needs you. Mommy needs your cock!"

Chad smiled in his sleep and mumbled, "Love you, Mom."

I eased downwards...making my way to my son's crotch, unable to take my eyes off his now towering erection! I felt compelled to get closer. My nostrils flared and my senses reeled as I inhaled the scent of sex...semen and pussy cream, a scent becoming stronger and stronger as my face neared my son's hard penis. I couldn't help myself. I flicked my tongue out and licked the shaft of Chad's cock. The taste of sex just fed my lust. Chad sighed as I licked it again and again. I stretched out along side my son and took his swollen cockhead in my mouth, allowing my tongue to dance and flit over his spongy, but firm flesh. Chad's cock pulsed in my mouth. I began to suck him, barely able to contain my desire for him. I wanted to possess my son in every sense of the word.

Chad shifted and moaned softly, "Mom! Mom, I love you." I almost answered him, but couldn't yet bear to release him from my mouth. Slowly I took more of him...old talents beginning to come back to me.

I started as I felt his hand grip my ass, pulling my crotch towards him. I groaned around a mouthful of erect penis as I felt his breath on my sopping wet muff. I sobbed as I took more of him down my throat and I felt my own son's fingers ruffling through my hairy mound, sliding between my already blooming labia and slipping into my hot cunt. My body felt like it had caught fire as Chad's fingers swirled around inside my creamy pussy!

Just as my lips brushed Chad's pubic hairs and I was feeling immensely satisfied having successfully deepthroated my son's cock (oh, how Charles loved me doing that to him!), I almost choked on his flesh as I involuntarily gasped as I felt my son's tongue roll sloppily over my cunt lips and slip into my wet slit! Oh my god! My son had his tongue in his mother's pussy!

I bucked my cunt up against my son's face as I began to wetly and noisily sucked his throbbing cock. Chad had no experience in pussy eating, but he was an eager student and appeared to be listening to my muffled moaned and squeals as he sloppily lapped at my quivering, juice drenched twat, learning my magic spots

I felt an orgasm begin rise inside me and although I was enjoying his enthusiastic muff diving efforts, I wanted his cock inside me the first time my son would make me cum. I moved away, despite his protests and let his cock slip from between my lips...a string of precum stretching until it broke to splatter against my heaving breasts. I turned and gazed at my son, my hair down in my eyes. "Mommy needs her baby's cock deep inside her!" I growled in a husky voice.

Chad started to sit up, but laughed as I put my hand on his chest and pushed him back. "Oh seem so much like my Mom!"

He didn't realize Eve had been replaced with the real thing, but as I straddled him and my thicker, more unruly bush came into view and I hovered over his pussy lips trying to clasp and swallow his cock head, I think he started to realize it wasn't Eve about to fuck him. I whipped my head around, making my long hair fly away from my face. Chad's eyes widened as I lowered myself down on his thick pole. "I said, Mommy needs her son's cock and I meant it...son!" I said as my pussy enveloped his cock. Despite being stretched by Alexis's big dildo, Chad's monster dick was tight inside my cunt, stretching my flesh even more to allow him to cram his meat inside me. As wet and open as I was, I could only slowly work my way down, amazed that for all the cock I took inside, there was more to accept.

"Mom? Mommy, is this a dream?" Chad gasped as he tried to fling himself upwards, trying to bury more of himself in his mother's womb. His hands reached up and took hold of my heavy breasts, palms rubbing and teasing my erect, button nipples. "Oh Mom! I love you!"

"I love you too, Chad!" I replied, my voice rising as I worked more of his cock into me. "It's no dream, darling. Mommy's going to fuck her little boy and make him cum and cum!" My last words were a scream as my furry bush brushed his pubic hairs and I took all of my son's long, thick cock inside me...the head pressing deep against my cervix. My cunt muscles pulsed and massaged the length of his penis. I wanted him. I wanted to fuck my son and I wanted his seed. I rolled my hips, beginning the oldest dance in the world...the mating dance of a man and woman. Suddenly I knew I had to have his seed. Suddenly I wanted my son's child!

I ground my cunt against my son's crotch and leaned over to kiss him, reveling in the sensation of Chad's cock pushing deep into my womb as my heavy breasts dragged across his hairy chest. My lips found his and I sighed with contentment as our tongues danced for the first time. He wrapped me in his arms and continued to thrust upwards into my pussy while I sought to keep all of him inside my steamy wet snatch. We began to rock together as if we'd been lovers for years. We moved together so well, our bodies quickly becoming slick with sweat. I opened my eyes and found that Chad was looking at me. Our kiss ended with us both whispering, "I love you," to each other.

I felt so incredible. As wonderful a lover as Charles had been, our son was something more. All those half considered feelings of the past few weeks now blossomed into full blown love and lust for my son. His cock filled me as I have never been filled, the sweet, erotic pleasure it gave me spread through my entire body. Orgasmic fire flowed through my veins, growing in intensity with each thrust of Chad's lovely cock.

I sat up, arching my back as I dropped my weight on my son, feeling his erection slide upwards, scraping my insides, cramming me full of young cock. I imagine I looked like the very essence of incestuous, motherly mouth open in raw, orgasmic pleasure, my nipples swollen and aching, my stuffed pussy on fire and flowing a river of pussy cream that thickly coated my son's long, thick shaft.

A massive orgasm took me by surprise, wracking my body with shock after shock of erotic delight. I sobbed, "I love you, Chad!" as he added to my orgasm by raising his hands to my heavy, hanging breasts and began massaging them and pinching and squeezing my hard button nipples.

I gasped for breath as my orgasm waned. Chad paused and I shook my head quickly. "No!" I pleaded. "Don't stop. Son! Mommy's needed this for a long time!"

Chad grinned up at me. "Don't worry, Mom. I'm going to be in you a lot from now on! I love you! This is my greatest fantasy come true!" For emphasis, my son thrust powerfully upwards as I was sliding down his cock, making me tremble with pleasure.

Our coupling became more violent now, more frantic! Our bodies slapped together with wet, smacking sounds as sweat and pussy juice mingles at our joined crotches. Chad's thrusts become more rapid and he put more into each thrust, making me tremble with little orgasms each time I accepted his cock. I leaned over and he raised his head and began sucking my breasts...the sensation of his tongue rolling over my hard, throbbing nipples making me cream even more. Without warning, my son suddenly bit my left nipple, making me scream with pain and pleasure and amazement. His father used to surprise me in the middle of lovemaking the exact same way!

Another orgasm crashed over me, sending me into a frenzy of nasty bed talk as my body convulsed with the pleasure my son was giving me. "YESSSS! OH YESSS, FUCK MEEE, CHAD! FUCK MOMMY! BURY THAT FAT COCK IN MOMMY'S PUSSY! MMMM, BITE MOMMY'S TITTIES! OH GOD, MAKE MOMMY CUMMM! MOMMY LOVES YOU! MOMMY LOVES YOUR BIG HARD DICK, SON!" I was now bouncing frantically up and down on my son's cock, swept up in orgasmic fury, seeking to get more and more of Chad inside me.

As my orgasm again receded, I became even more aware of the massive hard-on my pussy was clenched tightly around. Alexis's words, "Your son has uncommon control," came back to me. Chad had fucked his mother into two orgasms and showed no sign of reaching climax himself (although he had a beatific smile on his face as his mother massaged his cock with her cunt muscles). We smiled at each other, not speaking, our eyes alone conveying our love and devotion to each other. We savored the sensation of being joined together, cock, pussy and souls

Finally, my breath eased up and again I started to fuck my son. "Just lie back and enjoy this, son!" I said softly, my hands caressing his strong chest. Slowly, I began to ride Chad's cock, easing myself up and down his erection, working my pussy muscles to massage his massive column of cockflesh. Up and down, always slow...agonizingly slow. Sweat poured off my aroused body as I rode my son. Erotic bliss waxed and waned inside me, each time bringing me closer and closer to the brink of unprecedented pleasure. Chad began to moan and sigh as I worked his cock. As I rode my son, I heard echoes of a rock song from my youth, "Slow Ride," and I rocked my body in rhythm to that almost forgotten tune.

Sweet minutes that seemed like hours passed. Pleasure began to build again, reaching a peak and then going higher. I felt my own control begin to slip and I started to speed up. My pussy tightened around Chad's cock as I slipped down on him one last time and like a dam bursting, my orgasm detonated. I began to cum, my pussy juices bathing my son's penis in liquid heat.

Chad gasped as well and began to buck up into my womb and my orgasm went nuclear as for the first time my son flooded my pussy with his white hot semen and I mean flooded! I can't recall ever receiving the gift of so much spunk at one time! I lost grip on the world then as everything went away except for my son's face and his passionate cries of, "I love you, Mom!" and even that faded as pure orgasmic bliss of such intensity that I'd never experienced before took me away. If there is a heaven, this must be what it's like.

I came back to myself eventually, discovering myself on my back and my son between my sprawled legs, still thrusting his cock into my cum drenched-semen soaked pussy. Finally, his cock slowly deflating, Chad slipped out of my clasping cunt and fell over to my side. We both panted words of our love to each other. As we both began to succumb to exhaustion, I noticed the lights dimming and almost felt modest enough to blush realizing that Alexis and maybe others had watched my son and I make love.

I woke to the feeling of fingers touching me, caressing me, exploring me. My son's lips found mine and we kissed deeply like lovers always should. My hands found his cock, now impossibly hard again and I marveled at Chad's recuperative abilities. My son shifted on top of me, spreading my legs and then lifting them to his shoulders as he thrust forward, guided by my hand, into my sodden cunt. In the twilight of sleep, my son fucked me till I begged him to cum in give me his seed and make me a baby! He liked the sound of that. I realized that the idea of me swollen with his child excited Chad as he again flooded my womb with another massive load of his semen as I writhed in orgasm beneath him.

Basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking, Chad talked quietly of his long secret crush on me. "I've been in love with you forever, Mom! Even before Dad died, I've known I loved you." Chad confessed that his father, my Charles knew how he felt. "Dad caught me masturbating to a picture of you in a bikini. He didn't get mad or anything." Chad squeezed my hand as he said, "Dad told me he was happy knowing I'd take care of you after he was gone!"

We both had tears in our eyes and I kissed my son's cheeks clear of his tears and replied, "I know he loved us both and is smiling down at us right now!" It boggled my mind to think that perhaps Charles had this ending in mind when he first asked me to take Chad to Fulfillment...that even as he was dying, he was making plans for my happiness. And I was happy. Now in the arms of my son, his semen trickling from my pussy, I was as happy as I'd ever been.

My son and I fell asleep again only to wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs. A beautiful young woman clad only in a wispy apron was setting a tray full of food down for us. In a lyrical Irish accent, she said, "Compliments of Madam Alexis." Both Chad and I watched her walk away, both of us appreciating the tautness of her firm butt. A tingle stirred feelings deep in my loins and I wondered silently what other hungers had been awakened in me by this place and by Alexis.

We ate ravenously and then my son and I began eyeing each other, anxious to continue what we had started when our hostess stepped into the room. Alexis was once again dressed, this time in a lovely dress that clung to her shapely form. She was carrying our clothes which had been cleaned and ironed.

"Good morning my dears," she said smiling. She leaned over and kissed me, long and slow and then walked around the bed and kissed Chad in the same fashion. "Mmmm, your son is a wonderful kisser, Diana. He must have had a good teacher," she said, offering me a wink. "I hate to say it, but it's time for you to go home. Of course, I imagine things will continue on at home."

Home! Suddenly all sorts of fantasies began to explode in my head. Fantasies of all the things my son and I could and would be doing as soon as we were home! We couldn't thank Alexis enough, but she kept handing the credit back to us. "This is what this house is all about, dears. Fulfillment of what we need and desire."

We dressed with Alexis's help. Chad stood goggle-eyed as Alexis knelt and helped me with my panties, pausing to press her face into my hairy puss for a moment. He was then struck dumb when Alexis helped him with his underwear, taking a moment to lick his again hard cock and then saying, ""Ah, your mother's creamy pussy cream, such a sweet taste on such a lovely cock!"

Alexis walked us out to our waiting car. She told us that she hoped we would return soon. "Chad's membership is paid in full, Diana and you...well, you are always welcome here." She kissed me again and then whispered in my ear as she deftly palmed my breast. "You make me wet, darling and you've not even tasted my pussy yet!" I knew immediately that we would return. That there were many more bridges to adventure left to cross.

Then we were gone, driving back across the Brooklyn Bridge. Chad and I could scarcely say a word. We just kept glancing at each other with the goofiest of grins. We were driving home to a new life and to fulfillment today and everyday for the rest of our lives.


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I hope you continue this story with what happens when they get home and the mother's desire is fulfilled with wanting to have her son's baby

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