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please comment or rate...would like to know if im any good lol
Say hoe you like to fuck?
Do you bend over and take it in the butt?
Do you like those things nice and big, where you feel every inch of it go in?
Do you like it when I start off slow, hit it hard then faster I go.
You know the way I make you moan,
Let the whole block know that daddy’s home.
I like it when you scratch my back, then tense up cause of an orgasmic attack.
Damn girl those faces you make, you make me cum like a flowing lake,
Yet when I cum the funs not through,
Girl you know I wanna eat you.
Im that nasty kind of guy that likes to taste that cum inside,
Roll my tongue along your clit, hold on while you have another orgasmic fit.
You try to push away but my tongue gets longer,
Girl your pussy makes me hunger, hunger for that sweet cream inside, I just wanna suck you dry.
Girl your pussy I love to feel,
Gets me so horny…..fuck I hope you will.

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2013-02-27 08:59:28
I'm one of the people who LOVE the frame and LOVE that you give me a lot of imaegs to choose from and that you take your time with us! It is always a pleasure to have you photograph our family so much better than a sterile studio where you get some kid who just got trained on a camera. You are a true ARTIST! Maybe one day I'll learn to relax a little more:0).

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2011-06-30 06:06:26
,l,, ,,l, i give u the middle fingers....horible

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