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please comment or rate...would like to know if im any good lol
Dirty girl….
No I don’t mind.
A little whore….
Well that’s just fine.
Call me slutty…
I don’t care,
But please do it while you pull my hair.
Tie me up a little bit, treat me like your little bitch.
Spank my ass the way you like and slap me if I start to cry.
Bite my nipples, make me scream,
Shock my pussy if you please.
Tie a rope around my neck, share my body with your friends.
Choke me while I suck your dick, hurt my ass and shove it in.
Make me cry and say “yes sir”
Fist me cause it really hurts.
Take a paddle to my ass, see how long the red will last.
Gag my mouth, spread my legs, slap my pussy till it aches.
Let your friends do what they like, run a train all damn night.
Abuse me anyway you can, teach me to respect a man,
Hurt me till your satisfied then punish me another night.

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2013-02-03 12:25:11
as usual your poems are fantastic very and i stress the word VERY hot some master/slave stories i've read on here aren't nearly as hot as the picture you paint well done :) just wish i could find a chick that wouldn't mind me being her master :/

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2012-09-08 23:02:50
Gorgeous Seeks Romantic i have been single for a coplue of years now and i'm just about to come straight out with what my group is looking for... i'd like to meet a student old fashioned values, is all set to settle down, live a normal/loving life and to join a good women's life. approximately him: gentle, kind, great love of life, monogamous, seeks to live some sort of peaceful & loving life, isnt throughout the clubs/bars, patient and is loving. i'm looking for someone who will be real; isnt in a rush to bed someone and is particularly truly respectful enough to have know me. someone who can only have eyes to do... about me: i have a coplue grown children, employed, tired of accomplishing things alone, good sense connected with humor, love anything to do considering the ocean, enjoy thunderstorms, have an important caring heart (i volunteer alot), serious about family, slightly fluffy, love to become r& b-oldies-jazz, love all different types of movies except war or westerns, GREAT f

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2012-02-25 09:16:35
i hope u dont mind i read this to my master

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