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Kim Possible

Ron runs up towards the stage area, where Kim is currently fighting Shego. Its another one of Drakken plan to take over the world thats drawn the two here. This one involves the kidnapping & brainwashing of the President, so this Mission is High Priority. Shego & Kims battle is heated & epic, more than normal, with no one having the clear advantage. Dr. Drakkens up high on a podium, holding the President hostage, and hoping for protection from Kim. Ron reaches the platform stage just as Shego lands a vicious shot that sends Kim to the ground.

Kim coughs and tries to catch her breath as Shego stands over her, hands glowing. I guess you cant do anything, Kimmy. She leans in closer, preparing to strike. You had this coming for a long time, Princess. Sic her, Rufus! Shego looks up and sees a small pink blur speeding towards her. Its Rufus. Before she can react, the Naked Mole Rat jumps up and bites her on her finger. Shego jumps back in pain, and tries to shake Rufus off, giving Kim enough time to recover.

Thanks for the saveRon? HWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Kim looks up and sees Ron charging full speed at Shego. But before he can do any damage, he trips over an electric cord and ends up stumbling into her. Shego is sent flying, as is Rufus. She hits her head on a Scaffolding, which knocks her out immediately, then rips open the top of her Jumpsuit on a hanging hook before flying and landing on the floor backstage behind the curtains. Ron, still stumbling, slips off the stage and lands backstage in the same area. RON Kim sees the accident and begins to check on them before she hears familiar sinister laughter.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Kim looks up to see Drakken floating away in his Hover Pod with the President. She looks around, looking for anything to help her catch him. After spotting a rope, she grabs it, and lassos it to the Hover Pod and hangs on to chase after Drakken. Meanwhile, Ron wakes up from his daze. Uhwhat happened? He opens his eyes to see only green skin. And everything comes back to him. WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! SHEGO!!! He jumps up and covers himself, expecting the worse. A few seconds later, he realizes shes knocked out. She must be out cold. HA! Looks like its another victory for Mr. Ron Stop His words die in his mouth. All that comes out is a little drop of drool as he sees Shegos Weapons in all of their glory.

Holyshes exposed. Her breasts are just hanging out in the open. Whoa, those are way bigger than what Kims packing. She even rivals Mrs. P. I cant believe it. Ron inches closer, being careful not to make enough noise to wake her up. He slowly kneels down to get a closer look. This is even better than Half-Price Tuesday at Bueno Nacho. He inches his hand out, until its directly over them.

Ron starts shaking as he lowers the hand closer, then he shoots it back. No, this is wrong. This is so wrong. Hes about to get up and walk away when he thinks to himself. Come on, Stoppable! Be a Man! This is a Once in a Lifetime Chance. Theres no one back here. Kim will never know shes chasing Drakken. Besides, its not like Shego doesnt deserve it. He looks back at her, still out cold. He puts both hands in the air and counts silently to himself. OneTwoTHREE!!! He shoots his hands down and quickly grabs Shegos Funbags. He starts to caress and massage them as he looks like hes in a moment of pure ecstasy. Oh, this must be what Heaven feels like. He almost gets lost in the moment when another idea pops into his head. OK, I now know what they feel likebut now I gotta know what they taste like.

Ron leans his head closer, as pure curiosity & horniness has taken him over. He opens his mouth and slowly licks his tongue across her nipple. That causes Shego to moan slightly in her unconscious state. He then puts his entire mouth on her Breast. He starts sucking on her right Tit while using his left hand to feel on her left one. He goes at this for about two good minutes before he stops and sits up, with a grin almost as big as The Jokers. Okay, that was the greatest moment of my life. His eyes then wonder down to see Shegos Legs, and whats between them. Lets see if I can make it even better. He moves his hand slowly towards The Prize. He gets closerand closeruntil a familiar voice rings out that makes his face go white. KIM POSSIBLE! YOU THINK YOURE ALL THAT, BUT YOURE NOT!!!

Ron shoots to his feet and runs back to the curtain. He comes out onto the stage to see Kim driving the Hover Pod, lowering the President down. Drakken is handcuffed and being thrown into the back of a Paddy Wagon by Federal Agents. Kim hops out the Hover Pod and runs over to Ron. RON! Thank goodness your OK. Shego didnt NO! No! No. Shego is out cold from some head hitting thingy. Shes out. Ron is looking more nervous than ever. Kim doesnt pay attention. Come on, well leave the Federal Agents to take care of her. YES! Letslets do that. Get far away from back there. Far away. Just then, the President walks up to the two. Thank you so much, Ms. Possible. I dont know how I could ever repay you. I am in your debt. A smile comes onto Rons face. You could proclaim it National Naco Day and give us unlimited access to Bueno Nacho. Both Kim and the President look at him for a moment. Kim sighs and grabs Rons arm. Come on, Ron. WHAT? I think its a reasonable award.

The two begin to walk away from the whole event. As Kim pulls out her Communicator to fill in Wade, Ron looks back at the stage, and remembers what when on behind it.

2 Weeks later

How does she do it? Drakken paces around his Secret Lair (OK, not that secret), thinking to himself how he got beaten by Kim Possible yet again. Shego is sitting down at a table with her feet kicked up. Hmm, let me seeis it because all your evil plans are LAME and never have ANY hope of working? Not now, Shego. I am in a seriously peeved mood. Shego jumps to her feet and looks at Drakken. YOU? You just got beat by a High School Cheerleader, for the Umpteenth time! Big Whoop! I, for some reason, feel like Ive been severely violated! Im gonna go have me some alone time. Drakkens eyes widen as he looks at Shego. Need me to join you? Shego gets a puzzled look on her face, and then looks back at him as if he were stupid. No, A-LONE time. Meaning time to myself. Not time with some whiny little Evil Genius who took three years to pass High School Science! She storms off into her quarters, leaving Drakken alone. Drakken yells back at her. IT WAS TWO!

An Electric Sliding Door opens and Shego storms into her room, hands glowing. She looks ready to take someones head off. UGH! Why do I keep working for that Idiot? The glow fades and her hands go back to normal as she sighs and sits down on her bed. Things were so much better when I was training Senor Senior Jr. She picks up a picture thats on her Nightstand. Its of her and Juniorwith her holding a whip over Junior, whos covering up trying not to get hit. He was athletic, handsomeand had endurance that could rival a marathon runner. Too bad he came up short with the Package. She starts to get angry and tosses the picture behind her, before jumping up in a rage. WHY CANT I FIND A MAN WITH A BIG DICK THAT ISNT AS DUMB AS ONE? She stands there and hangs her head down, looking like shes given up. I need to relieve some stress. Ugh! And get this disgusting feeling off of me.

She goes into her bathroom and begins to run her shower, then begins to undress. She takes off her Jumpsuit Top, and her breasts pop out into the open like a Jack in a Box. She bends over and pulls down her Jumpsuit Bottom to reveal a Luscious Ass thats been hidden for so long. And a pussy that looks cleanly shaven (Surprisingly). She steps out of her pants and steps into the shower, wanting to wash away the feeling of failure (and Violation). The water rains down on her jet-black hair, soaking it so that it covers her face. She stands there, for a minute, before she flips her hair back and lets the water shower down on her round & perky jugs. She begins to wash herself, starting with arms, then her shoulders, then down to her breasts. She stays there for a while, having a familiar feeling of them being played with & caressed. Its both stimulating, and a little bit sickening to remember that feeling, but she goes on anyway, pushing her Tits together as the soap bubbles between them. A small moan comes from her as she continues. Her mind wonders to the all the Villains she has made love to (OK, screwed) in her evil career. Killigan, Monkey Fist, even that one night in Tahiti with Adrena Lynn, none of them were satisfying enough.

She remembers not being satisfied on any of them occasions. Even Drakken, who had a decent tool, just didnt know how to use it. Frustrated, she yanks out the Shower Head (which aint removable) and puts it right on her Tight Pussy. OOOHHH, YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! The water pressure is turned on to its highest setting. She massages her breast and rubs on her nipple with one hand, and guides the Shower Head deeper with the other. The sensation makes her fall to her knees as she keeps going. She moves her other hand lower and starts to rub on her Clit furiously. OH, GOD! Almost there! ALMOST THERE! She feels her climax coming. Closerand closerand closerand

SHEGO! Drakken busts through the bathroom door, startling Shego and ruining the moment. Ive finally developed the perfect way to eliminate KimPossible? Shego grabs her gloves, that are hanging on a Towel Rack, and slip them on. They slowly start to glow. Drakken gets very nervous. Uh, I did something very bad, didnt I?


Drakken is sent through the wall into the Laboratory Wing. As the dust clears from the wreckage that was made, a figure with glowing hands stands over the cowering Drakken. Its Shego, still naked, still soapy, and still pissed. Whatis the First RuleOF OUR AGREEMENT??? N-n-never disturb you when youre in your room, unless I want one of my Doomsday Weapons shoved up my ass sideways. Shego steps closer and leans over to look Drakken in the eyes. So what do you think you were doing when youwhat? Wh-what? What are you staring at? Do I have something in my teeth? What? She wonders why Drakken has turned into a staring, drooling idiot. Then she looks down and sees her Big Titties are the reason. She quickly grabs a towel to cover herself. WHAT DO YOU WANT, DRAKKEN??? Drakken snaps out of it. UhI mean, Ive done it. Ive developed the perfect plan to take over the World and take care of Kim Possible! Uh-huh. Yeand why would this plan be different from the others? Drakken gets the oh-so-familiar evil grin across his face. Because, it involves us trapping her, and you getting to do anything & everything you want to do to her. An evil grin now comes across Shegos face. Oh, yes. I think Im gonna enjoy this.


Ron is sitting on the couch at the Possible House. Both Kims Mom & Dad are at work, and the twins are performing a dangerous experiment (something involving a Puppy, a Trampoline & some explosives). He has his eyes closed, and a couch pillow in his hand. And it looks like hes over fluffing it. Oh, yeah. Thats soft. Thats Heaven. Now pull your pants down. Ooh, a green thong. I wonder whats green underneath Underneath what, Ron? Ron opens his eyes from his Daydream to see Kim looking at him. WHAAH!!! Uh, I mean, NOTHING! I-I was just thinking aboutTrees. Just trees and stuff. Suddenly, theyre interrupted by the sound of a Toilet flushing. The Bathroom Door opens and Rufus comes scampering out. He jumps on Rons lap and climbs into his pocket. Hey, did you remember to wash your hands? Before he can answer, Kims Communicator goes off in her pocket. She pulls it out and answers it. Whats the Sitch, Wade? Wade appears on the screen. Kim, Ive just received word that there were several robberies reported in the Pebble Beach Area. A rash of Sports Equipment Stores have been picked clean of special computerized Golf Clubs. Hmm, sounds like Killigan. Im on it. She shuts off her Communicator as Ron stands up. But, you cant be on it, Kim. We got the Cheer Teams meeting today to discuss the Pep Rally. No big. You can go and take notes for me. I shouldnt be long. Please & Thank You. Kim rushes out of the door as Ron tries to stop her. WAITKIM!!! Ron stands in the Doorway she rushes off to her mission. Rufus comes out of Rons pocket and looks up at him. Well, this shouldnt be too bad.

Later, at Middleton High

I cant believe Kim didnt even show up. She had to send her lackey. Bonnie is steamed, as usual, as she walks down the hall. Ron is tailing behind her. Hey now, first of all, The Ron Man is no ones lackey. And number two, Kims off trying to save the world. That so figures. Shes always off in some far-off place. She cares more about Saving the World than this team. When you see her, tell her I want a few words, and not the good ones. She storms off in a huff, leaving Ron at the Lockers. Well Kims gonna be happy about that. Better drop off these notes at her Locker, before I hit Bueno Nacho! Rufus jumps out of Rons pocket and climbs up on his shoulder, happy & ready to go. Let me tell you buddy, I got a craving for Grande Naco thats bigger than As soon as he opens Kims locker, a trap door opens under him. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Ron is sent plummeting downward with Rufus, but the Trap Door closes before Rufus can fall in. Ron falls all the way down the chute and hits the bottom hard. Ohhhh, what happened? He looks around and sees nothing but darkness. OK, either this is my worse nightmare, or a really big surprise party in my honor. Just then, sinister laughter fills the air, and a pair of Glowing Green Hands appear out of the darkness. OK, I can count out surprise party. Ron backs up to a wall as the hands come closer, and a pair of Glowing Green Eyes appears. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The glowing hands shoot a beam outward and it hits a Lantern. The flame from the Lantern illuminates the room to show that its Shego with Ron. Theyre in the Deep Basement of Middleton High. Time towait a minute, you? The Buffoon? Wheres Possible? Is she sneaking around trying to find a way to surprise me? Ron stops cowering in the corner to answer Shego. Sh-sh-shes not here. Shes not here? Then where is she? Just then, Ron starts to think to himself. OK Stoppable, obviously Shegos trying to hunt Kim down. You cant let anything happen to her. Thisis where you stand upand be a man. Ron gets up to his feet and looks Shego in the eye. And why should I tell you? Shego smirks, and then kneels over to grabs a rock off the ground. Her hands begin to glow again, and she turns the rock into powder in her hands. Ron goes back to cowering in the corner. WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! SHES OFF AT PEBBLE BEACH CHASING KILLIGAN!!! Shego starts to get angry. KILLIGAN? That Fat Pro Golfer Wannabe? Oh, thats just great! Once again, Drakken manages to Fuck Up another one of his plans. Shego turns her back and begins grumbling to herself. Ron gets back up from the corner and begins to climb out the way he came. Well, since Kim isnt here, I guess I should just be going. Shego shoots a beam that hits the wall above Ron. Since I cant have a Showdown with PossibleI might as well settle taking her friend as a Hostage.

Shego inches closer as Ron back up to the wall. This is it, Stoppable. Are you gonna go quietly? Or are you gonna go loud? He jumps off the wall and faces Shego in a Kung-Fu Stance. Shego cocks an eyebrow up. You cant be serious, kid. OhI am! HWAAAAAAAAAHH!!! You wanna piece of Ron? Shego laughs a little bit to herself, right before she lunges at him. Ron barely avoids the strike and attempts a Monkey Kick. Shego grabs his leg, flips him over and they start to trade & block each others blows. After a few moments, Ron actually gets in a Palm shot to Shegos chest. She stumbles back and holds her right Breast as Ron grins and waves for her to bring it. Getting frustrated again, Shego leaps at him in a blind fury. Ron dodges this attack barely, and jumps back into his fighting stanceuntil his pants fall down. AWWWWWW! Why does this always happen to me?

Shego gets ready to charge again when she stops in her tracks. She takes a look down and her mouth drops wide open. All that comes out is a little drop of drool as she sees the giant bulge coming from Rons Boxers. Thats what Stoppable is working with? But hes only a Teen. Of course, that would explain all the clumsiness Ive seen from him. OH, Ive GOT to get my hands on thatand my mouth. Shego grins to herself, thinking of all the things she can do with that thing. Ron sees this and decides to take this moment to escape. He reaches down to pull up his pants when Shego snaps out of it. Hold it RIGHT There! Ron stands back up as Shego slowly walks over to him. Ive decided to cut a deal with you, kid, and give you a chance to play herofor once. Ron looks confused as Shego continues. Ill lay off Possible for the time being. So you and her can go Save the World and all that. But in exchange, you have to do something for me. Ron gets nervous as Shego grows a Devious Grin. A-And what would that be? Your Boxersdrop em!

A look of pure shock comes across his face. Of all the things he thought she wouldve asked, that was the last one that came to mind. Instantly, he remembers that day when he felt up on her breasts while she was Knocked Out backstage at the Presidential Fund Raiser. Since then, hes had wet dreams about going even further than that with her, but nothing like this. He hesitates for a second, but then complies, pulling them all the way down to his ankles. Shego stands there in shock, staring at his Pipe. Holy Shit, hes almost as big as Drakken. And with his youth, I bet he can go on and on. I guess I should teach the kid how to use it. She starts to get a little wet just thinking about it. She drops to her knees, and grips the Cock with her hand. Hmm, let me guessVirgin? No! No, no. Ive done it, plenty of times. Dozens! A smirk grows on her face. Yelike Im supposed to believe Good little Kimmy actually gave it up to you. Shes probably saving herself for something stupid like Marriage. Well kid, welcome to Shegos Sex-Ed 101, kid. First lesson, now

Shego slowly leans forward and opens her mouth. Her tongue comes out as she gives it a quick lick. Then, her Dark Green Lips slowly wrap around his Large Shaft, and she takes it in. The same look of ecstasy that was on Rons face when he first saw Shegos bare breasts is back. Shego begins to slowly move her head back & forth, as her tongue just goes crazy around his Cock. OH! Its been so long since I had a Big Cock in my mouth. Her pussy starts to get soaking wet, and she starts to rub her clit as she did in the shower. Ron can barely stand as he looks ready to blow. Oh, man. This feels so good. Im about to pop. NO! No, no, gotta stay strong. I dont know how long shell do this, so I got to make it last. And as long as she doesnt Deep Throat me, we dont have a problem. And at that moment, Shego begins to take it all in. More and more goes deeper into her mouth until her chin is on his balls. OK, we DO have a problem. She pulls back and pumps her head faster, going like theres no tomorrow. She gets so into it that she rips open her Jumpsuit Top to reveal those luscious round breasts again. This sends Ron over the edge. He stops holding on and lets go, as Semen blasts into her mouth, filling it up almost instantly. Its so much, that the Semen starts to drool out of her mouth. She pulls her head back, letting Rons Cock out of her mouth. Ron steps back a little, thinking hes done something thatll end his lifeand is shocked to see that she swallows his whole load down her throat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Yummy. Ron stands there in disbelief. OhMyGod! SHES A TOTAL FREAK!!! This would be my dream come true if I wasnt frightened that shell kill me. Regardless of the fear, Rons Dick goes hard again. This doesnt go unnoticed by Shego. Hmm, looks like the little soldier is still ready to go. Ron gets nervous again. Yeah, whaddya knowgo figure. YeI think its time we go to lesson 2. Ron looks confused again. Lesson 2? She has a Sexy Evil grin as she slowly bends over and pulls down her Jumpsuit Bottom to reveal her shaven pussy and that heavenly Ass. Ron almost faints after seeing this. Thisis a Dream Come True.


Rufus has just climbed up to Kims Locker, and is frantically pressing buttons trying to activate the spare communicator. After a few more tries, he finally gets Wade. What up, RoRufus? Whats going on? Rufus starts scampering about what happened to Ron, but Wade cant understand him. Is this Bueno Nacho again, Rufus? Rufus groans and then begins to act out all that happened to Ron. Wade finally begins to understand. Something tells me Rons in trouble. Better call Kim.

Back to the Action!

Shego stands bent over in front of Ron, with that perfect ass in the air. So, you ready for Lesson 2? Ron grabs his Cock and grins. Oh yeahOH YEAH! THE RON MANS READY!!! And with that, Ron lunges forward and inserts into her Soaking Wet Pussy. Shego moans with ecstasy almost instantly. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH, YES! Ron pumps in and out of her, enjoying every minute. This is it, Stoppable. Todayyou are THE Man! He begins to stroke faster, getting fully into it. Shego looks like shes in heaven. Oh my GOD!! Kimmy does not know what shes missing. Ron leans over and starts massaging Shegos Round Tits. The sweat is pouring off of them both as Ron continues to pump it in, Deeper & Deeper. Shego looks closer than shes ever been to an Orgasm. OH, YEAH!! RIGHT THERE!!! Im so Close! ImIMAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron shoots out his load, filling her up just as much as he did her mouth. Its almost like a fire hose. Shego falls to the ground, sweating, exhausted, and Happy. Ron falls to his knees, still smiling over what hes done.

Shego lays there, feeling vindicatedand out of breath. You knowwith a few more lessonsyou could really become a pro. Ron feels glad over the compliment. He looks down to answer Shego when he sees something that he never thought to see in his wildest dreamsShegos Bare Ass. His Dick gets Rock Hard upon seeing it, and dozens of ideas of what he could do to that ass run through his head. Its a thing of pure beauty. You know what? Screw it all. Shego might kill me when she gets her strength back, so I might as well go out with a Bang! Ron gets a Devious grin on his face as he looks at Shego. Yeah, I could become a pro. And I think Ill take my Anal Test right now! Shego looks confused. Anal Test? Wh-whatre youNo, NO! THATS NOT GONNA HAP

Before she can finish, Ron grabs her ass and penetrates straight into her Asshole. Oh, man. This is like 10 times tighter than her pussy. Shegos gloves start to glow brightly as shes clearly not happy about this surprise. Ron sees it, and decides just to keep fucking her ass as long as he can. Shockingly, Shegos hands slowly stop fading as she begins to enjoy it. Oh, YEAH! OH, GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!! RIDE ME, STOPPABLE! RIDE ME HARD! Ron cant believe what he just heard. She IS a Total Freak! I dont think I can hang on any longer. He keeps pumping her ass, going deeper with each stroke. Shego is drooling & moaning in joy. Its been so long since shes had it up the ass real good, and its about to make her come again. Oh GodOH GODIm Gonna, againAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Ron lets loose yet another load. This one looks to be the biggest. He pulls out of her, and falls to the ground, drenched in sweat, and a smile on his face. Id die now a happy manit was worth it And Ron passes out from Exhaustion, laughing to himself.

Ron wakes up a Few Hours later, fully clothed and wiped of the sweat. He looks up and sees the dimly lit room again, this time it has a tunnel of light shining in on his face. Ugh. Am I dead? He gets up off the ground and tries to get his bearings when he notices that the tunnel is real. Shego left him a way outand left him alive. He walks out through the tunnel and out into the open just as Kim arrives on the scene. RON! Is everything OK? As Rons eyes still adjusts to the light, he hears Kims voice. Kim? Is that you? YeahI-Im okay. Kim hugs him, glad to know that hes safe. Wade said that he scanned the school and saw you fell through a Trap Door. And he said Shego was there. What happened? Dont worry, Kim. You see Im safe. I handled the situation. Guess you could say I had the tools to get the job done. Kim looks puzzled. What does that mean, Ron? OH, UhNOTHING! Nothing! Lets go to Bueno Nacho. I think its Half-Priced Tuesday.


Shego walks into Drakkens secret lair, looking refreshed and carrying a Shopping Bag. Drakken ducks behind a table. Wait, Shego. Before you get mad, there was no way I couldve known Killigan would pull that stunt. And the plan can still Forget it, Drakken. Im taking a Personal Day. Hold off your Half-Assed for another day. She walks straight into her quarters as the door slides shut behind her. Drakken just stares at the door, surprised she didnt break anything. Humph! My plan wasnt that Half-Assed. In her room, Shego pulls a bag of Ice out of the Shopping Bag. She lays the Ice Bag on her bed and gently sits down on it. Ouch! She finally rests on it, as a Vindictive look grows on her face. I gotta get me some more of that Stoppable Cockand pay him back for my Ass.

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