The Third of the Early Year's saga...
The Early Years…Becky’s Charms

This is the third story of The Early Years saga, it would help if you read the first two for some background. These events happened right after the afternoon I spent with Sara.

On the return to Loni’s place, I just pointed Ginger in the general direction and leaned back, laying full length with my hands behind my head as she walked home. She knew where to go and the sun felt so good on my chest and face. Dang, this was a great summer. I could have Loni anytime I wanted and Sara could have me anytime she wanted…not a bad situation to be in.

With the gentle motion of Ginger’s walk, I must have dozed off on the way because when she stopped, we were next to the back porch of Loni’s house. I raised my head and opened one eye to see her and another lady giggling and pointing at me. It was ok, I must have had a fresh fucked look on my face. Somehow, people know.

Anyway, I got myself upright on Ginger, rubbed my eyes and managed a sleepy “Hi”. Loni looked good as usual, giving me that knowing look. The other lady had a big smile and tits to match, a large portion of them showing at the top of her summer dress. “Jesse, you know Becky, don’t you?”

I had seen her around but had never really noticed her. Before this summer, ladies were just something to behold, not to experience. With my new found knowledge, I watched them with great interest, wondering if they were a potential partner and if so, what would it be like to have them. My eyes wandered down her slender legs to her bare feet and back to her face, still gazing at me and knowing that I had just checked out her body.

“Yeah, it was Boy Scouts, wasn’t it?” She was the mother of one of the younger guys, but never looked like she did today. Then again, I was seeing things different these days. I could feel her eyes on me as I got off the horse so I made sure to flex my muscles and walk with confidence as I made my way to an awaiting chair at the table. It was like when I was fucking Loni in the barn and Sara was watching…if they were watching, I would give them a good show. Hummm, yet another thing that turned me on.

As I sat across from Becky, she said “You’ve grown quite a bit since the last time I saw you. Loni tells me you’re pretty handy to have around.” I just shrugged my shoulders and looked at Loni as she poured some iced tea for me and added “I don’t know what I’d do without him” with a grin. Somehow I knew I would always love this woman, the one that began my sex life, but there would be others. And I was feeling it now…

Becky was a petite woman with dark wavy hair and seemed to lean forward and push her boobs together when she talked to me. At least that’s the way I saw it, because she busted me staring a couple of times. I was still learning, but it seemed that if a woman had something to show off, a mans admiration was the result and also I guess, the reward. It seemed like she was flirting with me, staring at me after taking a drink and licking her lips. Being a young man with raging hormones, those lips were imagined around my cock.

I wondered if it was ok to fuck a married woman. I was sure that I wouldn’t chase after one, but if one wanted me the least I could do would be to oblige her. If there was a problem, it would be between her and her husband. Right? I mean if he was giving her all she needed, she would be still feeling the last fuck and looking forward to the next. Who am I to say? I was still learning…

It wasn’t until Loni left for the bathroom that I knew for sure. There was something lightly stroking the inside of my leg and it was Becky’s toe. When I looked at her, there was an impish look on her face. I bent over to look beneath the table and saw her foot on the inside of my knee, then she slowly parted her legs to reveal some satin pink panties. It was one of the most sexy things I had ever seen. My cock started to swell and my jeans got really uncomfortable, I was trying to readjust the bulge in my pants when Loni came back out.

She knew right away what was happening, when the rod got hard she was usually on the receiving end. She gave a quick look at Becky before sitting down. I tried to look nonchalant with a zipper busting boner.

It was supposed to be a secret that I was balling Loni, I wondered if she had told Becky. Didn’t really matter to me, before I was thinking of those full lips wrapped around my dick and now I was thinking of sliding those pink panties down and burying myself in her. Things sure had changed in the last couple of months.

Becky started talking about her lawn mower being broken and her yard starting to look raggedy when Loni piped in “Jesse’s really good about fixing stuff, maybe he can fix your mower!” Both faces were turned towards me awaiting some form of reply. Looking from one to the other, all I could manage was “I could take a look at it.” Then they were all happy, talking a mile a minute and planning my tomorrow. I had a pretty good idea what would happen tomorrow, and it made me horny just thinking about it.

After Becky left I had Loni give me a blowjob right there on the back porch…


In the morning, Loni dropped me off at Becky’s place on the way into town. The grass needed cutting all right, all 4-5 acres of it. Becky was looking good in her short shorts and tank top, nipples saying hellooo. She walked me to the shed with the mower and tools in it, then tried to explain about the mower but I shooed her away. I wanted to be close to her, a lot closer, but only when the work was done. Besides, I couldn’t understand her. The thingy was really the pull cord and the thing-a-ma-jig was really the throttle. Once she was gone, I checked the gas and oil, primed it and pulled the starter cord a few times, nothing. I pulled the plug wire, set it next to the tip of the plug and pulled the cord, yep got spark. I found a wrench close to the size of the spark plug and pulled it out. Wet, has gas but needs some cleaning. I found a wire brush, cleaned it and it started on the second pull.

Then I cut her grass, it took a little over two hours and a couple of fill ups. She was watching, occasionally I could glimpse her face in a window. When I finished and pushed the mower into the shed, she was right there with a glass of cold lemonade. I was covered in sweat with dirt and grass stuck to me, so she led me to the house for a shower, not taking no for an answer.

She was going to wash my cutoffs, underwear and socks while I cleaned up. A little surprised to find out that I didn’t wear any underwear. Much like Loni, it only gets in the way when sex is going to happen any minute. Looking back, I should have realized that washing and drying of clothes takes longer than a shower means I would be without clothes for awhile. Not that it was a major concern at this stage of my life.

The shower did feel good though, and since my jeans were still in the washer I just wrapped a towel around me, combed my wet hair back with my fingers and made my way to the kitchen where Becky was making some sandwiches for lunch. She continued her flirting by lightly brushing against me as she passed or dropping a fork and bending over in front of me with her legs straight and her ass perfectly framed in those shorts. All this had the desired result and the monster under my towel was starting to wake up, making a sizeable bulge.

She noticed that right away as she stood next to me with her hip grazing my shoulder. Before I moved into Loni’s place earlier this summer I may not have known what to do just then, but now I did. From behind and as far down as I could reach my hand, about mid calf, slowly slid my hand up the inside of her closest leg and stopped a couple of inches from her pussy and waited. That also had the desired result, she froze and sucked in her breath, closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

Just to let her know that it was no accident, I pulled her tighter against me and began caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh. “Oh, Jesse” she moaned as she rested a hand lightly on my other shoulder. She was mine then and if she didn’t know it yet, she did when I moved my hand up and began tracing the lips of her pussy with the top of my thumb. I thought she was going to cum on the spot, but she only trembled. Maybe she did cum, in my limited sex life I have learned that women can have different kinds of orgasms. Some big, some smaller, yet they can continue where guys just have one huge explosion.

I could feel the heat and some moisture on my thumb so I reached up with the other hand and unbuttoned the top of her shorts. She let out another sigh. There were two more buttons and I took my time undoing them, still fingering with the other hand. When the buttons were all undone, I slowly inched the shorts down her legs while looking her right in the eyes. I wanted her to know that I was making her naked, that I was going to fuck her, that it was the result of her teasing me.

With her shorts and panties at her ankles, I continued to finger her by now, very wet pussy. I could smell her juices and it only made my cock harder. “Take off your top” I ordered. It was off in an instant, revealing the most magnificent breasts I had ever seen in my limited experience. Still I continued fingering her wonderful cunt. She shifted her weight from side to side and worked her way out of the shorts to stand completely naked next to me.

She reached down and pulled the towel from around me to reveal a hardened and very available cock. “Oh, my” was all she said as her tongue appeared on her upper lip in approval. It seemed like she traced a finger along it’s length just to make sure it was real. It was, and it jerked with her touch. She wrapped her fingers around it and began to softly stroke up and down. She had a low hum going as she moved her hand, “Hummmm, uhumm, uhumm”. It relaxed me, but Mr. Cock wanted some attention.

I stopped fingering her and leaned back in the chair, letting her take me in any way she chose. She responded by straddling me and with a couple of fingers under my rock hard cock for support, began sliding her ready cunt the length of my shaft. That, in itself is almost as good as fucking, but only half of the cock gets the treat. It did give me a chance at those beautiful breasts in my face, I kissed them and grabbed a nipple between my lips when they came close.

At last, she raised up a little and began rubbing the head of my swollen dick along her honey coated pussy lips. She could have done that all day as far as I was concerned, it was like getting head without the tongue. When the crown was shining with her juices, she directed me and began a slow decent, moving her hips and humming all the way. It took her a long time to get to the bottom of my shaft, where her hairs met mine. I kind of liked a woman using me for her pleasure, yet another thing that turns me on.

I thought about yesterday when she flashed me under the table. That pussy looked good then but felt much better today. My hands found her waist and tried to pull her deeper if it was possible. When I was thoroughly coated with her juices, she began a front to back motion that must have touched some nerve endings because she would grab me, stiffen and vibrate, only to begin again. It seemed like her hips had a mind of their own, sometimes going in circles as she moved. Every time she gently bumped her cock filled cunt against me there was a little ‘Ohhh’.

She could take all of me inside her, where both Loni and Sara were filled and there was still an inch or so left. Maybe it had something to do with having kids, since my other two lovers were not mothers. I was wondering about that and also admiring the shiny coat that her pussy laid on my shaft. She was also very wet, I could feel a drop or two of her silky juices making their way through my hairs. These were a couple of new things to me, a woman that could take all of my cock and one that maybe enjoyed sex more than me, if that was possible.

She squeezed my shoulders and stiffened again, longer this time and then relaxed with her eyes closed. It was like she melted, my hard cock still deep inside her, the muscles of her cunt softly caressing me. She opened her eyes and tenderly kissed me for the first time then, those full lips feeling as good as I knew they would be, watching her lick them yesterday. I was getting lost in her kiss when she stopped and slowly raised herself from my pole, stood next to me with her forefinger between her lips in thought.

She turned and slowly walked into the living room, her naked hips saying ‘follow me’. She stopped at the end of the sofa, turned around to look at me, stood on her tiptoes, bent over it and wiggled her cute little bottom at me. It said ‘take me this way’… I was all ears….

I stepped behind her and held her hips, my still rock hard shaft aligning with her waiting pussy needing no guidance. I slowly pushed in to the limit and began some long, meaningful thrusts. The harder I went, the louder her ‘Ohh’s’ were. So I thought maybe I could turn up the volume. I could feel her hand rubbing my balls each time they spanked her pussy. It seemed like this woman was made to be fucked, her husband was lucky but probably didn’t know it.

I fucked her with purposeful strokes for a long time this way before she trembled and her legs buckled, putting her on the floor with only an arm over the edge of the sofa. She was on her knees in front of me in an instant, stroking my cock with one hand and cupping my balls with the other. Her eyes were glued to my rod and she was licking her lips like she was yesterday. It was no disappointment when the head vanished inside those beautiful lips. Her tongue was alive, tracing circles, sometimes soft, other times hard. All of it good…

“I want you to cum in my mouth” she urged between strokes. I had no problem with that, I just wanted to fuck her some more before it happened. Loni was going to pick me up soon but I didn’t want to hurry this. Her lips felt so good sliding along the length of my cock, mouth juices blending with pussy juices. She didn’t seem to mind when I held a handful of her hair and guided her motions. Yeah, yet another thing that turns me on. I wondered if there was a limit on those things…

Since I was guiding her motions, I pulled her off my cock, then down the side of it to my balls which she proceeded to lick and gently suck. This could have lasted forever as far as I was concerned, but she stood up and led me by the cock to a lazy boy chair and gently pushed me into it. She turned, and with her back to me, impaled herself on my still hardened cock. This was a new position for me, I could only see her back and hair and feel the heat of her hot cunt now stroking me. It wasn’t until she laid back and put an arm around my neck that I saw our reflection in the big mirror on the other side of the room.

She was laying full length on my chest with only her hips moving up and down the length of my cock. In the mirror, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A dark, hairy cunt feasting itself on my steely rod. I moved up as she moved down, I put a finger in her mouth to suck on and then moved it to her clit. There was lots of extra moisture around her pussy lips so I moved some of it to her button. It must have worked too, because she went out of control, her bottom pressed against me and her body shivering.

I held her tight, still buried deep inside her. Her pussy flexed and relaxed around my shaft, treating me to the most wonderful sensations of a woman’s body. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs as she recovered. They were hard and I pulled on them just a little bit just to return the tease she had given me. She had her elbows on the arms of the chair for support as she slowly began stroking me again, her legs obscenely parted, her cute little feet dangling over the side of my legs. Her toes were pointed towards the floor but were a long way from reaching it. I was admiring her in the mirror when our eyes met in the reflection.

She began rolling her hips in a most wanton way, our eyes still locked together. Dang, this woman could fuck. It was like her hips had a mind of their own. Sometimes quick up and down motions, other times slow circles as she feasted on my indestructible cock. I could feel little drops of her pussy juices making their way through the hairs of my balls. I slid a hand down to her furry mound and traced a finger around her swollen lips. She just laid her head back on my shoulder and sighed.

It seemed like she was drained of energy when her motions slowed, so I grasped her waist and began some long, mighty strokes. Each one earning a gasp in my ear, and that only motivated me on. It was my turn to do the fucking and use her for my pleasure. Her head rolled on my shoulder as I pounded her from underneath. It was nice to thrust completely into a ready cunt without feeling the end of it. Maybe I needed to fuck women that already had children, if that made their pussy a better fit for my cock. Did that make me a mother fucker? I guess it did, because I was thoroughly enjoying this mother.

I stopped for a while and began kissing her ear and lightly pulling on her nipples with my fingertips. It must have re-energized her because she came alive, raising herself off me, brushing the sweaty hairs off her forehead and kneeling between my legs. She stroked my cock with one hand and cupped and caressed my balls with the other. Again I saw her tongue on her upper lip in anticipation. It was like yesterday when she was teasing and I imagined her lips around my cock, only now it was real as she slid the head around her lips as if putting on lipstick. I was well coated in her cunt juices but that didn’t bother her as she slowly took more of me into her mouth. Besides taking all of my cock, the other thing I liked about her was the wetness she had at both ends. That being her mouth and pussy. Now her mouth juices were blending with her pussy juices and both keeping me very slick. Humm, just found another thing that turned me on.

She could only take a couple of inches in her mouth but her tongue and hands were in overdrive. She was trying to make me cum and that was ok, it just wasn’t going to happen right away. I slid my fingers through her hair, grabbed a nice handful and guided those luscious lips down the side of my cock to administer some comfort to my balls. She took direction well, lightly sucking on each one and licking the area in between as her hand continued to stroke me.

I wasn’t watching the mirror much now, although she looked good kneeling between my legs. Her cute little ass was moving up and down and I could see her hand stroking my cock behind her wavy locks. It was the up close and personal look that got my attention now, a beautiful woman on her knees, her only purpose to give pleasure. Dang, yet another thing that turned me on. I pulled her head back and tapped the end of my cock on her outreached tongue. She was not to be denied though, and began sucking with some intensity.

I was getting close, and thought it only best to warn her. “If you keep that up, you’re going to make me cum”. She nodded her head, “muhhh hump, muhhh hump” I guess that was ‘Uh huh’ with a mouthful of ready to explode cock. Then I relaxed and let her go, admiring this wonderful woman on a mission and savoring each new sensation she provided. Oh yeah, she was making those sucky, slurpy sounds. Something that I had already discovered that turned me on.

When I came though, there was none of that. Only a rippling feeling in her mouth as she swallowed each burst. I had a fist full of hair, not pulling or anything, it just felt good in my hand. As she continued to suck, I felt the last of my hard on going away and a new one forming. I was thinking I could fuck this woman non-stop for days. She was so wet and willing, and as proven today, able. She was a little surprised to feel me hardening again, and there were some new ideas forming in her mind, but she thought better of it. “Loni’s going to be here soon, we should get ready”.

She bounced up and once again, slowly walked from the room with her hips swaying and looking over her shoulder to see if I noticed. I did, and Mr. Cock said ‘Let’s fuck some more’. I readily agreed but it was not going to happen today, as Becky returned with a warm, wet washcloth to clean me. She purred “Jesse, that was wonderful. You made me feel alive again. It’s been so long….” she stopped to gaze out the window. Then looking back at me, said “ I love my husband but he ignores me. I need good sex and a lot of it, but all he thinks about is his work. Am I wrong to enjoy the pleasures we just shared?”

Being the new found man of the world that I was, I managed a “Dunno” with a shrug of the shoulders. It seemed like something she had to figure out by herself. It didn’t take long…

“Jesse, I totally enjoyed our time. Would you like some more”? She asked with a slightly innocent look. In reply, I pulled her head close and kissed her nose.

She blinked in acceptance and smiled, “Saturdays are good because Glen is at work and little Joey is at Scout meetings. Tell you what, when everything is right, I will close the drapes on the front window. That will let you know that the coast is clear and I am waiting for you, ok?” I grinned, happy to know that she wanted to fuck me again and looking forward to it. Her husband seemed like a dumb ass to me, I concluded that was the dangers of taking ones wife for granted. I made a mental note to praise the women I knew for their numerous qualities. Also to search for other neglected wives such as her, with husbands that did not appreciate them.

We were back at the table, eating our sandwiches and chips when Loni returned to pick me up. This was yet another secret, I was quickly learning not to kiss and tell…the best sex was only known by the people involved.

You, gentle reader, must be special because I am telling you. Share it with your friends or loved ones, but don’t say where it came from…it’s a secret. I write these ‘Early Years’ stories in an attempt to explain why I am the way I am today.

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