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my story continues
after school i got into my car and went home i told my parent about what had happened today and they was happy for me. in the heat of everything i forgot i had a dance lesson {dancing its my biggest passion} so i ran upstairs got changed and went to my lesson i had harvey on my mind all lesson when my lesson was finished i called harvey on my cell and asked "what you doing tonight?" "not alot babe wanna go see a movie" "sure sounds good. im goin to go home and get a shower and changed because i smell from dance lesson" "okay babe come pick me up when your ready im looking forward to seeing you" smiling i said "i cant wait to see you" i got into my car and drove off on the way home my cell rang but being me i didnt answer it because i was driving. i went across the road when the lights said i could half way over the crossing a car had ran a red light and smashed into me. my car skidded and i was thrown from my car i landed on the sidewalk covered in blood i closed my eyes and the next thing i knew i was in a hospital bed

when i opened my eyes i was surrounded by my family and harvey (i class him as family to) i asked "what happened" my mom spoke first and said "o my boy my boy your okay. you was is a car wreck" i had flash back of what had happened. harvey came forward and hugged me (a little to hard) i said "not so hard baby" he said "im sorry" a few hours later the police arrived at my bed saying "can we ask you some questions" "yeah course you can but i want my mom to stay she my attorney" the police officer agreed and asked everyone to leave apart from my mom. the police man asked me to tell him what had happened so i did the police also said they had taken a blood sample from with my mom consent and i was nagative for being under the influence.(but that i ready new because i hadnt drunk anything that night) the police officer said "get some sleep and recover im sorry sorry for what happened to you" i smiled but i noticed my teeth was all broken and few days later i was released from the hospital but was told to have bed rest from the next two weeks atleast

when i got home my mom said to me "you heard the doctor off to bed" i went to bed and fell asleep when i woke up i was laid on somethink well more of someone i was in harveys arms i looked up at harvey and said "hey" harvey said "shh dont talk save your energy for getting better" i closed my eyes again felling much more safer and much more loved (not saying that my parent of friends didnt love me at that point because they did and still do) the next morning i woke up but harvey was still asleep i watched him sleep looking so peaceful and sexy. about a hour later harvey woke up and said "hey how long you been awake" "about a hour" i got out of bed and harvey said with a concerned look on his face "hey hey hey where are you going you heard the doc" "harvey ive got to take a shower" "okay" he said with sad looking eyes "harvey? can you come help me" harvey got up and walked into the bathroom "i need help taking my clothes off" harvey undressed me and i was got hard when it come to taking my boxers off harvey walked me into the shower after taking all my medical dressing off harvey got into the shower with me and turned it on he was still dressed but after a bit of time his clothes became see though. he washed me and i said "harvey? im sorry im putting you though all this" harvey hugged me making sure he didnt hug me to tight and said "dont be sorry i love you" my heart skipped a beat when he said that i smiled and said "i love you too harvey" harvey carried on washing me and when it got to dick he washed it trying not to acknowledge that it was hard. out of no where i moaned havey laughted at me and said "do you like that" i said i did and asked him to jack me off harvey said "baby are you ready for that kind of thing you just got out the hospital yesterday" i said "please i want your touch on me" harvey begain to jack me off slowly so it wouldnt hurt me he made me promise to tell him when i was getting to the feeling that i was going to cum. when that point came (so to speak) i told him and he stopped harvey got me out of the shower and dried me off he put some fresh boxers on me and got back into bed with me after he had stripped down he said "dont get to excited it just because my clothes are wet" i smiled and put my head on his body when he got back into bed a few weeks later (6 weeks) i made a full recovery but i never forgot how harvey was with me everyday after school and all day on the weekends i was back to my normal self my cut had healed and the bruises had healed too. harvey had taken me to a dentist to i could get my teeth fixed and whittened unknowing to him we went to the crossing that i had my accident on the way back to my house i paniced and shouted "stop the car stop it" getting to the point of screaming it cry so hard my tears felt like bullets on my chest i got out the car and ran. harvey found me sat under a tree cry he said "baby whats up" "thats where it happened" harvey hugged me and said "you should have told me i would have taken another way home"

to be continued

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2011-06-15 22:46:17
Thank god u r ok. i mean it. That would have been so horrible if something really really bad happened to you. i love ur story and i am glad u r ok. :)


2011-05-30 10:10:38
rich boys love 16 was just published hope you enjoy reading


2011-05-30 08:35:04
haha i thought my story was quite boring lol but thought i would tell it anyway and you guys really want more lol x

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2011-05-30 08:20:51
Your story is amazing (: i really cant wait for the next part


2011-05-30 07:49:12
is a car accident a car wreck im sorry i dont speak british lol x

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