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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Eleven By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter IV: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 - Brad and Sandi Part 1 - Sharing With My Buddies (mc, hyp, mm-TP-Mast)

Two weeks later on the first day of spring, Joey and I were sitting at my kitchen table after having our after school snack. Joey was twirling my coin slowly, concentrating on it. "I still don't get anything. It... just makes my fingers feel warm and tingly. That's all.." "Come on, Joey. You're right there. I can see it in your head. You're just right at the edge of getting it." He sat there, struggling, concentrating, even going a little bug eyed. He still couldn't bridge that gap. "Aaaccck!" he said suddenly, dropping the coin and putting his hand over his left eye and forehead. "What?!" I said. I was having problems getting his thoughts. Something disrupted them. "My head hurts..." He was then holding his head with both hands. "Shit, Tim. I think I strained..... Ow, ow, OW! SHIT!" He almost slammed his head onto the table, and had his arms wrapped around the back of his head. "Joe? Come on, Joey. Speak to me. I can't get in your head," I said starting to panic. His response was only to groan and rock his head back and forth. I kept trying to focus on Joey's mind, but it wasn't making sense to me. It was there, but his pain seemed to be confusing his thoughts enough to confuse my own. I kept sensing something, but every time I tracked it down, it turned out to be from the coin, not Joey. "The COIN! Joey here... Hold the coin!" I said, forcing it into his hand. "Uuuuuggggh" he said. The coin did seem to be helping. Either that, or it had been a coincidence that the pain started to reduce.

After a few minutes, I was able to access his thoughts. It was a little weird feeling at first. Sorta like walking into your own room where everything there was familiar, except someone had painted it all bright pink. Joey sat up, and wiped his tears from the pain on his shirt sleeve. "Shit, I need some aspirin..." he said. I got him some, and asked, "You feeling okay? Your head feels kinda strange." "Yeah, I think so. But could you turn off that radio? It's driving me nuts." I looked at him like he was already nuts as he swallowed the aspirin with his soda. "Uh, Joey? The radio isn't on..." "Huh? Then what am I hearing?" I poked around his senses, but wasn't getting anything from his ears. "I can't hear anything, and your ears aren't either. What does it sound like?" "A bunch of noise... Sorta like someone talking gibberish. No full words, just... like part of words. But they're not English words either.." "Hmmm," I said, getting up and walking around the table. "Hey, I gotta go pee," Joey said, getting up. "I almost did it in my pants a few minutes ago." As he started walking into the living room towards the bathroom, he stopped.

"What?" I asked. He turned around, his face with an expression of concentration. "The noise... When I walked out of the room, it like... got softer." He walked back to the table, turning his head like he was trying to pinpoint a noise. "Shit. You're right about it not being a sound. I turn my head and it doesn't fade or anything, you know?" He started to take steps forwards and backwards, then left and right. "What are you doing now? You look like a bumper car who's been surrounded." "I'm trying to home in, dork." He started doing his little shuffle making his way around one side of the table. When he started to keep going past the table, he stopped, turned around and said, "Holy Shit, Tim! I think it's... the coin!" We both stared at the red coin sitting on the table where he had left it. I reached out with my mind, and felt the coin. It did almost feel like it was talking gibberish. "Yeah, I guess you can say it's spitting out parts of words. But more like... the letters words are made out of," I said. "Wow! Hey, I guess you were right. I was just right at the edge. I didn't know it was gonna hurt to cross it though..." Joey said, not taking his eyes off the coin. "Hey, pick it up and find out how it feels to ya now," I suggested. "Okay," he said as he did so. "Uhm... warm tingly. Maybe a little stronger, but not anything really.... wait a second.." I waited a lot longer than a second. More like over a minute, and then he just sank down in the chair and closed his eyes. I let him take his time.

After I sat down with him, I could feel his concentration in the air. It felt almost electric. "Whoa, Joey.. I can feel you thinking without..... What? You're picking up something or something.. What is it?" He stayed silent, motionless. I would have been worried if I hadn't been able to feel his mind working like some kind of super computer. I kept trying to probe what he was doing, but it was... incomprehensible to me. All I got was a bunch of weird shapes, spinning, turning, sometimes colliding with other. He kept doing the same thing over and over, but each time with a different shape or pair of shapes. Finally, Joey made a grimace of discomfort. I felt the electricity in the air fade away, then he opened his eyes and made a face of dire need. "What? Does it hurt again?" I asked as he got up kinda funny. "No, man. I gotta pee!" he said. He hobbled to the bathroom as fast as he could. "What were you doing?" I called after him. "What were all those shapes you were twirling in your head?" "I was.... ahhhhhh..." he said as he released his bladder. "I was trying to fit shapes to those... things coming out of the coin. I think I've got three of them figured out. Hey, go get some paper and a pencil. I want to draw them."

"Okay.. Hey, you mean you can see the symbols?" I asked as I ran and got some paper from my room. "Yeah, I guess you can say that. Not really see them, just sorta feel their shape. Sorta like I'm a blind man with those magnetic numbers and letters you get as a kid. I pick one up and run my fingers over them. Except..." He paused as he zipped up and flushed. "Except they are like flying in the air, and they don't stop for me to feel them. I have to keep feeling them as they fly by. And they don't seem to repeat in any order. "But I think these three are right," he said as he sat down and took the pencil. "They were repeated a lot, and I think they go together more than others. Sorta like.... uhm... what's a word used a lot..." "Sex?" "No... stupid. Like, uhm... I know! Like 'the'. You use it all the time. See? I just used it. And it's part of a bunch of other words too. Like 'they', 'there', uhm..... I know there are others.." "Yeah, okay... Do you have any idea how many different symbols there are? I mean, maybe if there are twenty six, they could just be the alphabet, but with goofy shapes. If we could figure out what letter stands for which, we could like figure out what it is saying.."

He stopped drawing a moment to think. "I.. don't... think they could just be translated like that. I'm pretty sure there are more than twenty-six of them. More like two hundred and six. Maybe more." "Oh..." I said. I watched him as he kept drawing, then erasing, then drawing again. It took him a while, but after staring at the three figures on the paper for almost three minutes without making any changes, he sighed and put down the pencil. "Okay, I guess that's right.. " he said, passing the paper to me. I sat there, staring at what would be come the very first of thousands of such symbols Joey and I would record in the next several years. But for now, the figures on that piece of paper were strangely familiar, but a mystery to me as to what they were about. "Hey, do you remember my nightmare? The part about when the man was taking me over? I saw symbols sorta like these... I wonder if.... Hey! And when my mom was trying to force me to live in the nurses’ office... I remember! The command she was using! It was a SYMBOL!" "You mean, these things are what you use to... control people with?" "I think so. I mean it would make sense, I guess. I've only seen them in my dreams though."

"Hey, try making my hand open and close, and I'll try and see if I can get anything from you.." Joey said excitedly. "Okay.." I waited as he closed his eyes and started to concentrate. "Shit," he said opening his eyes. "All I can feel is the coin." "Okay, I'll just put it in my room." When I came back, Joey was already concentrating. I felt like I had walked into a room that was built out of a huge TV screen. The closer I got to Joey, the stronger the tingly feeling from a screen's surface became. There really wasn't any static electricity, it just felt like it. I started to make Joey's hand clasp and unclasp. I didn't try to see what was going on it Joey's head, just in case that would interfere with his sensing of the hand commands. His hand was starting to get tired, so I had it move onto the table and just tapped his index finger. I got bored with that after ten minutes, so I started to tap each finger in order, then tried to do it faster and keep them going without a pause between his index finger and pinkie taps. "Hey, not so fast. I can't catch them like that.." Joey muttered.

I slowed them down, and just kept the pattern up for a while. I finally was bored out of mind enough that I started to get a little horny. I moved his hand down to his crotch, and had it squeezing it. It was a repeating pattern, and I was beginning to wonder if Joey was even noticing it. Finally, he just grinned, and gave out a frustrated huff. "You know, it's kinda hard to concentrate while you're doing that." "I'm not doing it.. It's your hand.." He opened his eyes and said, "Well I'll need my hand if I'm going to draw these.." We spent the next couple of hours just working on the hand symbols. He kept having me do a certain movement of his hand whenever he couldn't remember the shape of the symbol he was drawing, which was often. These seemed to be a little harder to draw than the coin's three symbols. Of the six we worked on, it quickly become apparent that they all had the basic shape. But there were many little points and edges that were different. It was almost as if they were all the same symbol, but some edges had been hit by a hammer, and in other places they had little extra pieces added on. Something like the differences between the letter E and F. We didn't realize it that afternoon, but if we had made cardboard cutouts of those command symbols Joey drew, we would have used exactly the same about of cardboard for each symbol. Where ever a dent occurred, the 'volume' lost was made up somewhere else on the figure. (Strangely enough, the symbols do appear to have three dimensions. But the third does not have any significance. All of the features are in the two dimensional form, and that was lucky for us. I can't imagine Joey and I having to draw three dimensional symbols. We do it all the time now, using computers to simulate different combinations of symbols as they interact with others. Joey did all of that in his head. The reasons will come out much later in the story.)

When my mother got home, we showed her the drawings. Joey had to go home to eat, and then we both had homework. Especially me since I had gotten pretty behind. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out I could just copy what other people knew into my own head, but that didn't happen for a couple more weeks. Until then, I had to do the work just like everyone else. Because of all the time I had been out of school, Higgs didn't allow us to get out of class until I was caught up, even after I showed him the drawings. He did, however, talk to me and Joey considerably about them. His interest in them was almost as great as mine and Joey's. Higg's believed that they could be of great scientific value, if and when we ever figured out how they worked. "I understand how you wouldn't want to reveal you discoveries to the world right now. But perhaps in ten or twenty years, you will feel different. I really feel you are working on something that shouldn't be kept secret forever. I'll help you as much as I can, as long as you boys remember that your education comes first." (Like I had mentioned earlier, he guided our research more than I had realized. Not just by letting us do it on school time, but he also contributed a lot of the good ideas. I'm not going go into great detail about his inputs, because quite frankly I don't remember most of them. We had many conferences together, and we all contributed to the ideas that came out. But he directed our talks in a manner that got us to where we needed to go. Without his insight and structure, we would have never gotten past just drawing a bunch of symbols.) Suzi, Joey, and I didn't fool around at all until the weekend. And then we didn't really do much then. Joey and I were too involved in the symbols, and we all were still sorta all hornied out. But we all looked forward to the next weekend at my father's, probably for slightly different reasons.

It wasn't until the following Monday, exactly three weeks after meeting my dad, that Suzi suddenly remembered something at lunch. "Joey! You were supposed to be my servant last month at lunch!" Suzi suddenly exclaimed. We were sitting at our usual table with Joey, me, Suzi, Brad, Mindy and Vito. John had been sitting with some other friends ever since I, and then Joey started to sit with Suzi and her friends. Lex didn't go to this high school, so Brad was the only one left from the old Jr. High group who still sat with us. Mindy was one of Suzi's friends, Marsha and a few others formed their own separate table because there were just too many people. Vito was a tenth grader who had hooked up with Mindy, and we all liked him. He has pretty funny, and he didn't seem to mind he was sitting with a bunch of freshmen. Besides, Mindy was a babe, and before Vito showed up, I was worried she would join the other girls. It wasn't that I had a problem with Marsha and that gang, they were really pretty nice. But they abandoned us, not the other way around, and Marsh still held a grudge against me from stealing Suzi from her.

But today, it would have been much easier if it had just been the three of us. "Servant?" Mindy exclaimed. "Shit. I was hoping you wouldn't ever remember that," Joey said sinking in his chair. "Servant?" Mindy repeated. "Well, tomorrow you’re gonna pay up, mister," Suzi said with a wicked grin. "Servant? Hello? Can anybody hear me?" "Suzi beat Joey, er, wrestling," I told Mindy. "Wresting?" Mindy started again. "Yeah, but you lost to Wanda, and you didn't have to be her servant," Joey said darkly. "Yeah, but that's because she was my dad's sla.. um, you know." "What?" Brad said. "What were you going to say?" The three of us just looked at each other, trying to think of something that sounded like the word slave. We couldn't. "You don't want to know," I said, reinforcing it with a mental command. "Yeah, you're right." Brad said. "So.. why were you wrestling?" Mindy asked. "And how did you beat Joey? Did you cheat or something?" "Uhm, no.. I didn't cheat. I just got him in a head lock.." Suzi admitted. "So, what are you gonna have Joey do?" Vito asked. "Oh, you'll just have to wait and see tomorrow," Suzi said deviously. "Shit," Joey said as he sank down even more. "Come on Suz. I wouldn't have made you done anything if I had won.." "Well, that would have been your dumbness. And I like making you miserable Joey. Your so cute when you're embarrassed." "Thanks," Joey said, embarrassed. "See?" Suzi said, raising Joey's arm up in they air. "He blushes from head to toe. Isn't it.. Cute?" "Well, at least I don't get horny enough to bonk a door knob when I'm embarrassed.." Joey said under his breath.

Unfortunately, Mindy heard it. "What do you mean by that?" Mindy asked. She liked getting the dirt on people. "Oh, nothing," Joey said, blushing again. "Hey Tim, what was the one you wrestled like. Was she a blond?" Brad asked. "Actually I don't really know. Uhm, I guess you could say she was a dirty blond," I said grinning. "What does that mean?" Vito said. "Well, I guess you might as well know..." I said still grinning. I looked at Suzi and said, "Go ahead. Tell them what kind of wrestling it was." Suzi started to blush herself, then said, "It was, er, mud wrestling.." "Mud wrestling?" Mindy said. "Ohhh hoho! I would have liked to see that!" Brad said. "So were you like in swimming suits? Or what?" Vito asked. "Yeah, what were we in, Timmy?" Suzi said, trying to put me on the spot. I wasn't going let her do it me, so I just gave her a toothy smile. "You're not!" Suzi said. Then she groaned, realizing I meant to tell the truth. "What? What IS going on with you three?" Mindy said.

I kept my eyes locked on Suzi's blushing face as I said, "It was NUDE mud wrestling.." "NUDE?" the three of them said as Suzi gave out a different kind of groan. She was starting to get wet from the embarrassment. "You saw her nude? In mud? And another girl too?" Brad said, flabbergasted. "You know, I'm starting to wonder if you haven't been drinking some drain cleaner," Vito said. "You expect us to believe you wrestled in mud, with a girl that you don't even know or the color of her hair, nude?" "We did, trust me. That's why they beat us. There wasn't anything to grab a hold of. They slipped through our hands all the time. And they were used to the mud, we weren't." "Why were they used to the ... Don't tell me.." Brad said. "Suzi! You mean you were wrestling another girl.. NAKED?" Mindy said, shocked. Suzi really started to blush again. She was enjoying it at a certain level, and I was having a ball. I shouldn't have been blabbing my mouth like that, but I couldn't help it. "Hey, Tim? I think your starting to get a little carried away. Your gonna make her... uhm... you know.." Joey said. "Yeah, I know. And she's loving it to," I said. "Not as much as you are, selfish bastard," Suzi said with a new fire in her eyes.

"Uhm, so like what did you do after you wrestled?" Vito said, trying to defuse some of the tension. "Uhm, we got cleaned up and had dinner with Tim's dad," Joey said. "So your dad's rich or something?" Brad asked. "I guess.." I said, not really wanting to talk about my father. "You guess?" Suzi said, seeing a chance to turn the tables on me. "He only owns a mansion with who knows how many rooms. Let's see, he has a limo, an army of servants, gold plated trash cans, shall I go on? Timmy?" "Wow! Dang, Tim.. Next time you go over to your dad's house, can I go too?" Brad asked seriously. Suzi and I looked at each other, seeing we had done something stupid. "Maybe. Joey, Suz, and I are going up there with my mom to spend the weekend, but we... kinda have plans. Maybe next time?" "What do you mean you have plans?" Mindy asked. "You know.. Plans.." Suzi said, not knowing what else to say. "Ohhh, Planned plans," Mindy said sarcastically. "You know, ever since we started high school, something has been going on with you three.. You're too close. I mean what are you doing that so secret?" Then she lowered her voice and said to Suzi, "Are you three... doing it? Together?" Suzi's face turned red again, then both Joey's and mine did. Nobody knew what to say to that, so there was a moment of silence. Brad was looking at me kind of strangely.

As we all were getting ready to leave, Brad pulled me aside and said, "So, why didn't you or Joey tell me. We all swore we would when we did it with a girl.." "Sorry Brad. I guess I forgot. Joey and Suz did it the week I was.. uhm, gone. When I found out, I was really upset, but then they wanted to do it with me too and.." "They? You mean.... Joey?" Brad said, shocked. "Uhm, well...." I was trying to stall long enough for me to think. "I can't believe it," he said. Then real softly so no one else could hear, "Are you too, like, uhm... you know.." "What, fags?" I said just as quietly. I was getting a vibe of disgust, and yet a feeling of excitement. "With Suzi around?" "No.. just... I've... Uhm," he said nervously. He was confused, scared, and excited all at the same time. And I knew that just by looking at him.

"Hey Suzi," I called. "Tell Roddenburger I'll be late. Brad and I gotta talk." Brad was surprised at my statement. After all, he didn't know.. Yet. "Come on. Let’s go to my office," I said as I lead Brad past the rest of the students and past the door guard without anyone questioning my right to leave. "Uhm, Tim?" Brad said as we started to climb the stairs to the second floor. "How come you can come and go like you please? Is it because.. Uhm, like you took those pills and stuff?" "Nah. I have... Let’s just say I have an agreement with Higgs. As long as I keep my grades up, I can take time off like this. Well, as long as I have a good reason. And you, my friend," I said putting my hand on his shoulder," are a good reason." "Thanks Tim, but I don't really see.. Wait. Where are we going?" he said as we turned the corner to go up to the third floor. "To my office. Come on Brad. Everything is on the up and up. I promise you won't get into trouble. If you like, we can go the office and talk to Higgs first." "You mean you really have an office? Up here?" Brad said following me up the stairs. "Yep. With my own key and everything? Suzi and Joey have a key too?" "Wow. What did you do to get them? Blackmail Higgs or something?" "Well actually, I helped him out of a jam he got himself in. But I can't tell you about that. Let's talk about what you were thinking when you ask me if I was gay." I said as I turned the key in the door. "Huh?" he said, turning slightly pale. "I didn't mean to..." he said backing away.

He was feeling like I had brought him up here to confront him, or maybe even make him to have sex with me, which wasn't what I was going to do. "I'm talking about that jerk off fantasy you were thinking of. I'm just going to talk with you. I'm not trying to trick you into anything," I said inside the room while holding the door open for him. "How do you know about that?" he said even more alarmed. "Come on Brad. Get in here and I'll tell you everything. Trust me," I said, while giving him the "trust me" command. "Okay, Tim. I do trust you," he said, his panic fading as he walked in. He sat down on the couch, and I got comfortable in the easy chair I had obtained last Friday. I scanned his mind, and found what I had suspected. "Brad, I'm gonna tell you something that you have to swear never to tell anyone, even if you think they already know. Do you swear?" "I guess.." "No. No guesses, no maybes. You have to mean it too, 'cause I'll know if you don't." "But.. I don't know Tim. This is kinda strange.. you're acting kind of weird with all this.. stuff." "I can't tell you anything until you swear. You do trust me don't you?" "Yeah, but... Okay. I swear." "Good. And you meant it too. Okay. Uhm. Before I tell you anything, tell me that jerk off fantasy you had. Maybe you will figure it out if you just say it out loud." "Uhm.." he said, getting embarrassed. "I don't think that would be a good idea.."

"You were sitting at home, watching TV. You all of a sudden got really horny, and started to jerk off... shall I go on? Or can you take it from there?" When he didn't answer, I continued. "You were dreaming about Suzi, about her slipping out of her bikini. You wanted to touch her skin, to feel her hot body against you. You started feeling you’re cum rising in your balls, but not just yours. You felt your left hand on your dick, you right hand on your asshole, another had another dick, another shoving its fingers into your pussy. When you came, you came with the orgasm of four people." Brad's eyes were distant, recalling the events as I said them. He obviously had a lump in his pants. "Ever since then, you have tried to get that kind of feeling again, and couldn't. When you asked me about being a fag, you thought maybe that we had found a way to do something like that. Joey, me and Suzi. Well, you were right."

He snapped out of his daze real fast when I said that. "What do you mean I was right?" He said with a frown. "I mean, well, Joey, Suzi and I do share our orgasms. Or at least we used to.. Well anyway.... Brad, I'm sorry. I guess I did that to you last year by accident. Joey and I thought John.." "You did it? I KNEW you somehow did that thing in the shower. I KNEW IT!" He was getting very aggressive. He was standing up, pointing his finger at me, and was glaring at me. I didn't care of it at all. "Calm down, Brad. I didn't have to tell you any of this." "But why did you lie to me. You AND Joey. I knew something was up with you two. I just thought... I didn't know what to think. Some friends you are," he said, sitting down on the couch again, but not relaxing at all. "Look, I didn't mean to do any of those things. They were accidents. I didn't even know you had been in the link. Joey and I didn't see anything during the link that could have told us you had been. We know John had been, and we didn't tell him anything either." "Well, I'm gonna tell him," Brad said angrily. "No you won't. You swore, and now you can't." "Well, that was before you told me. I'm not going to keep that kind of a secret from John, not like you had from me. Did you know I thought I was going nuts? Or that I actually started to jerk off thinking about holding another guy dick just because of that.. that.." he stopped.

"Brad, I'm sorry. But you can't tell anyone, even if you think you can. See, I can do more than just... jerk people off.. You're not telling anyone, and you might as well accept it. As far as what you did after the jerk off, well, you did it yourself. Nothing I did.." "Fuck you Tim. You've lost it. You know that? You are one sick puppy. Why did I ever trust you?" I sighed. I hadn't planned on this, but either I was going to have to give him more commands, or give him something he wanted. I empathically connected to Brad, and began to lower him in to a hypnotic trance. "Brad, listen to my voice, feel my voice inside your head.. let yourself relax, listening to the air conditioner, the sounds of your heart, so relaxing, so peaceful.." etc. I didn't want to give him any commands that may have unforeseen side affects. I needed him to be suggestible enough to do what I needed to do.

"Brad, do you remember how good that jerk off felt?" "Yes..." "Would you like to feel that way again?" ".... Yes..." he said after a considerable hesitation. "Would you allow me to make you feel that way?" "I... No..." "Why?" "You.. I.. I don't want to be gay.." "Brad, relax. Just because you want to feel good doesn't mean you’re gay. I'm not gay, and neither are you. You just want to feel good. I'm your friend, and I want to help you feel good. That's all it is. I won't touch you, and you won't touch me.. "So, is it okay if I help you feel good?" I asked again. "I... don't know," he admitted. I sighed. I knew what I wanted to do, so I did it. "Brad, remember how horny you felt? Remember Suzi's fingers, going in and out of her pussy?" "Yes.." I connected with him empathically, sharing my horniness with him, then said, "Now, think of a girl you would really like to see undressing... Watching her pull her top off, now slipping down her shorts, watching her smooth perfect legs as they step out of her shorts. Now you're looking upwards, following her legs up... to her knees, up to where her legs end, and her panties begin. Can you see her tummy and belly button?" "Yess.." "That's good... Can you see her now starting to move her hands up her body, slipping her hands behind her, and unclasping her bra?" "Yess.." "You dick is really hard now, isn't it." "Yess.." "She's taking the bra off now, but she has turned her back towards you. Would you like her to turn around?" "Yes.." "Are you feeling very horny and good?" "Yes.." "As she turns around, you will find yourself so horny, you will have to touch your dick.. Do you still want her to turn around?" "I... Yes.." "She's turning around... Brad, your dick wants your hand to rub it. Rub it Brad, she's turning around... You want too.. You need too.." "Yes.. I need to."

Brad's hands slowly went to his shorts and slipped his right hand in them. His hand was slowly squeezing it, and his mouth was open, breathing. He was starting to turn me on. "Brad, I am going to make you feel even better. Would you like that?" "Yes.." I connected us so he would feel my dick as well as his own. I pulled my shorts and underwear off, then began to slowly pull my pud. "Brad, can you feel that?" "Yes... Please... More.." "No Brad... If you want more, you will have to promise you will not feel any bad feelings about you and me sharing our jerk off. It is up to you. We can feel even better than you ever felt before. Better.. "Yes... I want to feel goooood.." "You really want to feel good, don't you? You would do almost anything to jerk off and feel that good again, wouldn't you?" "Yess... Please? Make me feel good?" "I'm your friend Brad. I want to make you feel good. You know that now, don't you Brad?" "Yes.." "Do you trust me?" "Yes..." "Am I your friend?" "Yes. My friend." "So you will feel good about everything we have talked about. You want to feel good, don't you Brad." "Yes... I want to feel good." "Brad, you're feeling more alert, more wake now, even more now... even more now.. You’re almost completely awake now.. You're fully alert now.. "You okay?" I asked Brad as he blinked his eyes. "Yeah, I guess. What did you do?" he said. "I hypnotized you. Don't worry, I didn't really plant any suggestions. Can you remember everything I said?" "I think so. It's kinda like a dream." "I know. I'm sorry I had to do that. But you weren't giving me any choice. I didn't want to make you do something you didn't already want to do."

"Tim, what.. what are you?" Brad said. He seemed to have forgotten that his hand was in his pants and I was holding my own in plain view. "Huh? Hmmm... I guess you can say I'm just your average everyday horny guy that can read minds and change them if I want. But I don't want to do anything to you. At least nothing you don't want me to do already." "So, what now? I mean...." He stopped and opened his eyes wide. His face even turned pale from fright. "What? Brad, what’s the matter?" "I didn't mean too. I.. I.. Didn't want to think about it, but somehow... It just popped my head.. That girl you wrestled. You were going to call her your dad's ..." he stopped. "Slave, yeah. But not mine. I'm not like my dad. Now stop worrying. You're not going to be anyone's slave unless you want to be. Come on, Brad. You're my friend. Besides, like I said, I'm not gay. I like girls a heck of lot more than guys." "But what about Joey? Isn't he... and Suzi? Aren't they..." "No! What do you think I am?? God no. I love them, man. I could never do something like that." "Oh... I thought... I'm sorry.. I guess they don't act like their your slaves.."

"Look Brad. I brought you up here to level with you. I've done that. Now level with me. Do you want to feel good like that again?" "Well, yeah. Wouldn't anyone?" "Even if it means that me, maybe Joey, probably Suzi, and maybe others later would be sharing it with you?" "Uhm. Like doing to each other? I don't..." "No. Well, I can't say that for sure, but I can promise you would be the only one to do it to you if you want it that way. You can even be in your own room alone when we all do it." "Really? You mean just like last time?" "Yeah but better. If you want, you might even talk Suzi into trading bodies with you.. She kinda gets a kick out of having a dick.." "REALLY? Cool! Yeah, okay. You mean I would be in her body? And like look at it and do.. stuff?" "As long as you don't mind her doing the same. I can't promise you she will do it. But I think she would. She likes you enough. She even talked about blowing you once, just to see how you taste.." "Man... Uhm, Tim? Can we talk about something else? I'm not really..." "Hey. I'm hard too, so I say we have a two way right now. Think of it as the handshake that closes the deal. Okay?" "I don't know... I mean, it just feels wrong."

I connected up to him again, feeling his hardon starting to wither. I quickly shared my side of the link, and that reversed the process. "Are you sure?" I said as I started to wank it. "Uhhhhhh!" Brad said as his hand started to slip in his shorts again. His eyes got a distant look, and he slid his butt closer to the edge of the couch. "Brad, lay down, bud. You got the whole couch to yourself. I won't even be watching you, so you might as well pull it out and do it right." I pulled the lever on the easy chair, pushed the back down, and started to pound away. Brad had followed my suggestions, and I had kinda went back on my word and peeked just before I had laid back. I was slightly disappointed in finding that his had grown bigger than mine over the year also. It was kinda unfair that I had started out so much bigger than anyone else, but within a year, I had become the one they could call peewee. I wasn't really worried, however. My dad had a much bigger cock than any of them. I just hoped I hadn't inherited mine from my mother's side of the family. (It turned out average size, thank you very much. Good thing too. You can't go around fucking everyone's ass if yours is as big as a horse's.)

As I felt us starting to close on our goal, I was suddenly curious as to what he was imagining right then. I peeked, and nearly lost my grip. He was imagining he was kissing Katie' tits. That had certainly been quite a coincidence. And it really had been, too. Brad's image of her naked was not very accurate, but then I had never seen her naked either, except briefly through her own eyes. I figured he was probably as close to the real thing as my image was. I decided we would find out together someday soon. I was tempted to inform him of my decision to make his current fantasy cum true, but at his current state of arousal, it would have been wasted. I figured on telling him next time, just as we get started. His fantasy had made it to the point were he had found what was going to send him over the edge. I felt our balls retract, the cum boiling at the roots, all while he replayed imagining his dick sliding across her smooth tanned belly, just below and beside her belly button, leaving a smeared trail of precum. That probably sent me over the edge first, pulling him with me. The orgasm was very good, the best two way I had felt for a very long time. It was clearly lacking Suzi's contribution, but still, I hadn't as much as jerked off since the last three way with the two, so it was absolutely heaven.

I was moaning and thrusting as my load shot up in the air. I actually hit the ceiling once, and another landed on my forehead and hair. I had barely taken notice of Brad's actions during the orgasm. He had simply squeaked, and went stiff. Very quiet compared to mine. I came out of the post orgasm daze before Brad did, and found I very much wanted to go over and hold him. I thought about it, and realized it was just what Suzi, Joey, and I would have done. It was more habit than anything. But what wasn't habit was the yearning to go and taste him. "Probably been in Suzi's head too much," I thought to myself. I laid there staring up at the wet spot on the ceiling I had made, wondering if it would ever drip. I didn't want to shorten Brad's high. But when I found my eyes starting to close, I realized it had been way too long.

I shook my sleepiness away, and slowly brought the chair back to a sitting position. Brad was asleep, underwear and shorts at his knees, his right hand still holding his semisoft dick, and his mouth was open slightly. My hardon came back, but I stuffed it in my shorts. I stood there, feeling a lust for his body flow through me. I got a hold of myself, and checked the time. Class had started ten minutes before. I was about to wake him, then realized I probably would never find out what he tasted like if I didn't right then. I gave in to my desires slightly, and made sure Brad wouldn't awaken before I was done. I looked at the puddles of cooling cum, felt my lust flow through my blood, knelt down, and slurped all three up before I sucked down his rod which I had forced to harden like steel. As I rapped my tongue around his meat, and the signal from my taste buds had just reached my brain, I had the most horrible and frightening thought. "What if it does taste like shit?" That was the first and last dick I ever took into my mouth. (Side note: I never actually purposely tasted mine or anyone else's shit, so I am somewhat mystified how I even knew what it tasted like. The taste I imagined was accurate to what I had found in other peoples memories at a later time. I suppose I must have tasted it at one time or another accidentally, but I don't recall that event. I still have trouble understanding why some people find it erotic messing with it. Perhaps I am biased against it, so what is so sexual about shit?)

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