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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Twelve By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter IV: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 - Brad and Sandi Part 2 - Brothers and Sisters (mfmm-TP-Mast, f-solo w/toys, mf incest)

"What's taking her so long.." Joey moaned as adjusted his hardon in his shorts. We were in my room, waiting for Suzi for our first official four way. The four of us had planned on doing it Wednesday, our regularly scheduled three way time. I was a little nervous, mostly because I didn't know if I could do a four way yet. Everyone had agreed that for this first time, we would all stay in our own bodies. I didn't want a repeat of our first three way, which had felt like I had rented my brain out as a soccer ball for the evening. Brad had called twice now. I wanted to connect to Suzi and Joey first, then I would call Brad and connect to him too. I was able to connect to Suzi almost no matter where she was by that time, but right now Suzi was busy trying to get rid of her brother. It aggravated me that she wouldn't let me take care of him. I was pretty sure she liked the possibility he could be watching her at any time. Suzi was turning out to be a real... well, Suzi I guess. "She's sucken' her brother off right now so she can have a little privacy," I said to Joey. "Ha Ha. If she was, your boner would be sticking out of your pants my now." As my boner began to stick out of my pants, Joey said, "You forget. I can see you think, remember?" I canceled my own arousal commands, and my dick went back to standby mode - a semi woody.

"Whoa!" I said under my breath as I checked with Suzi again. "What! Don't tell me Suzi and Marsha got back together again. I won't believe that either." "No. Suzi's watching her brother jack off." "No Shit? Can I see?" "Wait... Okay, there." "Holy Shit. You know? If Suzi and I ever get married, at least I know our kids will be hung." "Fuck you.... Heh. I guess well have to stop saying that to each other unless we mean it." "What she doin'?" Joey said, almost alarmed. "Ah Fuck.. She's gonna do it. Should I stop her?" "Too late. He sees her. Shit, it's big. You know what this means.." "Yeah... It's only a matter of time before she gets tired of our little things and gets her brother's.... Ohh shit... I don't know if I can hold off." I took my dick out and pumped it slowly. "Hey, what about Brad. I don't think there's gonna be a four way if she keeps this up.... Shit. I think he's gonna cum just from her jacken' him off." "Fuck Brad. He can wait. I'm not going to broadcast this out like I'm some kind of TV station. Let him go molest his own sister. She has tits. Sorta." "Ah man... But if only we could get this on tape. We could make money..... Ohh man. She's gonna put in her mouth.." "Yep. Here we go..... What the Fuck?"

"Oh shit. It's her mom!" "Man! Does she look Pissed. Wow! Feel how wet Suzi is getting. She must be as red as a tomato." "Hey, aren't you going to get her out of this?" "Nope. Serves her right. Besides. Do you want to encourage her doin' her brother?" "You didn't arrange this, did you? I mean, she really is dripping, and it does feel.." "Nope. I had nothing to do with it. Wish I had thought of it though. I'll have to remember this if I ever run into this kind of problem again. Let the parents catch them. I'll have to right it down somewhere." "Well, shows over. Suzi sure is feeling hot." "Yeah. And she just told her mom she's going to her room, so that our cue. Hey, dial Brad’s number will you? I gotta go pee first." I really hadn't arranged any of it. But I strongly suspected Suzi had. I cut Joey out of the link for a moment, and then established a stronger one with Suzi to see if she had. "Yep. Damn she's good. Not only did she give us a show, she got a real blast from doing it, AND took care of her brother's interruptions," I said to myself. Then I thought to Suzi, "I got to hand it to you... You are one smart, sexy, and SICK girl. But I think you're probably the most incredible woman on this planet." "Thank you. Remind me to blow you later for being so sweet," she replied. After I let her shake, zip, and flush for me, I broke her connection as well. I walked out the bathroom and reconnected to Joey and Suzi in the normal way.

As I had never been to Brad's house before, I took Joey and Suzi mind hopping, following Brad's directions over the phone on how to get to his house. It was a really fun joy ride, especially when we had popped into the minds of a kissing couple, each of us having a turn of kissing using the man or the woman. Joey wanted to stay and play, but since I was driving, we continued our quest. We took a couple of dead ends, not because of the streets ended, but because the person who we popped into wasn't near enough to anyone except the person we had just popped out of. My range was limited, especially when carrying passengers. (I didn't figure out how to do a mental sweep for another year, which would have been a lot faster, but never as much fun.) Once we had finally arrived at Brad's house, I was already pretty tired. After all, I had been basically doing almost fifty four ways to get there. But after drinking a glass of my fathers drink while sharing the taste and resulting horniness with everyone, I felt ready to proceed. It became a tradition to drink that before all of our four ways, and later five ways, six ways, seven ways.. well, you get the picture. (I generally limit myself to fifteen nowadays when just sharing masturbations. My current maximum is actually twenty-three, but most of the people involved are still complaining of headaches whenever they think of sex. And I still can't handle more than six if we all swap bodies. Needless to say, I haven't masturbated alone since the last time mentioned in this story.)

Brad was very nervous, even with the effects of the drink. I linked him up with me first, then Joey, and while Joey and Brad started to wank, I slipped Suzi in. Whoa buddy, you should have felt the surge in Brad's dick. He almost came, which meant we all almost came. After that scare, I quickly put a limit on everyone's but mine so we wouldn't cum before I was ready. After all, I was still the one driving. Brad really concentrated on Suzi's sensations her body was having, and we concentrated on feeling this new body from the inside. (I never get tired of feeling a new body as they have their first multiway with the opposite sex. They become so filled with energy, it's like a drug. In fact, I consider myself hopelessly addicted to that drug, so I am always looking for one new member for each of my multiways. No more than one, though. I'm afraid to find out how much more addicted I would become with two new members in a single session.)

We were starting to get there when Brad was interrupted by his younger sister coming home for school. I couldn't help remembering my words to Joey about her, and I couldn't resist seeing if Brad had ever fantasized about his sister. Unfortunately I was a little sloppy in my personal probe, and moments after I knew, everyone in the link knew. "Awwwe man. I can't believe you found out..." Brad said, his dick starting to wither. "Suz, can I play back a little part of your.... earlier experience with your brother?" "Uhm, I guess so. All it could do is embarrass me, and we all know what that does..." "Yeah. Makes you into Miss Niagara Falls," Joey thought. "Don't get me started, Mister 'I think I broke it'." Suzi thought back. I played the part where she was jerkin her brother with her hand, and cut it off a moment before her mom came in. I wanted to reassure him, not scare him shitless of getting caught. It worked like a charm, but now his thoughts kept flipping from Suzi live, Suzi Memorex, and a time he had seen his sister naked a few months back.

On a private thought band, I asked Suzi if I should ask Brad about seeing if his sister would be.. interested in him. "Well, I think it might be wise if you let me do the checking after you slipped up with Brad. Then I could tell you whether or not to even ask him." "Yeah, okay. It would be best to have a woman's point of view of it anyway. I'll make the connection, but be as fast as you can. I don't want my head pounding because I tried a partial five way." "Dial the number, operator. I'll be a quick as I can.." Not even a second later, Suzi came back. "She's in her room, playing with herself, thinking about him doing himself the other night. Oh God! I'm so WET!" "Man, Suz. We got to get you another woman to play with. But not her. She is too young for my tastes." "You wouldn't think that if you peeked into her head. Her mind is dirtier than.... than Joey's! You have to tell him. She's considering lots of worse things than doing it with her brother." "But she is only eleven! Is she really that... " "Slutty is the word you're looking for." "Uhm, thanks. Okay." Then to Brad, "Hey, would you like to know if your sister feels the same way about you as you do her or not?" "I guess.. At least I would know." he replied. "She's friggen herself right now thinking about you shooting off in the bathroom the other night!" Suzi couldn't help but blurt out. "She is?" he thought as his dick hit its max capacity pressure. His hand started to become a blur of motion. "Whoa, slow down there Tex. Look, if everybody promises not to touch themselves while I do it, I'll try to connect us all to her thoughts. The first one who touches themselves gets taken out of the loop so the rest of us can enjoy. Understand?" After I got everyone's agreement, I linked her up. I got a: "Okay, I'm dialing the number and .... HOLLY SHIT-SHA-BOBS!" from me. "Shit!" from Joey, "See! What did I say!" from Suzi, and a "SANDI, WHAT THE FUCK?" from Brad.

Sandi had a dick shaped vibrator in her ass, another in her front door, and a third which she was sucking on with vigor. Luckily I had purposely not connected any of her sexual pleasure senses to us, otherwise I know I would have overloaded. My brain would probably have first been cooked, then fried, toasted, buttered, toasted again, then would have exploded just in case anything still worked. For a moment I thought somehow I had goofed again when Sandi had stopped at Brad's outburst. But I realized there had been two echoes, meaning Brad had not only thought it, he had yelled it, and I had picked it up through her ears as well as his. But when she hadn't heard anything else, she went back to working the two vibrators in and out of her. Her thoughts were totally sexually twisted. I had to break our five way down to just the basics, no longer linking our four sexual energies. None of us needed it with this sexual generator going.

I felt Brad moving, and found him marching to his sister’s room, trying the handle, finding it locked, then kicking the door in. His sister nearly popped all three out from the shock, but then she nearly orgasmed when she saw her brother's hard cock standing out. He was naked from the waste down. Brad just stood there, not knowing what to do. His sister did, however. She succulently pulled the vibrator out of her mouth, licked her lips, swapped it with the one in her puss, then sucked her own juices from the second one. She then scooted her body so that her head was over the edge of the bed. She must have deep throated the fake organ, for the tip was the only thing showing before she pulled it out completely. She closed her eyes, and with her head hanging off the bed still, she said in her unbelievably sexual voice, "Come brother. I wish to suck the cum straight from your testiessss." Then she just laid there, still slowly pumping the two remaining vibrators in and out, her mouth just hanging open waiting.

Well, what's a guy to do? Brad was no longer in control of himself anyway, inserting his throbbing member into her mouth, his body being operated by his own lust. I wish I could have felt it when she sucked in clear down into her throat. Suzi thought to me, "Tim, has your father or someone done this to her?" "I'm already checking for that. But.... I can't find anything... Wait... Here it is, but it isn't that. Two men... they gave her something about a year ago. Some kind of sweet candy. It made her hunger for it again, and they gave her some every week after she did what ever they wanted. They must have brainwashed her sorta. I think they were reducing the amount of whatever they put in the candy once she had related sex with the hunger. "She hasn't seen them for two weeks. She thinks they must have either gotten tired of her, or got caught by the cops. Anyway, she'll do anything to get her high. And now that high is Brad."

"Shit! He just came. Man I wish we could be feeling that." Joey said. "I know I'd be unconscious if we had tried..... Look at her. She's kept him hard. Shit. She's a better at that than anything my dad has." "Man, I wish I had a sister like that..." "Heh. You have Suzi. That's all you need.." "We have Suzi, you mean. I heard you tell Suz all that stuff. Right now she's not anymore mine than yours." "Looks like she not even ours. Damn Suz. Why don't you just stick your whole hand in there. It be.... Holy Shit! She did.... GOD DAMN! Come on Joe. Looks like there's only you and me left. I'll do you if you do me..." "UUGHHHHH!" Joey said as he came. "Shit. Last man out again. Figures," I said, breaking all links. I looked down at my drooping neglected dick. "Well little buddy? Looks like it's just you and me doing the solo thing once more." It drooped even more.

Just as I got comfy on my back, Joey rolled on top of me, sliming his cum between his belly and mine. "Hey, you wanna dance?" Joey said. Then he licked my lips, then kissed them. I felt his dick harden against my tummy. When we came up for air, I said "Okay, but _I_ get to lead," and rolled us over. "Are you gonna let Suzi in on this?" Joey asked when we came up for air again. "Well, after her show with her brother, I suppose it would be only fair... But, you know? We never get any quality time together. I kinda miss the old days when it was just you and me jerkin off with the penthouse girls.." "Yeah, well, that was a long, long time and a virginity ago. Two for you as a matter of fact... Hey, if you really want too.. You can take my other right now.." "Thanks Joe. But we don't have any KY, and Suz would have a fit if she wasn't physically in on it. How about we do it like we did the very first time we did it to each other.. You know, between the legs." "I've got a better idea. How about I suck you, you suck me?" "Nope. Sorry. I tried one dick, won't try no more. Heh. You were right all this time Joey... They do taste like shit." "Well, I can't really say I'm all that disappointed. I guess I only wanted to because I figured you would want me to, and so we could do it together.. I'll still do it for ya, if you want me too. But that's because I love ya, not because I want ta." "Nope. Let's just cross dicks off our diet. There's barely enough with Suzi around anyway," I said, grinding mine into his. "Speaking of Suzi.." "She can just watch it as a rerun. Now are we gonna do this or what?" "Mount up, partner." When we both came in the private two way, we both exclaimed "YEEEEEEEEE- HAAAAAA!!", but not exactly the way a cowboy would say it. Still... Pity there wasn't sunset to 'ride' into.

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