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my story continues
when i got home that day myparents told me i could get a new car. my dad handed me his laptop and told me to shop for one. i found a new porshe i wanted and my daddy said "are you sure you want another porshe son after what happened" i said "id love a new one please and i will be more carful driving it this one" "of course you can have one my son" i smiled and walked away. as i was walking my dad said "leonardo i love you" it was nice to hear him say that because my dad being ex armed forces didnt show his emmotion very much "i love you to dad" i walked up to him and hugged him. i went to my bedroom almost forgetting that i had loads of flowers in there from my friends. i toke care of the flowers because they was all beautiful and ment a lot to know my friends and family was thinking about me at the time. it became a bit of a hobbie to take care of the flower that i really enjoyed. when i could just have had my lady maid take care of them. i called harvey on my cell and asked him what he was doing "im about to go football practice babe" "can i come and watch babe" "sure you can i will come pick you up now be outside in 30 minutes". 30 minutes later i was about to go outside to meet harvey when my mom said "where are you going?" "to watch harvey train for football" "he is a nice boy leonardo when you meet him tell him to come inside for a minute" confussed i said "okay mom" i went outside and walked to my gates harvey was outside waiting for me. "hey baby" i said "hey gorgous" "my mom wants to see you" "what about?" "i got no idea babe" so me and harvey walked back into my house my mom handed harvey a envelope he opened it and it read you are invited to a dinner party to take place at the spencer estate in 3 days time. i asked my mom "what are we having a dinner party?" my mom smiled and said "your lady maid has been given usa citizenship and no longer needs to work for us so we are having a dinner party for her" i smiled and my eyes fell up with tears "okay mom we are going to go" "bye boys" my mom said (harvey being part of my family now so to speak was allowed to call my mom mom) we both replied at the same time "bye mom"

when i got to the car i asked harvey "can i drive?" harvey throw his keys to me in a nice way "of course you can babe you can have anythink i can give you" i smiled so much my mouth hurt "your teeth" harvey said. i paniced and said "what about then" sharply "they look gorgous and back to normal" i smiled again and drove us to the fotball field brit was there so i sat with her whiles are boyfriends practiced "hey brit" "hey baby boy how you doing" "much better thank you" "you look like your old self again" "yeah im getting here. so brit how things going with dean?" "leon baby im so inlove with him he is amazing" i smiled and said "i know the feeling" brit smiled at me and said "i thought you would also baby boy im glad to see your teeth are back to normal. your whole again" once again i said "im getting here" brit paid a bit more attention and said "what missing?" "my sports car and now my lady maid is leaving us because she is now an american" "baby boy your find a new car and another maid" "i guess so. hey you got a cig i could have i left mine in harvey's car" brit handed me a cig and had one her self she asked me "so you not any of that stress stuff that make you not wanna get into a car" "post dramatic stress actually to my shock no i dont i cant wait to get my new car" brit hugged me and said "thats my boy you have always been a strong one" as we hugged i smiled.

after the boys practice i asked everyone if they wanted to go shopping. brit said she was up for it but dean being straight and harvey being a straight acting gay as i call it wasnt so excited about shopping we all got into harvey's car he asked me if i wanted to drive and i said i did so i drove to the mall

when we got to the mall i asked harvey "should we get julieta a gift?" i went into the chanel store and i seen the most perfect gift for her but it was $5000 so i called me mom on her cell and asked if it was okay to charge it to my card. after about a minute of thinking and asking my dad she said i could but its a one time only charge. i thanked my mom and with parental permission i brought the thing for $5000 (your find out what it is at the dinner party) dean said to me "id love to be rich" "it isnt all that dean you get bord really soon being able to have whatever you want all the time without earning it" dean looked at me with shock that i had just said that then finally said "wow leon i thought you was a spoilt brat but your really not" "no im not" i said smiling anyway a few days later it was the day of the dinner party i was looking forward to it but i was upset that julieta was leaving us. i went into my lesson and kyle came up to me he went to hug me but i stepted back and said "kyle you cant touch me like that anymore" "i only wanted to make sure you was okay after what happend" "im fine thank you" i walked off and took my seat next to harvey i smiled at him and he winked at me and then we faced the front

to be continued

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2011-08-11 04:40:26
Ab fab my gdoloy man.

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2011-05-31 20:32:59
sup im a female named angel i go2 reeces creek elem. in texas 5th my boyffriend wants to have sex if u don't mind when did u lose ur virginity? you make sex sound fun any tips? and my mom knows she's a porn star.


2011-05-30 22:29:04
secret readder id like to make a statement to you there is no shame in being a virgin at any age no matter if your 1 to 100 it doesnt matter sex is a special thing that should only be done with in a loving partnership hence the title making love yes i maybe still only 18 but my eyes are wide open to peoples feeling emmotion and i truthly care about people (that my christain side) but even if i wasnt a christain (heven forbid) i would still help anyone out hence when i went to kyle's aid when he cut his hand all you gotta do is relax sex will come to you when its ment to your still younge and have plenty of time to find love then make love believe me x

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2011-05-30 22:15:52
damn we are so younge but yet you think you know so much but you can help me with this im 21 and im still a virgin so you see i cant be help and to that other dude im sorry about your folks


2011-05-30 22:01:54
closet case the reason i started writting my story is so people can see that being gay isnt such a bad thing and that there really is nice guys out there you just need to know where they are also the more i think about it and read the comments the more i see my story means something to you guys

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