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It only took me a few days to contact Stacey and I could tell she was keen to hear from me by the sound of her voice "I was hoping you would call" she said with a relieved expression "when can i see you again" she went on to ask, I knew that this was going to get crazy and I must admit I was excited about the idea of fooling around with a married woman. "whenever you want to see me" i told her and she suggested that i come into town where she works and meet her after lunch, we arranged a place down the road from her office and she told me she could leave work about 2:30 so i decided to have an early day myself and headed in to meet her.

I rang Stacey as I arrived in the city near her office and she told me to pick her up down the road a bit from where she actually worked, I sat in the car waiting for her for a few minutes before i seen her walking down the footpath towards me, she looked fucking sexy in a pair of heels with black stockings a tight business woman style skirt and jacket suit with a white button up top under neath, she spotted my car from the deion I gave her and she headed over and jumped in the passenger side "Wow look at you " i said as she smiled across at me "You look very important" i said as she told me to hurry up and get her out of here, she told me she worked as a PA for a ceo of some company and that she had to dress slutty to keep the dirty old men happy. We drove just out of the city and decided to pull into a pub for a quick drink, we agreed that we should be safe over this side of town because it was a long way from her place.

We sat in the back of the place and talked for a bit , she told me that after our first night together she went home a different woman and knew she wanted to see more of me, she said her hubby had asked her where she was that night and she wasn't sure if he believed the story about her staying at her friends place, she told me how she needed more in her sex life and since our first night together she has realized that she really does need to let the dirty girl inside her come out, after we talked for a bit and had a couple of drinks Stacey said she didn't have to go back to work so we decided to go for a drive somewhere a bit more secluded. I drove down towards the waterfront and found a car park that was pretty much empty except for a few cars here and there, Stacey looked around before leaning in and kissing me , i pulled her closer to me and kissed her passionately as she pushed herself towards me, we kissed and touched for a few minutes before she pulled back to her side and leaned against the door, her legs crossed up in front of her with her skirt slightly ruffled up, she gave me the best fuck me eyes as she pulled her jacket off and started to unbutton her top, I watched as one button at a time she popped her top open and pulled it back off her big round tits, all that was covering her nipples was her lacy white bra which looked fucking sexy in front of me in the car. i leaned over and pulled her towards me as we kissed again but this time a lot more furiously than last, i reached around and pulled at her bra clip while she reached for my cock through my jeans, i leaned back enough to get my jeans undone and before I could do anything she had my cock free from my pants and her hand wrapped around it , her head dove into my lap as she started to suck my fat cock in the front of the car, i held the back of her head as she forced my cock into her mouth and she sucked harder and harder with every stroke.

Her head turned to look up at me between strokes "You like that" she asked "Yeah baby , thats fucking awesome " I replied "don't stop" i told her as she swallowed as much as she could "Talk dirty to me" she told me as she looked up again "Suck my cock you dirty bitch " "you love that fat cock you filthy married slut" I told her " oh yeah thats it baby" she said as she stopped and looked up at me "I am a naughty girl that needs your cock" she said as she continued sucking my fat cock " You want me to fuck your sexy little pussy " I asked her " Oh yes please, fuck me please" she answered so I grabbed her by the hair as I pulled her head up towards mine , we kissed for a second before I opened the door and jumped out of the car, I ran around her side and pulled her door open and she looked up at me with a slutty look in her eyes knowing she was about to get fucked hard right there in the car park. I grabbed her arm and pulled her from the car before pushing her against the side of the car, she was only wearing heels ,stockings and her skirt and panties now and her big tits were bouncing around in front of me, as i lifted her leg up around my side i reached up and pulled her white little panties off, she wrapped one leg around me as I lifted her up against the car and shoved my cock into her dripping wet hole, she moaned and yelled as I pounded her pussy with her back against the car her legs wrapped around me, in clear view of anyone that walked past, after a few minutes I pulled out and spun her around, she leant forward onto the car before I pulled her towards the back of the car and bent her over the boot, I positioned myself behind her ready to smash her doggy and as I ran my hands up her back and side she looked back at me with a look of absolute pleasure "Fuck me baby" she yelled as she looked around to see if we had any viewers " I'm a dirty slut " she told me as I pushed my cock into her from behind " you are my dirty little slut " I told her " fuck me like a slut " she begged as I jammed everything I could into her, after just a few minutes I was ready to explode "I'm gonna cum baby" I told her and she pushed me back enough to spin around and drop to her knees in front of me grabbing hold of my cock and jerking it furiously in front of her face " cum on my face " she demanded "cum all over me baby" she told me as I looked at this dirty married slut in front of me on her knees in the car park with nothing but a skirt on and begging for my cum all over her and just then I blew all over her mouth and chin as she jerked my cock towards her, I grabbed her head and forced her mouth onto my knob and as she sucked it clean I looked around to see if anyone had seen our little show. there didn't seem to be too many people in sight but i didn't really care anyway.

We got back in the car and cleaned ourselves up , Stacey told me that it made her so hot when I talked dirty to her and that being the dirty little married slut is just what she wants, she told me how she wished that people would have come past and seen her getting fucked in broad day light, I told her to organize one night this week to get away from the family and come to my place so i can fuck her properly, she said she would ring me and let me know when she can come. That night she rang and told me she could come round Friday night, she also told me how when she got home today she was feeling that sexy that she let the hubby bend her over the table and fuck the arse off her. Hubby wasn't sure what was going on but it wasn't long until he started to realize his good little wife was really a dirty little slut. . . TO BE CONTINUED

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