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This is my first story, so any constructive criticism is welcome! I will be adding more parts to this story in the future, so you will have to wait. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!
Hello, my name is Prem Shah. I’m your typical 16 year old high-school student. I am about 5’ 10”, light brown skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a somewhat muscular build. I have an avid social life, captain of the varsity soccer team, and have straight As in all of my Honors and AP classes, yet somehow I could never get the nerve to ask a girl out; well all that changed in the fall of my Junior year.

Today was the big day, the annual rival soccer game against Schaumburg High School had come. Throughout the day everyone, friends, teachers, other people I don’t know, came up to me wishing me luck, they really wanted us to win! As game time approached I could feel the nerves growing inside of me, until I heard the ref’s whistle and the game kicked off. Our stadium was packed full of fans, all rooting for us to win. The game started off extremely poor for us as we gave a way a penalty kick which they converted, at half we were down 1-0. At the start of the second half, my teammate Evan, got on a breakaway and put the ball in the net, tying the game at 1 all. With only 1 minute now left in the game I received the ball at center field wide open. I then took on two defenders and wound up to hit the shot, about 26 yards away. Being open I hit the shot, praying that it would go in. The shot curled past the goalkeeper’s fingertips and into the net giving us the win! The crowd went absolutely crazy and all my teammates rallied around me. As everyone’s emotions subsided we headed back towards the locker room to hear the post-game speech from our coach, and change out of our uniforms. After hearing a praiseworthy speech I went to go take a shower. Being as though there were only 4 shower heads I had to wait my turn. Eventually it came time and I stepped in and took a refreshing shower, thinking about the crazy events that had just happened. I was the last one to come out of the locker and headed down the hallway towards the exit.

There were some students still in the hallway, hanging out and waiting for rides home. As I walked by they enthusiastically congratulated me, I felt like I was on top of the world. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, one of the most popular girls in my grade, Jenny Horne, came up to me and enthusiastically congratulated me on the game.

“Awesome goal Prem! I went crazy when it happened, I’m so proud of you!”, she said. Jenny was a 5’ 7” blond with blue eyes. She was tan, had a great body, and amazing breasts, they were size 36C. Those boobs went amazing with her body, it took every muscle in body to not rip her tank top off and start sucking on those beautiful breasts.

“Thanks Jenny, that really means a lot coming from you,” I said. We started heading towards the exit, still continuing our conversation.

“You know, I’ve heard a lot about you, but we never really had the chance to get to know each other, wanna go and get some ice cream at dairy queen?”, asked Jenny.

“Sure,” I said. Wow! I couldn’t believe that someone as hot as Jenny wanted to go and hang with me, this day just kept on getting better and better. While we were ordering our ice-cream she dropped her change, and had to bend down to pick it up. I took one look at that thick juicy ass, just waiting to bust out of those tight as hell short shorts, and my 9” cock instantly got rock hard. As she stood back up, I swear she took a long glance at the bulge that was now formed in my pants. After we had finished our ice-cream she asked for a lift home, something I happily decided to give her.

When we pulled into her driveway I decided that it would be best if I walked her to the door. When we got there I was about to say good bye when all of a sudden she started to lean closer to me, not knowing what to do I decided it would be best to just go with and leaned closer to her as well. In the split second when our lips touched I knew I was going to be in for a long and wild night. She grabbed me by the shirt and took me upstairs to her room, slamming the door behind her. In her room I was all over her, kissing her like a madman while feeling up her entire body. I could feel her tongue on my tongue, we were in each other’s mouths and neither one of us would get out. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them, oh how soft and tender they felt in my hands. Her hands moved lower and I could feel them grabbing my cock. She unbuckled my shorts and pulled them down. I ripped off her tank top, and unsurprisingly there was no bra on underneath. My, those boobs were amazing, and I finally had them within my grasp. I pulled her closer and starting sucking on her erect nipple, I could tell that she was horny as all hell! I played with her nipples with my tongue, eliciting an exciting response for her. I unbuckled her shorts, and pulled them, revealing the sexiest hot pink thong I had ever seen. I went back to suckling her nipple, while inserting my hand into her pussy. It was warm and I began to rub it like crazy. She let out moan after moan. I started to rub her clit, every time I did her legs locked up and she let out another moan. Her breaths kept getting shallower and quicker, her moans turned to whimpers and whines as they rose in pitch and her legs shook as her hips tensed. She let out a shriek and her warm pussy juices flooded my hand.

I finally stopped sucking on her nipple and said, “Jenny, lick my hand clean, “She gladly accepted and started licking her juices off of my fingers.

“Mmmmmm, I had no idea I tasted that good!”

“Jenny, I think it’s time you took care of something downstairs,” I said, gesturing to my rock hard cock.

She got down on her knees and kissed my stomach, making a trail of kisses going lower. My cock was still twitching from excitement.

“Wow! It’s so big and thick, I wonder if it tastes as good as I looks!” Jenny licked my ball sac and began to suck on my balls. She took her tongue and ran it from the balls all the way to the top of my 9” shaft and gave it a little kiss. As she slowly put my cock into her warm, moist mouth, I let out a groan of sheer ecstasy. She slowly bobbed her head up and down getting almost my entire dick into her mouth. The warm moist feeling of her mouth around my dick was too much to handle, and I almost blew my load right then and there, but I was able to contain myself.

“Jenny, put the whole cock in your mouth, I want to feel your tongue on my balls,” I said. She tried to but started to gag, so I decided she needed some forceful help. I grabbed her head and began to push my way into her throat, my god what a great feeling it was. She sucked dick like a pro, I guess she had some practice on that dildo I spotted in the corner of the room. My cock felt like it was going to explode in her mouth, but I managed to contain my cum, and began to vigorously throat fuck her. She was gagging like no other, but she seemed to be enjoying it a great deal.

I decided that it was my turn to return the favor, and pulled out of her mouth. We shared another kiss before I picked her up and dropped her on the bed. I pulled off her hot pink thong, exposing her neatly, shaved pussy. I could tell by the lack of tan lines that she liked to be naked a lot! I pulled her pussy closer and started licking away. She whimpered and tried to push her hips closer to me, and I obliged her by pressing my tongue as hard as I could against her moist pussy. Jenny wrapped her legs around my head, and reached down to hold my head in place. She cried in ecstasy as I bit tenderly on her clit and flicked with her tongue.

“Oh god. I’m so close…” Jenny moaned. I took that as my cue, and with one motion, stood up and thrust myself inside of her. She was so wet that I slid right in with no problem. Her pussy began to convulse around me, and I felt a new wave of wetness as she came on my cock. Her hands gripped and twisted the sheets as she cried out in pure joy, “Oh my fucking god Prem, it feels so good!”

I continued to move in and out of her, pushing her towards a third orgasm. Once more I could feel her warm pussy juices envelop my cock, and I pushed me even closer to the edge.

“Oh, fuck Jenny, I’m gonna blow my load soon!” I said

“I fucking want it in my fucking mouth, I want to taste you, like you tasted me!” Jenny yelled

I pulled out of her and got over her face. She started to suck me off again until I couldn’t contain myself anymore and blew my load all over face. Cum went all over her face and into her mouth. She scrapped all the cum that hadn’t gone in her mouth, into it and began to play with it in her mouth. She then spit it all back onto my cock and then licked it clean, she was one fucking kinky slut, and damn, I liked it.

“I wanna see you swallow, you nasty bitch!” Much to my pleasure she readily obliged, completely swallowing my load. Just at that moment, the door to her room cracked open…

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