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Tanaka gets what he wants
I was daydreaming. I was sitting in a comfortable leather seat in a private jet on my way to France. Marcel was here along with my assistant and two security guys. Marcel had business to attend to here in his home country and had suggested that I come along for a little vacation. I happily agreed since I had not had a break from the restaurant in a long time. I was of course still lactating and had my breasts drained almost every night for use in the food prep. Luckily we had found Marie and she was able to substitute for me. Her breasts produced milk too and though it wasn't up to the level of mine it was very good and she would perform very well in the dining room.

I had visited the clinic recently and I was thinking about that visit. I was sitting in the directors office and he was going over some recent test results. He wanted to show me some MRI images. The first one was obviously a woman's breast. He said that it was from a normally lactating woman who had applied for the program. The internal workings of her breast had been colored to make them easier to see. The director pointed out the different parts. The lobules where the milk was produced. He asked me to count them. I guessed 12 and he said I was correct. He also had me notice the size of the ducts leading to the nipple.

He then showed me a different breast. It was larger. He said this was Marie's breast. She had been in recently for a check up. He asked me to count the lobules in this one. It was obvious this one had a lot more. It was difficult to see them all. I guessed 35. He said it was actually more like 40. The milk ducts were about twice the thickness too. This was how Marie was able to produce a high volume of milk. The genetic engineering had altered her breasts.

He showed me another image. It was a very large breast. It looked heavy and swollen. I couldn't believe how dense it was. He asked me to count the lobules in this one. They were so many and they were packed so tightly it was impossible. He chuckled and said that even they had problems counting them. They estimated there were at least 100. The milk ducts were huge as well. This breast was made for one thing. To produce a enormous volume of milk. He asked me if I knew who's this was and of course I did. It was mine.

We had talked before about how I could get pregnant. He said that if I let my milk dry up I probably would start ovulating. He said he had some bad news. It looked like my breast were not capable of drying up. Even if I stopped extracting milk from them eventually they would just start leaking on their own. They would drain themselves and the cycle would continue. This really disappointed me because I had been thinking about a baby. He did have some good news for me. He said they had developed a new drug that might possibly allow me to produce an egg. It was very experimental. I would have to have a series of shots over a week and then tests would be run later to see if I ovulated. He said I would be able to tell by some changes to my body. I would basically go into a kind of heat. My labia would swell and become engorged. I would also produce a slick fluid. If that happened there was a very good chance I was ovulating.

I had of course agreed to take the drug. I had my last shot the day before we left for France. As I looked out the window of the jet which was making it's final approach I wondered if this might actually work. We landed and taxied to a private hanger. A limo took us to a 5 star hotel in the heart of Paris. It was mid morning of a beautiful spring day. There was of course no waiting to check in. We went right to a private elevator and the hotel's security chief escorted us to the penthouse suite. Marcel said he had some business to handle this afternoon and suggested I go shopping. My assistant and I could take one of the security guys with us and go to the fashion district. She would take care of everything she said.

I changed into a flowery sundress. It fit me really well and even though it showed a generous amount of cleavage I thought I looked great. The limo dropped us off in the heart of the Paris fashion district. I visited all of the top designer's shops. I didn't go overboard but picked out a few pretty things and some sexy ones too. It was mid afternoon now and I suggested we stop at a cafe for some tea and sandwiches. My assistant agreed but wanted me to look in one last shop. It was an accessory boutique. I saw some scarves in there and went in. We left the security guy outside to look around for a cafe. As he waited on the sidewalk I made a purchase. I thanked the clerk and went back outside. I saw a little cafe across the street and turned to suggest to my assistant and the security guy that we go there. I looked around and noticed that the security guy was gone. That was odd and I also noticed my assistant wasn't there too. I looked back toward the shop and saw her standing inside looking out the glass door. I looked at her confused and saw he mouth the words “I'm sorry”. Just then I heard tires screeching and a large black sedan came to a stop in the street.

The windows were darkly tinted so you couldn't see in them. The back doors flew open and two large men in suits got out and walked right up to me. They each grabbed one of my arms and quickly dragged me into the backseat of the powerful sedan. The doors slammed shut and the sedan took off through the streets of Paris. I was sitting between them in the backseat. As one held me the other took my hands behind my back and used a zip tie to bind my wrists. They then took one of my scarves I had bought and used it as a blindfold on me. As the car sped along one of my captors made a call. He spoke in french and I was able to understand most of what he was saying. He told someone that they were successful. He said that they had not verified my identity yet. The guy on the phone told the other one to do that. The front of my dress was pulled down. With rough hands he reached in and pulled one of my large breasts out of my lace bra exposing it. He pinched my big nipple and involuntarily milk shot out of the end of it. He got some on his fingers and I heard him suck on them tasting me. I felt the guy on the phone grab my breast. He actually bent down and took my dripping nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. After a few pulls his mouth filled and he swallowed. Releasing it he said into the phone that there was no mistake, they had the right woman.

He ended the call and we continued our journey. They sat stoically on either side of me. They hadn't even tucked my boob back into my dress and I wondered what was in store for me. I tried to estimate the time we had been driving and I knew we were probably outside of Paris in the countryside by now. Finally the car made a turn and it felt like we had left the highway and were now on a gravel road. It was a long road going deep into the woods I suppose. My heart pounded in anticipation but I tried not to panic. The car came to a stop and I heard the doors open. The two men dragged me out of the car and up some stone steps. I noticed I was barefoot having lost my shoes somewhere. I heard some big doors open and we went into the building. From the echos I could tell it was a big place. I was being marched down a hallway. We stopped and I heard one of the guys knock on some thick doors. Just before we went in I felt rough hands grab my exposed breast and tuck it back in my bra and dress.

I could tell we entered a large room. I was led forward stopping finally. I felt the strap binding my wrists being cut releasing them. I rubbed them and reached up to remove my blindfold. Even though the room was on the dark side I blinked adjusting my eyes back to the light. I was standing in front of an large desk. It was totally void of anything, just a large flat surface. The was a large leather chair behind it and it was turned around. I looked to my left and saw two men in lab coats. To my right was a tall blond woman and standing next to her was a large muscular Japanese gentleman. As I stared at his ominous presence I saw the big chair start to turn around. I looked forward as it's occupant came into view. This was my captor. It was Hiro Tanaka himself.

He was smiling at me as he looked me up and down. I had something that he wanted. Something he was willing to risk a lot to get. He wanted the milk my breasts produced and more importantly the secret to why I was able to do it. He said he hoped the trip to his chateau had not been too harsh and apologized for the abruptness of it. I didn't believe him. He said he was glad to see me again and hoped that my stay here would be enjoyable. He paused and then said that would be up to me of course. He introduced the other people. The two guys in the lab coats were his head scientists. They had been trying to figure out how to duplicate my ability to produce superior milk but so far had failed. The blond woman was Tanaka's assistant. Her name was Heiki and she was Swedish and very beautiful. Finally he introduced the Japanese fellow. His name was Mr.Yee. He was head of Tanaka's security. I looked at him and noticed he was missing part of two fingers on his left hand.

Tanaka turned his attention back to me and said that we needed to proceed. I had been brought here to help him learn the secret of my milk. If I told them what they wanted to know My stay here would be pleasant and I would be released soon. If I didn't tell them, then my stay would be very unpleasant and I would be here a long time. It was totally up to me. He paused obviously waiting for a response from me. I wasn't a scientist. I knew bits and pieces of how things worked but I wasn't about to help this guy. I looked at him and said that all I knew was I had answered an ad and went into a program. I had been given some drugs and my breasts had started to lactate. People apparently like the milk I made and that's all I knew. He frowned and warned me that things would not be pleasant for me if I didn't tell them more. He said Mr. Yee was an expert in getting people to talk and his methods could be cruel. I looked at Mr' Yee's stoic face and I believed that. I just shook my head and said that was all I knew.

Tanaka's face became very hard and finally he said very well you have made your choice. The two guys from the car came back into the room. Tanaka told them to take me away. They grabbed my arms again and we left the room. We went down a couple of hallways and stopped in from of a service elevator. We entered and the door was closed. The metal floor was cold on my bare feet. I felt us descend. How many floors I was not sure but we were going deep into the chateau. The doors opened to a dimly lit hallway. It had a stone floor and looked very old. I was basically dragged down it until we made a turn and entered a large room. There was no door and the floor was dirt. There was a single light bulb hanging from a cord. We stood there for a moment until I heard someone coming down the hallway. He entered the room. It was a barrel chested man wearing an apron of some kind. I guessed he worked down here. The room had a faint smell of animals. He walked over to me and looked me up and down while the two men held me. Finally he smiled and told the others to hold my arms up. As they did the apron guy went to the corner and started to pull on a chain that was hanging from the ceiling. It was a loop chain and I heard some clanking and looked up to see another chain lowering. On the end of that chain were some shackles. When they lowered enough my wrists were placed in them and they were locked. They let go of me and the two guys left. I was alone with Apron Guy.

I was on my tip toes trying to keep my balance while hanging there by my wrists. He approached me and without saying a word he reached into a pocket and produced a very sharp hooked knife. He proceeded to cut my dress off of me. It was like he was skinning an animal. Soon it fell away and I was left hanging there in my lace bra and panties. He did waste anytime. He cut my bra straps then a quick flick of the knife between my breasts and they were released. They were extra full and heavy not having been emptied in a long time. Two quick cuts on the sides of my panties and they were removed as well. I now stood totally naked and exposed in front of this man. He stood in front of me and lifted one of my breasts up feeling the weight of it. He did the same with the other one. He then expertly then rolled both my nipples with his fingers. This man obviously had been around dairy cows. Two strong streams of milk shot out of my nipples. He smiled and called me his little cow.

He turned and left the room leaving me hanging there. My shoulders hurt and the shackles were cutting into my wrists. I heard a noise coming back down the hallway. It sounded like something large and heavy was rolling forward. Apron Gut came back into the room pushing an apparatus made of wood and metal. As he moved it into position he started to tell me what it was for. He was talking in French and I understood most of it. This thing was very old. When they found it they weren't sure what it was for at first. After doing some research and cleaning it up they finally figured it out. He went over to the corner and pulled on the chain again. I felt my arms start to lower. I was able to stand on flat feet. I winced in pain as my the strain on my shoulders was eased. I was standing in front of the thing looking at it when he roughly pulled on the chain my wrists were shackled to forcing me to fall forward on my knees. They hit a flat wooden plank. Using a combination of leather straps and shackles he quickly secured me. He pulled me forward bending me over at the waist. He unlocked the shackles on my wrists but after stretching my arms out locked them in other ones. I was bent over at the waist on my knees. My legs were spread apart fully exposing my pussy. My large breasts were hanging down and I felt the pull from their weight. I could look down at them. I saw that they were positioned between two large wooden dowel rods. He went over to a little crank on the side of the device and started to rotate it. Gears turned and I saw that the wooden rods wee moving closer together. Soon they were touching my breasts where they hung from my chest wall. One on top and one underneath. They were starting to squeeze them. He cranked until they were very tight but not enough to cut off blood flow to my breasts. There was no way I could pull out of them.

This must have been some sort of torture device. It was very effective in keeping it's occupant restrained. It looked old enough to have been used during the French Revolution. He walked around it and satisfied he left the room again. I didn't struggle because I knew that was pointless. I knew they weren't going to kill me because I was too valuable. They wanted me to talk, to tell them my secret. How far they would go to make me do that I wasn't sure. He was wheeling another machine when he came back in the room. This one I recognized. It was a milking machine. An older design used on cows. I figured they were going to get around to this. Tanaka wanted my milk and he was going to force me to produce it for him. They would test it and of course cook with it. The milking machine was turned on and I heard the pumps working. Apron Guy came over with the silver tubes connected by hoses to the machine. He held my right breast steady with one hand and brought the tube up to my nipple with the other. As soon as there was a seal my nipple was sucked down into the tube with considerable force. He was using way more suction then I was used to. Maybe this was the setting they used on the dairy cows and he hadn't adjusted it. He pulled on the tube to make sure it was firmly attached to me. He repeated the procedure on my left breast. I winced from the pull as my nipples were stretched inside the tubes. I knew from the feeling that my milk was flowing. They were getting what they wanted and I couldn't do anything about it.

Even though my nipples were burning from the suction it did feel good to have the pressure in my breasts relieved some. I tried to relax but found that very difficult restrained like I was. I hurt all over. I had lost track of time down here in this dungeon. Apron Guy had left the room to let the machine do it's work. I had been hooked up a long time by now. Getting off the plane now seemed like ages ago. I had to pee badly. I hadn't gone since we left the hotel. I thought about it and knew I wouldn't be released to do it. I was having to deal with my situation and they would just have to deal with this. I relaxed and felt my stream start to flow. I had to really go so it shot out in a long arc behind me onto the dirt floor. It felt like I peed a gallon before it stopped flowing. Of course I couldn't wipe myself so I didn't care. The machine kept pumping and my milk kept flowing. I finally must have passed out.

When I woke up I was laying down. I wasn't restrained or hooked up to the milking machine anymore. The room I was in was dark. I was on some sort of cot. It had an old dusty stained mattress that smelled like pee. I was still naked and I shivered from the cold dampness. I tried to sit up but even that was a struggle. I was sore all over. My nipples felt raw and it hurt to touch them. There was a little light coming in under the door and I could see around the room. It was a little cell. There was a table with a bowl and a clay jug on it. There was also a note there. It said I should drink the water in the jug and eat what was in the bowl. It was all I was going to get. I drank the water and it was too bad. The bowl had some kind of oatmeal stuff in it. I tried some and it really didn't have much taste. I stared at it and even though I was hungry I wasn't sure I could eat it. I decided to try something. It was painful but I held the bowl up to one of my breasts. Carefully I gently tried to pull on my nipple to extract some milk. I winced because they were so sore. I managed to get about a half a cup out. I mixed it into the stuff in the bowl. Tasting it I thought it might be bearable now. My milk had sweetened it some. I finished the food and drank all of the water. The only other thing in the cell was a bucket in the corner. I knew what that was probably for and would use it if I had too. I was beyond being embarrassed.

This routine went on for days. At least I thought they were day but because of no reference to daylight and no clocks I wasn't sure about the passage of time. They were getting a lot of milk out of me. My nipples had toughened up some and didn't hurt so bad. It was during the eighth session that I had a visitor. It was Mr. Yee. I was restrained on the rack and was hooked up to the milking machine. I knew this couldn't be good. He stood in front of me in silence. Just doing that he was very intimidating. Finally he walked over to the side of me and bent down to my ear. With a heavy accent in English he asked me to tell them what they wanted to know. In English I said that I don't know anything. He stood up and then moved around behind me. My legs were spread wide open. He knelt down between them and it was like I could almost feel his breath on my pussy. He removed something from his jacket. I felt him touch me. He was pulling on one of my inner labia lips stretching it out. He then clamped it with some kind of metal tool that locked onto it. It pinched me and hurt. About the time I was wondering why he did that I found out. He shoved a large gauge needle through the clamp and through my flesh until it came out the other side. I screamed as loud as I could. It was like I had been shot. He removed the clamp leaving the needle in me. He reached down for something and I felt the needle being pushed out. He was replacing the needle with some kind of metal ring. The needle fell out and the ring was in place. It must have been a big one because I could feel its weight. He left me there freshly pierced. After the session when I was back in my cell I got the chance to look at it. It was a large gauge metal ring inserted through the flesh of my right inner labia lip. I wasn't sure what kind of metal it was. Something very exotic because it was so heavy for it's size. I also noticed there was no break in it. It was a solid circle. How did he do that? It was here to stay for awhile so I better get used to it.

Over the next six days the same thing happened. Mr Yee would come in the room when I was near the end of my milking session. He would ask me the same question. I always answered the same way even though I knew what was going to happen. He had pierced me a total of six time now. I had three rings inserted in each inner labia lip. They were very heavy and I knew my lips would be stretched. They were also sore because the piercings were so fresh. They were spaced evenly so I didn't know where the next one would go if there was going to be a next one. He came into the room on the seventh day. The same question was asked and I answered the same way. Once again he moved around behind me. I was actually shaking some in anticipation. Was I enjoying the pain? I closed my eyes waiting for him to touch me. I wasn't disappointed. He touched me but not on my lips. He touched my clit and I jumped some. He pinched it and stroked it. It felt so wonderful. I have a large clit and it was swelling up big. When it gets like that it is very sensitive. I was biting my lower lip as he continued to manipulate my clit. It was very hard now sticking way out from it's little hood. I was focused on the pleasure, not on his purpose of doing this.

He stopped stroking it and held it still. I felt the metal clamp start to squeeze my swollen clit finally clamping in place. Oh no he wasn't going to do that. He didn't hesitate knowing I would probably start trying to get away when I figured out what was coming next. The needle started to go in my clit. Right through the center of it where the most nerves were. He had to press firmly because it was so hard and swollen. When the pain hit my brain I felt darkness start to wash over me. I also felt something else. Right before I passed out I realized I just had an orgasm.

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