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My name is Rachael King and this is the story of a special week in my summer holidays this year.
OK this is a new series from me. Usual disclaimers apply. If you don’t like this stuff, don’t read it.

This portrays the story of one girl, Rachael King, 15 years old and her friends.

The story contains straight and bisexual acts between teens and is complete fiction.

Comments all welcome but flames will be completely ignored.

Any ideas for direction for the story always welcome.

The first chapter is a short one to see if you like the idea of the story and more of an introduction to the characters. Let me know what you think.

Rachael’s Story – Chapter 1 – Time stands still

My name is Rachael King and this is the story of a special week in my summer holidays this year. My very best friend Julie had a very cool family and her parents were going away on their summer break and were leaving Julie and her elder brother Billy on their own at the house. Billy is 19 and their parents trust them not to wreck the place. Billy and Julie have always got on really well and they kinda leave each other alone and tend not to interfere with each others lives.

Anyway, Julie had decided to have a week long slumber party and had invited me and Anji. She had invited two other of our friends but their folks didn’t like the idea of their ‘precious daughters’ having a whole week out of their sights, so it was going to be just the three of us.

The first night was a Friday and me and Anji arrived around 8pm loaded down with clothes, DVDs, CD’s, food and drinks. I was a bit worried about getting grief over the last one, drinks, because I am not really a drinker. If I get drunk, I get so pukey, it’s not a pretty sight, so I tend to stick to the diet coke. I knew as I arrived that I would get stick for it later but I wasn’t going to let it ruin the week.

Within ten minutes of arriving, Billy darted out of the front door to escape the shrill squeaking of his sister and her friends, shouting back that he would be back around 1am. We soon put on the music, opened the beers and settled back to lots of gossip and laughter.

I suppose at this point, I should give you a better picture of what we all look like.

I am the short ass of the group. I am 5ft 1 and very slight. I am sometimes known as baby face Rach but I think I am quite good looking, have bleached hair which I wear short and scruffy styled. I have very bright blue eyes. I have nice legs, nice bum and although my boobs are only small (30A), they are firm and they are nice for my size and figure. I am happy with my body. I have to confess at this stage that I was still a virgin at this point. I had kinda taken my virginity with a dildo, but this doesn’t count. I had only done bits with guys so far, like giving Paul McEvoy a wank at the bus stop two months ago and then sucking him briefly a week later. I was seriously pissed at him cos I sucked him for less than a minute and as I was standing up again, he came all over my school skirt. Since that time, I had been kissed a few times, had my tits groped painfully and Paul had roughly tried to finger me and I ended up slapping him and I have not seen him that way since. Also, confession time, since that time I have spent a lot more time with Julie since she confessed to me that she thinks she might be bisexual. I’m not saying that is the reason why I have hung out with her more, but when she talks about girl on girl or when she says who she thinks may be lesbian, I have found myself getting more and more turned on. I guess I was hoping that this week of girly fun might prove to be a little more than just booze, music and pillow fights!

Possibly bisexual Julie is the tallest of the three of us at 5ft 6 and has very fair strawberry blonde hair. I think she is gorgeous looking and has delicious milky skin. She has lovely long legs with a bum to die for and then this is all topped off with perfect B cup tits which look awesome whether she wears a bra or not. I so wish my body was more like hers. She always walked with so much confidence and when she speaks to you, she looks deep into your eyes that you know she is listening to every single word. Even before I had any bi thoughts, looking back I think I have always been in love with Julie.

Then comes Anji, who is by far the most intelligent person I know. She isn’t outgoing, she isn’t flirty and she doesn’t make herself up like a tart like we do a lot of the time. She almost never gets asked out by lads because they think she is a bit of a geek as she always wears her little thin rimmed specs and can always be found in the library, but we know her better. She has a beautiful body, similar B cup boobs to Julie and when she takes her hair out of its school time bun, and removes the glasses, she is a babe. She has rich auburn hair which has a semi curly wave to it and when she has had a single drink, she becomes as girly and silly as the rest of us. Also, Julie told me that for the last few weeks, whenever Anji has been round Julie she has been asking her more and more about Julies declaration of being bi. Also, she is convinced she was eyeing her up in the school gym showers two weeks earlier. I think Julie had plans to hit on Anji this week. I wouldn’t miss seeing that for the world.

As we sat with our drinks, we had music playing and Julie had hooked up the computer to the tv. We began by watching all sorts of silly videos on YouTube and our laughter became hysterical and it was a perfect start to our evening. As more beers flowed (for them not me, I had gone onto the coke after just one can of beer) Anji said that Julie should show us her ideal woman, so she hit the Google search and various porn sites for photos.

The images on screen got more and more explicit and the conversation turned to whether we trimmed our pubic hair. Anji said she had never cut hers, Julie said she had hers fully shaved and I, blushing, said I trimmed mine a little but was scared of cutting myself. Julie, quite drunk by now, said it was easy and she could do hers with her eyes closed now. In fact, she said it was so easy, she would happily do ours for us if we liked. I laughed hard at the offer but almost choked when, as quick as a flash, Anji said she would happily let Julie do hers for her. This even took Julie a little by surprise but as cool as a cucumber she said, ‘OK, when would you like me to do it?’

‘Now, if you’re not too drunk, but only if Rach lets you do hers too!’ Anji responded, just as coolly.
All eyes focussed on me now and I felt myself redden, but it wasn’t completely through embarrassment, it was partially though excitement too.

‘Ok’ I replied, ‘Why the hell not?’

Not wanting to lose the momentum, Julie jumped to her feet, grabbed our hands and dragged us upstairs to the master bedroom.

Julie’s parents were very wealthy and the shower in their room was a giant walk in affair, easily 2 metres in each direction. As we walked into the area, Julie ordered us to strip to our undies and giggling, we complied. We all walked into the shower unit and Julie told Anji to ‘lose the knickers’. We both looked at her pussy as she stood up and although she had never trimmed or shaved, she sported a neat little triangle of dark hair which looked fine. Julie made her lie on the floor and spread her legs. I watched in silence as Julie clicked on the electric trimmers and began to remove the excess hair. The buzzing of the trimmers (as I would find out shortly) had a positive effect on Anji and she laughed out loud and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s a nice feeling!’

We all laughed and Julie added that this was a major reason for her shaving!

Within a minute or so, Anji was left with only stubble and Julie reached for the can of female shaving foam. She squirted some into her fingers and applied it to Anji’s pussy. I have seen foam being applied before and I was sure that Julie was spending a lot of time applying the foam around Anji’s clit area. I looked at Anji and her eyes were tightly closed and I could see her hand trembling slightly. I quickly looked up to Julie and she was smiling. As her eyes caught mine, she winked and said, ‘It’s ok, it’s your turn soon!’
The whole shaving process seemed more and more intimate and Anji made very gentle panting and cooing noises as Julie slid her fingers up the now sensitive skin. She said this was necessary to find any remaining bits of stubble. I wasn’t green, I could see a finger catching the clit on most passes.

As Julie rinsed the now perfectly smooth pussy of Anji, we pulled a very flushed looking Anji to her feet to inspect in the mirror. We all agreed that Julie was good at the shaving. Then it was my turn. Anji took my position and I lay back, more excited than ever. As Julie moved in with the clippers, I heard them both laugh so I sat up quickly.

‘What’s the joke?’ I asked

‘Well I guess you enjoyed Anji’s show a bit honey’ Julie said giggling

‘What do you mean?’

All of a sudden I felt two of Julies fingers dip into my pussy as quick as a flash. I jumped and yelped at the touch and then instantly blushed as she revealed two very wet fingers that she had dipped into my hole.
Laughing and embarrassed I fell back on the tiles, ‘You’re a bitch Julie, just shave my cunt and shut up’
Without another word, the clippers touched my skin and the sensations were fantastic. Every nerve ending was glowing and I was praying for the shaving foam to hide my pussy lips which must have been leaking more by now.

Soon enough the foam went on and I was right. Julie wasn’t applying foam, she was teasing my pussy but it felt so good I wasn’t saying a word. Then she shaved and did the same trick feeling for stubble but constantly one finger would keep hitting my clit and I was in serious danger of hitting an orgasm as my two best friends watched, especially as Julie got Anji to feel for stubble too, my mind was close to overload.
Finally she finished and rinsed me down and I stood with Anji in the mirror, admiring our new bald teen pussies. Julie joined us minus her own knickers and declared us to be the bald pussy triplets. We laughed and decided it was time to put on our PJs before Billy came home.

We went into Julie’s bedroom, all automatically took off our bras and jumped into our night gear.
The horniness of the shaving subsided and we all went back to the living room and the other two hit the beer hard again, soon becoming very drunk indeed. I still carried on with the coke.

By the time Billy came home, despite the lovely smooth feeling of my freshly shaved pussy, all talk of that had gone into drunken silliness and i was sat with two very drunk, very giggly girls. Billy’s arrival was accompanied by loud crashes as he stumbled, just as drunk as his sister into the house. He talked incoherently for a minute or two and then fell upstairs to his bedroom. Julie said that we wouldn’t see him until lunch tomorrow. The two girls decided that they were now too drunk as well and we all made our way up to bed.

Julie had a very large bedroom with a huge king-size bed in the middle. We had made up an inflatable bed at the side but Julie insisted we should all snuggle in together and I was just looking forward to a sleep so we all agreed it was a plan. Julie dived in the middle with Anji to her left and me to her right. She made a point of giving each of us a hug and a big overacted kiss on our lips. It was all good fun and we soon drifted off to sleep.

My sleep didn’t last too long before I was woken by the very loud snoring of my two drunken friends. The heat of the summer added to the three bodies in the bed had meant the covers had been kicked off as we all got to warm. Anji was lay on her front with her left arm draped across Julie’s belly and Julie was lay flat on her back with her right leg lay on mine.

I extracted myself from the tangle, sat on the edge of the bed and yawned. I then turned to look at my sleeping friends. Julie looked even more beautiful as she slept (If you could ignore the snoring) and her long delicious legs looked even sexier in the moonlight. They were still spread a little from being sprawled over me and I repositioned myself so I could look up her short night shirt. She hadn’t put on any knickers before bed and I was greeted with the sight of her lovely smooth pussy. Instantly, memories of the earlier shaving session hit me and i moved closer to her. I gently moved the material so her pussy was fully exposed and automatically started to rub my instantly moist cunt. All the memories and sensations came flooding back and those bisexual feelings leapt into my mind. I wanted Julie so bad right now it was killing me.

I knew how she was when she was drunk, she slept like the dead, so all logic and reason left my mind and I leant forward and kissed her pussy. The snoring continued so I kissed again, and again and again. I was breathing deeply and taking in her delightful aroma and as I felt my own orgasm rising, I automatically pushed my tongue deep into Julie. I knew I had to be careful or I may still wake her and I slowly swirled my tongue inside her and then withdrew slightly to seek out her clit. Each time I hit her hot spot I felt a small twitch from her body and felt a surge of warm sticky juices come from her. She still slept deeply and my orgasm was reaching a peak so I knew I would have to go to the bathroom for fear of screaming out loud. As I stood from the bed, the feelings of lust and guilt all rolled into one and I was feeling so very confused but my horniness was winning by a mile.

As I stood to go to the bathroom, I realised my PJ bottoms were now soaked with my own juices. I kicked them off because my PJ top was very long and went way past my bottom. I hid the pants in my case and made my way out into the hallway.

As I approached the bathroom I heard a much louder snoring coming from further up the hall. This sounded like someone was gargling with gravel! I walked to the doorway of the offending room, and of course it was Billy’s room.

He had obviously staggered into his room, stripped and collapsed into bed, only managing to pull a sheet over his body. I should point out at this point that Billy had an awesome shape. He was tall, very well built and was a regular visitor to the gym. As i looked into his room, he was lay on his back with the sheets covering his lower half. Still buzzing from licking Julie’s delicious pussy I wandered into his room.

It was at that point that it all started to feel like something out of a movie where time has stood still. I had three bodies who had no idea what I was up to and i could do as I wished with them. I just wanted to see Billy’s body. I didn’t know any girl who didn’t fancy him and i had the chance to explore.

As I got close to the bed I could smell the booze on his breath and I decided to test how soundly asleep he was so I pinched his nose. He swatted at it like you would a fly but the snoring never adjusted. I then tweaked his nipple quite hard and again he just rubbed at it and continued his deep sleep.

Satisfied that he wasn’t going to wake and remembering Julies comment that we wouldn’t see him until lunch time, I slowly pulled the sheets completely off him. I stood with my mouth wide open.

His body was totally shaved (a family habit I guess) and his cock, even though soft, looked beautiful, illuminated only by the street lighting. It was about 5 inches soft, uncut and with my ‘movie like’ powers over time, I gently took his meat in my hand and started to rub.

Billy’s breathing didn’t change but instantly his cock began to thicken at my touch. In less than a minute he was rock hard, dead straight and close to eight inches in length. It wasn’t super thick like in porn movies, but still the longest and thickest I had seen for real.

As I continue to stroke him, my free hand found my own pussy which was quite literally dripping with excitement.

My boldness grew and I climbed onto the bed between his legs. His cock stood virtually straight out from his body and I HAD to suck him.

Kneeling between his powerful legs, rubbing my clit into a frenzy, I leant forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I was in heaven and was now almost oblivious to his snores and took him deeper and deeper into my mouth, loving every second but always trying to be ultra gentle.

My mind was on fire with lust and I was getting insatiable. I decided to take my own virginity on this sleeping guy’s tool.

I slowly moved forward and placed myself over Billy’s cock. I took him in my right hand and guided him to my very wet hole. As his meat touched my clit, I was so close to orgasm that it felt like an electricity bolt ripping through me and took all my best efforts not to scream out.

With the head of his pulsing manhood at the entrance to my hole, I slowly lowered myself onto it. As the head pushed past the entrance to my hole, a little bit of sense returned with the pain I was feeling at his cock entering me.

I held there for a second, looking down at his cock stretching me wider than I had been stretched before and then fear started to take over and I decided I was being crazy stupid and should climb off, no matter how exciting this felt.

I hadn’t noticed that the snoring had stopped

I felt Billy’s hands cup the cheeks of my bum

I looked into his open eyes and he said, ‘Oh thank you Rach!’

Before I had chance to speak, squeak or anything, he held my bottom tighter, and pushed his full length inside me.

To be continued.........? It’s up to you!

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liking this a lot!!


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golly what a wonderful start babyface.....I'm rushing to the others right now .......

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2012-01-01 23:51:29
I read part 2 first and had to read part 1 to read what I missed! Love both! I am wet and horny want to read part 3. Keep writing, your fantastic !! 9/10

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How do I know if I'm bi-sexural without finding out in like 20 yrs someone three same sex as me. .. I will Look often for anwsers ... thx in advance


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Wonderful, I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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