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my story continues
after the meal we decided that harvey and his mom should stay the night because they had a lot to drink so harvey stayed in my room with me and his mom is a guest room. harvey tired it on with me but i rejected him because he was drunk and its wasnt right. the next morning harvey woke up with a hang over and i had been awake for a few hours. to be a little mean i walked him the room slamming my door shouting "morning" harvey with his hand on his head said "baby not so loud" i walked upto him and gave him the glass on pure orange i had been drinking from before he toke a drink i told him "ive drunk from that do you want a fresh glass" harvey gave me a faint smile and said "no babe it will be okay" harvey drank the glass of oj in one go and said "im going back to sleep" he laid down and put the covers over his face. i walked upto my sterio and pressed play laughing i said "no your not" i think i over done it a little because harvey said "if you dont turn that fucking music off im going to cut the cord" realising id over done it i walked to the bed and got under the covers "give me a hug you hong over old git" harvey reached over and hugged me i put him on my chest and started strocking his hair i said "its your turn to sleep on my chest for once babe" harvey hugged me with one hand and went to sleep again

my mom resepected my privacy so she knocks every time she wants to come in my room. when she knocked i said "come in but be quit" my mom walked in and said "hey do you want anything from the mall? im going to do some light shopping with bella" "yeah can you get me some ciggs and i need some new running sneackers" "sure thing son. is he okay?" pointing to harvey "no he is a little hong over" i said "tell him to have a cold shower and i will tell a maid to bring a big pot of coffee up" "mom talking of coffee" she interupted and said "you want a starbuck?" i smiled said "yes please" when my mom left the house i let harvey sleep a bit longer until the coffee arrived i shaked harvey not stronly and said "baby come get a shower" harvey got up and toke a shower when he come out my bathroom i said "here have some coffee" handing him a cup harvey drank about 5 cups of coffee and said "i feel loads better babe" and kissed me i said "baby you need to brush your teeth you have monster coffee breath" harvey brushed his teeth and came back in he looked so hot in just his boxers i wanted him so bad. i think harvey read my mind and started lowering his boxers he looked at me and said "you want it" i walked up to harvey and said "no not right now. i mean i do want it but i think i should let you have the day to recover and do you know you hit on me last night? " harvey smiled and said "yes babe i remember because you rejected me" "harvey i didnt reject you i decided against it because you was drunk" harvey had that so cute devilish horny look on his face and started rubbing my crouch he said im not drunk now and by the feel of your dick you want me. laying me on my bed he said "you want me so bad" i closed my eyes and let harvey start undressing me we was just getting into it harvey had me down to my boxers when mom walked and seen what was happening she turned away walked out on her way out she said "im sorry i should have knocked" killing the mood i put my clothes on to go talk to my mom. i walked out on my bedroom and my mom said "im really sorry i should have knocked" i said "mom its fine you know i have sex" "yes i do" she said with a smile "so what did you want to talk to me about?" "well me and bella was on the way to the mall when i forgot my cell so when we got back here i came to see what sneackers you wanted" "any that are nice" my mom started walking away and said "once again in sorry" "mom its fine" i walked back into my room harvey looked at me and started laughing "whats so damn funny harvey it wont have been funny if it was your mom that walked in on us" "hey baby im sorry i just think its a little funny" i looked at harvey and his cute brown eyes looking at me i melted under his good looks again and said "okay maybe it is a little funny" i went to my door locked it this time and me and harvey fucked for ages i loved the feeling of him ontop of me bitting into my neck and my dick deep in his butt i screamed loudly becuase no parents was home only staff and i didnt care if they heard us at the time. harvey was matching my screams and then i cummed in him we toke and shower and got dressed and went down stairs into the living room when one of the cooks come out and handed us both a fruit salad and said "thought you might need something to refill your energy" when the cook left the room i looked at harvey and said "do you think he heard us" harvey smiled then laughed and said "yeah i think he did" we laughted and ate the fruit salad and watched tv as we waited for are moms to get back from the mall "leon when do you get your new car?" harvey asked i said "not tomorrow but the next day i cant wait why" "because i think we should go to the beach to test it out" "sounds good to me babe"

to be continued


2011-05-31 19:47:38
closet case its beening published now


2011-05-31 19:34:53
anticipation is killing me!


2011-05-31 18:58:27
LOL good for you! im just glad theres not a thing on here saying how many times i have visited to check if its been updated. after that last bombshell harvey dropped i can not wait to read the next part! and can not wait to read how he did it

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2011-05-31 18:52:33
LOL good for you! im just glad theres not a thing on here saying how many times i have visited to check if its been updated. after that last bombshell harvey dropped i can not wait to read the next part!


2011-05-31 18:47:09
lol sorry guy me and harvey ended up having sex i will write the next part now x

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