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my story continues
two days later true to my parents word my new car had arrived after school my mom had brought it to school for me to drive home when me and harvey got off campus i was greated by my mom and she said "here is your new car son enjot it" my mom handed me the keys and got into my dad's car. harvey looked at me as if to say im so jellous i smiled and hugged harvey and said ""my new car" i got into my car and drove home i forgot to kiss harvey goodbye i was that excited

when i got home i said to my parents "omg thank you" my parent said it was okay and i should go had have some fun. i went up stairs to get changed half way though getting changed harvey text me sayinng "babe dont forget the beach tomorrow remember to stay off school " i messaged harvey back saying "i havent forgotten and im sorry for not kissing you" harvey messaged me back and said "its okay i guess you have to come round now and give me extra kisses" without texting back and having a very good reason to test my car out even more i drove to harvey's house im guessing harvey was waiting for me because he was at the door when i parked up he walked over to me and i could tell he wanted me bad because he had that delish look on his face we started kissing outside and i said "are you not going to invite me in" "baby i cant sorry my dad is here but i want you badly" "i want you to babe if you get time stop by my house tonight" with that i went back home to leave harvey and his dad alone ((side note sorry im finding it hard to focus because harvey is bitting my neck))

when i got home i told my parent im just gonna hang out in my room my mom stopped me and said "is everything okay?" i looked at her and said "i think so" i went upto my room and laid on my bed i closed my eyes and thought of harvey and i thought does he look like his dad whats his dad do for a living how old is he then my thoughts went back to harvey thing how sexy he is and how much i love him i looked down to see my cock was hard so i undid my pants and my boxer short and jacked my self off to the thought off harvey when i was comming to the point of cumming harvey had rang me and i said harvey im jacking off harvey told me he was feeling up his body for me and with that i moaned down my cell because i had cummed harvey said to me i wish i could drink that load babe i want you so bad i need you so bad

the next day i drove to harveys harvey put some food on his lap and we drove off to the beach about two hours later we was at the beach and i was sun bathing with harvey on the nice sand holding hands after that we kissed for a while and harvey said i have lunch for us harvey handed me some peanut butter and jelly sandwitches ( that i really dont like ) i ate them and said they was nice he handed me a juice box and said "there is no need to be nice i know they are nasty" i smiled and brought the half eatten sandwich from behind my back and said "you sure you dont mind me not eatting it" harvey laughed and nodded saying "no i dont mind babe" i hugged harvey and stole his juice box out of his hand he tired to get it back so i ran down the beach with harvey chasing me i kept shouting back "want it cant have it" hervey cought up to me and tackled me to the floor i said "oow babe that hurt" harvey climbed on top of me and rubbed my naked body (i had shorts on and so did harvey) harvey said "im sure i can find a way to make your body feel good again" " o really well you thing a lot of your self" i said joking me and harvey stood up and went back to are spot on the beach harvey took my hand and said "leon stop" so i did stop he got to his knee pulled out a box and said "leon i love you. i love you when the sun come up till the break of a new day. leon even i sore your face at school everyday before i came out i new i liked you and i new i wanted you. leon i was born to love you and i always will." then harvey said 4 word i thought he would never hear him ask me "will you marry me" i freaked out and said "harvey your not funny" harvey opened the box to reveal a ring "im not joking leon" "harvey we are to young ive only been dating you for 10 weeks" "leon when i look into my future the only person i see with me is you" i closed my eyes and thought dont be messing with me please dnt be messing. i opened my eyes to harvey really goroug face and his eyes that when i looked into them i knew how much he loves me i looked at harvey smiled and said "you break my heart and i will kill you" i said with a smile "yes i will marry you harvey" he jumped up and hugged me i said to him in his ear "i love you so much dont ever hurt me" harvey still holding on to me really tight wispered back "there isnt any worry of that happeneing i love to much to hurt you babe" me and harvey must have hugged and kissed for a long time because when we had finished the tide had come in and it was time for us to go home to lett eveyone about this amazing day that we had just had together

to be continued

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2012-05-25 20:12:40
This is so amazing. Awesome work man.


2011-06-01 13:15:19
part 21 has just been published and question leon sounds good lol x


2011-06-01 13:01:06
i am so happy for both of you


2011-06-01 13:00:44
omg love the story keep up the good work. keep on writing


2011-06-01 11:31:26
It could be HAHA!

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