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How Shiela got fucked by a group of total strangers after seduction
I am Sheila and I am 20 years old housewife. I got married about a year back and my husband is in the army posted in central command in Delhi. I am a very beautiful and sexy women who was very sexually active during college and was known as a college whore. I have a figure of 38 20 38 which when clad in a saree looks very enticing. This is the story of one of my train journeys through Patna to Delhi by train.
As my husband is in army most of the times he is not there for me and I at my at my parents house. Once during summer moths I was travelling from Patna to Delhi to stay with my husband. I got in the train at Patna station during evening 6 o clock and the train was suppose to reach Delhi after 1 day in the afternoon hence I had booked a 3 tier sleeper coach. My seat was just in front of the gate ie seat number 3. I had some luggage and I was dressed in red cotton saree. I used to wear low waist sarees and the hem line was always about 6 to 7 inches down from my navel. It always showed my perfect hour glass figure and milky white navel. My tummy was flat but was soft and very smooth. I also used to shave my pussy and clit so that there was never a shred of hair on my body apart from my head. The blouse which I was wearing was a little bit deep and was sleeveless. At the back also it was very deep and in the front it showed my ample cleavage. I had a black bra and black thong panty underneath. I loved dressing sexy especially I was traveling alone as it helped me getting some advantage as there were always men ready to help me.
This time I was pleasantly surprised to find a group of college students traveling with me. They were about twenty of them in my coach. They appeared to be decent and smart and hence I decided to use my charms on them. I had already caught all of them eying me and my entire bode. Their eyes were just feasting on my body and would have banged me then and there had it not been a train. Anyway I decided to put on a show for them. I was seated near the window after requesting them put up my legs on one of their seats, and then allowed my saree to fall through. I had my upper torso exposed with only my blouse between them and my breasts. My milky white assets were just tearing apart my tight blouse and the nipples were protruding out. I just stayed there like that for about 10 minutes. I could feel the tension build up and there was pin drop silence. The entire group had come to my berth and were just standing. Suddenly I pretended to regain composure and covered my boobs with my saree. There were collective sighs all around.
The evening had fallen and the night lamps had come up. I decided to be a bit more daring . I opened my suitcase and in front of the entire group rummaged through my inner wears occasionally taking out the sexiest of nighties and then putting them back in. I took out a shear nightie which came to my mid thighs and was back less and closed my suitcase. Now the atmosphere was hot. They started anticipating that I would be wearing that night during the night and the tension was palpable. But I just sat there with the nightie on my lap and enjoyed the atmosphere. I had been semi naked before in front of a group and it was no big deal but I was still not able to make up my mind.
Anyways at about 11 o clock in the night when the rest of the compartment had gone to sleep I decided to take my nightie to the bathroom to change. But somehow I saw the faces of the boys drop. I did not know why. Anyway I just went to the bathroom. I had seen the lights of the approaching station Mughalsarai. I went to the bathroom and removed my saree. Just then the train stopped at Mughal sarai. I changed into the nightie and was still wearing my bra and panties all black. I looked in the mirror and I was looking devastating. The nightie was see through in the bathroom lamp and my large breasts and pussy lips were visible. I knew I might be getting fucked if someone lost control but I still wanted to tease them. Anyways I applied a perfume and with a heavy breath picked up my saree and came out of the bathroom. Just as I came to my seat my jaw dropped open. The entire group was gone and in their places I saw about 15 or so the most ugliest of men. Some were in lung is and others were chewing pan and had their shirt buttons open and hairy chest protruding out. All had pot bellies and looked typical UP mastaans. All were 6 feet or so. They had come prepared for the night journey but had never expected to be sleeping with a semi naked mermaid. In my lust I had forgotten to ask what was the last stop of the boys.
They were as surprised to see me and were just dumb struck. I was paralyzed and pulled my clothes to my body to cover my naked ness and was wondering whether I should head back to the bathroom as they had still not seen me completely. But I had forgotten that my shear nightie was backless. Basically my entire behind was out in the open apart from a thing cloth running between my buttocks. Suddenly I felt a large warm and rough hand on my butt and back pushing me into the compartment saying “aa jao rani, yehi seat hai na tumhari. Humne naam dekh liya tumhara list mein”. One of them just asked me to sit in the middle. I was pushed down with firm hands and was sandwiched between two huge beasts. I was plain embarrassed and was looking at the floor. One of them asked me what my age was. When I said 21 some of them had smirks on their face. Then they asked what do I do and someone chirped out “Dekh ne se hi to pata chalta hai kya karti hogi” And everyone laughed.
I was sitting with my saree close to me and my legs tight. Someone took my saree and threw it away. Now my front was also visible. They could see by big breasts with nipples trying to tear apart me bra and my sexy hour glass figure. By that time I was hot with embarrassment and wanted to just melt in the air. I never expected to be in such a situation where the most ugliest of guys would be looking at my naked body. I would be fucked apart was a foregone conclusion now. I was just sweating and the glistening sweat made the flimsy nightie hug my body more. The perfume was also wafting in the air. The again someone said “dekho humare liye yeh perfume bhi laga ke aayi hai.. Iss mehmaan nawazi ka inaam dete hai isse”. He just came and pulled me to my feet. I was aghast as others laughed. They saw me in my complete glory with backless nightie and thong panties. My thighs were all exposed. Some one from behind just pushed me and now I was bent over at the seat in front with my hands supporting me. Someone pushed me down and now my head was in the lap of one person wearing lungi and my ass was being caresses by the people behind me. I had my eyes wide shut.
Then somebody inserted their fingers in my panty and started pulling it down. I was now very hot and was dripping wet. The panty was already messy with juices and sweat and was clinging to my clit. As it came down my pussy was now wide open and visible. I wanted to get it over and done with. The person at front pulled up his lungi and I saw a very large thick and erect penis in front of me. I was now pushed on the penis and it was inside my throat while my clit was being furiously fingered. The someone just rammed his cock deep in my pussy. As I screamed the cock in my mouth was pushed further down my throat. Now I was wondering whether the other passengers would be hearing my screams but that thought quickly escaped my mind as one cock after another penetrated me.
I done know how long it lasted but as I regained my senses I was lying on the berth and the dawn had set in. There was nobody in the berths beside me and some people who were in the compartment were just staring and whispering among themselves. One of them had a mobile phone in his hand and he was repeatedly pointing to it. I understood now my pictures would be part of somebody’s collection. I was lying naked so I got up quickly picked up my saree and went to the bathroom. After an hour Delhi came and I met my husband. As the people were leaving the compartment, everyone was looking at me. My husband was a bit surprised at this but did not say anything.

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Damn Girl!!!! Your going to be like me,,,,,,,. Even at 45, I Can get Any guy Hard!!! And I do Not tease ... ...I Please!!! Mouth or pussy!!! Nothing wrong with sex!!!

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2016-05-16 17:19:25
What a story i learned many things from this / plz sir write more stories(than dis 6 stories)/or plz tell other website ur story titles.

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Shit dat so fuvkinvnsh sop

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You bitch thevudiya i want to see peeing

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Kaash mein sheila ko chodta

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