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He met me at the door, grabbed me hard, wrapping his arms around my waist his lips met mine. Before I knew what really was happening he had his hands inside my shirt and into my bra rubbing my nipples hard with his thumb and index finger rolling and pulling. I felt my pussy getting wet as my tongue explored his mouth. Ripping my shirt I was aware of buttons flying all over the floor, he jerked my bra up and pulled away from my mouth. His tongue hot and wet began to lick at my nipples, I nearly came, and he switched from breast to breast. I was breathing heavy almost panting like a dog, I heard a moan escape from deep inside my throat. He moved to my belly and the top of my jeans he unbuttoned them and unzipped the zipper, they were pulled down around my knees along with my panties. He grabbed my right foot then my left as he took my clothes completely off with the exception of the bra that was still pulled up over my breast.

After ripping my jeans off he stood, picking me up he walked over to one of the tables in the bar, he sat me on top of the table and pulled me to the edge spreading my legs apart, his head moving down between my thighs to my wet little hot pussy. His burning tongue licked inside my tight pink lips, he moved his tongue over my clit and inside of my inner lips darting into my dripping pussy hole. I leaned back on the table arching my back trying to support myself with my quivering arms; I moaned loudly he felt so good when he licked my pussy I couldn’t stand it for long. I could hear his tongue lapping over all that juice dripping from my burning hole. Taking his hands he spread my pussy lips then the inner lips far apart pulling them until it hurt. It wasn’t a bad hurt I was to horny for it to be a bad hurt, his tongue entered me, and I squirted right into his mouth, on his face, and all over his shirt, my thighs quivered, tightening around his head. I shook uncontrollably for a few seconds before I could settle down. When he moved his head up his face was wet and he was smiling, he loved for me to squirt him in the face no matter how much of it covered him.

I rose off the table, as he stood in front of me; I dropped to my knees in front of his cock that was bulging through his black tight jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants reaching in I found his big hard cock I pulled it free and jerked his jeans down around his knees. My tongue found the head of his cock soft and warm as I wrapped my lips around it, I flicked the head of it in my mouth with my tongue, and began to swirl soft small circles around his head. He stepped back to hold onto the table as I moved his cock deeper into my mouth. He was huge but I could take him all, he loved for me to get him all in my mouth and down my throat and swallow, which is what I did, he moaned as it continued to fuck my throat with his cock. I pulled it out and began to stroke it gently as I sucked the head. Grabbing my arms he pulled me up and picked me up walking over to the wall carrying me I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pressed me against the wall as he pushed his cock into my wet tight pussy. In one stroke I got all 8 inches shoved into me. I gasped as he began with first easy gentle strokes, then he got harder and rougher as he banged into me over and over harder each time slamming me into the wall. I held on as I neared an orgasm. He knew I was going to lose it, so he slowed down pulling his cock out, all but the head and then slamming into me hard, I came all over him, my legs squeezing him pulling him in further, I could feel the pain as he rammed into my cervix. I was breathing hard in his neck under his long hair. He continued to punish my pussy pounding harder and harder until I felt him dump his cum into me, he was breathing heavy sweat covering him and me both. He stood holding me for a few minutes and then eased himself out of me sitting me down. He kissed me, and then bent to hand me my ruined shirt with a sadistic smile.

I heard a noise behind him we both turned and looked at the bar, it was one of the waitresses who must have come back after the bar was closed, and she was staring at us both standing there naked in the middle of a bar.
“Ummm, sorry ummm, I forgot something, and well I let myself in….,” she stammered.

He smiled and walked over to the bar; he leaned over and whispered something into her ear, her face got red as she stared at him. She didn’t say anything but she walked down the hallway to where his room was and I heard the door close. He walked back over to me and grabbed my hand. He led me back to his room, when he opened the door and we walked in, she was sitting on the bed.

“Here you go baby, a present for you,” he said.

I realized he wanted me to fuck her, he knew that I liked girls too and he loved threesomes he had told me that after the first time I had fucked him on New Year’s eve when my husband was in the bar, and I was in the back fucking the bartender. I hadn’t been with a girl since college but I was willing to do it. And evidently she was too. I walked over to the bed; she was a very pretty girl long black hair, nice firm tits about a C cup I decided. I bent over that took her face in my hand, I kissed her gently on the lips, and worked my way down to her neck, her hands went to my naked breast, she pulled my bra up and off of me over my head. I unbuttoned her shirt and unsnapped her bra, i sucked first one tit then the other. He had moved over to us taking her jeans off, his cock shoved into her waiting dripping pussy. I held her lips open where i could watch him fuck her. I moved my tongue over to his cock while he pulled out of her, i ran it along the shaft of his cock. He loved it he pushed my head down hard on his dick as I ran my tongue along it as he pulled out faster and harder. She was moaning and mumbling loudly as we fucked her. His cock spread her hole wide open I began to lick her clit, as she came her whole body shuttered. He flipped her over and I held her ass cheeks apart as he slipped his cock into her tight asshole. She screamed into the mattress, I didn’t know if she had ever been ass fucked or not, but she was getting it tonight. I spit on his cock as he pulled out for some lube, he began slow and easy and then was really slamming her ass as she continued to scream. It wasn’t screams of pain but pleasure as he reamed her asshole. He pulled his cock out, her asshole staying wide open I slipped two fingers in, as he stuffed his cock into my mouth and exploded in my throat. He held onto my head ramming his cock down my throat all the way to his balls. I swallowed all of his cum into my throat. He pulled out, I removed my fingers, and we all lay in a big heap on the bed. I was exhausted, as was our little dark haired waitress.

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2011-09-06 17:57:30
You are so hot and kinky so fucking sexy kliton

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2011-06-12 22:02:21
really like these stories, i love to read your stuff it's very graphic and hot. My husvband and I read this alot for foreplay and yours really get us going!

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2011-06-11 21:09:44
these stories are great love this series keep it up. i have read your other stuff, and i have to ask if this is how you and your husband met? did you fuck him all the time at the bar?

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2011-06-08 22:49:36
I agree to damn bad you taken your writing is hotter than fuck hell. I loved this series good shit, always love a damn threesome.

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2011-06-06 23:29:42
God damn this is fucking hot, i jacked my cock off two times to this one baby. Your one hot little bitch too goddamn bad your fuckin married what a waste you could have me! I could rock your world!

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