My total fantacy
This story is my biggest fantasy and not real at all.


It’s about my fantastic family. My Mom, Dee Dee, my sister, Midge and myself. My name is Denny and I’ve wanted to tell this story for a long time.
About two years ago when I was17 and a junior in high school and my sister was a sophomore and 16, my Dad unexpectedly died in a car crash. My Mom, Sister and I were, of course, completely crushed. My Mom and Dad had had a fantastic relationship and were very much in love. Mom went into a big depression, becoming very quiet and shy. This was a big change since before she was always the life of the party. Mom and Dad had always been very social having huge parties at the house with lots of dancing, drinking and playing games. Many of my friends Mom and Dad's had been invited over for these bashes and I enjoyed the reputation at school as the son of one of the most fun couples in town. Not only that, but my Mom is also one of the most beautiful women around. She is about 5'2" tall with fire red hair to her mid back. She works out everyday and has almost no fat on her but her shape is very curvy. She has a flat stomach, smooth soft hips and her most incredible feature... a pair of huge, perfectly proportioned tits that stand up like teen agers. She has always worn very skimpy clothes, small bikinis around the pool at the house and shown off her tits to any of my friends who happened to be enjoying the pool. Add to that a face of an angel with huge green eyes, petite nose, straight white teeth and a large mouth that was in a constant "I know something that you don't" smile.
Well, as I said, this all changed with the accident. My friends were always asking about Mom and how she was doing but I really could never give them much to be hopeful for. The pool parties stopped but I would still see Mom and my sister out by the pool enjoying the sun and would take every opportunity to take my best friend Jake over to the house to join them and try to help Mom get in a better mood and start to loosen up. My friend Jake and I are the starting middle and outside linebackers on the local college freshman football team. I'm 6'3" and Jake is 6'4" and both of us are completely cut with all of our work outs. No fat just hard, lean young muscle. Even though Jake is black and I'm white we have been close friends since grammar school. We go everywhere together, study together, get drunk together and have even shared a couple of girls together in the same bed. He is without question the best looking guy in school. In the last couple of years we have both noticed a big change in our bodies as we have filled out more, gotten more hair and both of our dicks have grown to their full length and width. We both love to look at each other in the showers after practice and joke about the size of our cocks, putting down the other guys on the team. He and my sister love horsing around together, especially when he comes over to the pool. Jake thinks my sister is really hot and he's right. She’s 5'4" inches of perfect young girl. She's 18 now and looks like she's 15. She's a long distance runner and has the lean toned body to prove it. Smallish B cup tits but as firm as can be. She has my Dad's chiseled good looks and a devilish mind like Mom.
So now, two years after the accident, I began to notice that my Mom was getting to be more herself. She was telling more jokes, giving me and my sister a hard time about our sex lives and in general starting to loosen up. She had also started to have a couple of drinks around the house in the evenings or on her days off which helped her to relax and have fun with who ever were around that day. In the evenings she loved lying around, a glass of wine in her hand and nothing on but a thin cotton, tie in front robe. Now, underwear has never been my Mom’s thing. So, there where many times that Jake and I would be hanging around the house on a Friday or Saturday night just watching every move that Mom made to get the chance to have a look at her perfect tits or, if we were lucky, a quick view of her cleanly shaved pussy. She loved teasing us with these quick flashes of skin and commented more than once about the size of the bulges in our pants and how we should just get over it.
One Friday night a couple of weeks ago, Jake was over and we all were watching TV. This night would prove to be the beginning of a truly remarkable change in our family dynamics. All of us had been swimming earlier and we all had on only our swim suits. Mom had changed into her favorite skimpy robe and had had a couple of glasses of wine. She had managed to lie down on the couch in such a way as to have one of her giant tits almost completely exposed. About one half of her nipple was in plain site so Jake and I were both watching her and hoping her tit would make a complete exit from her robe. We both had huge tents in the fronts of our swim suits.
“What are you guys so turned on about”, Mom said while reaching for her glass of wine. She then shifted around on the couch and spread her legs just enough for Jake, Midge and I to get a perfect long look at her clean shaven, tiny little pussy.
“I’m an old lady and you guys have got what ever you want of those young chicks at school. Especially with those huge dicks of yours you must have them waiting in line.” She had one of those “Come on, I dare you looks on her face.”
“Geese Mom,” said Midge. “The way you look tonight, your even turning me on.” Midge, with her skimpy bikini on, was quite flushed as she touched the area around her pussy, slowly making circles with her hand.
“Yea, Dee Dee” said Jake as he blatantly played with the end of his enormous prick through his swim trunks. “With a sensuous, sexy body like yours to look at, why would we be anywhere else but here? Those little girls at school have nothing on you.”
I just couldn’t take my eyes off of Mom’s tiny little pussy. My dick had grown to its full 9”s and I couldn’t keep from sliding my hand back and forth along the shaft. I could feel the blood pulse in my engorged cock with every heart beat. I looked up for a moment at Mom’s face and she was looking right at my dick. Her mouth was slightly open and her tongue was running along her lips like she was getting ready to eat the most luscious piece of fruit in the world. She looked up at my face and said “It looks like you see something that turns you on as well Denny.”
“You have always been the sexiest woman I’ve ever known. You turn me on even when you’re not showing me your sexy little pussy. But when I get a chance to look at it, like now, I just can’t keep myself from getting this kind of hard on” I said as I continued to stroke myself.
“Oh my God, the three of you make me feel so good about myself and so sexy” Mom said as she got up from the couch and crossed over to where my sister sat.
“I had better get to bed so you young people can enjoy yourselves.” She bent down and gave my sister a quick kiss on the cheek and then moved her lips to Midges mouth and kissed her again, this time fully and sensually. My sister groaned and pushed her hand tightly against her pussy. With her tongue playing with Midges lips, Mom reached up and put two fingers inside Midges tiny bikini top and played with her nipples. Midge’s nipples got hard as rocks and as she pulled down Midges top, Mom bent over and took one of those perfect nips into her mouth and rolled it around on her tongue. Midge reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of Mom’s gigantic mammaries and began rubbing the nipples with her thumbs.
“Gee Mom, when will my tits fill out like yours. I want to see myself with giant, sexy boobs like these. It must feel incredible to put these in someone’s mouth and get then sucked”.
“It will happen to you baby, I looked just like you when I was your age. And your right, it does feel incredible”.
Mom then moved to where Jake sat and got in his lap placing her pussy right on the head of his huge dick with only his swim suite between.
“God, that thing is soooo big!” She said as she leaned in to give Jake a deep and lingering kiss. Jakes hand came straight up to her tits and pulled her robe apart to fully expose her perfect beauties.
“You really don’t want to leave just yet, do you? It looks like you’ve got two hard dicks and a sexy young pussy to play with. This could be some real fun” said Jake as he tweaked her right nipple with his long and sensuous fingers.
“Why don’t you spend the night here tonight Jake. It’ll give me a chance to think and tomorrow we can play in the pool and see how it goes. This is a big step for all of us and I need to take some time and make sure it’s right.”
As she got up and moved over to me she said “But, as you can clearly see, I’m really turned on and really love all the attention you are giving me. I just think I’ll be able to make a better decision after I sleep on it.” She left her gorgeous tits fully exposed as she bent to kiss me good night. Her tongue slipped snake like into my mouth as her hand went down to my hard dick. She stroked it lovingly as a guttural moan came from her throat.
“What a man you’ve become” she said as she broke our kiss. “Here, kiss these good night too” she said as she slipped her hands under both tits and stuck them in my face. I tilted my head up and sucked like a baby on first the right and then the left nipple. They went from hard to rock like as my tongue danced over them. I then bit down with my teeth gently and sucked very hard on them. A sound came from her mouth that I had no idea was possible from a woman. The deepest most lustful, wanting sound you can imagine.
She then bent over and kissed the end of my cock through my swim trunks and opened her mouth to bite it playfully.
“You take good care of that ‘till tomorrow” she said as she stood and walked out of the room. She undid the tie in front of her robe as she left and removed it. Her back and ass were perfect as she walked away. Just before leaving she turned and gave us all a full frontal nude look.
“You kids have fun tonight. Sleep well and I’ll see you all in the morning.” She turned and left the room.
All three of us were in stunned silence. The sexual tension in the room could have been cut with a knife. My sister stood up and while removing her bikini top and bottom said “God, if I don’t cum right now I’m going to explode.” Her face was completely wanton, her tits and nipples were hard as rocks and her hand was rubbing her pussy deeply as she crossed to Jake and told him to get his swim trunks off. Jake raised his ass off the sofa and slipped off his trunks. His dick popped out like a giant black arm. I had seen it many times before but now it was just huge. It was at least 11”s long and hard as steel. The black purple head was dripping a large drop of pre-cum that begged to be licked up.
“FUCK, I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard and turned on” he said as he wrapped his hand around the shaft and began to fuck his fist. “Get down here Midge and suck this big black cock ‘till it fills your mouth with my jizz” he screamed as he grabbed her arm and pulled her down to him. He pointed his dick straight at her face as she knelt down to him and said “Oh yea, fuck my face with that huge piece of meat Jake!”
She opened her mouth as far as she could and stuck out her tongue to lick up all of his pre cum and then took his mammoth dick head into her mouth and straight to the back of her throat. Jake grabbed a hold of both sides of her head and began to pump his cock in and out of her tight little mouth as fast and as far down as he could. She gagged at every attempt to get his dick head to clear the back of her throat but she kept up the pace and did all she could to get it to enter her throat. I now had my trunks off and had my cock in my hands. I too was turned on like never before watching this giant of a dick trying to make it’s way down my little sisters tight throat. She reached over to me and grabbed hold of my cock and began to pump it furiously. What a site to see my little sisters hand going up and down on my huge dick, her hand barely even able to encircle it as she slipped it up and down spreading my pre-come all over the head and shaft.
Midge pulled her head off Jakes dick and said “Get around behind me and fuck my twat with that giant dick of yours. Fuck me ‘till you make me squirt cum all over it.” Jake then slammed his dick back down into her mouth and fucked her face like a mad man. I jumped up and got on my knees behind my little sisters ass and reached down to spread her tiny little twat. How will my huge dick ever get in there I thought to myself but I was too turned on to stop for anything. I didn’t care if Midge was ripped open completely; I was going to pump my cock into her pussy and do it now. I grabbed hold of her two hips and placed the head of my dick at her opening and pushed for all I was worth. My cock spread her to the max and slid in about three inches. Her back arched and tightened and she tried to scream but couldn’t with her mouth full of Jake’s dick. I pulled back out and slammed it home again and this time about six inches went in. This was the tightest pussy I have ever had my dick in and I swore to myself that I would get back into her twat again as soon and as often as I could. I pulled out again and this time jammed my dick into her as hard as I could. Unbelievably my engorged cock slammed all the way to the base in her stretched little cunt. I began a savage assault on her cunt, pulling all the way out and slamming it back all the way to the hilt. I began to feel cum boiling up from my balls. This was going to be a good one and I needed it bad.
Just then Jake pulled his monster dick from Midges face fuck and screamed “I’m going to shot my load all over her face. Hold her head back for me.” I reached forward and grabbed her hair and yanked her head up so Jakes dick was right in front of it. Jake was jacking off his dick furiously and almost ready to shoot when Midge yelled “God, I’m cumming too! Keep fucking me Denny!”
Midge went off first as I pounded her. She opened her mouth as far as it would go to let out a guttural cry just as the first of Jakes monstrous cum shots flew from the tip of his dick. It hit squarely between her eyes and splattered all over her face. The next three shots went straight into her mouth and she tried valiantly to swallow all of it. Watching Jake cum like that all over my little sisters face was more than I could take. I pulled out of her tight pussy with a pop and moved around in front of her to add my jizz to the mix. I told her to turn her face around to my dick and open her mouth again. I was beating my meat as fast as I could with my dick about an inch from her mouth. Jake had two more good sized jets of cum left and shot them all over my dick and my hand. This was not the first time we had done this trick and I went right over the edge then. Now, Jakes cock may be bigger than mine but nobody can cum like me. My first rope went right up her nose and into her mouth and with full control I proceeded to send blast after blast into her eyes, nose, mouth and hair. After about seven huge sprays, Jake pushed me back and said “Give me some of that.” Lying on my back with jizz still oozing from my still hard cock, Jake took my dick into his mouth and pushed it all the way down his throat.
“Watch this Midge, you’ll learn something” I said. She wiped cum from her eyes and took in the site of my cock disappearing down Jakes throat. He let it come back out ‘till you could see the head and then pushed it slowly back down his throat until his chin was in my balls several times. He then stuck out his tongue and began licking my balls with my prick buried in his gullet.
While removing my dick from his mouth he said “Fuck you taste good and God, how I love the feel of that much cock down my throat.” Midge said “Jesus, that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen two guys do! How did you get it all down your throat like that?”
“Practice makes perfect little girl. We’ll keep working on it until you get it right” said Jake.
“Man Jake, look at her face. It’s covered in our jizz. We better clean her up” I said. Both of us leaned in close to her face and began to lick all of it off her. We kissed her with our tongues in her mouth and licked every tiny bit of jizz off her face. Both Jake and I then kissed and tongued each others mouths and then lay our faces next to my little sisters and we all agreed that that was some of the best sex ever.
But all of us were wondering what tomorrow might bring…


After about and hour of laying around and talking and joking with each other Jake and Midge fell asleep and so I went back towards my room to go to sleep as well. A million thoughts were going through my head about what had happened tonight and all of them were a complete turn on. As I passed my Mom’s room I noticed the door was open just a little and thinking I might get a chance to see her in the nude again I pushed it open a bit further and got a very erotic surprise. Mom was lying on her back in bed completely nude. Her knees were pulled up and spread as wide as they could go. Both of her hands were down at her pussy causing her arms to push both of her tits together and straight up in the air. Her nipples were rock hard and jutting away from her tits at least a full inch. She was obviously in some kind of ecstasy as her head was thrown back and a guttural moan was escaping her lips. Looking closer at her pussy I then noticed that her left hand had hold of a large black dildo and she was pushing it in and out of her cunt. Her right hand was flying over her clit as fast as she could pound it.
I couldn’t believe I was watching my Mom in the throws of masturbation but there she was, completely nude and going for her big cum as hard as she could. My dick stood straight out at attention so I pulled it from my swim trunks and began to fuck my hand, mesmerized by what I was watching.
Low moans began to emanate from Mom’s mouth and her head bent back even further. She began to withdraw the dildo nearly completely form her cunt and then slam it back in as hard as she could. I was then able to see that the black cock fucking her was at least ten inches long and very wide around. Her little tiny cunt was taking it in and out like a pro. Suddenly Mom said “Yea, fuck that little white twat with that great big black dick, fuck me ‘till I shoot my cum all over it.” She was getting ready to blow and I was fucking my hand as hard as I could watching her. She then took in a long and deep breath and let go with a low moan that kept getting higher and loader. She yanked the dildo from her cunt and brought it to her mouth. “Shoot that hot cum right down my throat you big black fuck!” She then lifted her ass about a foot off the bed while shoving the dildo straight down her throat. A huge stream of woman jizz then shot out of her twat about three feet in the air. As her hand continued to beat her clit and she continued to fuck her throat with the dildo she shot squirt after squirt of cum out of her cunt. By the time she was finished the end of her bed was completely soaked with her cunt juice. She lay panting on her back with one hand on her pussy and one across her tits rubbing her nipples gently. She was just getting her breath to calm down when I said “Fuck Mom that was unbelievable. Do you always squirt like that when you cum?” I was still slipping my dick through my hand slowly enjoying the pre-cum lubricating my cock head and shaft.
“Jesus Denny, I didn’t know you were there” she said as she pulled the sheet over her breasts and pubis. “How long were you watching? Why did you come in here?” she babbled. “I didn’t mean for you to see that. I was just so incredibly turned on watching the three of you drooling over me tonight and then I could hear the three of you fucking each other out in the living room. God that was hot! Is that the first time you and Jake have fucked your sister? It sounded like you were having the time of your life.”
“It was the first time and all of us had great sex. Watching my dick go in and out of her little cunt was almost as exciting as watching you fuck your throat with that big black dildo. Have you always had a thing for black cock?” I asked as I walked over to the bed and stood close to the bed near Mom’s head. She watched intently as my cock head slipped slowly through my hand with more pre-cum oozing from the tip giving me more lubrication.
Without moving her eyes from my dick head she said “The truth is, yes I have. I had one black boy friend before your father and I met and I still remember the long hours of fucking and sucking we had together. Your Dad was very understanding and even bought me this dildo so we could have fantasies together about a threesome with a black man. I only wish we would have actually done it before he died. It would have been a great memory and great thoughts to jack off about.”
“OK, I understand” I said as moved a little closer to Mom’s face. The end of my dick was now only a foot from her mouth and her eyes were glued to it. “You didn’t answer my question about the way you squirted. Is that common for you?” I asked.
“As I’ve gotten older I seem to be able to do it much more easily. It’s a fantastic release. It seems to work the best when I think about a big dick coming down my throat. That has always been my biggest turn on.” She said as her eyes and expression seemed to beg for my dick in her mouth.
“God Mom, there is nothing I would like more than to watch you squirt like that again and I have this big cock here that is all ready to fuck your throat and fill it with hot, wet and juicy jizz.” I said this as I moved on to the edge of the bed and got my dick to within an inch of her mouth. I reached over and grabbed one of her hands and placed it around my shaft. She immediately began to slowly stoke my dick shaft. She then moved her hand to her mouth and spit into it and returned it to my throbbing cock. She then stuck out her tongue and licked the pre-cum from my cock.
“You taste perfect and I want this more than anything” she said as she tossed the sheet from her body to expose everything to me. “You have to understand though that I haven’t made up my mind yet about fucking you and your sister. I want you to fuck my mouth now though. I’ll make up my mind about the rest tomorrow.” She moved her body around a bit on the bed so her head was hanging just a little over the edge. She reached down to her cunt with one hand and began to rub her hand on her clit. With the other she continued to slide up and down my pole. She pulled me forward a bit and began to lick my balls and slip them into her mouth and nibble on them. “They are so big” she exclaimed. “I hope they hold as much jizz as it looks like they do!”
“Don’t worry Mom; it will be the biggest load you ever tried to swallow!”
“Jesus, I hope so. I haven’t tasted a good load of cum in two years and it’s going to taste so good. Give me that dick now baby, fuck mommy’s throat like a good boy. Make mommy squirt all over the room” she said as she pulled the end of my dick to her downturned mouth. Now, for the first time in my life I watched as my bulbous cock head slipped between those sweet full lips of my mother’s mouth. I pushed slowly and my dick went to the back of her throat. It seemed that it would go no further so I pulled it back to her lips again.
“Don’t worry about hurting me baby. Just push it through and fuck my throat. I can take it with no problem. And what ever you do don’t be gentle! I like it rough and hard and deep. Just let me have a breath of air once in a while so I don’t pass out.”
I answered her by slamming my dick into her mouth and past her tight entrance to her throat. My dick was huge now, I was so turned on. It must have been close to ten inches and it was absolutely amazing to watch all of it slam down Mom’s throat. She gagged just a little but kept pulling my dick into her throat moaning as I withdrew to slam it into her gullet once more. I set a pace that not many women could take in their cunts let alone in their throats. I was up on my toes next to the bed, her face turned down to take it best in her throat and slamming my dick in and out with everything I had. I could feel my balls slapping her in the eyes and nose as I bottomed out in her esophagus. Her hand was now flying over her pussy giving her clit a maximum work out. I could feel cum crawling up from my balls and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I released my torrent of jizz down her throat. I reached forward and grabbed both of her hips and pulled her pussy up to my face as she continued to frig her clit. I was fucking her face with abandon now, pulling my prick out until just the head was in her mouth and then slamming it back down her throat until I bottomed out with my balls in her face. I pushed my face into her tiny little cunt and stuck my tongue in her twat hole just as the first jet of my jizz rocketed into her gullet. I pulled my dick out to the edge of her mouth while keeping my face in her pussy and shot another huge spray of jizz all over her lips and filled her mouth with it. I immediately crammed my cock back down her throat just as another torrent left the end of my dick. Just as I bottomed out again Mom let loose with a monstrous shot of woman jizz that shot right into my open mouth. It was all I could do to swallow it before another jet hit the back of my throat. I pulled my dick from her mouth and watched as five more gigantic loads of my sperm covered Mom’s face, hair and neck and continued to jet into her mouth. Mom stopped spewing into my mouth about the same time as I finished my cum bath of her face.
I let her ass fall back on the bed and standing over her face said “that was the most awesome face fuck of my life. I’ve never been able to fuck a girl in the throat like that in my life.” I bent over and began kissing and licking my jizz from Mom’s eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth. I kissed her full on the mouth and stuck my tongue down her throat to get as much of my jizz back as I could. She kissed me back fully and intensely and explored the depths of my throat as well. We broke our kiss and she said “That was awesome baby. I missed getting face fucked like that so much. It makes me feel so much like a whore and makes me cum so hard. Especially with a huge cock like yours and what a load you shoot. It’s just awesome.”
“Thanks Mom, that was just the best for me too.” I said.
“You really like the taste of cum to don’t you? You ate almost as much of it as I did. Have you been drinking your own cum for a while?” Mom asked.
“Yes, for as long as I can remember. I started eating it after I would masturbate and then about two years ago my cum shots got bigger and bigger and it was even more of a turn on to lap it all up after I shot. Then I started lying on my back and rolling my butt up in the air so my dick was almost in my mouth. Then when I would cum I would get the full effect of jizz going right down my throat. Now, with Jake and I being such close friends we get the chance to suck each other off once in a while so we both get all the spunk to eat we want.”
“I’m so happy that you have not limited yourself sexually in any way.” Mom said,“ I love men and women equally and get just as much pleasure from both. I will admit though that there is nothing better than a huge shot of jizz right in my mouth to swallow. Like I said, it makes me feel like such a whore and is the best turn on for me.”

We chatted for a while more but she would give no promises about tomorrow. I went back to my room with so much anticipation of what lay ahead that I tossed for an hour before falling into a deep contented sleep.


I awoke the next morning fully refreshed and ready to explore what ever would happen. It was a spectacular morning with the sun shining brightly and a perfect temperature to enjoy the pool. I took a quick shower and went down stairs to find Jake and my sister playing backgammon in the living room and Mom finishing off a light breakfast for everyone. Jake and Midge were already in their bathing suits and Mom was in a new bathrobe that I hadn’t seen before. It was in a stretch white fabric that was almost see- through. It wrapped in front and tied like her others but the fabric allowed a full view of her nipples and pussy. She had it tied loosely so that most of her tits were fully exposed and it was so short that it barely covered her ass. I went to her and gave her a big hug.
“Good morning Mom” I said as I squeezed her close to me. “Did you sleep well last night?”
“The sleep of angels, my baby!” she replied as she reached around and grabbed my ass through my bathing suite. “Thanks to that delicious desert I had just before I went to sleep. Do you think you are ready to make me some more of that fantastic man milk?”
“With the way you look and feel this morning, you better be ready for a lot more than just one load to drink!” I said as I reached up between her legs and slid my fingers up through her already sopping wet pussy lips. She got weak in the knees and started to bend over a bit as a low moan escaped her lips.
“Here, suck on these a bit while you do that” she said as she pulled her robe even further apart to fully expose her huge tits. Her remarkable nipples sprang upward and to full attention as I bent lower to place first one and then the other in my mouth and give each one a good suck. Jake then appeared behind Mom and said “Hey, let me help you with that.” He grabbed her right tit and turned her slightly toward him and buried his mouth onto her ridged nipple. His left hand also joined mine in her snatch and we both massaged her clit and entrances to her pussy and her ass.
“That’s it boys, finger fuck my cunt and my ass hole. Make me squirt all over the kitchen. Oh yea, that’s it! Put in more fingers… stretch me open, that’s it!”
Midge appeared behind Mom and said “Let me see that Mom, bend over!” Midge had her hand inside her bikini bottoms and was fingering herself wildly as she lifted Mom’s robe to get a good look at Jakes fingers up her ass hole. As Mom bent over all of us could see three of Jakes huge fingers buried up to the big knuckle in Mom’s butt hole. They were moving in and out rhythmically. Each time as they went in to the bottom Mom let out a low moan and finally after about five minuets she said “Oh God, here I cum with your fingers in my ass Jake! Come here, Midge and watch Mama cum. Keep fucking my ass Jake!”
She stood up, pulled her robe open, bent her knees slightly and spread her legs. She grabbed Midge by the back of the neck and pulled her head down in front of her now open cunt.
“Watch Mama squirt her woman jizz, Midge. Open your mouth and drink Mama’s cum you little slut! Swallow all of it you can but keep some in your mouth for me!”
Jake continued to fuck Mom ruthlessly in the ass with his fingers as Mom spread her pussy open with both hands.
“Oh yea, here it cummmms!” Mom screamed as her first jet of fluid arched from her pussy and squirted right into Midges face and mouth. Midge swallowed as fast as she could and tried her best to contain all of Mama’s juice but after five or six huge torrents, Midge was completely covered from head to toe. Her hair was soaking wet and her mouth was completely full of Mom’s jizz.
Mom’s knees gave way and she collapsed on her back on the floor. “Come hear and let me drink some of that my baby girl” said Mom. Midge lay on top of her and placed her mouth squarely on Mom’s and opened her lips to let cum gush from her mouth to Mom’s. Mom swallowed all of it and kissed Midge deeply with her tongue.
“My God, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen” said Jake with his huge dick in his hand. He was fisting it and smearing his pre-cum all over the head of it.
“You got that right” I said. I also had my prick out and fucked it with my hand slowly.
Midge rolled off of Mom with her face bright pink and said “Fuck, when can I learn how to do that? I want to cum like that right now!”
“It looks like you all do my baby” said Mom as she got up from the floor.
“Let me just say something before we continue. You all know it has been a very long time since I was sexually with anyone. The loss of your Dad was just too much for me and until now I have had no interest in sex. I don’t want to start any of the dating crap but I do want sex now and I want as much of it as I can get. If we all can agree to keep quiet about this and just enjoy each other as much as we want and in whatever way we want, I can help teach you all some things and enjoy having open fun sex again. What do you all think?”
Jake and I were holding our hard dicks in our hands and Midge was stroking her soaking wet pussy so I said. “Well, it looks to me like all of us are more than ready to agree and no one could be a sexier and a more astute sex instructor than you, Mom”
“I totally agree” said Jake.
“Yes, I absolutely agree as well” said Midge.
“Great!” said Mom, “Then let’s all kiss and make it our pact to keep this a secret, first and then second, agree to let our imaginations run wild and do what ever we want to please each other and ourselves.”
We all bent together and the four of us kissed each other at the same time. All of our lips melded together and our tongues went in and out of each others mouths.
We all broke our kisses and then Mom said “Ok, great. I have an idea that we all take our clothes off and go outside to the pool to play and turn each other on. We can be naked all day and see how much cum we can get out of each other. Sound OK?”
Of course we all agreed. We all took off our clothes and went out back to the pool to see what kind of sexual adventures we could invent.


All of us were in the pool in an instant. Mom had her arms around Jakes neck and her legs around his waist. She was pulling herself up and down with her twat rubbing on the under side of Jakes engorged prick as it stuck up between them. Midge had her hands wrapped around my shaft and was pumping my hard dick slowly and rhythmically while she stared at the top end of Jakes cock appear and disappear as Mom slid up and down.
“I’m getting so turned on Denny” Midge said as I pumped my fingers into her tiny little pussy hole. “Will you show me how to take dick all the way down my throat like Jake can do?”
“I think a cock sucking lesson is a great idea, baby” chimed in Mom. “Let’s see if we can get you to take some serious dick down that tight little throat of yours. Why don’t you guys get out and lie down on your backs on those lounge chairs and Midge and I will get into position to take your dicks down our throats”
Both Jake and I did as we were told and both of our cocks were standing straight up in the air waiting for the lesson to begin. “Now Midge you get on top of Denny and I’ll get on Jake. Put your pussy right in Denny’s face like this” Mom pushed her little cunt right in Jake’s face and put her face above Jakes huge black dick. Midge did the same to me.
“Now, lick around the head like this and pop it in your mouth. That’s it.”
“Yea Sis, suck my dick good” I said “Get the head to the back of your throat and just relax all your throat muscles. When it feels like your throat just won’t open any more, make an effort to just swallow. That will cause your throat to open and my dick head will just pop in. Watch Mom do it”
Midge turned her eyes to watch Mom just as the head of Jakes prick slid past her gullet opening and down into her throat. Mom pushed about half of Jakes cock down her throat and came up for air. “Go ahead baby, you can do it” said Mom “Make your brother’s cock disappear down your throat. You can do it!”
Mom slid Jakes dick down her throat again but this time she went all the way down to the base with her lips and began to fuck her throat back and forth with all the head and shaft engorging her gullet. You could actually see her throat expand as the giant head of his dick passed down and disappeared.
“OK, hear goes!” said Midge. She took a deep breath and while still watching Mom do her magic, Midge opened her mouth as far as she could and shoved my dick head to the back of her throat. She did just as she was told and swallowed hard while pushing mightily downward. Her face turned crimson with effort but I felt my cock head slip into her throat. She choked a little but kept going. “That’s it you little bitch, fuck my dick down your throat” I said starting to really get into it. I pushed my hips up and felt all but a couple of inches of my dick go down. She pulled it back up and out and took another breath. Midge quickly said “I think I’m going to get this. Fuck my face brother!” Her mouth went down over my spit covered cock again and the tip went straight down her throat this time. I was licking and tonguing her clit so she was pushing her pussy down hard on my mouth. She was shaking as she neared her orgasm. My dick was finally making its way all the way down her throat. What a feeling to have her lips down at the base of my dick with the tightness of a virgin throat squeezing my shaft and cock head. I now began to fuck her face in earnest. I pulled all the way out of her throat until I could see my dick head and then plunged my shaft down as far as it could go. I looked over to see that Jake had a hold of Mom’s head with his two hands and was fucking her mouth with complete abandon. Her tits were swinging wildly as he rocked Mom’s head up and down pummeling his monster cock down and through her face.
“That’s it Jake, fuck her face hard. Make her cum while you fill her throat with jizz. Get ready Sis, you’re going to get a big load now.” I couldn’t stop myself now. The site of my own Mom getting face fucked by that monster prick and watching my own sister take my dick down her throat for the first time was just too much. My cock went off like a rocket. My first jet went straight down Midges throat with my dick head as far down as it would go. Sis pulled my dick out sputtering just as the next jet went off right into her open mouth. She pushed it back into her mouth and took the next sprays there filling her mouth to the max. Jake was now pushing his hips up in the air screaming “Take that jizz in your mouth you fucking whore.” Mom pulled his dick head from way down her throat just as a huge jizz ball sprayed into her mouth and all over her face.
“Save some of that cum for me” I said to my sister. “I like to drink it too!” Both Jake and I came at least five or six more jets until we were satiated.
Both Mom and Midge had mouths brimming with cum so Jake and I turned them around and the two girls gave us back some of our load. Midge opened her mouth over mine and a sizable jizz ball fell onto my tongue. I also watched Mom give a load to Jakes mouth. After swallowing all of it I pushed Midge aside and got up and went over to Jake. I took his still hard dick in my hand and said “There is nothing sexier than watching you fuck my Mom’s face like that. Give me that prick of yours”. I took hold of his cock and rammed the head all the way down my throat in one stroke. I fucked my head up and down on his mammoth dick head and shaft savoring the flavor of his remaining sperm load. “That’s it Denny, clean up my cock and get it ready for the next round”.
Mom then got around under me and took my dick into her mouth as well. She slid my cock head all the way down and was pleased to taste the remainder of my jizz deep in her throat. Mom cleaned my dick off completely then stood.
“God Denny, I love the way you guys can do that to each other. It’s so beautiful to watch the two of you suck each other off and love it so much” said Mom as she grabbed one of her tits and squeezed hard while tweaking the nipple.
Jake said “How do you think we built up the ability to shoot such huge cum shots. We can cum five or six times in a day while fucking each others faces. There is nothing like having a friend with a big dick who loves to suck you off”.
“You are so right” I said. “Now that I know that my Mom and Sister love it too, I’ll have lots of beautiful throats to fill with cum shot after cum shot”.
Mom and Midge both laughed and agreed that we were in for a lot of fucking and sucking in the future.
But when would I be able to fuck my Mom’s pussy and of course, her ass? It wouldn’t take long to find out……


Jake and I lay back on a couple of lounge chairs to relax and Mom and Midge got into the pool to enjoy the coolness of the water. The two of them were soon laughing and playing together like two young girl friends. Midge kept her hands on Moms tits constantly and Mom concentrated on Midge’s pussy. They were both turning each other on with their teasing. The depth of the water was perfect to allow Mom to stand up straight and get her tits just clear of the water so Midge could bend over and take those incredible nipples into her mouth to suck and bite. Mom had one hand on Midges pussy and the other reached around in back to her ass. Midge was moaning and chewing on Mom’s nipples at the same time. Mom had the look of a wanton whore on her face as she pumped her fingers into Midges two holes while she got her nipples chewed on.
I looked over at Jake and he was slowly fisting his rising member with one hand while he had his other under his ass and was finger fucking his own ass. This got me going as well and I started to fuck my own hand while switching my concentration from Mom and Midge and back to Jake.
Jake looked over at me and said “Your dick looks good enough to eat. Do you mind if I come over there and suck it for a while”?
“Only if you let me have some of yours too” I said enthusiastically.
Jake jumped up off his lounge and came over to me. Pulling me down the lounge far enough for my head to dangle off the end he put both knees on either side of my head and placed his nuts in my face. He then bent over and stuck my cock head right in his eager mouth and began to slide my length down his throat. I pulled his ass down and stuck my tongue in his ass hole while I grabbed his dick in my hand and began to jack it off.
“Stick your fingers in my ass” I said as I replaced my tongue with my finger in his ass. “And get your dick down my throat”!
Jake began to finger fuck my ass while fucking my cock down his throat as I did the same thing to him.
“God, look at those boys fuck each other in the mouth. Isn’t that about the most sexy thing you can imagine” said Mom to Midge.
Midge, with glazed eyes from having her pussy worked on so well by Mom said “Oh yes, I agree. Can we do that too? I want to work on that squirting thing some more.”
So as Jake and I worked ourselves into a sexual frenzy sucking each other off, Mom and Midge got out of the pool and lay on the lounge next to us. Midge got on the bottom and Mom on top of her. Mom stuck her pussy in Midges face and then licked down Midges open cunt that lay splayed wide open before her. Soon Mom had two fingers working in and out of Midges ass hole while her tongue was like a vibrator on Midges clit. Midge got the idea and stuck first one, then two and then three fingers as far up Mom’s ass as they would go. Midge was finger fucking Mom’s ass with abandon while her tongue did a tap dance on Mom’s clit.
Both Jake and I had stopped sucking the other’s cock to look over and enjoy the show. The two girls were fucking each others asses with their fingers as hard as they could and let me tell you, it was very fucking hot to watch.
“Come on Jake, let’s go over there and see what we can do to help the girls get off. You take Midges ass and I’ll take Mom’s”!
We got up and took our monstrous dicks over to my Mom and Sister and stood at each end of them.
“Take your fingers out of Mom’s ass for a minuet sis, I want to fuck her tight pussy for a while”.
“Yea Dee Dee, do the same so I can fill your daughters young little cunt with my big black dick”!
We both slipped the heads of our cocks into the girl’s pussies and began a slow but sure assault on them with the biggest dicks they had ever had. Mom was wet with cunt juice from being licked for so long and my dick made a good half way in before I stopped and pulled out a ways before pushing back in even harder than before.
“Keep licking Mom’s clitty like that sis, we are going to have a serious cum squirt from her in a while”.
“Yea, Dee Dee, lick Midges clit hard while I try and get every bit of my monster up her twat. She’s going to have a gusher as well”.
Jake and I set up a good, fast rhythm as the girls were moaning and fucking back against our cocks. Midge was making more noise though as this was the first time she had had even close to this much dick up her cunt.
The scene was just unbelievable. I finally was looking at my hard cock fucking my Mom’s cunt for all it was worth. She was pushing back as hard as she could to make sure she had it all. I had my hands on her hips pulling her hard to me each time I bottomed out. My own sister was under my dick licking my Mom’s cunt and drinking all the juice that fell into her mouth. This was heaven.
“Oh, that’s it Midge. Fuck me with that little 18 year old cunt. I’ve finally got all of my prick up your twat” screamed Jake.
Mom released her tongue from Midges clit and said “Your dick feels really good fucking my twat son but I want it up my ass so I can cum good. Please will you ram it up my ass son”?
I looked down at my cock sliding in to the hilt and then out of Mom’s pussy and I could plainly see that her ass was opening and closing with every stroke. There was pussy juice everywhere so I just took my dick out and put it at the entrance to her ass hole and began to slide it in. Her pussy was like a teenagers but her ass was so tight it was like a slippery, soft vice around my dick shaft.
“Aughhhh”! Mom screamed as my cock slid into her ass hole. “That’s it! Fuck my tight butt hole and make me cum”!
“Do my ass too Jake!” My Sister said through all the pussy juice she was drinking. “I want to take you up my butt hole too”!
“God, I thought you would never ask you little bitch! Get ready for some serious ass fucking now”!
Jake pulled his cock out and pushed her ass up so he could get to it and put his prick in Mom’s mouth. “Lube it up for me. I’m going to fuck your daughter’s ass hole like it never will be again”! He slammed his prick down Mom’s throat and for the first time I saw her choke some on a prick being forced toward her stomach. He then removed it from Mom’s throat, spit on it and placed it at the entrance to my Sister’s ass hole. He pushed hard and his giant cock made its entrance as the black as coal head popped into her.
“OH MY GOD!!!!!! Your going to split me open!” she screamed.
While her mouth was open I pulled my dick from Mom’s ass hole and stuck it in Midges mouth. I pushed as hard as I could and my swollen, ass juice covered dick jammed down her throat. I started fucking her hard down the throat as her eyes bugged out with the further penetration. I could literally watch my dick head slip down her gullet in the lines of her neck.
“Do it baby, fuck her throat while she gets her ass hole filled with this black cock” said Mom. “Jakes dick is all the way up her ass hole now. She’s going to cum like never before”!
I fucked Midges throat for ten more complete strokes and then pulled it out to return my cock to Mom’s ass hole. I reentered her with as much push forward as I could. My dick slammed all the way to the hilt and my balls slapped my Sister in the face as I went in. Midge took in a huge breath as she had not been able to breath while my dick was imbedded to her stomach.
“Jesus Mom, I can’t believe I have this much dick up my ass. It feels so damn good….I think I’m going to cum. I can’t believe it. It feels so good. Fuck my ass Jake. Make me cum with your big black cock in my ass hole”. Jake redoubled his effort and slammed into her for all he was worth. I could plainly see him pulling his cock out all the way to the head and then slamming it back home. Over and over he plowed into her tearing ass hole. But she just kept telling him to do it harder and keep going.
I was pounding Mom’s ass hole equally hard and felt the jizz start to boil in my nuts.
“Jake, stick your prick down my throat when your ready to cum. I want to feel you shoot me full of prick juice. Make me choke on it. Make me cum” said Mom in full fuck mode.
“Here I go” said Midge as she raised her ass up further and shot a stream of women cum up into Jakes face. Another huge stream went off and flew up and hit Mom in her open mouth. She went off at least four more times flooding Mom and Jake.
“Here it is you little whore. Take my jizz down your throat” Jake said as he pulled from Midges ass hole and pushed his dick violently through Mom’s lips and down to the hilt.
Jake grabbed Mom’s ears and pushed. “I’m cumming down your throat you filthy fucking whore” Jake screamed as he fucked Mom’s face.
Mom went off like a rocket as Jakes jizz filled her throat and spilled from her mouth as she struggled to swallow it all. A huge stream of cum shot from Mom’s pussy right into Midges mouth. It splashed all over my balls and flooded all of the area around us. I watched as Jakes cock continued to fuck Mom’s face and it was all I could take. I slammed my prick into the bottom of Mom’s ass once more and then pulled my cock out until just the end was still inside her. I let my first shot go and filled the entrance to her ass. I pulled out of her ass and put my dick head into her pussy and let loose with two more jets. I then pulled out again and stuck my cock into my Sister’s mouth. Her eyes were blinded with all of Moms cum but she recognized my dick head and opened her mouth and throat to receive the rest of my load. I too grabbed her ears and fucked her face as hard as I could. I squirted five more loads down her throat then pulled my dick out and gave her two more right in the face and mouth. Midge was trying to swallow her brimming mouth full of my cum when I again pushed the head of my still oozing prick down her throat. I fucked her face hard for several more strokes as I watched Jake pushing his engorged cock head in and out of Mom’s gullet. We fucked the faces of my Mom and Sister in rhythm until all of our hot juices had entered their throats and been rightfully swallowed. Now I withdrew my dick from Midges face and looked down at the beautiful sight of my jizz trickling out of Mom’s ass hole and pussy and dripping into the face of my sister. I had never been more proud of the way I can cum than when I saw my sisters face completely covered with my man juice.
Jake now stood up and moved forward until his prick was in my face. “Suck my cock and clean it up man. Nobody face fucks like you do”! I grabbed hold of his monster dick and with a sleigh smile on my face I opened my mouth and took his dick head to the back of my throat and down until my lips were in his pubic hair. He began to slowly fuck my face and throat by pulling out until his dick head was in my mouth then pushing back down as far as he could go. Mom was underneath us and was sucking Midges ravaged cunt and ass hole. Jake and I moved back to allow Mom to get up and she immediately went around and knelt behind Jakes ass and spread his cheeks with both hands.
“Let me suck your ass hole while you fuck my boy’s face” exclaimed Mom.
“Yea, tongue fuck my butt! That feels so good, Dee Dee”.
Jakes cock was starting to harden again with my expert cock sucking and I was rubbing off my cum from Midges face with my hand and starting to fuck my fist with it.
“Jake, come around here and fuck my brother’s ass hole while I’m here to watch it up close” said Midge from underneath us.
“Yea, that sounds great! Come hear with me Dee Dee, keep sucking my ass hole while I fuck Denny’s ass” ordered Jake. They both then moved around behind me and Mom knelt behind Jake to get a perfect angle to suck his ass hole. Jake wiped his hand over my sisters face and wetted his hand with some of my jizz. He wiped it on his prick and then pushed two fingers up my ass to get me ready.
“You ready to take it up the ass good buddy”? Jake was now pushing on his prick and working the head of his dick up my tight, young butt. I relaxed my ass muscles and just let it go up me. I was jacking off my prick now and the feeling of that giant dick sliding up my butt and rubbing on my prostate was so kinky and so sexy. I pushed back against his intruding dick head and felt him push forward all the way to the bottom.
“God Denny, that looks so nasty. That huge prick is just disappearing up your ass hole. Come on Jake, fuck him good and deep. Make him cum with your dick up his ass like you did to me” my sister yelled.
“Come on Dee Dee, fuck my ass with your tongue while I ass fuck your little boy” Jake said as his fuck speed began to increase.
The incredible sensation of having that much prick fucking all the way up my ass was just indescribable. Jake was now pounding me hard with full 11 inch strokes. Just imagine what that feels and looks like. I was in heaven. I was stroking my ridged cock but I wanted more. I pushed back against Jake and got the head of my prick in the wide open mouth of my sister. “I’m going to face fuck you again Midge. Take my prick down your throat while I get my butt fucked”. I pushed my prick into her waiting mouth and went straight down her throat as my balls slapped into her face.
“Give some of that to me” exclaimed Mom as she came around underneath Jake and I. She lay face up with her mouth right next to Midges and licked at my shaft as my dick came up and out of Midges throat. I pulled out of my sister’s mouth and slipped my dick right into Mom’s face. I pushed as hard as I could and fucked right down Mom’s eager throat. Now I had my sister and Mom’s face available to fuck at will. I had my buddies 11 inch prick up my ass. It was all I could take. I fucked Mom’s face for three or four strokes then switched to Midge’s. With each and every stroke I pushed my dick all the way to the bottom of their throats as the cum began to swell in my balls. This picture was just too much, I had to cum.
“I gotta cum Jake. I’m going to shoot all over my Mom and sister’s faces”.
“Wait for me buddy, let’s do it double” Jake exclaimed.
Jake pulled out of my ass with a pop and got on the other side of my Mom and sister’s face. We were both now fucking our hands with our fists and preparing to unleash huge gobs of cum right into the mouths and faces below us.
“God, look at that Midge” yelled Mom “two perfectly huge dicks getting ready to feed us their jizz. I’m going to cum”!
“Me too Mom. Shoot your loads boys. We’re getting off too” said Midge.
Jake and I put the heads of our dicks about an inch from each others and right over the mouth of my Mom. We were both ready and went off at the same time. Can you imagine the amount of jizz that flew into Mom’s mouth at once. She was just covered and her mouth was completely full with the first blast. We then gave the same treat to my sister and covered her face and filled her mouth as well. The girls were rubbing their clits as fast as they could and both went off with squirts of cum too. All four of us continued to pour our cum all over each other until we were completely drained. My Mom and sisters faces looked like they had a bucket of pure jizz poured on them. Both Jake and I then pushed our dicks back into the mouths under us and then down their throats once more. Both of them sucked our dicks for a few strokes and then Jake and I collapsed on the floor. It was the best of our fuck seasons so far but not the last.
Stay tuned!

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