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Continuatoin of the series. you might want to read the other four chapters first.
All For Mr. Redman Chapter 5

*To understand where we are I strongly suggest you read the previous Chapters first. Thanks to everyone who has read them and taken the time to comment, PM, and rate the stories. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed the experiences that compelled me to write about them.*

I crawled over to Peter and said “Ready for more Tiger?”

He was sitting back on the couch looking well and truly fucked. His cock was standing proud and he had clearly been aroused by having just been fucked by my roommate Amanda, while I had been making love with his closest friend, Barbara. I guess having a hot bombshell Nordic blonde, an athletic latina, and his own little Japanese girlfriend getting nasty with him and with each other was inspiring to him.

Amanda and Barbara were laying on the floor next to each other and had turned their heads to see what was going to happen next.

Peter saw me coming and said “Holy shit Sachiko, your going to fucking kill me.”

I had reached him and having placed my hands on his spread thighs said “Not yet, but I am seriously trying.” as I winked at him.

He put his head back and moaned as I started licking the mixed cocktail of his cum and Amanda's juices from his powerful shaft.

Both Barbara and Amanda came over and took a spot on the couch on either side of him. Amanda kissing him while Barbara leaned in and licked his nipples. It was pretty obvious that he was in heaven as his cock started to twitch. I had no idea how many times he had already cum, but I had something on my mind and I really wanted to see it happen.

“Barbara, why don't you come and help me?” I asked seductively staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

With a glance at Peter's face, seeing he was busy kissing Amanda and caressing her gorgeous tanned breasts, she slid down onto the floor next to me. She opened her lovely mouth and her pink tongue came out as she started to lick his cock.

I lowered myself down and started kissing and sucking on his balls as she took him into her mouth, sucking lightly and moving her head up and down.

Before long Peter's hips began to move, pushing himself up into her mouth. I heard him moan out her name when he saw she was the one giving him head.

He took one of his hands from Amanda's full tits and placed it on Barbara's head. Amanda began kissing and licking his neck so he had a clear view of the hot oral worship his proud white cock was receiving. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen.

While continuing to bathe his balls with my tongue, I slowly began circling his tight asshole with my wet thumb. This made him shake even more and I knew all this stimulation might make him cum before I got to witness something I really wanted to see. I wanted to see his big cock buried in Barbara's tight pink pussy. Honestly, I wasn't sure if she would allow it, but oh fuck did I want to see that. Peter had allowed me to be bi-sexual in front of him, not needing to hide anything or worry about any strange consequence to our relationship. I wanted her pussy to be his reward.

I leaned up and whispered to Barbara “It's so fucking hot seeing your lips around his cock, watching you take that big fucking meat in your mouth... you want to know don't you? You want to know what it would feel like buried in you tight pussy while I lick you both” I heard her moaning and continued “Please fuck him, I want to see it so much... I want to suck his hot cum out of you and taste you both together.”

With what can best be described as an animalistic growl she stood up and straddling his lap she set his cock head against her shaved pussy. She held herself there and when I saw their eyes meet I saw lust in both their eyes, and it made me shiver in anticipation.

Barbara began lowering herself onto him and Amanda leaned back out of the way and was staring at them transfixed by the sight, just like I was. She came when she was halfway down, with a scream, and the sudden gyrations caused her to sink all the way down. They locked eyes for a moment and Peter said “Barbara..” and she began to move up and down on his cock, her hands going to his shoulders as his cupped her firm ass.

I watched them fucking, unable to move. They looked so hot together and so into their shared pleasure. I was not jealous... just soaking fucking wet I was so turned on. Amanda leaned in and began sucking on Barbara's breasts. That caused me to snap out of it and I lowered my face and began licking Barbara's tight little pink rosebud. Peter's fingers came in contact with my hair and I heard him moan out “Holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit.”

Barbara began really riding him and was writhing all over his cock.

Amanda stopped what she was doing and got off the couch. I was not sure what she was up to until she got on her back underneath me, and bending her head backwards began licking Peter's balls and his ass.
I continued to feast on Barbara as their heated fucking grew into a firestorm of lust. Barbara suddenly reached back and grabbed my head, holding it in place on her ass as she buried his cock deep inside her hot pussy.

She was wracked by a massive orgasm and was screaming out incoherently. Peter let her ride it out... then lifted her off him and rolled her onto he her hand and knees on the couch.

I looked down at Amanda and she winked. We both got up fast. We watched as Peter shoved his cock hard back into her tight velvet sheath, and pulled her back towards him and up, licking her ear. Like lightening Amanda got on the couch under her in a sixty nine position and began licking then both while Peter was thrusting into Barbara.

I took in this incredible scene and could not believe how fucking hot it was to watch this happening. My hand had slid of its own volition onto my pussy and I was circling my clit, but I didn't want to just watch. I wanted to give Peter the biggest fucking orgasm of his life.

I got on the couch behind Peter and was kissing his neck as he released Barbara and she fell down along Amanda's firm body. Barbara was screaming again as she came and after the orgasmic release she buried her head between Amanda's thighs, attacking that hot pussy with a vengeance.

I slid down Peter's back, kissing along the way, until I found myself tongue fucking his ass. I could feel him shaking and knew he was loving all the hot action he was experiencing. I took my tongue away and slid two fingers into his as aiming for his prostate. He was starting to really shake now and was roaring out powerful grunts and starting to slam in and out of Barbara. When I knew he was really close I began fucking my fingers in and out and his ass, twisting them for maximum effect.

Peter lost it, spanking Barbara's ass and screaming out “You hot fucking sluts!” he went into orgasm. He locked his hips tight against her ass and blasted off a load deep into her pussy. I could hear Amanda crying out in orgasm as well. Barbara had apparently joined them as her cries joined theirs. They rode it out together and, when it was over, Peter fell backwards against me.

I was ready for this and leaned back against the end of the couch, bringing his head backwards onto my shoulder and cradling it there. My other hand I wrapped around his chest and hugged him to me. He was breathing hard and covered in a sheen of sweat. His eyes were closed and I knew he was done for now. He slid one hand down the side and gently squeezed my knee, but could do nothing else.

Barbara was laying flat on Amanda, but gradually rolled off her onto the floor, laying on her back panting with her arms spread over her head. Her legs were spread apart enough for me to see the hot cum oozing out of her.

Amanda did not move, having simply dropped her arms, one hanging off the side of the couch. She was just as wasted as everyone else.

There was something I had to do. I kissed Peter on the head and gently laid him back against the couch as I slid out from behind him. He looked at me and said “I love you.” Smiling I kissed him lightly and said “I know.”

I gently positioned myself between Barbara's thighs and gently licked all of his cum out of her pussy. Licking around it and on her thighs and between her cheeks I gathered up all I could find. She didn't orgasm, and was not trying to make her have one. I don't think her overstimulated pussy could have handled it, but nothing was going to deny me tasting their combined juices.

When I was done Barbara was laying there relaxed and had an angelic smile on her face. Amanda was barely awake and was positively glowing with sexual satisfaction. As for Peter, my love and the first man I ever gave my heart to, well bless him but he appeared to have slipped into a light doze. His breathing was soft and regular.

Getting to my feet and got water for Amanda and Barbara. They sat up as I brought it to them and looking over at Peter we were all just smiling. That amazing man had managed, despite overwhelming odds, to satisfy all of us. Granted we helped each other from time to time, but he never quit. I was so proud of him and loved every second of that remarkable night.

We had our water and chatted about how amazing it had all been. Amanda asked if we would ever do anything like this again and Barbara nodded and smiled. I was in favour of it, but said we would have to ask Peter about it later.

Barbara and Amanda grabbed quick body showers and dressed. I kissed each of them goodbye and we had a group hug. They then left, holding hands, planning to sleep the day away at Barbara's.

I glanced at the clock and saw it was just after four in the morning. I walked back into the living room and Peter had not moved, he was still sleeping. I did notice that he had a very relaxed face and the cutest little hint of a smile. I could not help it and leaned over and kissed him lightly.

Despite being exhausted I cleaned up and set the coffee maker for 11am.

I went back to the Peter and gently roused him from his slumber and took him to bed. He was so tired he didn't even ask where everyone went. When he was tucked sweetly into bed and sleeping again I took a shower and crawled into bed with him, curled up, and went too dreamland.

At 11am my cellular alarm went off. I crawled out of bed and noticed that Peter did not even stir.

I went into the kitchen and made myself and coffee and sat down. I was flipping through one of Peter's cook books when I heard the shower running. Making him a coffee I took it to the bathroom and set it by his towel. Returning to the kitchen I made breakfast for is both.

When Peter came into the kitchen he scooped me up and gave me a really big kiss while I wrapped my legs around his waist. I was so happy and started giggling when he was kissing my neck. Setting me down he joined me for breakfast. As we sat there eating we talked about the night before and everything that happened. I mentioned the fact that Amanda and Barbara loved it and hoped there would be a repeat.

He burst open laughing and said “I think I am the luckiest man alive, but seriously, I would appreciate a chance to recover first.” we were laughing and he said “Sachiko, it was great but if it didn't happen again I would be okay. I have you and you are more than enough for me.”

Smiling I said “We will do, or not do, whatever we want that makes us both happy.”

The remainder of our Saturday was spent just hanging out and enjoying our time together. It was a lot of fun. When we went grocery shopping I was feeling kind of naughty. We were in the vegetable section and I spotted a zucchini and picked it up. I held it up by the end and said “ooooooooooooh Peter.”

When he looked over I took my other hand and started stroking it. Peter started to laugh. That's when I noticed a couple of women and one man standing at their carts staring in shock. I just and said “Um, we don't need this dear” as I set it down. I looked at the woman and said “Sorry, I just love my veggies.” She started to laugh.

We decided that shopping was a lot of fun, but he dragged me away from the meat area when I said “Oh baby check out the sausage!” We were laughing like hell and kept shopping.

In the dairy section I picked up a carton of 10% cream and made like I was pouring it over my chest. “I love being covered in cream baby!” I said. Peter was laughing and we noticed a stock boy, about 17 staring at me with a clear “Holy Shit” expression. I set the cream down and looking at him and said “I prefer it fresh from the source. The guy got a huge smile on his face as I walked away with Peter. He pointed out I can never go shopping with his mother.

Peter made an amazing dinner for us and we just relaxed and watched movies for the rest of the night. It was so nice just cuddling up.

On Sunday morning when I got out of bed at 9am I showered and made sure I was dressed. I put on a sundress, and arranged my hair and did my makeup. I went for the cute look because I figured someone might be coming by. Peter got up shortly after and found me in the process of making coffee. He said “Stop!” Holding both his hands up toward me.

I did freeze, holding the pot and a cup. “Don't you move a muscle!” he said in mock seriousness. “Set the pot and cup down slowly and step away from the counter.” I followed his instructions to the letter and turned back to face him. I slowly raised my hands in surrender and said “Is there a problem officer?”

He just laughed and explained we were going out for brunch with his parents and that his sister was joining us. I pointed out that telling me before they walked in the door, using keys like everyone else, was too much of a break in tradition for me to handle.

We were laughing about that when he said “Wait a second.”

Peter left the room and I stood there waiting, having been forbidden to make coffee it seemed. When he came back he was holding something in his closed fist. Smiling sweetly he held his hand out and opened in, revealing a car key and a condo key. Placing my hand over them I looked back up at him.

“I hope this isn't too much, but I would like you to be able to come over when you like and not always have to wait on me.” he said. “I just.... this whole thing has been... we have been all I ever wanted and more than I was capable of dreaming of. This place simply seems empty when you not here, even though I have lived here for five years.”

Gently taking the keys from his hand I slid my arms up around his shoulders and he leaned down giving me a lovely kiss. I leaned back and saying “I feel like I should make a joke, but thats just my nerves. You don't have to do this.”

Peter stared into my eyes and said “Your nervous?”

I nodded and meekly said “Yes.”

He walked me over and sat me down. I was feeling all kinds of butterflies and was actually scared. Not only had I never been in love before, I had never ever gotten this close to anyone. My emotions were wide open and it scared the hell out of me. This was huge, this was so serious it was scary to me.

Peter placed one hand on my cheek and he sweet eyes were filled with concern. “What is it? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, nothing, ever.” I swallowed and said “I love you. I love you with everything I am” I started to shake a bit and continued “It scares the hell out of me, you could wreck me so easily. The only time things seem real to me is when I am with you. Please...” I took his hands in mine “Please don't... I am living a dream with you... one I have had for years. I dreamed about so many things with you and if you.... if you are having doubts or have problems please tell me now.” I was breathing hard.

“Sachiko, breathe for me baby... take a few deep breaths and just relax. I think I know what your asking. I don't have any doubts about you. You are about the only thing I am completely sure of. I'm not going to do anything to hurt you. I'm not going to break your heart. Believe me sweetie, this feeling, this is deep and it's going both ways. Your not alone here. Lets just let this lead us where it will and not worry about some kind of heavy ending.” He kissed my fingertips then hugged me and said “I love you Sachiko.”

We just held each other and I did get control of my emotions again, gradually. I was not happy that I lost it like that. It was pretty clear that this was all new to me, and he knew it. He had experience with relationships and he knew what I was feeling. That was a relief, I may have understood heartbreak as a concept, but he had actually been there.

We pulled back out of the hug and I smiled at him and said “Caution, slightly neurotic Japanese at work.” He laughed and kissed me lightly and said “Hey, I want you to have the keys. Just keep them in your bag and if you ever want to use them you can. If you really don't want them just set them on the counter. If I moved too fast I'm sorry, I just... well I would like to see you more often even if all we do is sleep or spend time in the same room doing our own thing.”

“I will keep them and use them when I can. I'm sorry I freaked out. I love you too.” giving him another hug.

We started kissing and well, being us things were getting heated up pretty fast. The doorbell rang snapping us back to reality and we both laughed.

Peter let his parents in as I was fastening my bra and pulling my shirt back on. I marvelled at how fast he got his pants up, shirt tucked in and his belt done up. The mans a miracle in every way.

I went and greeted his parents. His mother gave me a big hug, very happy to see me. When his father held out his hand I laughed and stepped in and hugged him saying “We are past shaking hands Mr. Redman.” He laughed and said “Yes, I forgot, your making me a grandfather.”

We all started laughing and his mother said “You people are never going to let that go are you.” Peter kissed her cheek and said “Nope!”

I stepped back and looked at Peter's sister. She was standing back a bit and watching me closely. When she saw I was watching her she smiled and held out her hand saying “Hi, I'm Catherine.”

Catherine had long dark red hair and blue eyes. She was 5'6” tall, and had a well rounded figure, with generous breasts, a slim waist, and hips that flared outwards beautifully. Her skin was fair and clear. Her face had a fresh beauty to it and her teeth were a bright white. Her smile was actually quite lovely. I remembered all the nice things Peter had said about her and about how close they were growing up.

Smiling back at her I took her hand and shook it and said “Hi, I'm Sachiko. Peter has told me many very nice things about you.”

“I'm relived to finally meet you Sachiko. Now I can put a pretty face to all the things he has told me.” she replied, her smile spreading.

Peter suggested he could make brunch for everyone, but his parents would not hear of it and insisted that they were taking us for brunch. We travelled in their Escalade to the restaurant and the whole way I marvelled at how easily they talked to one another and how relaxed they were.

Brunch was at a really nice restaurant near the waterfront and it was as relaxed as the first time I dined with them. His sister seemed very interested in anything I could tell her about myself. She clearly loved her brother and seemed to want to reassure herself I was right for him. I found Catherine to be funny and she clearly enjoyed life. I learned she is two years older than me, had already landed a career in the financial sector and it was going well apparently. She didn't seem too interested in telling me about though, which struck me as odd since more people I knew with a new career could not be quiet about it.
She was very light on the details.

When they dropped us off back at Peter's, Catherine and I exchanged numbers so we could set up a night to go out for drinks.

Knowing that Peter had to play football at 3pm, so I decided to make use of the time that we had. As soon as the door was closed and we were walking back into the house I grabbed his hand and lead him to the bedroom. I didn't say anything, but he was laughing playfully.

I lead him next to the bed and stepped away looking at him and simply said “Strip.”

He went to take my hand and I stepped away and said “Strip... bitch.”

He smiled and took off all of his clothes. God I love his height, his fit body, those strong legs and off course that wonderful cock that was hard by the time he was finished undressing.

I smirked and him and walked forward and shoved him causing him to fall back onto the bed. While he laid there looking at me I peeled off my clothes and ran my hands over my body slowly swaying my body as I caressed myself and bringing my hands back up to my breasts I pinched my rigid nipples and tugged them outwards. I brought my eyes up to meet Peter's and said to him as I slowly moved onto the bed crawling over him “Here is whats going to happen Mr. Redman... you... are... going... to... fuck... the ... shit....out.... of .... me” kissing his body between words. He was laying there staring up at me with a mix of wonder and lust. “I said fuck the shit out of me!” as I pinched his nipple to emphasize the point.

He caught on fast. He grabbed me and rolled over on top of me and lifted my ankles up in the air pushing them backwards. He slapped my exposed ass and leaned down and started licking my pussy. He had bent me over backwards, leaving my pussy and ass fully open to his oral exploration. I came quickly all over his face and he lowered me slightly, lined up, and shoved his big cock deep into my little pussy with one massive thrust.

“YES!!! FUCK ME!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and he did not hesitate. His 6'2” powerful body fucked my little 5'3”, 105lb body deep into that mattress. He was relentless and nailed me hard making me cry out repeatedly as he battered my cervix. I was helpless and he knew it. He was loving it and relished having me pinned for his pleasure. I loved the feeling of power from him, surrendering, not worrying about what I had to do, rather just waiting to be fucked any way he wanted me. I was getting everything I wanted at that moment. “Is this good? You like having my cock pounding your tight pussy? You like getting fucked hard and deep?” I managed to cry out “Yes..Yes oh God please don't stop.”

Peter didn't stop either, my wonderful man. Looking up at the determination in his eyes to fuck me to complete submission made me so happy.

He growled suddenly and pulled out and flipped me over. Spanking my ass he pulled me up onto my knees and rammed back into my pussy. He grabbed my hair and railed my pussy. I was lost in pleasure and crying out my orgasms. I was pushing back at him and loving this raw fuck. Peter was going to cum in me and cum hard, by the growls he was making and the feverish pitch of his ramming cock.

I was crying out with each thrust and when he gripped me hard, burying his cock deep inside me, lodged against my cervix I had a massive orgasm. I could feel his cum shooting deep into me, knowing it was filling my womb.

He suddenly released me and I collapsed forward onto my stomach. Gasping and thrilled by the sensations in my body, I reached a hand out and Peter was not there. I rolled onto my side seeking him out just in time to see him fall off the bed. Quickly I crawled and looked over the side of the bed. Peter was sprawled on his back on the floor. Our eyes met and I burst open laughing. Rolling onto my side I simply could not stop laughing. I heard him muttering and he got onto the bed next to me and laid down pulling him to me.

“What did you say?” I asked.

He touched my nose and said “You are a succubus was what I said.”

Laughingly I embraced him. “Your saying I'm going to steal your soul through sex?”

He kissed my head and said “Might not be too bad a fate after all”

We just cuddled and talked, enjoying our time together. Peter finally had to get up. While he was dressing to go I went and took twelve cold beers from the fridge and put the into his cooler. I was in the kitchen doing this, bent over working at my task , wearing nothing but my thong when he walked in. He smiled and I glanced at him smiling back before finishing loading the cooler.

I stood up as he came over to pick it up. He kissed me and said “I can't believe the sexiest woman I have ever known was in my kitchen, looking hot as hell, and loading beer in my cooler for football. I'm starting to think your perfect.”

I laughed and said “I think you hit your head when you fell off the bed. Go, have fun, make them your bitches.” I said laughing.

“You could help.” He said

“How on earth could I possibly help? I've never played football in my life.”

He smiled impishly and said “Just bring the beer out during the game and while they stare at you mouths open we run them down.”

“And you friends?” I said with a smirk.

“Ah, right. Bad Idea.” he replied smiling.

Peter gave me a kiss and left for his game. When he closed the door I stood looking around. This was so weird, he wasn't there. It was warming be here in his home, but was at a total loss as to what to do. I didn't have to study and he would be gone for about three hours. Deciding to make tea I walked around sipping it and ended up in his office. I looked at the pictures on the wall, I knew some of the people in them, most I did not. Looking at the case where the tea set I bought him, when I was his student in High School, sitting there perfectly dusted and never used.

I did not want to touch his computer to check my e-mail, that seemed kind of invasive.

Wandering into the bathroom, intending to take a shower, I noticed his three bin laundry basket. An idea occurred to me. I became Suzy Homemaker. I did his laundry, vacuumed, and cooked a lasagna for him. I left it in the oven when it was done, keeping it warm. I took my shower and dressed using clothes in my bag. I gathered my things up and wrote him a note telling him I loved him and would call him later.

I left, having locked up, and made my way back to the dorm. When I arrived I found Amanda was passed out cold. I set down my bag and gently climbed onto her bed with her. Gently wrapping an arm over her I kissed her head and laid down. She mumbled my name and brought a hand up to hold the one I had put over her, falling back to sleep quickly.

Laying there for a time I pondered all that had happened and the new joy in my life. I fell asleep with those pleasant thoughts on my mind.

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