This is part 2 of "My sister in law Tabitha's Visit. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did fantasizing it all"
              Tabitha’s Visit (part 2 – We Visit Her House)

    It’s been almost ten months since Tabitha and I made love that late summer afternoon last year. I wish we would have had more time after our nap, but it as not to be. We woke up, showered quickly together, and gave each other a passionate kiss that we promised would not be our last. I went to review some reports for work and Tabitha rested on the couch with a good book. We had about twenty minutes to spare before Morgan and Emma came home with the kids.

     Since then, I have not been able to get our afternoon together out of my mind. I can still taste her lips as we kissed. I can feel the softness of her skin, the weight of her breasts in my hands, and the feel of my penis thrusting in and out of her delicate womanhood. Tabitha is such an amazing woman. I find myself thinking of her often. She has apparently had me on her mind as well. Since our time together, when she calls to talk to Morgan and I answer, she spends more time than before asking how things are going with me. She even called me on my birthday to say she hoped my day was a special one. We kept our new found interest in one another low key. About once a month we would call each other’s mobile phone and talk for a few minutes, nothing too often or long enough to raise suspicion. 

    We planned a trip to see Tabitha and Jim for eight days and for once, I could hardly wait to go. We arrived and for the first two days, things were pretty the same as always. I caught Tabitha looking at me a little longer than usual and I would respond with a wink or a knowing smile. I woke up earlier than normal on our third day there to find the object of my obsession preparing breakfast. Jim had to go into the office and Morgan was asleep. All our kids were either still asleep or playing upstairs.

    I came up behind her at the counter, turned her around, and with my hands on her hips said, “Tabitha, I want to pick you up, take you to your bed and make love to you.” “I want it too Thom, but I’m afraid Morgan or the kids would find us.” she replied. “I know, it’s a fantasy at this point, I know we can’t do anything.” I told her. She suddenly got a very seductive look and said, “Just think, we are going to the amusement park today and then we’re off for three days at the mountain resort we’ve all been talking about.” She started to slowly grind her pussy on my leg and I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties this morning. “We’ll find time to be together. You’re not leaving here until I feel you inside me at least once.” With that, I reached down into her robe between her legs, fingered her clit and stuck my middle finger inside her. “This is a nice warm up” she whispered lustfully, “but I’ll need more than this later.” I replied, “You just find the time, and I’ll give you all of what you want for as long as you want it.” I pulled my finger out and put it in my mouth, sucking off her vaginal moistness.

   We had an enjoyable day planned at the amusement park. The outfit Tabitha chose to wear was mind blowing. She had on thigh length shorts, a light blue shirt with a loose collar, and white tennis shoes and no socks. I find the look of tennis shoes and no socks very sexy. I could hardly keep my eyes off her all day. 

    The weather was perfect. We spent the day going from ride to ride, letting the kids play games, and saw a few of the corny amusement park shows. Since we were all together, Tabitha and I did not get any alone time. Later in the day, Tabitha and Morgan were standing by one of those water rides that sprays water everywhere when it comes down. Jim and I had taken the kids to the bathroom and when we came back, both our wives were soaked. Tabitha’s breasts looked so good in her wet shirt as her nipples were poking out. 
    We didn’t plan to, but we stayed until closing. Everyone was getting tired when Tabitha said she wanted to ride one last roller coaster. Jim and Morgan didn’t feel up to it, so I “volunteered” to go with her. We took off and when we out of sight, began to hold hands. It felt so good to finally be alone with her. I thought we were going to ride one of the mega roller coasters, but Tabitha had other ideas. “C’mon, I saw a secluded little spot earlier” she said leading me along. Next thing I knew, we were in a small clearing behind one of the rides. We were surrounded by tall shrubbery with a wall to one end of our little hideaway. There was enough light to see each other, but not so much as to be too bright. 

    We wasted no time in getting our clothes off enough for a quickie behind the ride. She lifted her shirt up and I sucked her nipples while unbuttoning her shorts so I could finger her already wet pussy. Tabitha unbuckled my belt and had my pants down in record time. I needed no stimulation, but she was rubbing my cock furiously, her small hands felt so good down there. “Oh my God, I have wanted you so bad since you got here” she said breathlessly. “Tabby, I can’t stop thinking of your sexy little body. I’ve missed you since last summer” I told her as I continued to finger her. “I love the way you call me “Tabby”” she said, “it sounds so intimate coming from you”. By this time, I had her shorts all the way off and was on my way to eating her pussy. “We don’t have much time baby, just fuck me, pleeeaaaasseeee” she moaned. I leaned her back as she spread her creamy white legs. Without any further foreplay, I thrust into her. “Oh Thom, I want to scream so bad, this feels incredible” she whispered. “Tabitha, I have dreamed about being with you nearly every night since last summer” “Oh yesssss……more….more…..just keep fucking…….until you….cummm” she said in her lustful voice. “Tabby, I…want to be…..inside you…..all night.” I replied.

    I could feel her legs get tight around midsection, her breaths coming quicker and quicker with each thrust and her arms wrapped around me. Suddenly, her whole body tensed and she let out a series of small whimpers. “Oh God…oh God…..I’m cumming” she whispered. “Uhhhh….Uhhhhh……cum in……..fill me uuupppp!!!” I could not hold back any longer. With two more deep thrusts, I too tensed up and poured myself into her.

    After we re-gained our composure, we checked one another for tell-tale scratches or other marks that might give us away. We dressed quickly and brushed each other off. As we headed back to our spouses and the kids, Tabitha said she could not wait for the upcoming weekend at the resort. “I bought a new swimsuit that I hope you like” she told me. “Anything, where you’re wet, will look good to me.” I replied.

    When we got back, Morgan asked if the ride was fun. “It was the best ride of the day. I sure can’t wait to go on it again sometime.” Tabitha said as she looked at me. “Luckily, there was no line when we got back and they let us ride it twice” I told the group. 

    The ride home was uneventful and the kids all fell asleep from exhaustion. Once we got home, we put our kids to bed and after a little chatter about the day, we all decided to go to bed as well since we were heading out for a long weekend at the resort. For the first time in a while, Morgan was quite horny. She said she wanted to have sex in her sister’s house, an idea she found very erotic. She had no idea I made love to her sister two hours ago. The thought of having sex with both sisters within hours of each other was exhilarating. If I only I could convince them to have a threesome. Maybe someday I thought. So I made love to Morgan, the whole time thinking of Tabitha. We tried keeping the noise down, but Tabitha’s guest bed was kinda squeaky.

    The next morning, I found myself alone in the kitchen with Tabitha again. “I heard you fucking my sister last night” she said coyly. “I’m not sure what to say Tabitha.” I said. “It’s ok. You’re married and it’s expected you’ll have sex now and again” she told me. “Jim and I have had sex twice since last summer after you and I were together. I actually found it very erotic listening to her moan softly as you pounded in her. I was tempted to come in and join you. I fingered myself to a nice orgasm when you came” she told me. 

    “Didn’t that wake Jim?” I asked. “No, he sleeps through everything” she said dryly. “I wish you could make love to me every night Thom.” I put my hands on her hips, looked into her eyes and said, “Tabby, I wish I could too. If we lived closer, I would see to it we had time together once a week. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I had met you first and we got married” “I would certainly be a more sexually satisfied woman” she said. 

    We finally got to the resort early that afternoon and spent the rest of the day talking and enjoying each other’s company around the pool. Tabitha looked so hot in her new bathing suit. I can’t explain, but I am so turned on by a one piece bathing suit. She was wearing a white one-piece with a bright floral print. She had grown her hair out since last summer and she had it tied back in a ponytail. Tabitha and Morgan got in the pool with the kids and she looked so good wet. It reminded me of the first time I saw her naked.

    After a while, they got out and Morgan asked me to rub suntan lotion on her. Tabitha asked Jim to do the same for her, but he did not really seem to get into it. He was more interested in talking about Broadway shows than rubbing his wife’s luscious body with suntan lotion. As Morgan lay on the deck chair with her eyes closed, I kept making eye contact with Tabitha. I could tell she was getting aroused. I was certainly getting aroused thinking of the things I wanted to do with Tabitha and wishing I was the one rubbing lotion on her.

    That night, Morgan went to bed early with the kids. They were all tired from swimming and being outside all day. I decided to head down to the hot tub before going to bed. It was nice because no one else was out. The only light came from the pool lights that were left on. I had been there about twenty minutes with my eyes closed and relaxing when I heard someone step into the water. To my surprise, and delight, it was Tabitha wearing her sexy white flowered swimsuit.

    “Hi Thom,” she said as she made a slow entrance into the water, “I thought I saw you going up here earlier.” “Damn Tabby, you look so sexy. I loved watching you all day today wearing that swimsuit.” As she made her way closer, she said, ”How would you like to take it off of me?” “Come a little closer and I’ll do more than that” I said.

    As soon as she was next to me, I started running my hands up and down her body. “Tabitha, I love the way you feel” I said as I squeezed her beautiful round ass. “I love the way your breasts feel in your swimsuit” I continued. “You’re a sexy woman” She started to peel her suit off by removing her shoulder straps, which exposed her plump breasts. “I want to suck your cock” she said as she pulled my shorts off.

    I sat up on the side of the hot tub and she quickly had me in her mouth. She was going pretty good when I started to feel the need to cum. “Honey, stop. I don’t wanna cum yet. Let me do you” With that she took hold of the side of the hot tub, arched her back and floated in the water. I gently spread her legs and went to work on her pussy. “Damn Tabby, you taste so good.” I then started licking her clit while I pushed two fingers inside her. She started to writhe with pleasure. “Ohhh….that feels…..sooo….good” she moaned. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat on the little seat in the tub and pulled her to me. I entered her from behind. She rode me up and down while I squeezed her tits and played with her nipples.

    After about two minutes of this, she moved faster and faster. I could feel her orgasm coming on. Since we were outside, we did not make much noise except for her soft cries of ecstasy. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I grabbed her waist and started quickly moving her back and forth, being in the water made this so much easier. She let out a sharp scream of pleasure as I came inside her. It felt indescribably good to cum at the same time as her.

    The remainder of the trip was pretty uneventful. Unfortunately, Tabitha and I did not get any more time alone during the rest of the trip. It was one vacation I wish did not have to come to an end. I cannot wait until the next time we’re together.

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