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story of how brother and sister stop arguing after a little pounding
Gary awoke in bed, with a hangover. He opened his eyes as much as he could, as the light was hurting his already pounding headache. Gary took notice to one thing... he wasn't in his room. Gary sat up and looked around, and as he looked around he noticed that it was his sister, Kaylie's room. Gary turned and looked on the bed, and noticed his sexy sister, legs spread slightly, cum still oozing out her vagina, and her titties still perky from their new found love for each other. Gary, just sat there inamazement, and wonder as he tried to fully remember what happened just hours before.

Gary was a simple guy, 18 years old, and just finished high school. Gary had received a new Chevy Suburban for his graduation, and now he was a free man. Gary was 5 foot 11 inches, and had a nice build, nothing exciting, but he had a certain swagger. Gary was the life of parties in his school, and everyone knew it. No one could drank him under the table, or hold in hits of weed as long as Gary could.

Kaylie was his younger 16 year old sister. Kaylie was a drop dead gorgeous girl. Kaylie had a beautiful build, 5 foot 7 inches, with long swaying blonde hair, and perfect C cup breasts that you can suck on all night long. Kaylie was the captain of the schools varsity soccer team, and had already received offers from multiple top of the line colleges.

"Gary!" Kaylie yelled as she burst through his door. Gary, who was starting to fondle himself over the High Definition porn he was starting to watch, almost fainted when she came in. "Hey can't you people knock in the goddam house?" He said angrily. "No, not for you druggie." Kaylie harrassed. Kaylie had heard all the stories about her brother, that he smoked until he passed out, and drank until he hurled, and she made fun of him for it.

"You're taking Britney and me to the mall tonight" Kaylie demanded. "Oh yea... Says who?" Gary replied.

"Mom" she continued. "Why did you have something planned for tonight Gary?" "Yes actually I did, Mike and I were going to go to a party." Gary argued. "Oh no you're not, your still punished from last weekend." Kaylie countered.

Gary came home the previous weekend wreeking of marijuana and spilt alcohol. His mother had caught him smoking with his friend, Mike in his car.

Gary was a clear cut pothead, there was no telling that. Gary, not only smoked weed, but grew and also sold some to his friends, and willing buyers. Kaylie had knew about this whole operation since it first started, and would always threaten to tell their parents, but never did.

After hearing this statement from Kaylie, that he was still punished, Gary rushed downstairs to talk to his mom. "Mom what's this bullshit about me taking Kaylie and her slut of a friend to the mall later?" Gary started. "No exceptions Gary, you're still punished and you're father and I are going out of state for your cousins wedding this weekend. So you're going to have to drive her around." His mother explained. "This is conplete crap!" Gary yelled. "Me and Mike were going to a party tonight. "Oh no, you're done with parties for the summer young man." The authority had been set. Gary was now willing to break it. "Fine, ill take them." Gary had given in.

"Okay bitch let's go," Gary told his sister, rushing her out the door. "Alright, don't let your weed touch the ground." She harrassed at him. "Knock it off." He said to her. "Alright Mom were leaving now." Gary told his mom. "Alright you guys have a safe weekend, well call you when we get there."

"Get in the car" Gary said. "Duh, that's usually what you do when you need to go somewhere." She said clearly annoying him.

Gary was now on his way to the mall, and had to pick up Britney. As they arrived at Britneys house, Gary took a notice to what Kaylie was wearing, on her tight slim body. Mini skirt and a cut off halter top, exposing her pierced belly button. Gary had always fantasized about his sister. Usually when he masturbated, that's all he could think about. With a body like the one Kaylie had, who blamed him? Gary knew it was wrong, but to him it felt so write.

They had finally arrived at the mall, and Kaylie and Britney got out. Gary, already staring at Kaylie's juicy round ass, had caught a glimpse of a black thong that rode up his sisters sweet ass crack. "Alright girls call me when you need to get picked up" He said. "Yessir, Mr. Drug Lord." She teased.

Gary drove back home, thinking about the site he had just seen his sister in. When Gary finally arrived home, his parents had left for the wedding "Aaahhh, my kingdom awaits." Gary walked into his house, and went straight out the back door, to where his own personal garden had been. Gary walked deep into the trees they had in their backyard, and saw his plants growing quickly. Gary picked off stems, and brought them into the house where he cut up the freshly picked bud, and picked out the seeds.

Gary went straight into his room, turned on his "High Playlist" on his iPod. Gary filled his bong with water, and started to smoke his weed. Gary smoked his weed, and turned on his conputerl, typed in his favorite porn site and began masturbating to a new video that had been posted. His phone began to ring, and it was Mike, asking if he was coming to the party. "I don't know Mike, ill try to get there somehow." Gary said.

Gary finished jerking off, and inhaled the last hit of weed left in his bong. The phone rang again, this time it was his sister. "Hey, come get us now." She said. "Alright be there soon," he said as he exhaled the smoke.

Gary drove high all the time, and never really worried about being pulled over because he was a great driver. Gary arrived at the mall, and picked up Britney and Kaylie outside of T.G.I. Fridays, and as he smelled the freshly cooked Jack Daniels Burger, he knew he was hungry. Also while he thought of Jack Daniels, he thought of the party. "Alright Britney, you're going home right" Gary asked patiently. "Yes..." she squeaked.

Gary practically rushed Britney home, and on their way there, Gary had devised his plan. Gary pulled up slowly in front of Britney's two story house, and she got out. "Alright look Kaylie, I want to go to that party tonight." He said waiting for Britney to get in her house. "Okay, it'd be nice to get out of the house." She responded. Kaylie had never agreed this easily, and Gary figured there must be a catch to it. "You're driving home tonight, seeing as I'm going to be drunk off my ass." Gary said.

"Okay, I don't care, I need the driving practice anyway." Kaylie stated. Off they went to the party. As they pulled up, Gary's name was already being hollered and hooted. Gary was Mr. Big Shot when it came to parties, and as he entered, fist pounds and chest bumps happened with him. With the ladies, Gary gave them all a hug, with a kiss on the cheek in return from a few.

"Wow Gary, I didn't know you were this popular!" Kaylie exclaimed. "Well, Kaylie, that's what happens when you have suplly of weed on you" Gary responded. With that, Gary pulled out four bags of weed, and sold three for ten dollars each. "Thirty dollars!" Kaylie said, "you made thirty bucks just from doing that!" Her jaw dropped.

"Yes ma'am," Gary responded. "Now I'm going to smoke my fourth bag, and buy some beer with the thirty bucks. Kaylie was forced to sit around Gary while he smoked a bowl with his friends. She knew no one at the party. Gary felt a little ashamed of her, because she neither smoked nor drank. "Can you just chill out and take one hit?" He asked Kaylie. "I don't know." Kaylie said shyly. "One Hit One Hit One Hit!" The pot circle chanted.

"Fine," she had given in, there was no other option. Kaylie brought the bowl up to her pretty lips and held it there, while her brother lit the weed inside. Kaylie inhaled, and had now smoked for the first time. Kaylie coughed hard, and and her brother and his friends laughed. Time went on and Gary was starting to get drunk. Kaylie had liked the feeling the weed was giving her. She felt above everyone else, but all she wanted to do was sit in her lawn chair she was in, and relax. Gary was drunk now, and there was no question that Kaylie would have to drive home.

About three hours later, the party was just about over, and Kaylie had gotten the keys to Gary's car. Kaylie was scared to drive, because she had taken so many hits of weed, and was clearly high. Her eyes, bloodshot, and getting heavy, and she complained to her brother that she was feeling hungry. "Gary we have to go home now, its almost 2 A.M" she told told. "Yea I guess your right" Gary agreed.

"Peace out Mike, John, Nicole, bye Kerry!" Gary said to his friends. "Come on" Kaylie said, starting to get paranoid. "We have to get home before the cops go out on their early morning patrols."

Gary and Kaylie got in the car, and were on their way home in no time. "You overdid it tonight Gary," Kaylie said. "Oh yea, I know." Gary agreed. "I go hard all the time, and there's no stopping that." Gary reached under his seat and grabbed another bag of weed, and his rolling papers. Slowly, he rolled a fresh joint, and lit it and soon the whole car was filled with marijuana smoke. "Hey sexy, how's your high doing" Gary asked.

"What!" Kaylie said. "I don't know how it is, I feel funny" she continued. "The high is going away, here take another hit." Gary said reassuring her that it would fix her "funny" feeling. Gary and Kaylie puled into their driveway, and finished the joint, which was almost gone. "You know Gary, I really like how the weed made me feel." Kaylie admited. "I told you, not only are you a stone cold fox, but you also now can say you've been high." Gary said. The joint was finally gone, and Gary and Kaylie went in their house to the kitchen. Gary and Kaylie were starving, so they made themselves some peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches.

Both of them sat up for about an hour, talking about the end of the school year, what the wanted summer to be like, and how much weed they would smoke together. "We are probably going to smoke everyday now Gary, huh?" Kaylie asked. "Only if you want to hot stuff." Gary said. Kaylie looked across the kitchen table at her brother, and got up and walked over to the living room. Kaylie and Gary sat in the living room watching a rerun of Two and a Half Men.

After the show was over, info-mercials came on. "I can't stand these dumb things, its all night with trying to sell you point less crap." Gary said. "Yea, I know," Kaylie said, who put her hand on Garys knee. Gary looked at Kaylie, and she looked back. Their eyes met, glossy and somewhat red. Kaylie inched closer to Gary's belt, and she said "How long have you wanted me?" "Too long, Kaylie." Gary replied.

Gary and Kaylie were side by side now, and Kaylie turned her head, and moved in on him. Gary and Kaylie's lips met and they were lost in each others touch. "My god Gary!" Kaylie started "Why does this feel so right" Gary had no answer, he was lost in his fantasy of fucking his sister. "Kaylie, meet me up in your room in five minutes." "Okay."

Gary ran up to his room, and Kaylie followed but went to her room. Gary shut his door, and pulled down his boxers. If what he thought was going to happen, was going to happen, he need to jerk off quickly. Meanwhile, Kaylie was across the hall, getting in new underwear. She decided to go with her new pink Victoria's Secret push up bra, and sleek sexy thong. As soon as she slid the thong on, she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

Kaylie rushed over to her bed, and laid down on her back with one leg bent, in a sexy position. "Come in!" Kaylie finally said. Gary pushed open the door slowly. "My goodness. I've never seen a more beautiful sight of nature." He said. Gary walked over, and crawled into the bed with Kaylie. Their lips soon interlocked again.

Not too long after, was Gary moving on down, he was now at Kaylie's tits, which he smothered. Gary snapped Kaylie's bra off, and out came pouring her C cup breasts, which had perfect, pink, hershey kiss type nipples. Gary was lost in them. He sucked on each nipple until they were erect. Still with his pants on, Gary's erection was suffering against his zipper. Gary stopped, for only a quick second to take his restraining pants off, and pull his shirt over his head.

With Gary no longer constricted, it made him feel freer to go down on Kaylie. He reached her waistline, and teased her by kissing her inner thigh. Kaylie's hand now moved to her vagina. She started rubbing her clit. "I hope you're going to take care of me." She said. "Oh don't worry sis, I most certainly will." Gary said. "I feel your warmth of your pussy already, and there is no way I'm letting that go to waste." He continued.

Gary slid the pink thong down Kaylie's long legs, and completely off. Her pussy was free for entrance now. Gary could have stuck his rock solid cock in right there, but he wanted to cherish this, so he started eating Kaylie out. "You want me to lick slowly or fast?" He asked her. "I don't care, just eat me already." She said empatically

Gary finally stuck his tongue inside her warm vagina. She sighed the moment he entered with his tongue. As he was eating her out, his fingers found Kaylie's clit. Kaylie was in awe, never had something felt this amazing. "My god Gary! Ooooohhh stick your fingers in that tight cunt." Kaylie moaned louder with each tongue movement Gary made. "Ooohhh you're so fucking good at that!" Gary didn't want to stop. Kaylie was moaning, and her hips bucking up and down. Gary grabbed hold of her legs to keep them in place. Kaylie wrapped her legs around his head and Gary kept eating. "Ooooooohhh Gary!" Kaylie screamed. "I'm cummmmmmmiing!! Aaaahhhhhh." "Oh yes.... yes... yes.... yes... Eat that fucking tight wet cunt." She moaned. Soon, juices began to overflow out of Kaylie's sweet pussy. "Aaaahhh" she said in unison with the flow. "How does my cum taste big brother?" She asked. "Amazing, absolutely amazing." Gary said.

When Kaylie was done cumming, Gary looked her in the eyes and she knew what he had wanted. "Not just yet" she said to him. "Its your turn, let's see how long you can last my mouth." She said. With that Kaylie and Gary switched positions on the bed. Gary's fully erect cock was bulging out of his boxers, ready to be orally fixated. Gary slipped off his boxers, and Kaylie was shocked at what she saw. "My god, its bigger than I thought." She said startled. "How do you keep that thing in your pants?" She asked. "I don't know Kaylie, but I want it in your mouth right now." Gary said. Kaylie smiled, whipped her hair back and began to lick his waist, and inner thigh. Gary tingled with excitement. Gary breathed deeply as he awaited Kaylie to put his hard, straight erect cock in her mouth. Kaylie teased him with words now "Hmmmm what should I do with this?" "Stop fucking with me Kaylie, you know you want to." Gary said. Kaylie than slowly grabbed his dick, jerked up on his shaft, and pre-cum found its way out of his tip. "Ohh someones really excited." Kaylie whispered.

Kaylie had finally stuck her tongue on his cock. Gary was in total ecstasy, and this was just a lick. "Are you ready big brother?" Kaylie said in her sexiest voice. "Mhmm" Gary moaned as he prepared for his cock to enter his sisters mouth. Kaylie slowly slid Gary's cock into her mouth. As Kaylie's lips surrounded Gary's hard cock, he said "Yess!" With such excitement. Kaylie looked up at her brother, and smiled with his cock in her mouth. There was no other time, where Kaylie lloked as sexy as she did with a dick in her mouth. "Oh my goodness Kaylie, bob up and down and suck a little bit." Gary begged. Kaylie listened very well, and started to move her head. "Yes... oh yes.. suck that cock like a slut. Holy fuck that feels so good." Gary moaned. Kaylie moved up on his shaft, and sucked hard on his tip. Pop! Pop! Pop! The three times she had done that, his cock and her mouth made the sound, something Gary was familiar with from watching porn. "Oh my God Kaylie" Gary pleaded "let me fuck you, you don't know how bad I've wanted to."

"Ahh big brother is satisfied with his blowjob?" Kaylie asked. "Yes, I just want to fuck your tight pussy." Gary said. Kaylie stopped sucking his stiff dick, and said "Okay, please me." Gary stood up, and picked Kaylie up, and laid her on her back. Gary was ready, but Kaylie was in control of her pussy. She rubbed her clit as she waited for him to regain control, as he almost came during his blowjob. Kaylie said "Okay, fuck me silly."

Gary held his cock in his hand and rubbed it on her clit, and teased her wet pussy. Gary, finally slid his hard erection into his sweet, sexy sister. Gary started slow. Gary's mind raced as he never thought the day of him fucking his sister would come. "Wow your pussy is so fucking tight!" He said. "Oh my god Gary, punish that pussy, fuck me like I'm your little whore." Kaylie yelled. They were intertwined, and Gary loved every minute of it. "My god Kaylie I am going to need to cum soon." "Nooooo Gary! Keep fucking me harder." "My god its so fucking big! Owwww" she yelled in pain from her brothers hard cock hitting her cervix. Kaylie's moans and yells got louder each time Gary shoved his cock deep inside of her. "Holy fuck!" Kaylie yelled. Her screams pleasured Gary even more, knowing that these were screams of joy, and ecstasy, Gary kept fucking his little sister.

"My goodnes Kaylie, you need this don't you? Yea you love this pain." Gary said to her. "Gary I'm cumming! Oooohhhh" she yelled. Kaylie's knees buckled, and she fell on her brothers body, which was trying to climax. "Ohhh Kaylie your pussy is so wet and tight, I don't wanna end." Gary said. Gary had started to feel himself cumming, but didn't have the heart to let his beautiful sister know. Kaylie saw the look on Gary's face of extreme pleasure. She didn't want to tell him to stop, because she knew he enjoyed this so much. "Oh Gary fill my pussy with your hot load!." Kaylie screamed. Gary swore to himself at that moment that her screams were be able to be heard outside their house. Kaylie and Gary stopped fucking, as Gary felt his first cumshot go deep into her womb. Gary felt his balls go numb, as the second, third, fourth, and finally fifth cumshot filled Kaylie's tight pussy. Gary slowly pulled out of his sisters cum filled vagina, and he saw that she was filled

"Wow Kaylie, your pussy is filled to the brim." Gary said. "Mmmhmmm, I wanted that creampie desperately as I saw you struggling to hold your load in." Kaylie responded. Gary still had some fight left in him, as he grabbed Kaylie's head and pulled her towards his still fully erect dick. Kaylie willingly opened her mouth wide, and Gary stuck his cock in her throat. "Yes you little slut deepthroat that dick until you gag, and beg for mercy!" Kaylie took his whole shaft, no problem. Kaylie finally came up for air, with tears in her eyes. "My god do that again." Gary continued until he was ready to cum again. He stopped throat fucking his sexy sibling, and started jerking off to get the rest of his cum out and on to Kaylie's face. Kaylie grabbed Gary's ballsack and put them in her mouth and sucked on his sensitive balls. Soon Gary was ready to cum, and said "Okay beautiful, open that pretty little mouth." "Are you ready?" Gary asked. "Uh-huh, yea give me that cum, big brother." Kaylie said with her mouth open. Gary pulled Kaylie's head back and shot a fresh creamy load onto he face. "Hahaha!" Kaylie laughed as the cum shot out of Gary's tip. Gar lost all of his energy and rolled over on Kaylie's bed. Kaylie excessively used her tongue and fingerrs to get as much cum in her mouth as possible "Ahh tastes delicious." Kaylie finally said. Those were the last words Gary had heard before he fell asleep, sharing a bed now, with his once innocent, but still sexy sister.

Gary was still staring into space, and watching his sister breath. "Kaylie, wake up!" Gary said loudly at his sister, who was sleeping. Kaylie's eyes opened slowly, and she smiled at Gary "Good morning Gary! How you feeling after that amazing fuck we had earlier?" Kaylie asked. "So, when do you wanna go smoke some more weed, today right? We have to do this more often.

"Yes" Gary said. "Yes we do." Gary walked over to the bed and met his sister under the now tainted sheets.

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