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Snooki let her robes fall. "And what a jolly holiday it's going to be!" Said Ronnie, with his head in Snooki's bush.

"Let's go!" Said Snooki. Ron whipped out his big boner. "I suppose you just let it out for exercise?" Said Pauly D.

"Oh no, no," said Ron, rubbing his phallus. His large, peerless cock was stiff as a board. "Dick in the butt, please!" Said Ron

"Oooooohhhh aaaahhhhh OOOoooohhhhh!" Said Snooki, with Ron boning Snooki's arsehole deeper and deeper, so forcefully, there was an explosion of skeet. And he pulled out of Snooki's tight arse.

"Oh, Snooki!" Ron groaned, as he blew his load on Pauly's face.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, awwwww." Spurt spurt spurt. Slurp slurp slurp. Fap fap fap. Slurp slurp slurp. There was a large amount of CUM on her clothes - even for a guido.

"Oi, you - Pauly Delvecchio," said Mike "The Situation." "One more hand job."

Pauly grabbed him and began rubbing the end of his junk. It looked like hard work. Tug tug tug tug tug.

"He's cumming now - pee on it," said Ron, rubbing Mike's big enormous purple nipples. Snooki started PISSING. A large steaming mug of golden golden golden shower, all over Mike's face. "MMMM ah." Mike groaned. "MORE!" He was going to explode. "AH! MMM ah mmm ah. Yeah, here we go!" Slurp slurp slurp. "Yeah..." Slurp slurp slurp. "Sperms!?" Slurp slurp slurp. "Oh yeah!" Slurp slurp slurp. "EUPHORIA!" grunted Mike, who was pulling on his huge, dripping erection.

"Guido's spank. Good!" Said Mike, happily. "Have a sausage, boy!" And Mike's big lumpy package swelled to the size of Seaside. "All yours," smiled Mike.

Pauly stared. The next thing he knew he was lying on his back. Pauly could feel Mike's enormous, big beefy man cock penetrating his tiny little guido butt. "Ahhhh...awwww...AH...ooh...aaaaaahhhhh." Pauly ejaculated. He was biting his lip, his forehead furrowed, spraying mouth watering dollops of cum over the table. Slurp slurp slurp.

"Turn round and face me like a man, why don't you!" Said Mike, jerkin his Big D on Pauly's face. Pauly felt heavy drops splattering onto his blowout. It was as though Pauly had been plunged into a fabulous sea of penis custard.

"Mike'll fuck anything if it stands still long enough, huh?" Said Ron. "That's what your little sister said!" Said Mike.

"Can I lick a dick please, Pauly?" Said Vinny, as Vinny sank to his knees. "Oh yeah! I wanna cum!" Said Pauly, hot all over at the thought of being given a very nasty guido blow job. Vinny sucked him hard under the desk. Suck suck suck suck. "Oh!" Suck suck suck suck. "Blimey!" Suck suck suck suck. "Hhhhhhhhhhhh." SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP. Pauly groaned, shooting dazzlingly white cum all over Seaside, Ron and Snooki panting behind him, eating their way through all Pauly's huss. It was certainly nothing like Hamburger restaurants.

"Oooocha - what's that!?" Said Pauly, who was feeling something very hard between the musty folds of his butt cheeks. "Butt plugs - you want to be careful with those," Ron warned Pauly. "Wanted one ever since I was a kid," said Mike.

Pauly couldn't take anymore. Pauly's insides were aching - he did look a bit sick. Suddenly, his butt crack exploded, showering the whole club in poop with their mouths open. "Run for your lives!" People shrieked as immensely heavy loads of manure hit them, finally killing one. Pauly gave a gigantic fart. A second later, a masterpiece of a poo splattered the windows and walls. Pauly spent ten whole minutes trying to squash a particularly fat one into Mike's mouth.

"Uhh - I think I'm gonna be sick," said Mike, stuffing the duck phone in his asshole in his excitement.

"Aren't you finished yet!?" Called Ron incredulously. "Haven't even started!" Said Pauly. Ron dived out of sight again as a fresh wave of evil smelling green ass juice filled most of the corridor, spraying great chunks of shit over the table, with the force of a small bomb.

"You've blown up a toilet!?" Said Snooki. Warm, sweeping glorious relief swept over Pauly. There were a hundred and forty-two gigantic sized feces piles that smelled of cabbage smelling cabbage, with the delicious smell of fucking farty old cabbage. Another large pile, the size of a small elephant, lay on his desk, staining it a deep brown. The whole club was rolling in guido shit.

"Now what?" Said Pauly, blinking at the solid mass of poop pressing in on them from all sides. "Look - food!" Said Ron, his hands full of several fat brown shits, which Pauly decided to soften beside the fire before eating.

"I'm starving!" Said Ron and Pauly together. Pauly and Ron started on their third helpings of a sumptuous dinner that included all of Pauly's favorite things: mountains of shit in every flavour you could think of, six or seven dark, murky brown diarrhea pies and cark, gays, farts and dung, poop, SAUSAGES with a fat ASS cheek BACON and skeet and black pee pee dung potatoes, roasted balls, fart filled pudding, penis gravy fresh from his privates. Bulbous cocks, pink and porky, enormous chocolate shits of fury, very fishy monkey farts, two enormous asshole tarts, giant blocks of fucking nuts, chocolate cocks and FECES donuts, The Situation's jello CUM pudding, and, for some strange reason, a small, muddy and extremely faggoty haggis.

Pauly didn't feel hungry anymore. "Pee in your face, Pauly?" Said Snooki.


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2013-06-24 18:16:06
Mother horny sexy lady. I found this by googling "fresh from his privates." Stop tooting! I'm dying! I'm going to die! You're killing me!! I'M YOUR BABY AND YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! DON'T WRECK MY FACE DANIEL, YOU STUPID PIG

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2013-03-02 10:59:47
I love it! Dirty Potter X Guidos.

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I got here from googling "chocolate cocks and feces donuts"

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This page is the only Google result for "dung potatoes, roasted balls".

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It's hilarious! Do go on ^))

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