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Innocence lost to many cocks
If you are not interested in Group, intersex activities, please do not continue. This is based on true events that have occurred to myself.

As I write this I am wearing a pair of pink, tight, semi-sheer bikini panties. I have been fascinated by women’s panties since I found a pair of my older sisters tiny bikini pantis in the laundry when I was about 10. I put on her tight panties, and immediately got a hard-on. Being young and not knowing what it was, I was scared and took them off. The feeling was good of the silk of on my skin and sliding on my little penis. The hardness didn’t go away quickly and I was really frightened I had damaged myself. I laugh about that now, but the love of the feel of a woman’s panty is still with me.

I will relate a recent happening that I found very exciting and have repeated a few times since. One day while trying on different panties for my days wear, and not having to work, I was getting aroused as was usual with the sensation of the silky microfiber panties I had cum to love. I had been reading about adult theaters, and had been thinking of going to one, and was debating if I should wear my panties or go in traditional men’s underwear, which I still had a couple of pair in stock. I decided no one would notice anyway, so I just wore the tiny, semi-sheer and tight yellow microfiber silky panties I had put on last. I put some jogging shorts on over them and a t-shirt. I then set off for my first trip to the theaters.

I paid and entered the theater, and the room was very dark and I was having a HARD time seeing in the room. The little light from the screen, although huge, was dim and showing a lady giving a blow job to a big, and shaven penis. I was feeling my way along a wall when I bumped into someone. I stepped back quickly and said, “Excuse me.” I was answered with a, “No problem.” reply, but as I jumped back I bumped into someone who had followed me closely and felt as if he had pushed against me with his fist on my ass. I stepped away and apologized again and then went a few steps further until I reached the back wall. I turned to watch the movie and see if I could see a seat available. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw many men and boys standing and sitting. Some solo and some close together. As I looked closer I saw some of them seemed to be masturbating themselves or each other! I was surprised as I had no idea that happened at these locations. I also noticed many men standing against the back wall near where I stood. Many of them had their cocks hanging out or were jerking them slowly. It seemed in the dim light that all sizes and shapes were on display.

One man slid over near me and stood there with his cock hanging out. I couldn’t help but notice it as it was erect and about 7 inches sticking thru his jeans opening. Turning back to the movie I felt a hand slide against my ass cheek. I stepped forward without thinking and the hand followed, cupping me gently and gave a little squeeze. I stopped as it felt kind of sexy. Another man slid to my other side, and the first man turned me towards him and asked if I liked what I saw and enjoyed the feel of my ass being played with. I nodded slowly. He chuckled and reached down and touched my semi-erect penis through my shorts and panties. The second man slid up against me with his hands, and then the bulge of his cock and rubbed up and down against me. I felt like I should move away but couldn’t seem to. Now I know I didn’t want to as I was getting turned on to the sound of the porno show and the physical touch of the men. The man in front of me turned me around and rubbed his naked cock against my butt cheeks slowly and the man in front of me dropped to his knees and pulled my shorts down slowly. I made a ffeble attempt to stop that, but didn’t try to hard I guess because he got them to the floor. I felt the man behind me slide the head of his cock against my pantied ass as the man before me said softly, “She’s wearing sexy panties!” I though “she”? What did he mean? The man on his knees pulled them to the side enough to get my hardening cock out and felt him kiss it and lick under the head. THAT felt good! The man behind me was rubbing faster against my panties and suddenly I felt one man suck my cock into his mouth and the man behind began to moan and suddenly I felt his hot cum splatter my ass cheeks. I felt him rub his cock on my panties, smearing the cum all over them and into my covered ass cheek opening area. I was getting turned on, to say the least.

The man on his knees sucked me a little more forcefully and I thought I was going to cum shortly if he didn’t stop. I then felt a hard cock touching my cum covered pantied ass, and then felt the panties being slid down over my ass cheek just a little. My cock being sucked stopped me from protesting at all, and I felt the man behind me sliding his hard cock against my little pucker. Now I was a virgin there, so I kind of jerked forward which the man sucking me took to mean it was feeling extra nice and I wanted more. Suddenly he stopped and stood up and showed me a hard a nicely sized and shaped cock he was stroking. He said, “Try sucking it, I’ll bet you’ll like it.” I bent forward a little to reach it and it wasn’t difficult as I am only about 5 foot 6, and he was over six feet tall. As I bent I felt the man behind hold my hips and bump his hard cock head against my tiny hole. It felt slick with the cum already there and what I soon learned was a slick lube. I kissed and licked the man in front of me like he had done me, and he said, “Go ahead, try sucking it just a little, you know, just the head a bit.” By now I was full of lust and knowing how good his mouth had felt on me, I opened my mouth enough to take the head into it. It felt hard and yet pliable and I liked the feel of it in my mouth and on my tongue. I sucked it in and tightened my mouth a little and he moaned. As I did so I felt the man behind push his hard and slender cock head against me. Again I pulled away a little which made me take the other cock in my mouth a little deeper. The man in front of me moaned again and put his hand on the back of my head, pulling me against his cock. I was getting so turned on by this time I was really sucking on the cock while the man behind me kept slipping against my little hole. The man in front of me groaned, “I’m going to cum!” and I started to pull back and that caused the man behind me to pop the head of his cock into my ass a little, and as I jerked away from him I was forced down on the cock in my mouth just as it shot huge gobs of cum deep in my mouth and into my throat. I gagged a little but had to swallow or I thought I would inhale the cum instead. As that happened the man behind me slid the length of his cock into me and groaned, “I’m cumming too!” and I felt his cock jumping and jerking in my ass that was hurting from the gentle rape, yet rape just the same. The man pulled his cock from my mouth and before I could take a breath another man put his cock into my mouth and began pumping while the one behind me pulled up and back on my hips tight against him. The man infront began to cum quick with large shots of hot cum, and the man behind popped his cock out of me. I relaxed a bit then and all of a sudden another cock, bigger and hard, was shoved into my ass. I moaned on the cock in my mouth and it began to jump and squirt more. It was pulled from my mouth and quickly followed by another who said, “Hey we got us a train here with this little slut whore!” The cock left my ass and another followed it in. This happened a few times until I guess I must have passed out for the next thing I knew I was kind of waking up to find myself laying on a ledge at the very back of the theater and another man was cumming in my mouth. I was completely naked except for my cum soaked panties which were pulled aside and another cock was shoved into my sopping wet asshole. I was almost numb with the things that had happened to me. The man who had shoved his big cock into me bean to thrust deep into me and I felt him start to cum too. As he pulled out after a few more strokes, I heard him say, “I think we have used this one up, and she is full of cum!” I couldn’t move or even express disgust. I couldn’t spit the load of cum in my mouth out and turning my head I let it drip out the side of my mouth and run down my cheek. I was used up and soaked in cum from I don’t know how many cocks. A young man stepped over to me and asked if I was okay. I nodded a little and he said to not let tonight bother me. He related that the group was regular here and they kind of initiated new-cummers by gang banging them. He said they also had taken many photos of things they were doing to me while I was passed out. I ached in my jaws and my no-longer virgin asshole and could feel cum dripping off of me. The young man said, “let me help you feel better and I felt him taking y cock in his mouth. It wasn’t long before my cock was throbbing in his mouth and pumping a BIG load of cum into it. He swallowed it all and then said as he wiped his lips, “You had better slip out the side door as they took all your clothes, and you might get to your car without being seen, hopefully.” I struggled to my feet and staggering, took off for my car.
What happened next is for another day and time…
Hope you enjoyed this true story of the rape, and joy, I found in sucking and being fucked by many cocks in one evening. MORE to CUM later…

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2017-01-03 15:44:30
I was initiated to cocksuckin at an adult theater by an older black man who degraded me and forced me to gag as he fucked my face. He called me a faggot COCKSUCKER and a sissy bitch. He stood before me and made me suck his black balls in front of others while his heavy cock lay on my face. He asked me if I wanted his NIGGER cock up my young white ass and I was scared to death. I told him "no sir" and he didn't force the issue, but he did force his BBC back into my throat before unloading his nuts. I couldn't believe how much he came. Throat, mouth, and across my face a few times. Then he turned me around and asked if anyone wanted a BJ from a "newbe

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2016-07-16 11:18:01
Write more stories suripriseat adult teather

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2016-05-29 20:52:01
When you are young and not very strong, almost any adult can rape you. By the time you've worked out what is happening you've got a cock up you arse and another cumming in your mouth.

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2016-01-07 23:38:50
Gay sexo porno

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2015-10-25 05:03:29
good story was once raped in an adult theater....went back many times after and had very satisifing sex receiving and giving

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