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The sound of high heel shoes clicked across the wooden floor as Mel made her way to the back office. It was a Friday night and she was supposed to be at the local club partying with her girlfriends, but now she was at her uncle’s house up state for three weeks. Trapped in a house with nothing to do was driving her crazy with boredom and needed to find something anything before she went nuts.

Melissa or Mel as her friends called her was her average seventeen year old from an upper class family. She had her mother’s looks and was what you would call a bombshell at 5’8” and 110 pounds Mel had a killer body and knew how to use it. She may have used it to let as she was caught shoplifting from a store and almost got always with it. She knew what man wanted so when she was in the manager’s office giving him her famous puppy eyes and frown; the manger was about to let her go when the district manager walked in and being a pissed off older woman that hated all girls like Mel call the cops. Next thing Mel knew was that she was being picked up at the police station and her parents shipped her to her uncle’s while they took their annual vacation.

Its not that Mel hated her uncle Jack; he was her mother’s younger brother and it was cool sometimes because her grandparents didn’t plan him; so having an uncle that was eight years older then her that would always hook her up at parties and family events was great. The down side was that he lived out in the country side and there was nothing to do if you are not a fan of the outdoors; it was just him and his two dogs. A germen shepherd name Duck and a lab name Killer that was anything but a killer. Mel’s uncle always have dogs and would name them the weirdest name you could think of like Duck was name because when Jack got eat the first thing he did was eat a squeak toy and sound like a duck till if got removed.

So Mel turned on her uncle’s computer to see if any of her friends were online to chat since her parents took her phone too when they shipped her here. When she got it up she clicked on the icon to go on the web but found that it needed a password to access it. Fuck Mel thought to her self she was stuck here and couldn’t even talk to anyone. She was bored and so looked around on the computer for any games to play to pass the time. About a hour later and tired of playing stupid games Mel was about to close the computer and head to watch TV when she saw a folder in the corner of the screen. It read “vids” and when she opened it there was a listed of videos with only dates to them.

There must have been hundred of them and so wanted to know more Mel picked one and opened it. The video player opened and so Mel was watching a woman from behind on her knees. She was naked and her ass was bright red as if someone had just got done slapping it. Mel could make out what look to be hand prints on the woman’s ass and it was like the person holding the camera was taking in what they just did. There was no sound to the video just about a minute of looking at the red ass. The video ended with the woman saying thank you and then it stopped.

Mel just sat there thinking if this was a video that her uncle mad or like from the web. Wanting to see more Mel picked out another one and clicked it. This one opened to an empty room and a person sitting down. All Mel could see of this person was the crotch area of their jeans, and then there was a man’s voice and it had to be the one holding the camera. But what Mel ears to perk up was that the man was her uncle and now Mel knew that he was the one behind the camera and the these videos were ones he made. He was calling out “bitch, get the fuck in here” and soon a woman walked in the room. Mel didn’t know if this was the some woman from the last one or not, but more she was wearing a mask over her eyes so you couldn’t make out her face.

The woman was dress very proper with a knee length skirt and matching blazer. She had shoulder length blonde hair and with a pair of high heels and a pearl necklace Mel thought the woman looked a lot like her mother in the way she dress. She walked up to the camera and stood in front of her Mel’s uncle waiting for him to speak. With the woman being very close to the camera now Mel could see two small moles on the woman’s neck and now knew that it was her mother.

What was her mother doing in the video with Mel’s uncle her own brother? Mel watched as her uncle asked her mother why she was here and her mother quietly said that she was a slut and needed a big cock to fill her needs. Mel couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her own mother. This was the woman who was the head of the HOA board and one of the leaders of the community. In all Mel’s live she never once heard her mother swear or even act less then the proper lady she was. Now her mother was asking for her brother’s cock.

In the video uncle Jack told her mother that if she wanted something then she was to remove all her cloths to each she did. Her mother slowly remover her blazer and unbutton her blouse to a nice set of perky tits and a smooth flat stomach. Even for a woman in her mid fifties Mel’s mother had a great body. Next she unzipped the back of her skirt and pushed it down to step out of. When she stood back up Mel’s mother was now only in her bra and stockings with a garter belt attached. She was not wearing any panties and Mel could see that her pussy was shaven smooth. Mel had never seen her mother like this before even during neighborhood pool parties her mother would always wear a one piece and a cover-up. Mel couldn’t stop her self from looking at how sexy her mother was and she totally forgot that her mother was standing in front of her brother like this.

Next her uncle told her mother to remove the bra and she did; her mother tits were still perky and now Mel could see that her mother had her nipples pierced. Her mother was told to get on her knees and then Mel watched as her uncle played with her mother’s tits. He pinched the nipples and slapped the tits around getting harder and harder with the slaps till the sides of her tits were turning red. Mel watched as her mother’s face showed the little pain that came with each slap and listened to the slaps and her uncle asking her if she wanted him to stop. Her mother would reply with a not and that this is wanted she needed for being a dirty little slut.

The video ended and Mel was in shock at what she just watched. All these questions were racing through her head. Why was her mother there with her own brother? Why would she let this happen? Where was her father during this? How could her father let this go on and not stop it? All these question and she wouldn’t get answers at lest till her uncle came home for his job. Mel sat there thinking about her father and how he was the CEO of a nation wide company and there were a lot of people who looked up at him and her mother too. They always were a happy couple and now as she sat in the chair they were on their annual vacation. How could this happen to her parents and how could her father not know about it? If her mother was the same person from the first video; that person’s ass was beat red from being slapped.

Mel looked in the folder and right below the last video was one with the same date and “p2” after it. Mel had to click it to find out what else her uncle would do to her mother.
The video opened up later from the first one because now her mother was bonded by some rope with her arms behind her back and her tits all tied up. Mel could see that the rope around her mother’s tits was some what tight by the purplish color her tits were now. With her mother still on her knees her uncle asked her what she wanted and her mother told him that she wanted and needed a big cock in her mouth.

Her uncle undid her jeans and pushed them down a bit and Mel could start to see the brown public hair from his crotch. He pushed the jeans a little more and the biggest cock that Mel had ever seen popped out. Mel was no virgin and had been with a lot of boys because was loved to have sex and just having one boy was too boring for her, but Mel never seen a cock like that. Mel could see that even with her uncle’s cock not being full hard he had to be at lest nine inches long. Mel watched as her mother moved in and engulfed his cock taking it about three fourths of the way down. Before long her uncle was fully hard and now Mel was watching her mother suck on a cock that was over ten inches long. As her head bobbed up and down on the cock the only sounds Mel could hear were the sounds of the massive cock entering the back of her mother’s throat.

Mel was surprise at how her mother was going at this huge cock and a little shock too. Her uncle started to push down on the back of her mother’s head and soon her mother was sucking the whole shaft of her brother’s cock. Each time her mother’s mouth would off the cock a big amount of saliva would be covering the cock; her uncle also started to hold her mother all the way down on his cock till she couldn’t hold her breath any more and would start to gag. He pulled her by her hair off the cock and Mel could see saliva coming out her nose and big globs of it all over his balls. He asked her if this is what she wanted and all Mel’s mother could do was nodded. Her uncle pushed her mother back down on his cock and she continued to suck on his huge cock.

As Mel’s mother was sucking away on her brother cock he panned the camera around the room and that’s when Mel’s heart stopped. Sitting on the couch across from them was her father. He too had a mask on but Mel knew that it was him. He was naked and Mel knew from the gray chest hair that he was her father and he was sitting there stroking his cock watching his dear wife of twenty-five plus years sucking the cock of her brother. He was hard as a rock and when the camera zoomed in on him. Mel saw that he had an average six cock about six inches. His balls were covered in the small gray hair as his chest and with one hand cupping his balls and the other around his cock he was jerking it to the show.

The camera returned to her mother and her uncle asked her mother whose cock she liked more and her mother told him his. Mel’s uncle slapped her mother across the face and told her fuck yeah you like this huge cock more. She didn’t say a word to the slap just asked for more cock. Her uncle told her that she would be getting more then her fill of cock before the night was over.

The video ended and now Mel’s head was spinning; there was her father jerking off to her mother his wife sucking a cock of another person, and not just any person her brother. Mel pushed back from the desk and found that her hand was rubbing the outside of her panties under her skirt. She couldn’t believe how wet she was and horny watching her own family in these videos. She had to see what was going to happen and as she clicked “p3” video Mel felt her self get even hornier waiting for it to open.

This video open with her mother on all fours in the middle of a different room’ Mel thought that maybe this was a different day but saw the same rope around her mother’s tits the way it was in the last one. She had cuffs on her wrists and ankles that were attached to the floor. She was locked in and won’t be able to move if she wanted to; the camera panned over to saw her father in the same pair of cuffs standing with his legs and arms spread and attached to the floor and ceiling. Mel saw a cock ring now around his hard dick and it stuck out from his body. The camera turned back to her mother and her uncle came around to the front of her. He asked if she was ready for that cock now and her mother nodded yes.

Mel’s uncle asked her mother if she was a dirty naughty slut and she said yes. He asked if she liked getting fucked hard and again she said yes. He asked how slutty was she and her mother told him that she was a dirty little whore that loved to get fucked hard and needed a big cock to fill her up because her little husband’s cock wasn’t go enough for her. The way Mel’s mother was talking made her even hornier watching this; Mel now had her panties in one hand under her nose because Mel loved the smell of pussy juice and the other hand fingering her pussy. Mel watched as her uncle got her mother going by her telling him how naughty and dirty a slut and whore she was.

That is when her uncle whistler and in ran Duck; he came right up to her mother and started to sniff her mother’s pussy. Her mother jumped a little at his cold nose and for the fact that she didn’t know who was back there. Her mother turned her head and when she saw that it was one of her brother’s dogs she turned back around and told him to have Duck stop. Her brother started to talk to her in a little baby voice telling her that she told him that she was a dirty whore that wanted a big cock to get fucked hard by. Duck was now licking her pussy and she couldn’t get the words out that she wanted between the moans of pleasure she was feeling.

Mel watched as her uncle’s dog licked her mother’s pussy and lightning speed. She listened to the sounds of the dog’s tongue licking up all the pussy juice. Her uncle turned and walked up to her father asked if he liked watching his dirty whore of a wife get licked by a dog. Her father told him that he did like watching his slutty wife and now he enjoyed it more. The camera went down to her father’s cock that was bouncing up on down as he watched his wife. Her uncle told Mel’s father that his slutty wife shouldn’t be having all the fun and unhooked his wrists and had him get on his hands and knees too. After her uncle hooked her father cuffs to the floor he whistled again and Killer came running into the shot.

Now Mel’s uncle had both her parents being liked by his dogs and she could see that her father liked it too. The dogs were licking away at both of them and Mel was so hot with what she was watching. She couldn’t believe that her parents were doing this or that it was making her so horny. Mel had her top and bra off and was pinching her own nipples as she watched her parents in the video. This one ended and Mel was so far gone she needed to see what was going to happen to her parents. She clicked on the next one and played with her self as it opened.

This one started with her parents still being licked by the dogs. The camera was on her mother and her uncle asking her what she thought about her dirty husband being licked by a dog and liking it. All her mother could do was moan and try to make words as to enjoying watching her dirty husband. Her uncle stepped back to get both of them in the shot and told Mel’s father that he was going to watch his wife get the fucking of her life now. With that he snapped his fingers and Duck jumped up and mounted his sister.

Mel’s mother was trying to tell her brother not to do this that this was too much, but all he said was that she told him that she was a slutty whore of a wife. With that Mel’s mother yet out a loud scream as Duck entered her for the first time. Mel watched as Duck wasted no time and started fucking her hard and fast. Never had Mel seen someone fuck that fast and just thought of what her mother as feeling. Her uncle turned the camera to her father who was still being licked by Killer but now he was licking through her father’s legs and licking the balls and cock. Back to Mel’s mother went the camera and now she had her head down on the floor. Her uncle told her to pick up her head and take the fucking like the whore she was. He went up to her and gave her his cock to suck as Duck continued to pound away at her pussy.

Mel’s mother pulled from his dick to say that Duck’s cock was getting bigger and bigger as he fucked her. Her uncle told her that Duck was getting ready to cum and that was his knot. In between sucking on his cock she was telling him that she could feel the softball pushing at the entrance of her pussy and it was too big to get in. Her uncle told her mother not to worry that Duck would get it in. Duck continued to fuck his bitch and soon with one of his fucks he got it in and held his self there. Mel’s mother was now screaming as she told her brother that her pussy was stretched too far with that knot in her. She told him how she could feel all the doggie cum in her and that Duck was cumming too much for her pussy to hold it. Her brother just put his cock back in her mouth and told her to take it.

Duck now turned around so he was ass to ass with her and was trying to pull his cock out, but with Mel’s mother hooked to the floor she couldn’t move and the knot was too big to come back out. Her mother was yelling around the cock in her mouth as Duck pulled and pulled to get his cock out and then Mel heard a loud “pop” and Duck was out. Her uncle pulled his cock from her mother’s mouth and went around to the back of her. There Mel saw her mother’s red puffy pussy leaking doggie cum from it. Mel saw her mother’s pussy lips all swollen from the fucking Duck gave her. Her uncle panned the camera down to his cock and film him self as he jerked out his cock walking over to Mel’s father.

When her uncle got to her father he told him to open and he did just as her uncle blew a huge load of cum in her father’s mouth and all over his face. When he was done he asked her father what he would like to say and her father told him “thank you”. The camera turned back to her mother who was now down on the floor passed out for what just happened. The video ended and Mel found that she had cummed too all over her fingers. She used her top to clean up the cum and closed out of everything. She headed back to the guest room and into the bathroom.

Mel took a hot shower thinking about the videos she saw and what else was on that computer.

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