My second story, feedback appreciated
I got a call from my sister in law who had an emergency and had to go out of town. She asked if I could babysit my niece Janine for a couple of days. I was hesitant because I had hoped to have a relaxing weekend but since she had no one else to help I agreed.

She dropped Janine off and we watched movies, hung out, played video games and such until it was time to go to bed. She said she always read to help her get to sleep but didn’t have her book with her.

She looked through my library but didn’t find anything that interested her. I finally told her that I would tuck her in on the couch after she changed for bed and tell her a story so she could go to sleep.

She changed into her little nightie and I tucked her in on the couch.

I told her there was once a little girl who wanted desperately to be a princess more than anything in the world. She wished everyday that she could somehow be a princess. Finally she was able to go see the king who had magical powers.

The king asked, “What is it I can do for you little girl?”

She responded, “Your Majesty, I have always wanted to be a princess but was not born of royalty. I am a mere peasant girl who has a dream that will never come true.”

The king looked at her and said, “Little girl, you are so pretty and so kind, I shall make your dream come true.”

He called her closer and he held his hands out, ran them up and down her sides and around her until he said, “Aha!”

He pulled out his magic wand and told her, “Every little girl has a magical place on her body where magic spells work the best. They are all different. Come sit on my lap and I will make you a princess.”

She sat on his lap and he stuck the tip of the magic want into her belly button, said “abra cadabra” and she felt a warm sensation in her tummy.

“Little girl, you are now officially a princess.” He told her.

She ran off to tell her family and they all lived happily ever after.

After the story I told her goodnight and headed off to my room to go to bed.

Shortly after I heard a timid knock on the door and she came into my room.

“I can’t sleep.” She said

“Why not?” I asked

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I can’t relax on the couch or just am not tired. I am also sore from working out. I want to be a cheerleader next year when I start high school so I have been working out.” She told me

“Ok, well let’s get you relaxed and get you to sleep. Let me rub your sore muscles.”

I worked the knots out of her back and legs and massaged her trying to get her to relax.

As I was working on her legs I could see clearly up her little short nightgown that she wasn’t wearing any panties! Here was this sexy little girl lying in front of me with her young little pussy exposed for me to see.

I was glued to the view. Her perfectly shaped lips and her hot little opening that was just starting to get a few wisps of soft hair on it. I instantly got hard and my cock was straining at my pajamas to escape.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to “accidentally” brush up against her opening while I was rubbing her legs and was pleasantly surprised to find that she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. I was rewarded with the feeling of the heat coming off her most valuable treasure and a slight hint of moisture on my hand.

I rubbed and teased as much as I dared and was surprised to find that not only did she not seem to mind but was getting wetter and wetter down there all the time.

I told her the massage was done and asked if she was sleepy yet and she said no.

I told her fine but my hands were tired and I couldn’t massage her any longer and suggested we play a game.

I told her let’s play like the story and you be the little girl who wants to be a princess and I will be the king.

She said that sounded like fun.

I sat on the edge of the bed and she came into the room with her hair in pigtails and played her part of telling me that she always wanted to be a princess.

I went through the lines of telling her that I could make her a princess. When I ran my hands over her body looking for her magic spot I rubbed in a way that her nightgown was lifted slightly so her little pussy would be exposed when she sat on my lap.

I then told her to turn around and sit on my lap and I would make her a princess.

When she turned around I freed my now throbbing cock from my pajamas and lined it up with her little hole.

When she sat down I slid into her hot little box.

“OH!” She said with surprise. “What are you doing Uncle Matt? That’s not my belly button!”

I relished in the way this little girl’s pussy felt on my cock, it was so hot and felt so good I could barely stand it.

“No it’s not.” I told her, “But remember, every little girl has a different magical spot and this is yours. Do you like the way I make your magic spot feel?”

“Yes, it kind of hurts but it feels really good Uncle Matt.” She replied.

I told her that she had to slide up and down to get my wand to release the magic potion to make her a princess and she did so very well and very enjoyably.

She got to experience her first orgasm riding my cock while bracing herself on my mirrored dresser.

Feeling her little pussy tighten up on my cock sent me over the edge.
I couldn’t hold back anymore and let loose with squirt after squirt of hot cum into her little girl pussy.

"Oh Janine!" I moaned as I came inside her. "You are the best little princess ever!"

I let her slide up and down a few more times just to make sure she got every last drop out of me and then lifted her off my now drained cock.

I told her congratulations that she was now a princess since I had put my magic potion in her.

"That was a lot of fun and felt really good Uncle Matt. Can we play again tomorrow night and you can make me a princess?" She asked.

“Of course.” I told her. "I will make you a princess

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