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My third story. Feedback appreciated
My parents were out of town so I had to go stay with Aunt Janine for the weekend.

I didn’t mind because I have always had a secret crush on her. She always tells me I am cute and is always calling me a handsome boy. She is in her 30’s and very pretty.

I was playing on the computer while she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. I found some pictures and started looking through them.

They were of her and started out with her in short skirts and tank tops. I immediately got excited because she is so pretty.

As I clicked through I found more pictures of her posing and wearing less and less until I found some of her topless. I was so excited I couldn't look away from the screen. There were more of her completely naked, I could see everything. I had never seen anything like it before and it made me feel all tingly and funny and my thing started to stand out.

I heard her call to me from the hallway and tell me it was time for bed so I quickly closed everything down and left the room.

She told me I didn’t have to sleep on the couch if I didn’t want to because it can be scary staying in a strange house alone so we went to her room and crawled into bed to go to sleep.

I was ready to go to sleep when she told me, “I was standing in the hallway and saw you looking at my pictures. Did you like them?”

I was shocked and embarrassed that I had gotten caught but told her yes that I thought she was very pretty.

She asked if I ever kissed a girl before and I told her no. She told me she thought that was very sweet and cute and asked if I wanted to kiss a girl.

I shyly told her yes as I was getting embarrassed by the conversation.

She asked if I wanted to kiss her and I could only nod.

She said if I promised not to tell anyone that she would teach me how to kiss a girl the right way.

I was soooooo excited. Not only did I get to kiss a girl but it was the one girl I wanted to kiss more than anything. She kissed me and taught me what to do with my tongue. We kissed for a little bit longer and it felt so good. It made me feel all tingly again.

She asked if I really liked her pictures and I told her yes that she was beautiful and seeing her naked made me feel all tingly. Thinking about it made me feel even more tingly and I felt my thing starting to get stiff again.

She told me if I promised never to tell anyone that she let me see it that she had something else to show me that was better than her pictures. I promised her I wouldn’t tell. I couldn’t wait to see what it was. I couldn’t imagine anything being better than those pictures.

She turned on the DVD player and started a movie. There was a closeup of a girls thingy on the screen with a pink rubber thing going in and out of it. I had never seen anything like it. When the camera moved out I could see more of the girl. It was Aunt Janine! She was in the movie! My thing instantly stood straight out I was so excited!

"Aunt Janine! I can see your thingy!" I said with my eyes glued to the screen.

She asked if I like it and I told her I loved it! It was the greatest thing I had ever seen! Even better than her pictures.

She said she could tell that I liked it by the way my thing was standing out.

I immediately blushed and tried to pull the blanket over me.

She told me not to be embarrassed and asked if she could see it. I told her no, that I was too embarrassed.

She said, “Come on, I will show you mine if you show me yours but you have to promise you won’t tell.”
I promised and she pulled up her nightgown to show me. She didn’t have any underwear on and I could see the real thing that I had seen in pictures and on the movie. I was so shocked I just stared at it. My thing stood out so hard that it hurt. It was almost coming out of my pajamas.

She told me it was my turn to show her so I made her promise not to tell on me for showing her. I pulled my pajamas down and showed her my stiff thing.

She told me I had a big thing for a little boy. She asked if she could touch it and I was too embarrassed to answer.

She slowly reached out and put her hand on it and started rubbing it gently, it felt so good.

She moved closer to and I thought she was trying to get a better look but she surprised me when she opened her mouth and shoved my whole thing in. It felt better than anything I could have imagined.

I moaned “Oooooh! What are you doing Aunt Janine?”

She said she just wanted to see if she could fit it all in her mouth. Then she asked me if I remembered how she taught me to kiss a girl and I told her yes.

She spread her legs and started rubbing her thing. She told me if I kissed her down there like I kissed her mouth that it would make her feel really good and asked if I wanted to try it.

I was extremely excited but hesitant because I was scared but she promised not to tell anyone and that it would be our little secret. She told me she would teach me how to do it the right way to make a girl feel good.

I started kissing her down there with my tongue and she told me where to kiss and lick. She told me not to stop until she said so.

I kept kissing and licking and she kept squirming and moaning and telling me what a good boy I was. She finally started breathing very heavy and moaning and telling me don’t stop that I was being such a good little boy for her.

Finally she collapsed on the bed and told me it was ok to stop. She told me I did a fantastic job and that she had a reward for me. She then told me to lay on my back and be a good little boy.

She got on top of me, grabbed my thing and started rubbing it on her thing. It was wet and hot and felt so good. Then she slid it into her and eased down on top of me. I was shocked that anything could feel so good!

“Oooooohhhhh Aunt Janine! It feels so good! I have never felt anything like that before! It feels even better than when you put it in your mouth!”

She moaned and started moving up and down on my thing.

“Ooooh! You’re such a good boy! Fuck me good! Fuck Aunt Janine's pussy like a good little boy!”

She kept bouncing and moaning until I felt even more tingly down there but it felt so good I didn’t want to stop.

“Aunt Janine it feels funny down there”, I told her

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” She moaned. “Your thing is going to squirt because it feels so good. Be a good little boy and squirt it in Aunt Janine's pussy! Squirt in my pussy like a good little boy! Ooooooohhhhh”

She bounced harder and harder and breathed heavier and the more she did the better it felt. Finally after so much build up all the tingling felt like it exploded out of my thing. It felt like nothing ever has. It was the best feeling in the world!

She moaned and slid slowly up and down on my thing a few more times and then rolled off me and onto her back.

She reached down and spread her thing open and told me to look at it.
“You see that white stuff in there?” She asked

I told her yes.

She said, “You squirted that in there because you are such a good little boy. If you promise not to tell and be a good boy I will let you squirt it in my pussy any time you want. It will be our little secret.”

“If you will let me do that anytime I want and not tell on me then I promise Aunt Janine, I will be the best little boy in the world for you.”

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I will fuck my own aunt too,soon,damn this is so fucking good.I love pussy somuch...

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HOT! I love it! Please write more!

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2013-09-11 15:14:30
Enough with ur lies u asshole.u r clearly telling a fake story

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I want a anti as like your.

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Can I suck your cock?

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