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Mariko's continuing sexual journey with Patrick and Peter, and now Linda
** Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my writing. I do appreciate it and it does actually mean something to me. I respond to all my PM's here on XNXX.

I did not intend to turn “A Wild Night” into a series, but lets say I decided to give people what they said they wanted. That's right, I collapsed in the face of peer pressure. Does that make me weak? Lol. Actually the decision was based on comments and a PM. Sit back... relax... and please enjoy!

A Wild Night 2

It was a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon. I was sitting having a late lunch and laughing with two of the nicest and most interesting men I had ever met. I also have to admit I loved the way they fucked my brains out the night before, you could say that was in their favour as well. A threesome with two older, experienced men, who are most interested in pleasing a woman than pleasing themselves is something every young woman deserves.

To be honest, I think every guy deserves at least one night before he is 22 with two hot older woman who take a weekend pleasing him and teaching him how to be a better lover. Seriously? Who benefits... every young woman he meets from then on. Okay.... I'm digressing.

I am Japanese, 5'3”, weigh 105lbs, and I am slim with pert B cup breasts. My hair is long and very black with a blue sheen depending on lighting. It comes down to the base of my spine. I have been told I am very pretty. I swim everyday to stay in shape and because I love it.

My lunch companions and lovers from the previous night were similar in so many ways, were good friends, and obviously worked well together.

When they asked me if I had any ideas for that night I told them yes.

I wanted to go out with these two and have a good time. I didn't care what we did, as long as we went out and had a blast.

I suggested we head to a nice restaurant for dinner, and then out for drinks, and maybe some dancing. Peter suggested a nice restaurant that was upscale in the downtown. That worked well for us as we were already down there. Patrick pointed out that we probably should all change and get.

We left and they dropped me off at my building, each giving me a kiss, and headed off.

Once I went upstairs the first thing I did was check out the restaurant on the web, and proceeded to get ready. Wanting to look classy, but hot, I chose to wear a black and silver cocktail dress that was really form fitting and showed off my assets beautifully. Choosing matching jewellery and stilettos with four inch heals was easy. Lingerie was a bit harder. I selected a matching thong and bra that were satin, and that were primarily black with silver lace. I went with sheer nylons that were stay ups. A garter would have shown with my tight dress, ruining my lines.

Laying all this out on my bed I carefully studied it and thought I had chosen well.

After some consideration I left my condo and headed over to the nail salon near my building. Linda, the Vietnamese girl who manages it, and I had been friends for about three years and had partied together. She is 5' tall, has long black hair like mine, and weighs only 90lbs. She has curves to her and works out a lot. Her full almost C cup breasts stand high and proud on her and look massive on her tiny body. Linda's ex-boyfriend was a total idiot and she had caught him cheating on her with a girl we both thought was our friend. That was two months earlier and she had not gone on a date since.

Linda always does my nails herself. Once she got started I had to tell her about what had happened the previous night. She was shocked and was laughing. She knows I can be kind of wild and said she was jealous of the good time I had. When I told her that Patrick and Peter were in their late thirties, and how much fun they were to be around she stared at me for a few seconds and said “Can I come?”

I sat back and thought about it and said “I don't see why not. Your hot and having two hot Asians has to be better than one.” making us both laugh.

Linda looked around and no one could hear us. She leaned in and said “What if they want to have sex, like all of us. Are you okay with that?”

Laughing quietly I replied “It's not like we never kissed and your ex almost came in his pants when he saw that.”

She laughed and said “Yeah, he had a problem with that.”

I was shocked and said “With us kissing?”

She smiled wryly and said “No, cumming in his pants.” making us both laugh.

Linda did an amazing job on my nails. They were an inch long, and had a natural look with a french cut.

As soon as we were done I went with her to her place. She grabbed her stuff and we headed back to my condo. She used the second bathroom and bedroom to get ready.

I carefully styled my hair, curling it loosely so it still flowed long. I got dressed and went and got us drinks. I used my cell and sent a text to the guys little them know I was bringing a friend. They sent back that she was welcome to join us and a happy face emoticon.

When Linda came out I almost dropped my drink. She had her hair styled like mine, had chosen a hot red cocktail dress that hugged her like a second skin. Her amazing breasts were well displayed and all I could say was “Holy shit Linda, you look so amazing.” She took her drink and thanked me.

She looked kind of nervous and I asked her what was wrong.

“I've never ever been on a date with a white guy.” She said quietly.

I was kind of surprised and replied “Really?”

She nodded and said “I know there was Scott, but we never got close. He was so nervous all the time and it didn't lead anywhere.”

I placed my hand on her arm and said “Relax, this is easy. These guys are so nice and so much fun. I hope you like being treated like a Queen because these guys have amazing manners and really seem to enjoy making a woman happy. I would gladly date either one of them. I'm glad you're here because maybe a choice will be made or something.”

“You honestly don't know which guy you would rather date?” she asked.

“No I don't. Their both great guys.” I shook my head and said “This could be just for fun and just about great sex and having a good time, but if one of them asked me I don't think I would say no. Peter is from Toronto and is a Chef. Patrick is in the Military, he's an Officer, but lives out of town. He is just visiting. Look, it doesn't matter and if you want to start seeing one of them go for it. Tonight though, just have a blast. You need a good time and too be treated well. That will happen tonight, and you so deserve it.”

She smiled and we just hung out and chatted about other things, catching up a bit.

When they buzzed from downstairs I told them to come on up. Linda still looked nervous so I gave her a hug.

When they knocked on the door I opened it wide and invited them inside. They each said “Hi” and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Patrick was wearing black dress pants and a tight fitting grey turtle neck under his blazer. His shoes looked new and man did he smell as good as he looked. His outfit was really stylish and classy, with a slight sheen to it.

Peter had on a an open collared dress shirt that was light blue and matched his eyes. It was really crisp looking. His blazer was a dark blue with vertical pin stripes and his pants were a tan colour, pleated and had a sharp crease. The whole outfit looked new as well.

“You guys look amazing. Did you go shopping?” I asked.

Patrick smiled and said “We knew how absolutely stunning you would look and didn't want to disappoint you. Mariko you look.. is completely WOW appropriate.”

I giggled and said “It works” as I lead them into the living room.

When they walked in and saw Linda I swear Peter gasped. I introduced them and Peter said “Mariko asked if she could bring a friend, but she didn't say you were going to be so beautiful.” as he kissed her hand.

We had a drink and chatted with them. They both complimented me on my home and shortly after we headed to the restaurant.

It became pretty obvious as we were in the car that the guys had already sorted themselves out as to who they were going to pair up with. Peter was clearly enchanted with Linda, and had her totally at ease. Patrick settled in with me and I cannot say I felt to bad, I had his full attention and was loving it.

Dinner was romantic and fun. These guys had so many funny stories from their lives growing up and things they had experienced since. Everything was great and both Linda and I were enjoying ourselves immensely.

Linda and I did the obligatory head to the bathroom together. As soon as we were inside she turned to me and said “Oh my God this is so amazing.”

I was laughing and said “What did I tell you?”

“I've never laughed this hard on a date. Peter is so nice and so interesting. Did you know he studied Theology?” she asked.

“No honestly I didn't, that's new information.” I replied.

“So what do you think?” she asked as I was touching up my lips.

Glancing at her in the mirror I said “About what?”

“Do you think they will want to get kind of wild tonight?” she asked smiling.

I giggled and said “Linda, I think they want to eat us for dessert.”

“I hope so.” she said as she was touching up her makeup.

I laughed and said “Slut”

“Ho.” she replied smiling.

When we went back to the table they both stood and pulled out our chairs. It was so nice to be out with them and treated like this. It's kinda nice to be treated like a Princess now and then.

After dinner Peter once again took control and suggested a trendy club not too far away. Linda and I were all for it. The guys decided to get rid of the car at the hotel and we took a car service to the club.

When we got there there was a line of fashionable people waiting to get in. We joined the line and the guys were apologizing. Linda said not to worry about it, some things can't be controlled. We were standing there for about twenty seconds and Patrick smiled and said “I will be right back, in about ten seconds leave the line and walk up towards the front.” He then headed off to chat with the door staff.

I looked at Peter and said “What is he doing?”

Peter smiled and said “Being Patrick.”

I saw Patrick talking to the door staff and he showed them his wallet. They talked for about a thirty seconds and as we were walking up Patrick turned around and said “It's all sorted. Let's go in.” He turned and shook hands with the doorman and said something I could not understand “Pro Patria.” (I'm spelling it wrong I'm sure) to him. The doorman, a very large African-Canadian nodded with a smile and returned the same words.

When we walked in and started heading for a table I asked Patrick “What was that all about?”

Patrick smiled and said “I was not going to have you ladies waiting in the line. I recognized the doorman from my Regiment, he used to be in my Company. It's a brotherhood thing and he didn't think two such lovely women should be standing outside either.”

“What was that you said to each other?” I questioned

He smiled and said “Our Regimental motto.”

I just nodded. I should have asked what it meant.

When we got to the table the drinks were ordered and we proceeded to have the best time. We danced and laughed and simply put really really enjoyed ourselves. The dancing as the night passed, and the alcohol was kicking in, started getting sexier. When Linda and I went up and danced together to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga we got pretty frisky with each other. We looked over at the guys, who were watching intently and turned back to each other and kissed. When we looked back they were smiling and nodding.

We laughed and that was when things got kinda nuts. Someone grabbed my ass under my dress. I turned around and this sleazy looking clubber with too much gold around his neck was smiling at me and said “Nice ass, can I put it to good use?”

I said “Fuck off!” and backed up.

An African-Canadian couple dancing near us saw it and the guy stepped in and told buddy “You heard her so do it!” He looked pissed and his girlfriend, who had to be about six feet tall, looked like she was about to snap.

Patrick suddenly appeared at my side and his jacket was off. He looked really fucking serious and I thought “Oh shit he is going to kill that guy.”

The Sleaze said “Go back to your Ho.” to the kind guy, who I later learned was named Marcus. Bad idea I thought to myself.

I don't think I have ever seen one guy hit by two guys in perfect synchronicity before. Patrick and Marcus nailed him like a piece of wood. The guy landed on his back and didn't get up.

I glanced around and saw Security coming from all directions. I also saw another sleazy looking pair of guys coming, one was a lot closer and was clearly going after Marcus. Patrick saw the guy as well, but it turned out not to be a problem because he got hit like he was in a “Terry Tate” commercial by a security member. Things got sorted out really fast and the trashed the three guy out of the club.

Marcus and his girlfriend Courtney joined us at our table. They fit in good and we hung with them for the evening.

Patrick took me off to the side and said “Look, I'm sorry if that scared you. I should have danced with you and maybe that creep would not have grabbed you. I hope you don't think I'm some sort of wild man who gets in fights all the time. What he did was so far across the line. Sorry.”

I smiled at him and gave him a lingering kiss. “Let's see, grabbed my ass, ignored everyone and didn't know enough to fuck off. Then you and Marcus jumped to our defence. I should be thanking you, not accepting an apology from you. I'm glad you were there, that guys was scummy and needed what you guys did.”

Patrick smiled a bit and said “So you not... your not afraid of me now or anything?”

“No, you would never do that to me and why showed I be afraid of a guy who protected me. Your my hero.” I kissed him again.

“Don't call me that. I just did what was right. It was nothing.”

“I think it was something” and gave him a kiss and a hug.

At about 1:30am we headed out, saying goodbye to our new friends.

“So, what now?” Peter asked.

Linda and I looked at each other and back at them and I said “What would you guys think of going back to the hotel for some drinks... and maybe a bit more.”

They both grinned and we were off to the hotel fast as possible. When we got in the elevator I kissed Peter first, then Patrick and said “I told her everything.” They looked surprised and started to smile.

I turned to Linda and she and I started making out right in front of them. Peter said “Holy shit.” and Patrick replied “I was just thinking that.”

When the doors opened we walked to the room and when we got inside it got crazy fast. The drinks would have to wait.

Grabbing Linda and pushing her back into the wall, I started making out with her hot and heavy, our hands were everywhere. She was cupping my ass as I was unzipping her dress. When I slid her dress down I popped her bra clasp and started feasting on her succulent breasts.

The guys got involved after a couple of minutes with two sets of hands working together to remove my dress, bra, and thong. I was soon naked except for my nylons and heels.

I had managed to strip Linda of everything except her panties and had started working on those, when I was lifted up from behind and carried to the big king size bed. Patrick tossed me down and when I rolled and looked he was completely naked. His body was a joy to look at, so fit and with a really big cock standing proudly ready to get all the attention I could give it, and God did I want that cock.

Patrick came onto the bed, straddled my chest, and leaned forward pressing that hot cock against my mouth. Opening up gladly, I licked it and then drew him into my mouth. My hands slid up to cup his ass as he started a fucking motion into my mouth. I loved feeling that big cock, with it large circumcised head and thick veins, sliding in and out of my mouth as he was fucking it. He had one hand in my hair and, reaching back, he started rubbing my pussy with his other hand. I love sucking cock and he was making me a very happy woman. His attention to my pussy soon had me heated up and I knew I was going to cum while I was sucking his cock.

When I felt the bed shake beside us I knew that Peter and Linda had arrived. From their moans I knew they were every bit as heated up and Patrick and I.

Patrick began moaning above me and when I realized his face fucking was about to reward me with his hot cum, I went crazy. My orgasm started in my toes and was rushing through my body when I felt the first spurt of cum land on my tongue. I gripped his ass tightly not wanting him to pull out of my mouth. I could feel his muscles trembling under my hands. When I finally released him from my hands, having sucked every precious drop of his precious cum into my mouth, he climbed off me and leaned down and kissed me very hotly.

When he moved lower and started kissing and caressing my breasts, I looked to the side and saw Linda was laying on her back. Peter had positioned her head hanging over the end of the bed and was fucking into her throat while he manipulated her tits with one hand, playing with her pussy with the other. While Patrick kept worshipping my tits with his mouth and hands, I got to watch them hit their climax together. Peter had his cock buried in her mouth while she was arching he hips up off the bed, his fingers rapidly massaging her clit. It was so fucking hot to watch.

When they had recovered, Linda sat up and crawled over and began kissing me again, snowballing his hot cum into my mouth. I grabbed her hair and held her in place loving this unexpected treat.

When she lifted up her head and looked into my eyes I could see the fires of lust in her.

Patrick leaned over me and pushed Linda onto her back, just as I felt Peter gripping my thighs and spreading my legs apart and back. I barely had time to notice Patrick doing the same to Linda before Peter's hot mouth made contact with my shaven pussy.

Peter's obsession with eating pussy was clearly demonstrated. He was loving my pussy with his mouth, sucking my juices up, gathering them like precious gems. When he began sucking on my clit I went into orgasm quickly. My hands flew to his head holding them there as he made my pussy dance all over his tongue. I could not help it, he as sending me to heaven and had no intention of stopping.

I could hear Linda crying out next to us, where Patrick was treating her to the same wild orgasm I was having. Neither man stopped after just one.

Sliding two fingers into my steaming pussy, Peter was going after my G Spot. I could feel his thumb teasing my asshole, which was wet from his oral attention. When he slid his thumb into my ass, while hitting my G spot with his rapidly fucking fingers I started having an orgasm. Just as I was coming down from the peak he fastened his teeth onto my clit and started flicking it with his tongue. This triple stimulation was too much and I screamed as I had an epic and life changing orgasm. I squirted all over his face while my hands flew to the sheets, gripping them in my fists, while my hips writhed. My entire body was shaking and I could not even think. I lost any sense of the world around me.

I was just coming around, and hear Linda crying out repeatedly. Peter slowly fed his fingers back into my pussy, fucking up into me. I was on a complete sexual high and was screaming out in orgasm again as I squirted up his arm and all over his hand. I started flailing my arms and managed to utter “Please... please stop.” and he allowed me to slowly come back to Earth.

I was sweating, soaked in my own juices, and my body was still twitching from the incredible orgasms Peter had given me. When I was aware again he was along side me and smiling. When he leaned in and kissed me I returned it fervently, wanting him to know how much I loved what he did.

When we broke the kiss I heard Linda screaming out again. We both looked over to see Patrick had flipped her over onto her knees, eating her out from behind with his fingers pounding in and out of her hard and fast. He had two in her pussy and two in her ass. She was totally wrecked by her powerful orgasm, and when she started to fall forward he caught he and gently laid her down on the bed, rolling her over onto her back and caressing her. She was sweating as hard as I was.

I reached over and took her hand in mine. She slowly turned her head to look at me and the look of satisfaction on her face was lovely to see.

The guys changed places again and as I saw Peter crawling up alongside Linda, Patrick came up on my right side. He laid down next to me gently kissing me.

“Are you okay my beautiful Mariko?” he asked.

I smiled at him and said “Holy shit, okay does not even start to cover it.”

Patrick kissed me an said “I am not done with you Baby, not by a long shot.” He looked me over from head to toe and said “I can't believe how fucking hot you are.” He leaned in and kissed me as he got on top of me, positioning himself between my spread thighs.

Looking down along our bodies I saw him positioning his big cock. When he began rubbing it along my pussy lips, up and down and touching my clit, I looked back up into his eyes. He was looking into my eyes and I could see the passion there. I kept watching his eyes as he slid into me, slowly but without stopping. When I felt his cock was buried all the way into my tight pussy I moaned loudly and said “Oh Patrick”. He leaned down and kissed me and began to gradually thrust in and out.

His big cock was stretching me out. I loved how it made me feel so full, so fucking full of hot and hard cock. He gradually increased pace and began fucking me at alternating speeds and depths. He was a masterful fuck and he had my orgasm building in intensity. I don't know how long he fucked me in that position. I was very aware at first of Linda being well fucked beside me, but it gradually faded from my consciousness as I became focused on the gorgeous green eyes locked to mine, and the cock driving into me.

My body was responding and my hips were thrusting back up at him as he began to fuck me faster and faster. I was crying out and my hands flew to his back. I was lost in heat and lust from his hard fucking of my pussy, his cock ramming into my cervix. It was was like a piston fucking me rapidly toward another giant orgasm. When my orgasm hit my nails raked his back, I could not control myself at all and was writhing as he buried his cock deep into me and shot a huge hot load into me. I could feel his cock swell and the spasms caused by his orgasm as he filled my pussy with cum.

Patrick leaned down and exchanged a hot wet kiss with me saying “You are so fucking amazing.” I was utterly shocked by what a wonderfully intuitive lover he was. He had played my body like a violin, and every note was sweet.

We both looked over when Peter and Linda, no doubt urged on my our orgasms, shared powerful orgasms of their own. I watched them a moment longer, as she thrashed about under Peter, before turning back to my lover to kiss and lick his neck.

We laid there in shared satisfaction for a couple of minutes before the guys got up. They came back and handed us water. As I drank the refreshing cold water, Patrick gently kissed my shoulders and hair.

When the guys got up to put the water aside Linda took advantage. She turned to me and gave me a very hot and erotic kiss, our hands sliding along each others bodies. We ended up on our knees facing each other as we kissed, our tongues duelling for dominance. When she leaned away and laid down on her back with a twinkle in her eyes I knew what she wanted.

I reversed position and settled my cum filled pussy over her mouth, leaning forward and down along her body until we were locked in a sixty nine. Eating the mixture of her juices and Peter's out of her pussy was so fucking hot. She dove into my pussy as well, her tongue and lips gathering all of the cum Patrick had filled me with onto her tongue.

Our sixty nine was feverish and this was the first time I had ever eaten her sweet little shaved pussy. I loved it and could not get enough of her sweet nectar. When she began to shake with an impending orgasm I swear my pussy became as hot as a volcano. It was such a fucking turn on to be sharing this with my friend.

We came in a writhing, trembling mass of feminine passion. I sucked her juices into my mouth and loved every drop I could get, she was so sweet to taste.

As we were coming down, but still in our sixty nine, I felt hands rolling us onto our sides. I guess the guys were ready for more.

This was confirmed when I felt Patrick's hard cock slide into my pussy. Peter's cock came into my vision and I licked the end of it and used a hand to guide it into Linda's pussy. I then went to work with my tongue licking his cock and Linda's clit every chance I got. It was so hot watching his cock pound her hard and fast.

Patrick was doing the same to me, his hands spreading my ass cheeks open as he fucked in and out. Linda was holding onto my tiny waist and I moved one of my hands to her ass cheeks squeezing them. The guys were fucking the shit out of us. I could feel her full tits pressing into my body, and my tits being mashed and rubbed against by hers as our bodies were being jolted by the hard fucking we were both getting.

Between Linda licking my pussy, the relentless pounding I was getting, and Patrick putting his thumb in my ass I was finished and my orgasm hit hard. Linda was experiencing her own. To be honest, it was hard to tell what was happening, I simply was being fucked so well and coming so often it was hard to keep track. I did notice when Patrick's big cock slid out of my pussy.

Gentle hands turned me over and I was rolled onto Patrick's body, straddling him, and his big cock shoved back into my pussy. He held me in place and when I felt Peter's cock entering my ass I was shivering with arousal at the idea of being double penetrated while Linda watched me getting fucked like the cock hungry slut these amazing guys had made me.

They wasted little time and soon established a rhythm that had me crying out with pleasure. I was so full of cock, and the feeling of being pinned between their bodies was so fucking hot. They pounded both my holes deeply and I was lost in the heat of it. This was so nasty and so fucking hot. When I saw Linda straddle Patrick's face in front of me, facing the wall I didn't hesitate, I leaned in and started licking her ass. She screamed out, and was grinding on Patrick's face. I felt Peter's hand grip my hair as he shoved my face into Linda's ass. The hard fucking I was getting was too much and all I could do was keep my tongue rigid, hitting her asshole, while the fucking motion drove me back and forth.

When my orgasms started I could focus on nothing else. I was screaming out “Fuck my ass!” and a dozen things I can't remember. My body was wracked by multiple orgasms and I finally collapsed on Patrick, unable to do anything other than let them plunder my ass and pussy with their hard and relentless cocks.

I must have passed out because I found myself laying on my side alone. I became aware of Linda crying out and the motion of heavy fucking rocking the bed.

Rolling over to see it I saw Linda was laying over Peter, and Patrick was behind her. She was getting the hard deep double fucking that had so destroyed me. I could barely moved and simply watched the erotic sight of the men using her holes like she was a fucking whore. From the screaming and moaning I could tell she didn't mind. I didn't either, it was so fucking hot to watch.

Before two long all three erupted in orgasm, the men crushing Linda between them as they clutched her and shot their cum deep in both her tight holes. Patrick managed not to fall on Linda and slid his cock out of her ass, leaving her laying along the length of Peter.

Patrick rolled onto his side in the middle of the bed. I managed to roll over toward him and curled up against him. He slipped a hand around my shoulder and drew my head onto his chest. I kissed his chest and looked up at him. He leaned down and kissed me lightly. As fit as he was I could tell he had definitely done all he could tonight.

I looked over his chest at Peter and Linda. They were both asleep with her still on top of him, his cock still inside her pussy.

Glancing back at Patrick I could tell he noticed as well and we smiled at each other. He surprised me when he sat up and slid down and off the bed. I watched him as he came to my side and lifted me up in his arms. I didn't think I could take anymore I kissed him lightly and said “I can't, sorry. I'm so sore, please don't.”

He laughed and carried me into the bathroom and treated me to a romantic shower and then we got in the jacuzzi, soaking in the hot water with the jest massaging us. I was in front of him, leaning back against his muscular chest, while he gently caressed my arms.

“I don't think I ever want to leave” he said quietly. I turned my head around and kissed him while gently putting a hand behind his head.

When we broke the kiss I kept looking in his eyes and said “Let's not even talk about that.” I turned slowly and leaned back against his chest. When the jets stopped Patrick got out and gently helped me up, dried me and carried me back to the bedroom. We took one look at Peter and Linda, curled up against each other spooning, and he smiled and said “We get the dry bed.”

He carried me over and laid me on the bed, folded back the covers and put them over me. He climbed up the bed and got under the covers with me on his back. I rolled over and cuddled up against him.

“Is this okay?” I asked.

Smiling down into my eyes he said “I can't think of anything better.”

I put my head down and we drifted off into what I think was one of the best sleeps of my life.

It makes sense really, since I just had one of the best days and wildest night I ever had.

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