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Wrote this when i was 16 years old lol
How do I tasted when I’m in your face?
How do you feel when you’re between my legs?
Do you enjoy feeling my naked body, and do you just love it when we both get naughty?
Me, I love to feel you inside, it’s the way you do it, oh just right
The way you make my body tense up and how you kiss me while we fuck.
Oh how you touch me in those special ways, it makes me quiver, I want you for days.
I love the way you make me feel, when your deep inside it makes me squeal.
You get me so horny I can’t help myself, so I get off then open my mouth.
Down between your legs is where I go, sucking your dick hard and slow.
I tease you a little then turn around cause you like it with my hands and knees on the ground
When you hit that shit hard from behind, I like it a lot, it makes my teeth grind.
After while the job gets done cause your fat ass dick really make me cum.
I believe that’s the best its ever been,
that’s why you’ll forever be my man up in…..

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2012-09-09 15:34:25
the old sea captain.There is a storm conmig.“How do you know?”“Ah the stars never lie.”It started raining.The sea captin said,“ Time to propere yourself”He took me inside his boat,I could hear the wind and the rain hit the water.The storm lasted for hours.Excellent, Samantha! I am impressed that you wrote in JF's style, but applied it to a new setting. Mrs R

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