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First try at a lesbian poem when i was 15,,
Lesbians dancing naked on the ceiling again,
treating each other as very good friends.
The audience stop and stare,
As the spread there thighs for each other to share.
Touching each other in all the right places, to busy to care about all the staring faces.
One kisses the others breasts with her soft gentle lips cause she knows her mate loves it when she plays with her tits.
The other slowly rubs her thighs, which she willingly spreads nice and wide.
She plays with her clit then inserts her fingers in, which makes the girl quiver and moan with a grin.
She couldn’t stand it any longer and went on down
She loves that sweet pussy taste in her mouth….
How good her tongue felt and she wanted pussy too so the two sixty-nined which they loved to do.
Licking each other in the most satisfying ways while they use their fingers to play in other things.
The two enjoyed themselves so very much,
The audience never looked away as the two girls fucked.
That’s a show I’d like to see,
Watching two woman do their thing.

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2012-09-09 13:43:36
mmmm. interesting sujebct Demian, I can only share with you my perception, gay people I think are like any other people they like , they look, they fall in love. I think, if you are a male ( good looking , perhaps like you) since I have not seen you ever in person, your gay male friend may have a secret crush on you, which is ok. because he knows it will never be and thus you can share your soul?? When it comes to lesbians though, that is a different beast and dynamic, I think, not having first hand knowledge, but in my opinion, first of all they are wonderful friends. As you point out perhaps a bit competitive? what I think is that lesbians have a tougher time with acceptance from people in general. They are seen as Weird by insensitive persons, they have been shunned and hurt. But in my mind since I have no first hand knowledge I think they are just people. They stick to themselves out of acceptance and self preservation. When the break up they are so wonderful (

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2012-02-17 02:23:57

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2011-12-27 22:13:53
this is a really nice poem i would so pay to see this show because im lesbian

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