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We travelled the next 10 minutes without saying a word, then “you got a bit of cum on your cheek honey” Pete said.
“um, Sorry babe” I replied and wiped it away, “I don’t know what came over me then,” I added,
“It was a lorry driver” he laughed as he said it, “did you enjoy it? That’s the main thing” he asked.
“well I just got carried away with the moment, I didn’t think at the time, but it made me so horny having him watch me as we drove, but when you stopped and the rest just happened, but I did enjoy it” I was blushing now, and felt a bit bad, even though he seemed to have instigated it.
“that was a dogging session honey, but with just 1 other guy, some women have loads of blokes and even couples watching them,” he looked kind of lost as he spoke, and I felt like I had betrayed him the same as he betrayed me in the states, but I could see how he would have got sucked in, (pardon the pun).
We travelled the rest of the way listening to music, and not really saying much, until we pulled into the car park to park the car, “I smell of sex, and I,ve got to stand there and book in here, what will they think of me?” i asked.
“just take a seat in reception babe” Pete said and squeezed my leg, “you look sexy with those hard nipples, and I cant wait to get you upstairs” he carried on.
I sat on 1 of the large sofas in the reception area as Pete checked us in, I was just watching everybody milling around doing there jobs, when a member of the hotel staff caught my eye, he was wiping down tables, but staring at me, I could feel his eyes on my tits, as my nipples poked against my thin white blouse, it was obvious he could see them stickin out, my pussy started to itch and I moved uncomfortably on the sofa, I was getting horny, and more aware of his eyes looking me up and down, and parted my legs as far as my skirt would allow, I don’t know if he could see my pussy from where he was but he was looking directly at my open legs. Just at that moment Peter called my name, I turned on the sofa, and my skirt went up, “are you coming then babe” he said, I heard an ashtray smash on the floor, and turned back to see my admirer looking at my now on show pussy, with his mouth wide open, I laughed to my self and got up and went up to our room……
As soon as I shut the door behind us I dropped my skirt to the floor and demanded Pete eat my soaking pussy, he didn’t need to be asked twice and was between my legs like a ferret in a rabbit hole,,,, I looked down at the top of his head as he lapped at my pussy, “lick my clit and finger my cunt and ass,” I shouted, I felt 2 fingers enter my wet pussy and then withdraw, and push against my ass, 1 finger went in and started fingering my backdoor, then another finger, then I felt fingers in my pussy and this made me squeal out load, my juices were flowing down my thighs and I was pushing my ass down on his fingers, and started coming, screaming for him to fuck my cunt, cum all over me, and things of that nature,,, he stood up in front of me with my juices on his face, I grabbed his head and started to lick his face tasting my cum, he forcefully pushed me against the door with a bang, ripped my blouse open buttons popping everywhere, and bit on my nipples, he dropped his trousers and held my arms above my head and fumbled till his cock found the entrance to my pussy and thrust forward, ramming it hard right up inside me making me gasp, I was pinned up against the door, and he was fucking me with so much force I was on tip toe and banging against the door, he was like a man possessed as he moaned and started cumming in side my pussy, he let go of my hands and I fell to the floor, he rubbed his cock in my face until he found my mouth and started fucking my face, with each thrust banging my head against the door, I,ve never known him like this befor and I liked it…. He maoned again that he was going to cum and pushed me down onto my back on the floor he put 1 knee either side of my waist and wanked his cock, his spunk spurted from the head onto my face and chin he moved back a bit and shot more hot cum on my tits and nipples, then grabbed me by the hair and pushed his cock back in my mouth, and shot another spurt to the back of my throat befor falling backwards in a heap between my open legs. I moved over to him and layed next to him on the floor, and started to scoop the spunk from my chest and lick it off my fingers, I leant over and kissed him full on the lips, and let him taste his own cum from my tongue, he then blew me away with what he said, “sit on my face bitch, I want you to cum all over my face” and then pulled hard on my spunky nipples and then sucked his fingers, “I,m full of your cum, and you want me to sit on your face” I asked shocked,
“mmm, at least its my SPUNK this time” he emphasised “but the weekend has only just begun” he adde.
I stood and moved over him, I could feel his cum on my thighs and still inside my pussy, as I started to squat down over his outstretched tongue I could feel my lips part and I looked down just In time to see a blob of spunk fall onto his tongue, now it was my turn to fuck his face and sank down onto his tongue, that entered my pussy and started licking about inside, a couple of minutes later and I was ready to cum and started moving my pussy about all over his face, losing his tongue, and finding his nose, his cheeks and even forehead just rubbing my pussy and clit all over him till I started cumming on his face, I just kept moving all over him and dripping my juice as I went, by the time I got off he had mine and his cum all over his face, I layed back down next to him and we kissed so passionately I could taste us both,,, “time for a shower together I think.” He said and went off into the bathroom……………………………………….
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