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This is my second one.. constuctive criticism is welcome thank you..and please comment
I guess that one time with my bro-in law Dennis changed my life. I was a bit more grown up and I wasn’t that immature kid anymore. I started watching porn and thinking about a lot of weird and freaky things. If loosing my virginity that summer wasn’t good enough I had another awkward mind altering encounter.
Dennis and his best friend were so close you would mistake them for lovers. Well he had a daughter that I knew from Jamaica Abby. She was younger than me and I hadn’t seen her in years. When Dennis` friend invited me over for a sleepover I thought it would be the best time for Abby and I to catch up. When I got there I was a bit stunned when I saw her. She was way bigger than I was and a lot more mature looking. She had a pair of nice C cups and a round firm ass.
We greeted each other like we had seen each other the day before. The adults left us alone that night to do what teenage girls did at sleepovers. We watched a nice movie and ate popcorn on the couch. We spent most of the time talking about our lives and school and stuff.
“Do you have a boyfriend” I asked.
“Yeah totally do you?” she responded.
“No not really” was my answer. I wasn’t lying technically I had no idea what Dennis was to me at the moment. Then I got a bit bolder.
“Are you a virgin?” I blurted out.
“No I have sex all the time!”
I was sort of shocked because she said it like it was no big deal.
“How gay are u?” She asked turning to face me on the couch.
“Ummm…..Not at all” I said slowly.
All she did was smile and started watching TV again. We watched a couple more movies in silence until it was really late and we had to go to bed. It was sort of a small bed but I guessed we could both hold. I asked for the corner to the wall and I jumped in. She attacked me with a pillow and a fight to the death began. At one point we threw the pillows away and were just wrestling. I got too rough and I heard a rip. I had torn the strap of her top and when she stood up one of her boobs was in full view. She made no attempt to cover it up instead she just stood there staring at me. I had to admit it was a pretty nice boob and I couldn’t help but stare. I got the nick name Titty because I had a thing for boobs when I was a baby (still do).She came and knelt in front of me and took her entire shirt off. I got up. “What are you doing!!?”
“I don’t know you tell me” she said in a soft yet slutty way. I backed away from her and towards the door. “Where are you going? I’m not going to hurt you?”
“I’ve never been with a girl before this is really weird”. I said a bit scared. She stepped forward and kissed me. I was a bit reluctant but I gave in eventually. It turned into a deep soft sensual kiss. We slid down the door until we were on the floor making out. I stopped kissing her and moved down to her soft boobs. Her nipples were hard and so inviting I just had to lick them. She started to moan “that feels so good” she said. I started sucking them and giving her an occasional bite which made her make soft mewling noises.
I then moved further down and pulled her little shorts. He pussy was shaved and dripping wet. I just knelt between her legs and stared at her wonderful body. Her cunt just looked so inviting. I had no idea what I was thinking but I uses instinct just took over. I ran my hand up and down her silt which made her close her eyes and moan. Just that alone made my hand wet. I put my fingers to her lips and she slowly licked her wetness from them. I put my hand back down to her pussy and spread her lips. I saw her clit and rubbed it with my finger. I didn’t stop because she was gasping and making the sexiest sounds. “I’m about to come!! Please don’t stop” she screamed. I didn’t want my fun to end just yet so I did stop and went back to kissing her soft juicy lips. She really wanted my hand back on her pussy. She started to put her hand on her clit but I stopped her, I wanted the pleasure of making her cum. I caught her hand and put it above her head.
“Let it stay there I growled”. I just wanted to drive her a bit wild. I spread her legs wide and gently rubbed my finger from her clit to her pussy.
“Oh god” she moaned please “fuck me”.
Because she wasn’t a virgin one finger wouldn’t do her justice. I rammed my two longest fingers up her snatch and she squealed out in pleasure. I pulled the out again ramming them up even harder, he whole body moved. I finger fucked her very fast and rubbed her clit with my other hand.
“Oh fuck o fuck” she screamed “I’m coming I’m coming!!”
I increased my speed. She started to wiggle and trust herself on to my fingers. She let out a loud groan as she had an explosive orgasm it was a minute before he body stopped convulsing. Both my hands were very wet. With a dazed look in her eyes she took my hands and licked all her sweet smelling juice off them. I saw that she was tired so I dressed her in what was left of her clothes and lead her to the bed. She fell asleep with my hand on her boob. I was still very horny and I really needed a way to get rid of it.

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Me too.Fckn Can't wait.

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fuuuuuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! do more please do more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg that was fucking awesome 10-10
much much better on the spelling with this one. I cant wait for the next part

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