Well here is the second part. I kind of overdosed on story in the first installment and left at a cliff hanger. The first 2 paragraphs are kind of a recap if you didnt read the first one. I personally like the first one better, but the third will balanced if this one gets feedback
I just sat there thinking over what had just happened between Katie and I. One minute we are watching
a dumpy action flick that was still somehow playing, and the next moment my sister is giving me handjob.
Even though it wasn’t funny at all, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I am not the type of guy that gets all
the ladies, or even a few, but for some reason my sister sees a guy inside me that I don’t show or am not familiar with. I kept going over the proposition that Katie had given me not two minutes ago. After a discussion on the rights and wrongs of incestual relationships she had concluded that if I meet her in her room later on tonight (actually “when I had recovered”, was the term she used) that we could take our relationship further, and if I don’t go to her room tonight we can just continue our relationship as normal brother and sister.
Both sides were weighing on me: no matter if I went to her room tonight or not our relationship was going to be different, as simple as that. Of course I now see Katie in a totally different way than two days ago. I realized how beautiful and thoughtful and all that other good stuff that makes a girl attractive. Even just thinking about it brought a photo of her up in my mind that showed her flowing reddish hair, her slender body, and her cute face. At that moment I realized that I felt feelings for Katie too strong for a brother and sister relationship. I came to the conclusion that I would at least go up to her room and have a talk with her.
I made my way up the stairs to her bedroom and just stood in front of her door. My heart was racing faster than it probably had ever done in my life and I couldn’t bring myself to knock. I finally mustered up the confidence to knock on her door; and probably did the least rhythmic knock ever. Katie answered with a come in. As soon as I had even opened the door an inch Katie threw it open and jumped on top of me. Being only roughly 100 pounds and pretty small, she just knocked me back a couple steps. She wrapped her legs around my waste and arms around my neck and immediately started making out with me. A little surprised, scratch that, very surprised; all I could do was kiss back. She was kissing so passionately that I could feel my pants getting tight. With me still carrying her, I maneuvered my way into her room and dropped onto her bed and pulled myself off of her. I told her to wait a second and that I only had a couple things to say. She gave me the biggest smile she could muster and then settled down. I started off by, of course, asking if this is what she really wanted. She got serious and crawled right up in front of me and said that she had never wanted anything more in her life. I took that as her probably wanting it pretty bad, but my 16 year old brain made me ask what was the thing that she wanted the second most, so that I could see what this was beating out. She looked at me for ten seconds before telling me to shut up and jumping on my lap and pushing my back to her bed to where I was laying down.
We had another nice little make out session that got my dick hard once more. She reached down and groped at my cock through my pants before pushing my waistband down a bit for easier access. I wondered how good she was going to be at sexual performance, ability, endurance, etc. because so far she outclassed me out everything we had done up to this point. As she was handling my cock the only thing I could think do was to feel up her chest again. I started rubbing her tits and she stopped for a second to take off her shirt, and that’s when I saw her breast in all their glory. The only boobs that I had seen were ones in porn on my computer, but they were always huge and probably fake. Katie’s breasts had a natural beauty to them; being only about a b-cup size, but she is 14 so what do you expect, they looked perfect to me. Her nipples were puffy and the overall shape was that of an orb. My first instinct was to suck on them and I did just that. I pulled her in close to where she was sitting on my stomach and leaned over me so that I could have access. She was no longer jerking me off or would have come shortly after I started sucking. First I would take her nipple in my mouth and run my tongue over it a couple times then I would nibble it ever so gently. Katie seemed to enjoy it because every time I would start and end the end the process she would give a small moan. After 10 minutes of nonstop sucking she pushed away from me (gently) and wiggled her way out of the small shorts that she was wearing. Oh my god was it a sight to behold, her pussy had a small runway tuft of hair just above the slit that proved my dream of her to be false, but this looked so much better, more sexually exciting and gave the eye more to take in and enjoy. The hair wasn’t the best part though; her pussy’s lips were open enough to where my eye had more to look over and the smell that was wafting through the air was enough to make my dick jump. Katie looked at me a little shyly because she was now fully naked I was still about full dressed. I decided that it wasn’t for her to be the only one nude here so I beckoned her over to help me out of my clothes. We pulled off my shirt and pants and boxers, and then just sat there for a few moments taking in each other’s bodies. I hoped she enjoyed looking at me as much I enjoyed looking at her because at that moment I was tempted to write a strongly worded letter to the president about banning clothing.
After we had each gotten an eye-full we started exploring each other’s bodies. We rubbed our hands over every square inch of each other before ending with the genitals. I was a little confused at what I should do with her pussy, but in pornos the guy always kind of just rubs the top of the slit, so I figured that would be a great place to start. As I put my fingers on her pussy she took an intake of breath and I looked at her curiously and she nodded to me to keep going. Her pussy was moist which kind of caught me off guard, but I knew that it meant she was horny; it was just the final thing that made me realize that she really did want this. Katie was rubbing her fingers along my shaft as I attempted to jack her off. After a few minutes she grabbed hand and told me to rub her; positioning my hand somewhat at the top of her slit and on a bump that I found out to be her clit. After only a couple seconds of rubbing her, she started moan more and more constantly which made me feel pretty good because I was so involved with I was doing I had almost forgotten that she was still playing with my cock.
I started to feel a little more confident, so confident in fact, that I edged the tip of my middle finger into her hole while still rubbing her clit with my thumb. As I got half the finger in, Katie started thrusting her hips back and forth on my hand. My hand at this point was sopping wet with her juices and Katie’s breathing started getting faster and faster and she moaning almost constantly. I looked up from my work into her face to see her making the sexiest face you can imagine. My cock jumped at the sight and suddenly become very aware that I was getting jacked off also and I could feel a climax approaching. I turned back to concentrating on Katie and I tried to get more of my finger inside of her, but something was blocking my advance and remembered back in sex education that a girl’s virginity was based off her hymen still being intact. It surprised me that she was still a virgin because of how seemingly straight forward she was about sex, but I digress. I was still rubbing away on her clit while still finger fucking her (kind of) and her still jacking me off. After only few more seconds of this I felt her body tense up and then her muscles started twitching and her pussy started rhythmically squeezing around my finger with juices engulfing my whole hand. This was enough to send me over the edge and I started shooting off jet after jet of cum in the air that landing on multiple places on her body, hair, and bed. After our climaxes had subsided we rolled off each other and laid there for what seemed like an eternity in blissfulness.
I apparently fell asleep at some point and woke up later that to Katie snuggled up on me. I had my arm around her and it just felt so right having her warm little body next to mine, with hair cranberry scented hair around me, and her soft fair skin touching mine. I eventually drifted back off asleep and woke up to Katie’s alarm going off. She had forgotten to turn the alarm off for the weekend and it was only 7:30 A.M. I reached over her and turned the alarm off, but it had already woke her up. We locked eyes and all we could do was just smile and giggle. Yesterday had felt like dream and today felt like the start of a brand new life for me. Katie got out of the bed first and went to go take a shower as I lay there going over last night’s events in my head. I hadn’t technically had sex with my sister, but I was alright with to the point of relief. Sex felt so final and was like signing a contract, plus I was sure that I was not ready for sex.
After we had each had a shower I went down to the kitchen to cook some breakfast. I wasn’t a chef but I knew the basics of cooking, and whipped up some scrambled eggs. I called up the stairs that breakfast was ready, and she promptly started making her way down to the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen wearing a short cut t-shirt (no bra) and another pair of ridiculously short shorts. I feel my dick start to tent my shorts and she noticed as well. Remarking on my cock, she said that I have either been having a good morning or I was happy to see her. I said back that it was a little of both and we sat down and enjoyed our meal. The meals chat was nice and we talked for about an hour after we had finished eating about anything and everything. After talking I came upon idea; the night before she said that none of her boyfriend’s ever gave her enjoyable dates. I rolled with this idea and told Katie that I was going out for about an hour and would be back. She asked if she could come with me and I giving her a mischievous wink and said it was going to be surprise.
I left and went around town thinking to myself on what to do. I came to the conclusion that any good date starts with a good meal, so I put in a reservation at a nice, but affordable because I am only 16, Italian restaurant. After dinner I tried to think of what to do next. As I said before I have only had a few girlfriends and they weren’t serious in the slightest, so I wasn’t fully sure what a good date would be. I decided that I would show her what a movie date should feel like and picked out a movie that wouldn’t have too many people our age going to because it may seem a little weird that I’m at a movie with only my sister. After I had the tickets and everything I stopped by the store and got a couple flowers. When I had gotten home I hid the flowers behind my back as I walked in so that it wouldn’t spoil my plan if she saw them. I lit a few candles and yelled for Katie to come down to the living room. When she got there she asked what was with the candles. I dramatically pulled the flowers out from behind my back and asked Katie if should would go out with me. She nodded her head and her eyes immediately teared up. She walked over to me and melted in my arms telling me how sweet, but also how dorky I was.

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What you didn't take a shower together

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