Finally she raised one hand and laid it on his arm and said, "Dennis, that was wonderful." Dennis looked down at her face with a look of wonder and pride and asked, "Can we do it again?"
**WARNING** This chapter is bit long, at about 7 typed pages. But I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday (Day 2)

Cindy lay there, on a blanket on the floor, still shivering from her recent orgasm. With her eyes closed she waited until her breathing was slow enough that she trusted her voice. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at Dennis. He sat there beside her just watching her, with a look of pure joy painted across his face. Finally she raised one hand and laid it on his arm and said, "Dennis, that was wonderful."

Dennis looked down at her face with a look of wonder and pride and asked, "Can we do it again?"

Cindy smiled up at the young man sitting naked beside her. About twelve hours ago she had allowed Dennis, her son's best friend, into their home to get out of the pouring rain. And through a series of random events she had ended up seducing him to satisfy her desperate sexual need. She still wasn't exactly sure how it had all happened. But here he sat, grinning down at her with a serious need of his own.

"First off, young man, I need to rest for just a moment." She said. She took that moment to rehash the last twelve hours in her mind. Dennis had rung her doorbell while she was desperately scouring the house for fresh batteries for her vibrator. She let him in because he was soaking wet from the rain, and he was always over their house visiting her son, Bobby. When she couldn't finish her 'play time' she came down stairs and caught him masturbating to images on the computer in the den. The particular images he was masturbating to were of a woman about her age and who looked almost exactly like her. That little discovery, and the fact that she was already sexually worked up, had tipped the scales that led to his seduction. After two fuck sessions and his first blow job she ended up promising to teach him about sex. Now, one shower and a finger banging later she was basking in the afterglow of his budding talents. Smiling, she sat up.

"Dennis, you were both gentle and you followed most of my instructions quite well. But before we do anything else I need to get some water. Would you like anything?" Cindy asked as she stood up.

"Only to get to the next lesson, Mrs. J." He replied eagerly. Cindy smiled as she walked to the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later with a pitcher of lemonade and two glasses. Placing them on one of the end tables she poured a glassful and slowly drank it down, watching her young as she did. He sat there looking up at her naked body. She filled the glass, walked over and offered him a drink. He took the glass, downed a quick swig and handed it back to her. She sat the glass beside the blanket (bending over in front of him as she did) and then sat down on the blanket, crossed legged, in front of him.

"Now, since you're so eager to learn more, let us discuss the art of cunnilingus or oral sex performed on a woman." She said. "You've heard about this I'm sure."

"Oh ya, the guys at school call it 'going down on a girl' or 'eating her out', but I always thought of it as a blow job for woman." He replied.

"That's the basic idea, yes." Cindy said. "It's very similar your last lesson, except you'll be using your mouth instead of your fingers. And it shows a woman how committed you are to pleasing her." She leaned in close to his face and said in a soft, but serious tone. "And women really enjoy it, a lot!" Sitting back she asked, "Are you ready to begin?"

"Oh hell yes, you bet I am Mrs. J!" He said in a voice of pure enthusiasm. Cindy didn't have to look down to notice the hard-on he had. But he seemed pretty eager to continue learning how to please her, so she figured she'd see how long he could go before he needed to be taken care of.

With that Cindy lay back down with her legs spread open and said, "Now, I'd like you to move down and lay between my legs with your face just in front of my pussy." As Dennis quickly climbed between her legs Cindy propped herself up with her elbows to watch him as he tried this for the first time. Dennis looked up at her for a moment and just smiled, before resuming his eager vigil staring at her crotch.

A slight shiver shot up her back as she looked down at the young man laying between her legs, staring at her shaved pussy, and who was about the give her oral pleasure. His soft, full lips were so close to her bare labia that she could feel his warm breath washing over her naked pubic mound.

"Now Dennis since you're looking at me from a different angle this time, why don't you take a minute to get a get a good look at the area before we begin the lesson." She told him. Dennis looked up at her and she said, "Yes, you can touch me if you like." With that him he began to explore. Cindy had to bite her lip as she watched his fingers begin gently spread her pussy lips to get a better view. After taking a good look Dennis began sliding a finger tip along each of her outer lips, before tracing that finger along the inner labia as well. He then slid the finger up and traced a little circle around her clit. He carefully avoided touching it directly, but the feeling (as well as the sight) of his finger moving around it caused her body to shudder slightly.

After a few minutes Dennis looked and asked, "This is really cool Mrs. J, so what do I do first?" Cindy had to smile at his eagerness before replying.

"Just like you did earlier with your fingers you're going to do now with your tongue and lips. You want to start off slow to get me excited and build up my anticipation." She said.

"Well, you're pretty wet already. Doesn't that mean that you're already excited." Dennis asked looking up. "I mean, when we first started you weren't nearly this wet."

"Very good Dennis, it actually does show that I'm excited and ready." She answered. "But that's because of what we just did. Now I'd like you to pretend that we're just starting out and you want to get me real excited. Don't just jump straight on my clit and have at it. Explore my pussy with your tongue and lips. If we really were just starting then caressing my body and playing with my breasts would be a good start. But since, as you've pointed out, I'm already wet with excitement then you can just start where you’re at if you like." She smiled again at his eager face before adding, "Oh, and don't forget to pay attention to my body language. It'll tell you what's pleasing me and what's not."

"Cool." Was all he said before turning back to look right at her pussy. Carefully he inched forward and she could feel his breath again. Her own breath was beginning to deepen slightly; partly because of his breath caressing her shaved, naked pubic area; partly because of the very sight of him about eat a woman's pussy, her pussy, for the very first time; but mainly because of the anticipation that was building up inside of her.

Dennis began licking straight up the middle of her pussy lips, from the base almost to her clit. Cindy took a deep breath at his tongue's first contact with her. She watched in utter fascination as this young man tackled his newest challenge. Dipping his head back down his tongue once again traced its way up between her pussy lips, except this time it pushed in just a bit deeper. Her sudden intake of breath caused him to look up momentarily, and with a wide grin he went right back to licking her.

Cindy watched as Dennis dipped his tongue back between her wet lips and began licking up and back down her slit. Her breath began to deepen further as his tongue slid a little deeper with each lick. Soon she felt him fully licking her inner labia with the tip passing over the entrance of her vagina again and again. A shudder ran through her as his tongue stopped to explore her vaginal entrance. His tongue flicked over it several times before burrowing down into it.

Cindy's back arched, her head fell back and a loud moan escaped her as she felt his tongue dart inside her. As his tongue began to make little circles within her a shuddering gasp escaped her. Slowly his tongue pulled out, and as she looked down she saw him glancing up at her. Suddenly he pressed his mouth against pussy and thrust his tongue in again. As his tongue reached as far inside as it could he began to circle it around inside her again. Again her back arched and another moan escaped her, but she kept watching. Several more times he did this before removing his tongue and slid it up towards her clit.

Once there he began to tracing little circles around it. Dennis tilted his head enough to look up at her without removing his tongue. Cindy let out another gasp as he tongue flicked over the clit. She saw him grin and then his tongue began flicking over her sensitive clit again and again. Again her back arched and she let out a loud moan as his assault continued. Cindy felt that he might not stop and she knew she couldn't take much more before she came again. But she wanted this to last so she reached down with one hand and gently pushed his head off her.

"Dennis," she gasped, "slow down a bit. We have all weekend after all." Dennis looked up at her for a moment before asking, "I heard that a woman can come again and again, all night sometimes, is that true?"

"Well yes, a lot of women can experience several orgasms during love making, depending on how eager their lover is to please them that is." She replied with a coy little smile. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just thinking that it would be OK to make you come now, and then make you come some more again later. I mean I really enjoy watching you come." He said.

"I see. Well I can’t exactly argue with that logic now can I?” When Dennis shook his head Cindy continued. “OK then, since you’re so eager to please me then lets teach you a couple of new tricks and see what you do them, shall we?” Dennis nodded his head vigorously and answered, “Yes ma’am.”

“You seem pretty good at using your mouth so far, but you do have two hands that you can use while your mouth is busy. First off, while you're 'going down on me' you should be able to reach up and play with my breasts." Dennis looked up at her breasts and got a little grin on his face.

Cindy continued, "Secondly you can use your other hand to stimulate the parts of my pussy that you're not licking." Dennis glanced down at her pussy with a thoughtful look on his face. When he looked back up at her she said, "But you have to be careful not to be too rough down there. Did you want to practice using your finger a little?"

"Yes, if I could." He answered. Cindy smiled at him and replied, "Yes you may, just remember to take it easy at first. You don't want to just start shoving fingers in and out of a woman without getting her warmed up first." When Dennis looked at her funny she said, "Go easy at first and I'll let you know when to get a little more 'vigorous'. Oh, and make sure your finger is wet before you start pushing it up inside of me. You can do that by using the juices already down there or in a pinch you can put your finger in your mouth. Either way it's easier, and less painful for me, if it's wet first."

Dennis took one finger and slowly began rubbing it up and down long her wet slit. Cindy sucked it her breath as the feelings this caused coursed through her. 'He really is enjoying this,' she thought, 'if I had a nickel for every time I let a boy do this to me...' She closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the feelings he was causing and thought about some of the many times she'd been in a similar situation.

...One time in particular came to her and her mind drifted with that thought as his fingers continued to probe her, just like their fingers had so long ago. It was summer and she had been babysitting to earn some spending cash. She use to baby-sit twin boys, just a couple years younger than herself, and their little sister. And one night things had gotten a little more interesting then usual...

Suddenly a shuddering gasp escaped her as she felt his lips latch onto clit. Dennis had one, maybe two fingers moving in and out of her pussy and was pinching one of her nipples at the same time. Her back arched up and another bolt of pleasure shot up her back. His fingers were now thrusting in and out of her at a good pace and his tongue was teasing her clit. His fingers began twisting her hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. Her breath started coming a little faster as he adjusted his hand position and his fingers started rubbing different spots within her. He seemed content for the moment after slowing down a bit and was just keeping the current pace. Her breathing didn't slow down though, and she knew it was only a matter a time.

Again her back arched and she suddenly gasped, as he changed hand positions again, which caused him to look up at her. Something had begun to rub against her sensitive ass hole and had almost caused her climax right then. Dennis quickly looked down and after a moment changed his hand position again. She was still breathing deeply, but her back slowly dropped back down. Her eyes were locked onto him when he looked back at her. His fingers were still pushing into and out of her when he suddenly switched hand positions again and she saw him grin as her body responded; that 'something' was rubbing against her ass again.

Her breathing quickened as looked into his eyes. He had discovered a new trick and was thoroughly enjoying not only that knowledge, but applying it. As she tried to control her breathing she realized what must be rubbing against the sensitive entrance to her ass. With his one hand playing with her breast, and by what she could see of her other hand it must be the knuckle of one of the fingers that wasn't already deep inside her. Each time his two fingers thrust back into her his knuckle pressed against ass again, and again. She saw him grin at her as she felt his hand adjust enough to cause even more pressure against her sensitive orifice. Again and again he rubbed it against her as his other fingers continued to thrust into her pussy.

Without warning he pulled his fingers out of her and replaced them with one of his other fingers. She knew this because she now saw his first two fingers sliding up alongside her clit and something else entered her vagina. The feeling of the fingers sliding next to her clit caused a new ripple of pleasure to course through her. Again he smiled up at her as if he'd discovered something. But after a few strokes he removed his fingers again. As his first two fingers slid past her clit his eyes followed them, and he didn't look back up until the tips were touching her vaginal entrance once again.

Cindy was practically holding her breath as she watched him, not sure what he was about to do. Rubbing his finger tips just at that entrance of her waiting pussy he looked back up and smiled at her. He then looked down at his hand again. She felt his fingers begin to enter her again, but they'd only just gotten a short way inside of her when she felt something press against her ass again. Another shuddering breath escaped her as he looked up into her eyes again and she felt his fingers start to push forward again. As his fingers push forward the thing pressing against her pressed even harder. His fingers pulled back slightly and pushed forward again, but the thing pressing against her ass continued pressing with a constant pressure. His fingers got into a rhythm of pulling back and pushing forward, and each time they pushed forward the thing at her ass pressed harder.

As her breathing began to quicken she suddenly realized it must be one of his other fingers pressing against the entrance to her sensitive ass. A little jolt of fear hit her as she realized what was about to happen. Any second Dennis was going to push two of his fingers deep into her pussy, and one up her ass. Another shuddering intake of breath caught them both by surprise. He grinned again as he continued to look into her eyes. His fingers were now pushing more vigorously and the one at her ass was seriously distracting her thinking. Her breath was now deeper and she watched him glace at the movement of her chest as it began to heave gently, before looking back at her face. Again and again his fingers pushed partially into her pussy and pressed against her ass. Her eyes darted from his eyes to the hand at the her pussy and back again. Suddenly the hand playing with her breast moved downward. When it reached her pussy his placed a single finger on top of her clit and began to gently rub the finger back and forth.

A massive wave of pleasure shot through her as her body began to tremble. As another wave hit her she knew she was about to come. Suddenly Dennis took his finger off of her clit, his other fingers continuing their attempt to fully penetrate both her pussy and ass at the same time. As Dennis watched her face he seemed to be waiting for something. Then Cindy understood. He was waiting for her to give him permission to try his new trick. The boy was learning quickly and her body had already reached the point of denying him nothing. Slowly she nodded her head to him, and with a triumphant smile he pushed his hand forward.

Cindy fell backward as her back arched upward and her hands grabbed the blanket with all her might. She felt two fingers push up inside her pussy and a third push deep into her ass at the same time. A fourth finger began rubbing her clit softly and she knew she wouldn't last long. As she started to thrust her hips up to meet his hand, the finger on her clit disappeared and the fingers inside her slowed their pace, but didn't stop. She was breathing so hard at this point that she couldn't sit-up, but she raised her head just enough to look at him. He was looking straight at her with a very excited, eager and hungry look on his face. As she watched, his other hand began softly sliding up her body. When it reached her breast he began to gently brush his fingers lightly across it, back and forth. The fingers within her pussy and ass were still slowly moving in and out of her, she knew it wouldn't be long if he kept it up. He was watching her face intently, as if searching for something. As the fingers in her pussy continued to thrust in and out of her, the finger in her ass was driving her nuts. He was not only thrusting it in and out of her, but it felt as if he was moving it around every time it was inside her. Another shuddering gasp came forcefully out of her as another wave a pleasure shot through her body. As she felt yet another wave building she looked into his eyes again. His intent scrutiny of her was becoming as intoxicating as his fingers. She closed her eyes as the next wave hit. Her whole body shook for moment until the wave washed over her. When she open them again she felt another wave building as his fingers began to thrust harder. Her hips began to thrust upwards again to meet his hand movements and she saw him smile wide at this. Suddenly the nipple of breast he'd been caressing was locked in a tight pinch. As she gasped out loud and felt her pending orgasm building, she watched his head dropped down towards her pussy. Then her world exploded.

When she felt his lips locked onto her clit and his tongue rubbing over it roughly her body went crazy. Her hips began to thrust upwards of their own accord and her body locked up at the most intense orgasm crashed through her. His fingers thrust even harder into both her pussy and ass, his other fingers pinched and rolled her nipple like a hard marble and his tongue twirled her engorged clitoris held tightly between his lips. As her own thrusts and gyrations grew stronger his one hand left her breast and he flung his arm across her stomach in an attempt to hold onto her. Again and again she felt the finger plunged into and out of her sensitive ass as his tongue danced on her sensitive clit. Over and over her body thrust upward to meet his hand as it thrust against her ass and pussy. Again and again, wave after wave of passion washed over her. Her mind was lost in euphoric pleasure as her body thrashed about.

After what seemed like an hour (though she knew it couldn't have been) she felt her body coming down. As she fought to catch her breath she felt her body begin to succumb to exhaustion and the waves of passion begin to recede. Finally she lay there, covered in sweat and thoroughly spent. She basked in the afterglow of passion and it took her a minute to remember that Dennis was still there. At some point had removed his hands, and fingers, from her body. In fact he wasn't touching her at all. When she finally could manage to, she propped herself up and looked at the young man sitting between her legs and smiling down at her. When she had finally caught her breath she said, "You seem pretty pleased with yourself."

"Oh I am. That was cool beyond anything I've ever read about or seen online." He replied with a huge grin on his face.

"Well I'm glad you found that entertaining." She said, and then she looked down at his lap and noticed a hard dick looking back at her. "I suppose I should return the favor. What would you like to try next?" She asked.

Dennis looked down towards her crouch a moment and then back into her eyes. She smiled and thought, 'sore or not, he's earned it'. "Come here." She said raising her arms towards him. Dennis slowly began to crawl between her legs again

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