This one is easily my favorite because goes deeper into their feelings and was just a joy to write. This one is also considerably longer than the rest, and I recommend reading it all at once.
The phrase “Oh my god” can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on the tone of the person saying it determines the meaning of it. Such as on your birthday, it someone gets you the gift that you have been yearning for, you may say “Oh my god” in a squeal or astonished tone, and probably follow it with a thank you. Another way of saying it may be if you are mowing the lawn and you find a snake slithering through your grass; you may say “Oh my god” in a yell, and use a few choice words afterwards. One last way of saying “Oh my god” is when you are in utter shock; suppose you were at a teaching conference all weekend and you come back early because you are starting to miss your kids and you walk into one of their rooms and find your son and daughter sleeping in the same bed.

“Oh my god” is what woke me and my sister up this Monday morning. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was only 7:12 A.M. and was a little confused at what was going on. I looked at Katie and saw that she was also looking at the clock and had confused look in her eyes. Then I heard what had woke us up again; “Oh my god”, I looked at my doorway and saw mom staring at us with eyes that looked somewhere in between sadness and anger. I quickly hopped out of bed, which probably was not the best move considering I was completely naked, and stumbled over to my mom and escorted her down the hallway. I had no idea where I was taking her, but I needed a few seconds to think. A million thoughts were running through my mind because I had not even given a thought about the consequences if we were caught. When we had gotten to the end of the hallway, my mom stopped our progress and told me to go put some clothes on and meet her in the living room, she also told me to bring Katie.

I stared at her for a few seconds and she repeated herself, but this time adding a firm “now” to the end of it. Completely speechless, I made my way back to my room. Katie was staring at me fearfully and she asked what mom had said. I told her that Mom wants us to meet her downstairs. Katie looked like she was about to cry and I could not blame her; my heart felt like it was pounding a hole in my chest. I told Katie to go put on some clothes and meet me in the hallway so that we could go together. She just nodded back to me and scurried off out of my room. I sat down on my bed and put my head in my hands. This was the happiest weekend of my life and now I felt like an asshole who just managed to screw up my own life and Katie’s. After a few moments of thinking, I determined that the best course of action would be to face my mom and accept the consequences. I got dressed and went outside my room and waited for Katie to meet me. After a few moments she walked out of her room, wearing the most conservative clothing she owned, and met me and we began journey to the living room; together.

After a few steps Katie stopped and asked me if I had any plan of getting us out of this. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had pretty much given up, so instead, I told her that I was still working on it. When we finally made it into the living room mom was waiting for us on the couch. She pointed at two chairs to her right and left and told us to sit. As soon as we had taken our seats mom started off by asking what she had just saw. Katie quickly asked her what she meant, and mom turned to her and said very slowly and sounding out each syllable “why were you and David sleeping in the same bed, and why was he (she pointed a finger at me while still looking at Katie) naked?” On the word naked I hatched a plan in my head that would not throw off mom’s suspicion, but would take the situation to a smaller level. The plan developed quickly because I remembered that mom had not seen that Katie was also naked because I had led her out of my room. I answered her question saying that Katie had come into my room sometime last night complaining that it was cold in her room. Mom followed my statement with questions about why I was naked. I told her that I sleep in the nude and that I was so tired when Katie came in my room that I did not bother to put on any clothes. She then asked why I had led her out of the room so quickly, and thinking fast, I told her that I knew the scenario looked extremely abnormal and wanted her away before any irrational assumptions entered her mind. Mom stared intently at me and I put on the straightest face I could. Mom then looked over at Katie who was white as snow and had a few tears in the corners of her eyes. Knowing that mom would probably not be willing to say out loud, even if she was thinking it, that she had assumed that Katie and I were sleeping together, I let out an anxious giggle and asked mom what she thought had happened. Her face instantly changed to a look of embarrassment and she said something about motherly worries. Knowing that the situation was successfully defused, I said to mom that we needed to go get properly ready for school and that any other questions could wait until later today.

I got up and as I walked by Katie I tapped her shoulder and said that we should her hurry up. We made our way back upstairs and when we got to the top Katie stopped us and said that we needed to talk after school. Knowing exactly what she meant by that, I told that we did and I went to my room. I felt relief when I was in my room that we had just dodged a bullet. I got ready for school and went back downstairs and waited for Katie. Mom had, at some point, gone to her room to get dressed because she also had to get ready for school; so I was once again relieved that I was not going to be questioned further while waiting. After a few minutes Katie came down and met me and we went to my car and headed to school.

School was just as boring as every other school day, but the minutes seemed to drag on forever, making the day feel even worse. When school was over I drove me and Katie back home. The drive was silent for the whole way, except when Katie uttered a barely audible “thank you”, and nothing else. When I pulled into the driveway I saw that mom was not home yet, like usual because she usually had to stay at the school for an hour or two, so I figured that this would be the best time to talk. As soon as we walked through the door Katie pulled me over to the couch and started off by flat-out asking if we should keep this up. I told her that it probably was not the best idea, but a wave of sadness fell over me at these words. Katie’s eyes instantly started to water and she just gasped out that I was right. On the last word tears started leaking from her eyes and my first instinct was to grab her into a tender hug. I told her that no matter what, I would still there for her more than a brother could imagine. She cried in my arms for what felt like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. The sound of her crying made me feel so bad about myself for going against my better judgment and going to her room Saturday night.

After a few more minutes of me holding her she pulled away from me and gasped out that she was going to her room and that she would see me at dinner. The sight of her walking away made feel even worse. I should have stopped her right there and said that everything was going to be okay and that we could work out how we were going to see each other; or I could have went up behind her, pulled her around to face me and given her the most passionate kiss I could muster. I did not do any of those things and I just stared after her.

At some point I fell asleep on the couch and was woken up by the sound of mom opening the front door. She saw me on the couch and asked me where Katie was. I told her that she was up in her room and I lay back down on the couch; then sat back up and asked when dinner was. Mom told me that dinner would not be for a couple more hours and that I should just lay back down. I fell back asleep and was awakened to mom telling me dinner was ready and that I should go get Katie. I stumbled up the steps with a feeling of dread in my stomach. I knew it was going to be hard to go back to being just brother and sister and I felt that the process would be much smoother if I saw Katie as little as possible. I got to her door and knocked and without waiting for a reply I said that dinner was ready. By the time I had made it to the bottom of the steps I heard Katie’s door open and heard her soft footsteps start making their way down the hallway. The sound gave me a pang of guilt that I was not even willing to face her, and I felt even worse than I already did.

Dinner that night was silent except when mom asked how our day went at school, which we both just answered with a quick “okay”. After dinner Katie and I went straight to our bedrooms and stayed there for the rest of the night. I somehow fell back to sleep at a pretty early hour and woke up sometime in the middle of the night to what sounded like a familiar tapping on my door. I listened to see if I would hear it again, but when it did not sound again, I just went back to sleep. The next couple days were the longest and worst of my life. Even though I was avoiding Katie, except at meals and drives back and forth from school, I could not get her out of my head. She was just stuck in mind with her beautiful red hair, gorgeous features, and great personality. I would constantly revisit our most intimate moments and play them back in my head over and over again; plus every night for the last couple days I get woken up at crazy hours to a tap on my door that never sounds twice. Katie also looked like a wreck; she barely ever talked and her face had not shown any happiness over the last couple days. Mom was starting to think that were getting sick and I was amazed that she hadn’t put two and two together yet.

It’s Thursday and today is going by as shitty as all the other days since me and Katie’s mutual agreement that we should not see each as anything more than a normal relationship. The ride to school nearly drove me insane with the small of her cranberry shampoo wafting through my car and the drive back was just as bad. I do not how I could have fallen for my sister this bad, but something had to change or life seemed like it was going to be like this forever. At dinner everyone was quiet as usual, except for mom’s usual inquiry about how the day had gone. That night I could not sleep at all; I compulsively kept looking over at the clock hoping that the night would just end. The hours ticked away slowly and by the time it was 3:00 in the morning I had given up hope of sleep. That is when I heard it; there was a light tap on my door. Being fully awake, I reacted quickly and went to the door and opened it to find Katie standing there in her white shirt and cotton shorts that she always wore to bed.

Katie gave me a somewhat pained smile and I was so shocked that I just stood there. This was obviously not the reaction that she hoping for and I could see tears starting to form in her eyes. I came to my senses and went out to meet her. I gave her a quick hug and led her back into my room, closing the door behind me. I turned a lamp on and was mesmerized by the way the shadows danced on her skin. I stood in front of her while she sat on my bed, and broke the silence by saying the very sensitive phrase “what’s up”. Her face broke into a smile at these words, which in turn made me smile that she had shown some happiness. Feeling like I was going to have to get this conversation going, I asked her if she tapped on my door every night for the last few days. She finally said that she had, and that she had prayed that I would answer every time. This brought me to ask her what it was that she needed; she answered saying that she wanted to talk with me. She followed with saying that she had been thinking a lot over the last couple days and that she had come down to one thing that she wanted to ask me. I asked what it was and she grabbed my hands and pulled me down to where I was on my knees in front of her, while she was sitting on my bed. She stared into my eyes asked the question that I probably could not have answered better even if I had years to think about it. While staring into my eyes she asked if I loved her. I said of course, you are my sister, I… She stopped me and asked again if I loved her, and looked back into her eyes and said that I could never love anyone as much as I loved her. On that her face broke into a smile and few tears welled up into her eyes. I asked her if she was okay and she responded by jumping on me hard enough to knock me on my back, and next thing I knew we were kissing more passionately than we ever had. Only breaking our faces apart to pull each others tops off, we kissed for what felt like years.

After several minutes of non-stop making out, Katie slipped off me and started to pull my shorts and boxers off. I lifted my ass in the air so that she could pull them off all the way. She looked at my erect cock and started with a few kisses to the tip of it. She then put her lips around the tip and started to suck slowly at first, but began to quickly build speed. I don’t know how I lasted several minutes without cumming because when I imagined heaven, this is what I thought it felt like. When she had sucked me to my climax I told her I was about to cum, and to my surprise she kept on sucking my cock. I had reached my climax and started shooting jet after jet of warm cum into my sister’s small mouth. She could not handle it all and a lot of it dribbled out of her mouth and onto my floor. She looked up at me and asked if I liked the ending. I told her that she was going to like hers more. I sat up picked her up and laid her on my bed. I sucked her nipples back and forth for a little while until I went south and stumbled upon her pussy. She was wetter than I had ever felt her being and went straight to work eating her out. Her pussy looked better than it did a couple days ago, her juices tasted better than they had, and I enjoyed it much more this time. As soon as my tongue touched the lips of her pussy a shock shot through her body and her muscles gave a little jerk. I continued to lick my tongue up and down her pussy lips and then started licking her clit. She was close to an orgasm before long, and I started working harder to take her the rest of the way. Just when she was writhing around and moaning heavily she pulled away from. A little confused I looked at her quizzically, but she just patted the area of the bed beside her. I crawled up next to her and she pushed my back to the bed and then got on top of me.

She swooped down and gave me kiss before grabbing my cock and pushing it against my stomach. Katie then started to rub the lips of her pussy up and down the length of my cock. Realizing where this was going, I grabbed her and flipped her over to where I was on top and in control of the situation. I looked down into her eyes and asked if we were really ready for this. She responded by pulling my face to hers and giving me a long kiss. She then opened her legs more so that I could have easier access and I brought the tip of my cock to her opening. I moved my dick up and down her pussy before I pushed the tip of my dick into her. She let out a sharp breath and I looked up to see her face showing signs of pain. Knowing that the pain had to get worse before it got better, I pushed my cock a little deeper. She was so tight that I had to use a little bit force just to get it to move even a centimeter, but the way her warm pussy was gripping my cock was easily the best feeling of my life. After a few minutes of me very slowly pushing my cock deeper I ran into what I was dreading; her hymen. In sex education the teacher said that the girl will bleed and feel pain when it is broken, and I did not want to do that to my sister. When my dick bumped into her hymen she took another sharp breath. I looked at her and said that she should brace herself; she nodded and closed her eyes. I put slightly more pressure and her hymen didn’t budge. I then realized that the best way would be just a quick thrust and let the pain come and go. I bit my lip and thrust into her harder and I felt her hymen break. She let out a fairly loud cry and I immediately dipped down and wrapped my arms around her, with my dick still inside her, and whispered in her ear to let me know when to keep going.

After only a few moments she nodded and said to keep going, but slowly. Feeling a little blood start to trickle down my balls, I pulled out slowly and back in at the same pace. After minutes upon minutes of slowly going in and out I felt Katie’s body relax a little bit, so I figured the pain was starting to subside. My thrusts slowly got quicker and quicker to where I was going at a decent pace, and as my pace got faster Katie actually started moan a little in what I hoped was pleasure. I could only get in about three quarters of my dick before it felt like I was bottoming out. After only a few minutes of fucking my sister at a fast pace, I felt another orgasm forming in my balls. I went for a big finish by going all out fucking her even faster, and realized that I should probably pull out before it was too late. I pulled out just in time to blow considerable size load onto her stomach and chest. Then I just collapsed and rolled to where I was beside her. Katie looked at me with a smile on her face, and all I could do was smile back before she started kissing me again, and then snuggled up on to me and fell asleep in a matter of seconds. I just laid there staring at her hair, her cute face, her small warm body, and realized that I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world.

In no time sleep started to creep up on me and right before drifting off I made sure the alarm was set and said a quick prayer that mom would not check on us tomorrow morning.

This may be the last part, I feel like I closed the story, but this is such a great storyline to write that I may make a fifth out of spite.

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