The notorious Pirate Emerald chooses a reluctant queen
Captain Quincy Emerald
Of the Legacy Pirate Series

Isabella struggled as two men gagged her, put a sack over her head, bound her arms and feet, and proceeded to carry her the uncomfortable journey down to the docks. It was about a mile and seemed to drag on forever as her panic settled in. She’d been kidnapped and was no doubt headed for a ship of some kind since she could make out the sounds of the water and smell the fishing boats nearby.
She knew it was risky to be out past sunset, especially unescorted, but she needed to try and reach medical help with the fever her father was running. Even cloaked in a hood, she obviously couldn’t escape the dangers that awaited a young woman in the streets past dark. Time and again her father had warned her. This time he was too sick and while normally she’d never take such a venture, she felt she had no choice. It was a matter of life and death. Life and death indeed.
The men who carried her made not a sound, though she could hear other voices not far away. She was placed to lie in a small boat and she tried at that point to fight against the ropes that bound her.
“Don’t fuss or y’ell be fit to drown if ye tip us over,” a raspy male voice said. Another male voice laughed quietly in response. It was apparent that they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. She felt her face flush with tears as the helplessness swam over her. If only she could scream.
* * *
Captain Quincy or otherwise known as Pirate Emerald stood aboard the deck of his ship, spy glass in hand waiting for a sign that his men were returning with what he considered precious cargo. In his line of work, just the scent of a woman was precious.
Over the past seven years he’d been celebrating his victory of capturing the ship known as the Legacy. It was known to few that at the time of her capture that she was carrying the Emerald Sword which was to be a gift to the Queen. When Quincy caught wind of such news from one of his land spies, he knew that this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for. The reward was certainly worth the risk of death.
Yes, he was notorious now through out the seas, he thought and smiled as two small boats came into view. He had the Legacy, he had the Emerald Sword, and in celebration every year, he would make a beautiful young woman the Emerald Queen.
Quincy brought his spy glass away from his eye as he saw that all three boats were nearly there. His anticipation at seeing the three women made his groin tingle.
As each small boat was brought back aboard, the men worked quietly and efficiently.
“Bring them before me,” Quincy commanded. Immediately, the men who had collected the women brought them over and laid them down on the deck in front of their captain.
“Let us be off!” He called to the men of the ship.
Activity quickly commenced in effort to get as far away from the shore as quickly as possible. Everyone knew that once they were at a safe distance their captain would reveal the three candidates for the Emerald Queen. It was one of the few leisurely moments they had and certainly a memory of beauty to hold onto in times of danger or loneliness.
* * *
Isabella could see nothing as the sack was still covering her head. She knew that she had boarded a larger vessel and knew that she was most likely laying before it’s captain. The thoughts that crossed her mind about what would happen to her made her cringe on the gag in her mouth. Her only comfort was the small possibility that she was not alone. She heard the man say “them” and then felt what she believed to be someone laying on her right.
“Welcome aboard, ladies,” she heard a deep male voice say. It sounded thick with satisfaction. Isabella realized that she was correct, she was not alone. It was again confirmed when the girl next to her jumped at the male voice.
“Be at peace, for you will not be harmed,” he said. “Well, at least not yet.”
Isabella could feel her heart beating through the entire length of her body. Her pulse was racing. Not yet? Not yet?!
“You may have heard of me, I am Captain Quincy Emerald.” He continued. “Rest yourselves while we reach the appropriate distance. When we get there, I will remove your bindings.”
Isabella was concentrating so hard on his voice that she was having trouble processing the content of his words. Was she to be released? No, that couldn’t be. Remove the bindings, but not set free. Was he to rape them in front of the crew? She couldn’t possibly bear it. And what was his name again? Quincy Emerald. As in Pirate Emerald?!! She wished she could faint dead away.
* * *
Quincy looked down at the three young fresh bodies. Their breasts were heaving in fear and his fingers ached to touch them. The men he sent out in search of the beauties knew him well enough to know the physical attributes he appreciated. He liked his women fit, but with enough meat on their bones to fill the right spots. He liked long legs, a smooth belly, big eyes, and plush lips. The color of hair, eyes, and skin didn’t matter. In short he just plain liked pretty women. Looking at their bodies, from what he could see, Quincy decided that the ladies lying before him easily met his criteria. Even if they weren’t a perfect match, he wasn’t a stickler for such things because women were a pain in the ass, not to mention a luxury beyond everything else.
He cut their binding to their feet and arms with a knife, and then called out to his crew, “It’s time! Let the celebration begin!”
His men cheered as they gathered around. He took the sack off of the first girl revealing dark hair pinned back with some tendrils that got loose on the journey there. She had large dark eyes to match her hair, and a full trembling mouth. The men cheered as he cut her gag.
“Stand,” Quincy commanded her. She stood up with legs shaking. It quickly became evident that she was from a poorer family by her worn dress, but it was of no dispute that she was striking to the eye. The men burst into cheers, whistles, and were shoving to get a closer look.
Quincy repeated the procedure with the next girl. She had long flowing red hair that fell to her waist in waves. Her skin was very pale and when he cut her gag she screamed long and hard. For a deafening moment everything went silent and then the men cheered even loader. Quincy commanded her to stand as well. She didn’t move, clearly out of fear so he hauled her to her feet to face the crowd of pirates. He rolled his eyes as the girl looked ready to faint. He had to pause before moving on to be sure she didn’t topple over.
Finally, he came to the last girl. He pulled the sack from her head to discover another fair skinned face. She had greenish eyes and golden manicured hair. He cut her gag and commanded her to stand with the others. She stood proud with a defiant angry raised chin. Quincy smiled. At least he didn’t have to worry about her fainting. No, it was apparent that this young woman believed herself to be far above such non-sense despite the danger of such and attitude under the circumstances. The men hollered perversities at her and she merely glared.
When she had finally had enough she shouted in defense, “Fools!” The men barked with laughter. Quincy enjoyed watching this spoiled girl get some humility. She certainly was in need of being brought down a notch or two. When the girl was finally humbled to tears, he decided that the men had looked their fill and it was time to get back to work.
“Logan, take them down,” he called out.
As the women were escorted below decks, the men gave small protests and reluctantly dispersed to get back to their jobs.

* * *
Isabella’s tear filled eyes adjusted to the darkness of the below decks. She and the other ladies were escorted by the man named Logan to the confinement area with hay beds and trays of fruit that was clearly meant to be the place where they would reside. After they were locked in, the man named Logan stood watch just outside of their confined space.
“This be where you’ll remain over the nex many months,” Logan informed. “Yer basic needs will be met til tis time.”
“Time for what?” Isabella asked.
“Time to see which of ye be the Emerald Queen,” he answered as if she should know.
The red head looked petrified so Isabella took the opportunity to introduce herself.
“I am Isabella.”
“I am Charlotte,” she returned.
“And I am Sarah,” the brunette supplied quietly.
Isabella found courage in knowing that she was not alone which caused her to lash out at the men earlier. She had learned her lesson though. The fools were relentless. She was working her mind as she looked at the ladies wondering if somehow together they could figure out some means of escape. Her father, provided that he didn’t die of fever, would surely send men looking for her.
“It doesn’t appear that they will kill us anytime soon,” she said as she looked at their surroundings to make her point.
“Do either of you not know of the Pirate Emerald?!” Charlotte exclaimed.
“I know of him and how he got the sword,” Isabella supplied.
“Yes, but what is he doing with us?” Sarah asked.
“You don’t know about the Emerald Queen?” Charlotte looked flabbergasted. “Every year Pirate Emerald picks out the most beautiful women from the land he docks at in the summer. He keeps them aboard a whole year,” she proceeded to tell them in an exasperated whisper. “It is said that half way through his voyage, he will strip the women in front of the entire crew and pick one to be the Queen. She will be his for the remainder of the voyage and at the end, she will return home with the others.”
“How awful!” Isabella’s jaw dropped.
“It used to ruin a woman,” Charlotte carried on. “But Pirate Emerald is notorious for his choice in beauty, so the gentlemen have fought to marry the last two Queens once they were returned.”
“Really?!” Sarah’s interest was clearly piqued. The opportunity to have gentleman interested in her despite her poor financial situation would be a benefit that she shouldn’t pass up.
“What happens to the two that aren’t deemed the Emerald Queen?” Isabella wondered with fear.
“I don’t know,” Charlotte frowned. They go back into holding I suppose.”
Isabella was not satisfied with that answer. Though she was in what appeared to be place where no immediate harm would come to her as the captain said, she suddenly didn’t feel safe at all.
* * *
6 Months Later
* * *

Quincy had been waiting 6 long months for this day to arrive. His precious cargo had been safely stowed away until the perfect moment of celebration, a time when he and his men needed it most. The midway point in the season was a slow period, a time when the men’s moral would normally sink.
No, Quincy thought. There was nothing like a woman to buoy a man’s spirit. He smiled as he recalled the variety he had this year, not just in looks, but in personality too. Yes, it was going to be interesting to say the least.
He called out to his crew, “Today is the day, men!” They all began to gather close to hear what their captain had to say. “The Emerald Queen will be chosen this evening!”
The men were so overjoyed that they broke into cheers and songs about women.
Later that afternoon when the sun was close to setting, he told Logan to fetch the women and bring them top side. He had everything set up for the ceremony. Lanterns were lit, whisky was available to every man, and they all waited in great anticipation.
One by one the ladies came out. The men were deliriously happy. Quincy hushed them after a moment and stepped up to the first girl, the red head.
“Proceed, Logan,” he ordered. Logan nodded and brought the red head to the large whisky barrel which was filled with perfumed water. Take off yer clothes,” Logan ordered her. She froze up with fear and couldn’t move with all of the eyes on her. Again Logan told her, but again she didn’t budge. He calmly came before her and tore open her bodice to reveal her small pale breasts. “Take off yer clothes or they’ll be shreds,” he quietly informed her.
She looked so shocked. She had come to trust the man that guarded her, but to be exposed in such a way. She had no other clothes and the dress was practically shreds anyway, but she didn’t want it torn further so she undressed. Her pert breasts were on display for all to see. The hair at the apex of her legs was as red as the hair on her head. She was attempting to cover herself when Logan and another man grabbed her arms and lifted her inside the barrel. The water was warm and smelled of lavender. She was covered up to her neck and while she was grateful for a bath and momentarily being covered, she still felt completely exposed. She was given a bar of soap while the next girl was brought forward.
The brunette was well aware of what happened to her friend when she didn’t comply with orders, so when Logan commanded her to undress, she mechanically did so. She too tried to hide her body as the men were making moaning sounds and licking their lips at her. Quincy watched as Logan and his shipmate lifted the brunette into another whiskey barrel that was set up for all to see her bathe. He decided that she looked much better without her tattered dress and she had the body he yearned for, perfect round breasts, an ample bottom and beautiful long legs. He was going to pay special attention to her no doubt, but then the feisty Goldie locks was brought forward.
Logan told her to remove her clothes and she refused. Quincy smiled in disbelief waiting for Logan to rip her clothes to shreds. Logan brought his hands to her bodice and began to tear it, when she slapped his hands. “Get your grubby hands off me!”
Quincy laughed right along with all of his men.
Logan decided to shred her dress. When he tore it from her body, he then tore pieces from it and threw it out to the crowd. The crew went wild trying to catch one. A piece of a woman, even if it just be a piece of her dress was enough to hold on to for some.
When Goldie locks was placed into her bathe, she let her green eyes smolder in anger. Quincy was drawn to her courage though her body seemed to be less curvy than that of the brunette. He was going to pay special attention to her as well.
After the ladies had enough time to wash themselves, they were lifted out of the barrels and each placed on special tables where their hands and feet were tied to the corners. When the tables were tilted, it allowed for easy viewing by the crew and when tilted back, the captain could have his own personal inspection.
Quincy nodded his head and the tables were tilted for the crew’s benefit. The men erupted into cheers and dirty comments, all of them swarming to get a closer look. After the cheers had toned down some, a chant began amongst them. They chanted, “Shave, shave, shave, shave…”
As tradition the barber on board would have the ladies legs lathered up to their vaginas. As the cheers continued, men known for their abilities with the knife proceeded to shave the legs and vaginal hair of the three women.
The red head was very vocal and whimpering through out, the brunette was quiet and the blonde was straining against the ropes. Quincy couldn’t wait to see the bald pussies waiting for him, so he got into position while the men doused the women with the water from their bath to rinse their legs and pussies of the lather.
As Logan came up to the red head, the crowd quieted and waited. He slowly spread the freshly shaven pussy lips to the crowd and then the table was tilted back for Quincy to inspect her pussy for himself. She was squirming and screaming, “No, NO!!” Quincy looked and motioned for Logan to let her go and move on. Her screaming was becoming bothersome.
Logan practically bounced over to the brunette; he wanted to see her pussy especially bad. He was instantly hard when he saw her fat pussy lips inviting him to spread her open. He played with her for the crowd. He squeezed her lips together then spread the apart a little, then squeezed them together and then spread them wider. The men were fighting to view the naughty display. Logan wanted to taste her, but he knew she wasn’t his to taste, yet. He tilted the table back for Quincy to inspect her.
“Open her wider,” Quincy ordered. Logan happily obliged. Quincy couldn’t believe it. The brunette’s clit was swollen and she seemed to be lifting her pelvis up to show him. The men cheered, showing their approval for her. Quincy almost gave her the title on the spot, but Logan began to let her go and cross over to Goldie locks. She was glaring at Logan and all Quincy could think was, “If looks could kill.” She suddenly turned her glowing green glare on him and he had to snicker to himself.
* * *
Isabella strained against her ropes again as panic and anger rose at the idea that the Logan man was going to touch her intimately. The fools would get to watch and the Pirate, Quincy Emerald was going to decide if her cunny is cute enough to make her his own personal queen. No thank you!
She half growled and half screamed when Logan spread her pussy lips apart for the crowd. They all cheered and some even growled back. She was so exposed and felt a flush of her pride being wounded. When the table was tipped back and the captain was left to examine her, she decided that she wanted no part of this mess. They weren’t going to kill her or they would have done it by now. Besides, she’d almost rather die than endure this kind of humiliation. She was after all, a lady.
When the captain bent down and told Logan to open her lips wide, she couldn’t help herself, she spat at him. The crowd went instantly silent and the captain looked furious.
“You Bitch!” He yelled as he wiped off the spittle from his face.
“How dare you call me such a thing?! I am a LADY!” She yelled back.
He became so enraged by her, that he pushed Logan aside and shoved his fingers up her pussy and brought his mouth close to her ear, “Not anymore,” he taunted with a nasty sarcasm.
She tried to bite his face. She had never been so insulted in all her life. She was so livid that she almost forgot that she was naked for all to see, though the two fingers deep inside her were harder to ignore. The captain saw that she tried to bite him and then pulled away before she could.
“You bite me, you die,” he warned. The crew made “ooOOoooo” sounds as they watched the show. He removed his hand from her pussy and examined his surprisingly wet fingers.
“Really?! So the great Pirate Emerald would kill a Lady all tied up and defenseless because she made efforts to get away. Sounds like a coward to me,” she said lowly to hit her point home.
“I’ve killed people for less,” he confessed proudly.
“Sounds like a personal problem to me,” she taunted. She was emboldened since her life was probably over anyway.
“Enough!” He shouted at her angrily. He came up close to her and cut her ties, “You will pay dearly for your insults.”
The crowd suddenly erupted into a mass of cheers. She looked at him and he suddenly looked right back at her realizing what he had just done. By cutting the ties, the men assumed that he made his choice.
Isabella was in a waking nightmare. The captain announced bitterly that she was the year’s Emerald Queen. The crowd roared to life and music began. He scowled at her and she turned away refusing to look at him. She just couldn’t believe that she was going to be stuck with him for 6 more months.
He none so gently yanked on her arm to follow him down into the Captain’s quarters. It was decorated lavishly and she was somewhat relieved not to be below decks, but with what was to come, she would have gladly opted for the hay beds. She was surprised to see two other men in his room and she felt her heart sink with dread. Were they going to take their turns?
“Restrain her, pull her knees up to her chest and spread her lips for me,” he said and he shoved her toward the men. They each grabbed an arm and pressed her into the bed. Then one man rested his legs on her arms and then leaned over her body to grab both of her knees and hold them at her chest, the other man spread her open and waited for the Captain’s approval.
“So my punishment is to let these fools take turns with me?!” She asked.
“No,” he answered as he watched her face while he undressed. “Your punishment is that you will cum for me several times while these fools bear witness.”
She didn’t speak. She couldn’t speak. Sure he was attractive enough, he was obviously a gentleman before he started his trade as a Pirate, but to cum for him while the men holding her down watched. No, she couldn’t. Aside from despising him, she could think of a dozen other reasons why he was sorely mistaken on that account.
“You will and you will enjoy it,” grinned mischievously in answer to the small shake of her head. Isabella blushed when she saw that he was completely naked. Her heart started to race and she struggled against the men. They held her fast as the captain lowered his face between her legs to examine her spread pussy again.
“What is this? You’re not a virgin?!” He asked curiously.
“Of course not! I was engaged to be married you imbecile,” she shot back smugly.
“Hmmm, tis a shame,” he said as he spread open her ass cheeks to examine her hole. She clenched and squealed in shock. No one had ever attempted to do such a thing.
“I want you to understand one thing,” he told her. “What happens to you is me making it happen to you. I command these men therefore when you reach orgasm; it is I who brought you there.”
“I will not reach orgasm!” She growled. He nodded to the man spreading her pussy and he began to slowly lick her clit. She reveled in the sensation, but refused to show it. The situation was that she kept her mouth clamped in effort to show him how wrong he was. He watched her with merciless eyes. When she refused to react he looked back down at her pussy. “Lick her in the other pink,” he commanded. He quickly came over to observe her face.
Suddenly, Isabella felt large hands spreading her ass cheeks and then a hot wet tongue probing around her anus. She was so shocked; she let out an exasperated cry. The captain smiled with satisfaction at her. He walked up to her face, his bulging rod just a quivering inch away as he quickly pulled a knife to her neck.
“You bite me, you die,” he repeated the earlier statement. Gradually, he rubbed his dick across her check and over her lips. She closed her lips tightly and felt a small jab of the knife in her neck.
“Put your finger in,” he said roughly. She thought he was talking to her, but suddenly she felt a finger being slowly inserted into her tight little ass. She cried out again, but before she could really process what was happening, Quincy stuck his giant rod into her mouth. Her teeth naturally came down, but instantly went back up at the prick of the knife being jabbed harder into her neck.
He slowly fucked her face. She could taste his precum on her tongue, she wanted to gag when he went too deep, and she didn’t know what to do when he started massaging her nipple closest to him. The sensation of having her ass fingered was slowly becoming comfortable in a way.
“She’s openin’ up for ye Cap’n,” the man announced as if he could read her thoughts.
“Is she?” He said as he looked down at her knowingly. “Lick her clit while you do it. Let me know when she’s close. I will see her cum for me.” He said while keeping his gaze on her as he kept plunging his dick slowly in her mouth. She could feel him getting harder and even larger if that was possible.
She stared back at him with irritated eyes, wanting him to know that she still wasn’t going to cum for him. Even if she did, he would never know, she decided. She would remain quiet; she would not give him the pleasure.
After a while of feeling the double stimulation, she couldn’t resist the build up that was happening inside her. She began to relax her jaw and allow the Captain easier access. He smugly smiled in response. “That’s it, open up for me,” he cooed. She felt drugged with desire and the feelings were starting to build quickly.
“She’s shakin’ wit need, Cap’n,” the man informed.
She suddenly felt Quincy pull out of her mouth and go down to observe her have her orgasm. She almost forgot to hide it, but she decided to try anyway. A problem arose when she realized that Quincy inserted his finger into her ass and had his man spread her pussy and lick her clit until she was sure to cum. When Quincy massaged his finger inside her beckoning her intimate muscles to contract, she could no longer hold out. She felt the small spasms steal her breathe and she used every effort to not moan.
He removed his finger and came over to smile at her.
“I’ve no idea what you’re smiling about. I certainly didn’t reach orgasm,” she lied.
“Oh yes you did,” he smiled. “I felt it for myself and I have witnesses.
“Fine,” she shot back angrily. “It wasn’t you who made me climax, it was that…that man over there,” she struggled to look to see the one who brought her climax.
“NO, it was I who commanded him to pleasure you,” he glared at her.
Isabella merely smiled back at him. He became so enraged that he suddenly yanked her free of the man pinning her arms and legs and then flopped her on to her belly. She saw her chance to get away and tried, but he straddled her back and pulled her hair. She felt his face by her ear.
“You watched me while you came, but now you’ll know it is me when you cum, there will be no dispute, though you will not see me,” he snarled in her ear.
Isabella felt suddenly afraid when he spread her legs and felt his hardness probing around her pussy lips. Finally he pushed and pushed hard making himself sheathed inside her freshly wet pussy.
He rode her and rode her hard. She could feel her breath leaving her with each plunge and knew that he was showing her that he was the one touching her now. She cried out when he went a tad too deep.
“Yes, tell me you won’t cum now.” He taunted.
“I…I ….hhhhhh, hhhhhh,” she couldn’t catch her breath let alone tell him anything.
He slowed his pace and she moaned in relief. Encouraged by her moan he pulled her hair and brought her face back enough to kiss her. He let his tongue roam her mouth as he pulled out his dick and let the head of it slowly circle her asshole.
“Yes, you are going to cum again, and again I will again feel it from your tight little rectum,” he said nastily.
“You are so foul,” she sneared.
“You like it,” he pulled her hair harder and slowly worked his way into her ass. She cried out and he leaned over enough to rub her clit beneath her. She unconsciously lifted her ass to allow him access to her pussy.
She could hear him breathing hard and she decided that he must be getting the same build that she was once again feeling. She tightened her cheeks as she was getting close with his relentless rubbing and gentle, slow penetration. His gentleness began to get a little harder though, and she couldn’t help herself when she cried out in the peek of holding on to the build up. Finally, she let it go and felt her muscles spasm again, only this time she felt spread and filled.
Isabella stilled when she heard the Captain moan loudly and push in deeper. Warmth seemed to grow deep inside her and she knew that he had spilled his seed. He spread her cheeks wide and slowly pulled out of her. The area was sensitive and she felt very exposed when he kept her open. She knew he must have been watching his seed oozing out cause she could feel the wetness dripping from her.
* * *
“Your punishment is far from over,” he said as he watched her hole clench and squeeze out more of his seed.
He decided that he was going to want her to more than cum for him. She was going to want him before this voyage was over. She was going to be begging to stay. Yes, her real punishment was going to be the day that he left her when the voyage was over. His only problem was going to be making sure he could do that, he thought as he stared at her ass and feeling his hard on that should be going away start to thrive to life instead.
“Far from over,” he repeated.

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