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In the middle of the night 5 guys break into my house looking for valuable stuff to take but end up taking something else.
This happened back when I was 15 and I remember it like it was yesterday , but this is how it happened:

I was sleeping in my room home with only my 13 year old sister. It was in the middle of the night around 3:00 A.M. My mom was not home and was probably out partying with her bf and I knew she wasn't going to be back until tomorrow afternoon. I heard the sound of glass shattering and I woke up. I was scared and wasn't sure what was of what to do so I just waited in my room nervously to see what would happen next. About 5 minutes later a guy in about his 40s with a mask on opened my door and saw me. He told me to come out into my living room and wait there or he would kill me. Another guy went in my little sister's room and found her and also told her to come out to the living room. Two guys watched us and told us not to do anything stupid. We were scared so we listened. There were three other guys who were demolishing my house while looking for anything valuable to take. Me and my sister where just sitting on the couch waiting for the whole situation to be over , but one of the guys who was watching us was staring at my sister and with a look on his face saying I'm going to fuck that.My sister was a white female around 5'1 with a small frame, she barely had a set of tits , but her ass was really nice and she was quite attractive. He told my sister to come over to him. She did it out of fear. He turned her around and started grabbing her nice ass. He then started feeling up her small 13 year old tits. She didn't object, but I'm actually not too sure if it was out of fear or because she was actually enjoying it. The other 3 guys returned unhappy.

“There is nothing here of value to take at all!" One of the guys said

“Yes coming here was a complete waste of time" Another man said

The man feeling up on my sister pulled down my sisters slutty booty shorts and then pulled over the g string barely hiding my sister’s pussy and revealed my sister’s juicy thirteen year old pussy lips and said “ Are you sure? I think I found something worth taking."

The other 4 guys understood what he meant and pulled down there pants. They were all over 40 and three of the guys were white and they all had 6 inch dicks and the other two where black and to no surprise their dicks were a little over 8 inches. Because of all the porn videos I had watched I knew what was going to happen next.

One guy asked my sister "How old are you baby?"

“I’m only thirteen" My sister said nervously as the other guy slowly stuck his fingers into her pussy.

The guys smiled and then proceeded on with their plan. They forced my sister to suck all of their dicks at the same time. My sister did it without hesitation and like a pro. I stood by in shock and watched as she sucked all of their big dicks. One of the guys got bored and grabbed my sister and put her on the floor and forced here onto her knees and elbows into doggy style. He then inserted his dick and quickly begins to fuck my sister's brains out. He took no mercy on my sister’s tight pussy and fucked as fast as he could. My sister at the same time was jerking two dicks and sucking on another. Another guy pulled out a camera and started recording. They did this for the next 10 minutes. My little sister actually looked like she was enjoying all of this and didn't object once. Her mouth was stuffed full with cock but you could still hear the moans of joy. At one point a guy pulled it out of her young pussy and slowly inserted his 8 inch dick into her tiny little butthole. She screamed painfully, but I could only watch hopelessly. He rammed her tight ass so hard that I thought he was going to tear open her asshole.

It was just nonstop sucking and ass fucking for several minutes until one of the guys got an idea. He laid on the floor as my little sister climbed on top of him and started riding his dick while he was grabbing onto her tits. Then three other guys then crowded her face and she begins to suck and jerk all three of their dicks. The camera guy walked over to me and told me to record everything and then he went over to my sister and violently shoved his cock into my sister’s butt. I recorded everything as he said and I actually did it seriously moving into multiple camera angles like in the porno movies. I got shots of my little sister deep throating 6 inches of dick, sucking balls dry, and at one point they stuck two dicks in my sister's pussy and eventually figured out how to get her to fuck one dick in her pussy and two others in her ass while still sucking the other two. The guys fucking my sister's ass were about to cum so the pulled out and their dicks and they shot their loads all over my sisters back and ass. It was so unreal but it hit me. My little sister was servicing 5 cocks all at once! I realized that I was actually enjoying all of this and had developed a boner of my own. One of the guys who just finished fucking my sister's ass took notice and told me to have some fun. So I handed the camera to him and pulled of my pants and boxers and placed my dick in my sister's ass. I started slowly, but quickly lost control and my hips started moving fasting than ever. It was the best feeling ever and I didn't care that she was that she was my thirteen year old sister. The other guys had finally had it and the all pulled out and blasted there load all over her face and she loved it. My sister begin sucking there dicks and balls clean of all of my cum and swallowed most of it. This was all too much for me and I was going to cum. I pulled out my dick out her and put my dick in front in front of her faced and it just exploded out buckets of cum. My sister did as any young slut would do and licked every single drop off of my dick until it was clean.

After all of that other guys quickly dressed and left the house as quickly as possible. My sister was dirty and exhausted so I carried her naked to my mom's bathroom and cleaned her off and put her to bed. Right before I was about to go to sleep I noticed that they had left the camera. I still have the video and even to this day still watch it sometimes. As my sister grew older more and more often I'd hear her fucking guys. The way she reacted in the situation makes me wonder if she became a slut because of this ordeal or was she destined to be one?


NOTE: This never actually happened and is just pure fantasy. I wouldn't appreciate comments on suggestion and feedback. Please if you give it a negative rating state why so I can improve on my writing.

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2014-08-02 02:29:24
Makes me remaber when my niece was 11 and me and 3 of my friends took turns fucking her in front of my sister

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2014-08-02 02:28:26
Makes me remaber when my niece was 11 and me and 3 of my friends took turns fucking her in front of my sister

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2014-08-02 02:25:13

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2014-07-11 11:11:47
This story was really good and structured in text properly.

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2014-01-15 21:51:04
Jacked of to that
It was amazing

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