Hi everyone, this is Naren back again. Thanks for your excellent response to my story "Seducing my elder sister maha".
Now I'm gonna write another story, which is a 100% fantasy story.

Here is an introduction about my family. Dad is a businessman, mom is a home maker, eldest sister Surya aged 27 was married to a nice guy in a near by city. Then my 2nd elder sister Maha aged 26 unmarried and last me, Naren 19 years old studying Engineering. I have some feelings towards Maha. She is 5'5" tall & 65 kgs and having a very sexy pair of boobs.
We both share the same room. As normal siblings we used to fight a lot for almost many things. Sometimes it leads to wrestle. Whenever we fight she used to slap me or she'll kick me off her feet. I used to pull her down and hit on her back. Even though we fight a lot, we love each other and we never let each other in front of others, even with our parents.

Around June ‘09, one of our relative's wedding was there in the Andaman Islands. Meantime our elder sister Surya was about to deliver her 1st baby on the same time period. So dad asks me to attend the wedding alone. I said ok for that, then mom suggested that if maha wants to attend the marriage she can too join me to the Andaman’s. Dad enquired with maha and she accepted it with well pleasure. So dad arranged the flight and accommodation for both of us. He planned a seven day tour with 1st 2 days will be in the wedding ceremony.
So we both reached the Port Blair and our cousin came for the pick up. We spent the days in the marriage function. Then we moved up to the beach resort which my dad had arranged. We went to the all important places and another 2 days were passed. Then on the 5th day we planned to go for scoopa dive in the sea. So we hired a boat and finished the diving session in 2 hours. But still we can use the boat for 3 more hours. The boatmen suggested to go for a round to the tribal islands. We agreed and we were sailing for some distance. But suddenly the boatmen lost his control over the boat due to his hang over and boat crashed out by a big rock. We all 3 were injured but suddenly the boatmen escaped from us and ran to a small island. We tried to catch him, but he was found no where. We both siblings got strangled in a small group of islands. We tried to search for rescue but nothing favored us. Our injury caused us some amount of pain. Maha's leg starts to bleed below her knee. We dumb strucked there without knowing what to do for the rescue. I found some fruits in that island and we shared them. We missed our baggage too in the accident. We had nothing with us except our torned clothes. I wearing a T & and a boxer and maha wearing a shorts & a T with her inners.
The sun sets down to the west and the night came quickly. Since we were injured we felt much tired. We slept on the sand itself.

This continued for the next 3 days. The next day we both felt better. But there were no signs of rescue. I felt my T was sticking to my skin. So told maha that I'm going to take bath & wash my clothes in the sea water. I asked her to go to the other side so that I can take off my clothes. Maha said, “Only we are alone in this whole place, also we are siblings only. so it doesn't really a matter. U do your things, I'll be here only"
I said, “are u sure???"
She replied, “yes"
Then took off my T & pulled down my boxers and got nude in front of my very own elder sister. I looked at her face, her eyes were glued to my semi hard cock. I asked, " are u ok?"
She nodded her head. Then I took a swim in the sea and rinsed my clothes and came back to her. I spread the clothes in the sand to dry them out and sat in front of her.
It felt so exciting to be naked with my sexy sister. I told her, "would u mind if stayed nude?"
She said, “till the clothes get dry Na, I won't mind"
I asked, “not till that, till our rescue"
She hesitated a bit but said ok for that.

Then after sometime I asked, “don’t u wish to take a bath?"
She said, "I'll, but...."
“What but??"
Saying this she stood up and took off her T and shorts. She was sexy in that position. I thought that she'll take bath her inners on. But to my surprise she started to take off her inners. I was jaw dropping and locked up my eyes with her lovely boobs. She looked at me but said nothing. She had a good swim and she washed her clothes. She spread her clothes in the dry land and sat besides me. We didn't spoke anything that time. After about sometime we wear our clothes and went for the search of food. Suddenly we heard a chopper is flying near by the shores. We ran towards it and made some rescue signals. Finally we both were rescued and went back to the airport for our journey to the native.

In between we were alright and behaved like normal. When we returned home, mom & dad were so happy since the trap was not so longer. A week passed on, it was a Saturday night. Mom, dad & maha went to a marriage party. Around 10.30 they came home. I was already on the bed, maha came into room. She was wearing a glittering red colour saree with a matching blouse. She was stunning in that costume. I enquired about the party and she asked me to go out because she can't change the saree in the change room. I asked, “why should I?"
Maha said, “it’s a costly saree so only I can't change in change room"
I said, “ok, why should I need to go out?"
She asked, “What’s wrong with you? It’s normal na?"
I said, “If u wants to change, u can change here itself. Do mind that we both had been naked together before a week"
She replied, “That’s there dear brother, not her. What'll happen if dad came to know?"
I said, “Make some sense akka. How can dad knows, the door is locked na?"
With some hesitance she said ok and starts to undress herself. She removed her saree and folded it in a square shape and kept in the almary. Then she removed her petty coat and blouse. Now she was standing in a pair of bra & panty. Suddenly she removed the bra and wore a knee lengthy nighty. That time only I came to know she doesn't wear bra when she is home.

Then she went to the wash room and came back and lay on her bed which is in a couple of feet distance. I turned off the lights. Then I said, “how terrible it was when we trapped in an island"
She said, “ya bit, but it was some bit nice too"
I nodded and said, "Ya, we spent sometime with only nature, without any interference of the society"
She too nodded and said, “ya it was like a whole new world, searching for food, drinking a stream water"
I continued, “Having a nude swim in the ocean''
She said, “ya it’s an incredible thing to be in nature as natural"
I asked, “it seems like u enjoy on being nude"
She said, “Yes, who hates that? Everyone likes to be nude. Thankfully we went alone. If we went there with our parents we would be definitely missing that great thing"
I said massively, "great thing???"
She said, “Yea, 100% it’s a great thing. I love to be in nude. But our culture didn't allows it"
I said, “I too agree that. If u doesn’t mind I love to sleep nude always"
Maha's eyes widened by hearing this. She said, “I never mind if u never mind"
I asked, “What?”
She again said, “I never mind if u never mind" I said,” I never mind but it should be a secret as it is now"
She agreed. I turned on the light and stood up. I undressed myself and got nude. She too undressed and lay in her bed. I turned off the light and lay in my bed. I said, “wow, it feels good when the AC chillness strokes my naked penis...."
She replied, “Only good??? It’s great when the cool air passes in between my legs"
I asked, “is it ok for you if I wish to be naked together whenever we are alone?"
She said, “If we are alone, we can roam like nude all over the house. Else we need to be nude only in our room"
I thanked her and we both slept.

This continued for about two months. She wears only panty in her period days. It was September’09, our parents went to our elder sister's home for a 3 day trip. It was the most anticipated moment for us to be naked 24X3. Our parents left @ 11 o'clock. Immediately we locked the doors and windows. Then we both dressed ourselves into nudity. We watched the TV for a while and maha asked me to help her in the kitchen for our lunch. She was chopping the masala in the mixer. Her both hands were in spicy masala. I was pouring the oil in the thava (vessel). She suddenly dashed my hand and few drops of oil split in her face. She felt sorry for the dashing and asked me to wipe the oil from her face and neck. I said ok, and kept the oil container in its place. Within that the oil slides down to her upper chest. I started to wipe her chin with a tissue. Then I came down to her neck. She said the tissue irritates her skin so rub the oil by bare hand and apply it in her legs. I obeyed her. I wiped her neck and applied it in her legs below knees. Then I wiped her left breast and applied it in her thighs. Blood rushed to my penis and it became rock hard. She too noticed that. When I wiped her right breast, I lost my control and squeezed her boob. I rubbed the oil in her thigh. Slowly I moved my hand upwards and touched her pubic covered pussy. Maha urged me because the oil was still running down. So I moved myself close and exactly in front of her. I made my penis to touch her pussy and started to rub her boob again. I looked her face she looks like confused. Then I put both my hands in her both boobs and fondled them hard. After a minute she asked me rub the oil down. I slipped down to her thighs again and rubbed the oil. I slowly slipped the fingers of my right hand into her pussy crack. She was pushing herself a bit forward to my rub against her pussy. I rubbed her pussy for 2 mins. Then I pulled back and stayed motionless. We both were stunned and didn't know what to do next. We continued our cooking. After preparing the lunch I said, "Akka I need to take a bath, because it’s to sweating"
Maha-" I also wanna take bath da"
I gathered some courage and said, " y won't u join with me???"
Maha-" like our childhood???"
I said, “not exactly like that. We are now matured Na???''
Maha- “what do u mean???''
“I mean what I mean"
Maha- “what???"
I said, “Time will tell the rest dear sister.... Tell me r u joining or not''
Maha- “Hmmm..... Okay...... You go first, I’ll bring the towels"
I was bit happy about it. I went to our room and turned on the water heater switch and waiting for maha. She came in and dropped the towels on my bed and entered the bathroom. I turned the showers and she also joined in the showers. I asked her to get herself close else she wouldn't get enough water. She came closer and our bodies touched each others. She took the soap and asked me to apply it on her back. I started to do the same. I gave back her soap and start to rub her back. I slipped my hands down to her belly, I gently squeezed her belly. She utters a mild moan but said nothing. Then I moved my hand to her stomach from behind and rubbed her tummy. I can say that she was enjoying my hand movements on her body. Suddenly I grabbed her boobs from behind and started to caress them. She was in shock with pleasure and said,” Hey Naren, what’re u doing da?”
I didn’t say anything just continued my caress on her juicy boobs. She again asked, “hey just stop it da, what you are doing?”
I said,” please akka, don’t stop me. I can’t control myself, please don’t say no akka”
But she pushed my hands away and cleaned the soap foam which was in her body and said, “come on lets finish the bath quickly da” saying this she started to move out of the bathroom. I got hold of her hand and said, “Why are u leaving?”
Maha said, “I finished my bath so that I’m leaving da”
I said, “Don’t be selfish akka”
She said, “What does u want?”
I said, “I helped u to take your bath Na, but you are trying to leave once u get over”
She said, “So???”
I asked her to help to finish my bath then we both can leave together. She said ok for that asked me to hand over the soap to her, as I did the same.
She asked to turn back and started to rub the soap on my back, then down to my ass and asked me to turn around and she applied the soap on my chest and tummy. Then she slides down to my electric hard rod. She took it in her both hands and gently rubbed the soap all over it.
I moved my so close to herself on purpose and made my cock to touch her pussy, she went back few steps but I went forward again. She reached the wall of the bathroom and had no room to move further back. The soap just slipped out of her hand. Then again I moved forward towards her, she gently pushed me back by her hands on my chest. She hardly applied any pressure at all. I gently hold her both hands and split them to our sideways respectively. I again moved forward, this time my penis touched her pussy crack and I start to insert it deep.

Maha said, “no da, don’t do that. We’re siblings, so we aren’t supposed to involve in sexual activities” and held her legs in tight to not to allow me to go further.
I wasn’t hearing her at all; I touched her juicy lips with mine and placed a gentle kiss. She was in two minds; she stayed with no reactions to my kiss. I again kissed at her lips and tried to insert my tongue in her mouth. Sensing this, she loosed her lips and lets my tongue into her mouth. I start to play with her tongue with mine and I left her hands free and started to caress her firm boobs. This was happening for about 10 mins. Then I gently inserted my fingers in her pussy. She hold my hand and said, “no da, don’t do this, I need to get married with someone. If something goes out wrong, then we both will need to face huge problems”
I said, “Please akka, you know that we both are desperate to have sex, ever since we scrambled in the Andaman’s. Its our age akka, we need to satisfy our emotional and body needs with each other”
Maha said, “Please Naren, try to understand the things. Come to reality and think. I think the only mistake which I initiated was feeling free to be naked with u. because of that only now we’re in the current situation da”
I said, “Lets leave the past dear sister, I’m saying about the present, it’s about today’s matters”
Maha said, “Its just impossible da, I think we should quit the nudism here after, it’s the only possible solution da”
I was shocked on her reply and said, “What????”
Maha again repeated, “We should quit nudism hereafter…..”
“But, why??????”
“yes, it’s the only way and I’m gonna implement it from now onwards”
Saying this she pushed me back and opened the door and starts to move out.
I just don’t know how to react to her, but I called up her and she stopped and asked me, “What?”
I said, “why can’t you finish my bath now????”
She screamed, “oh god, why cant you understand me???”
“I helped you to finish your bath na, for that you should tally it”
“Goshh….” Saying this she came in and took the soap and starts to apply it in my chest. There wasn’t any moisture left in my body due to the scenes, so she turned ON the shower and made my body wet and soaped my body.
She moved to back and then to my hands and then to my legs and then she asked me to apply the soap in my penis and ass. I said, ‘”what’s wrong with you??? I’d fully taken care of your body but now you’re asking me to take care of important part”
“Shit, I’ll do it on myself….”
Then she rubbed my ass and finally she reached my penis. She was in a hurry to finish up the things. She took my hard rod in her hand and soaped it. Then she again turned ON the shower and cleaned the soap by the water. She rubbed my hard dick to clean it, that time I told her, “ akka my penis needs to be cleaned well”
“ are you ordering me???”
“no akka, I’m not ordering, I’m just letting you to know that it needs to cleaned well”
“I think it is now clean da”
“no akka, few drops of pre-cum is still inside. Please clean that too”
“yes akka, you made me so horny with our kisses and caresses akka. So only the pre-cum dripped. I think you would also have the pre-cum, alright????”
“Just shut up, ok??? Now what you want me to do???”
“well, you would’ve know my full wish”
“don’t try to screw up me, ok???”
“I need not to be….”
“tell me what you want me to do????”

To be continued…..

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