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Her ordeal contiues
I was slowly waking up. Before I opened my eyes I knew I was back in my cell on the smelly mattress. I was sore. I ached all over but especially between my legs. I carefully touched myself to confirm it really happened. The six rings in my labia were still there. They had been joined by a new ring. One that went right through the center of my clit. It was apparently made of the same stuff being completely solid and unable to be removed. It was smaller in diameter and gauge then the others. Some of my girlfriends said the had their clits pierced, but what they really meant was they had their hoods pierced not their actual clitoris like mine. Having a ring through mine meant it would always be stimulated and stay perpetually hard.

I was still constantly being milked. I don't know how much I had produced since I had been her but it was gallons. It seemed like my breasts were holding up pretty well. My nipples were very long having been in the suction cups almost all the time. I was hoping they would let my pussy heal up some. Every couple of days the Apron Guy would wash me down while I was hooked up to the milking machine. He would say that I was starting to smell. He used a rough brush and a bucket of soapy water. I am pretty sure he washed cows in the same way. I had been totally naked for weeks. Bodily functions continued and of course if they weren't going to let me clean myself up I was going to smell.

I was in the rack giving milk like always. I could feel the rings in my labia pulling down constantly stretching them. I guess we were near the end of the session because Mr Yee came in. Something was going to happen and I shook a little. He asked me the same question and I sobbed my same answer. He moved behind me and I prayed he would leave my pierced pussy alone. I heard a strange swishing sound. It was like wind through a tree. Something struck me in the ass. It didn't hurt at first but when it happened again it started to feel like a hundred bee stings. I could hear him behind me swinging his arm. He was whipping me. He was using a cat-o-nine-tails on me. My ass was soon on fire. Each time he would strike me I would sob a little. He didn't use any pattern so I never could anticipate it. Over and over he whipped me. Now and then one of the long strands of the whip would hit between my legs directly on my pussy. That really hurt.

By the time he stopped I almost couldn't breath I was sobbing so much. They were breaking me down. I didn't pass out and was led to my cell. I could see my ass but when I felt it there were welts and it was hot. He didn't break the skin. I would be bruised and sore. It was difficult to get comfortable so I didn't sleep well. I had no concept of time other then my own biological clock. I have always had a 28 day cycle and I had one period so far while here. I knew another would start soon so that meant I had been here almost 2 months. For the next 6 sessions the whipping continued. I got stronger and could take it better. There is a fine line between pain and pleasure and I was wondering if I was crossing it. Even though my ass hurt like hell and burned I noticed my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. When he hit me the ring and my clit would move around stimulating it. It was the seventh time of him to whip me and I had my first orgasm while he did it. I think he sensed that I had and he stopped.

I was breathing hard and my ass burned. I thought he was done and had left the room but I was wrong. He had gone out but came back. I could smell something funny. I couldn't quite place it and I could see him. It was a smoky metallic smell. I knew he was standing behind me. He placed his hand on my ass. His hand was rough and my ass was sore. He moved his hand around almost like he was picking out a spot. I guess he found the area he wanted. He kept his hand on my ass. He wanted to steady it. It was then that I felt something hot. With his other hand he was bring something close to the skin of my ass up near my hip. He touched my ass with what he was holding and time stopped. I wanted to take a big breath but I couldn't. Finally I was able to inhale and as I did I smelled it. It was the smell of my burning skin. He was branding me. I let out the loudest scream I possibly could but he didn't stop. He held the white hot branding iron against my flesh until he was sure I would be scared forever. When he pulled it away my skin continued to burn. I had been branded just like some cow. He whispered in my ear that now I would always carry the Tanaka brand.

When Mr Yee left the Apron Guy came over to me and rubbed some kind of salve into my fresh brand. He said that this is what they used on the cattle to help it heal. Over the next few days Yee left me alone. I was healing slowly and the salve seemed to help. My period came and went and the Apron Guy washed me down. I had been pierced, whipped and branded. What was to come next? The millings continued of course. I was sure Tanaka was stockpiling it and of course doing research on it. I guessed he had not been able to find out how to duplicate it because he continued to have me milked. Eventually he would try something else. I was about to find out what that was.

I was restrained in the rack like always. My big breasts had just been emptied. Although my brand was not healed all the way at least I could touch it now. Last night after doing that I touched my labia where the rings were. I could tell they were swollen and my pussy was leaking a little. It was a slick fluid and I smelled it. It had a musky sweet smell. I remembered the director of the clinic had said if I began to ovulate this might happen. Was I finally fertile? Of course this was not good timing for this to happen and I sure wasn't going to tell anyone. I heard someone enter the room. It was Mr Yee. Of course he asked me the same question and I told him the same answer. He walked behind me and touched me. He ran a finger right down my slit. He got some of my slick wetness on it almost testing it. He then said something in Japanese and someone else entered the room. I could not turn my head all the way but it looked like a man in a robe. He was Japanese and he stood near Yee. Yee gave him some instruction in Japanese I couldn't understand. The man took off his robe and moved behind me.

The rings in my labia kept my pussy lips stretched open all the time. I felt the man behind me place a hand on my ass as he moved closer. I knew what was about to happen. He was going to fuck me. I couldn't stop him. I was probably ovulating and I was sure this guy was not going to use a rubber and he wasn't going to pull out. I felt the head of his cock touch my slick swollen hole. He pushed his cock inside me. From the feel of it I would say he was average in size. I had not had sex in some time and my pussy was swollen so it gripped him. He began to stroke in and out of me and I wondered if he was enjoying fucking me or just doing his job. He was able to get all the way inside me and I felt his balls press against my pierced clit. I knew Yee was watching us and I wondered if it was turning him on, but I doubted that. The guy was lasting a good long time but eventually sped up. He was going to cum soon and I was going to be filled with his seed. Did they know I might get pregnant? Is that what they wanted?

He pulled hard on my hips as he drove deep and unloaded in me. He shot a lot and he was probably selected because he could do that. He stayed inside me until he softened and was fully spent. He finally pulled out and even though I was full of his semen, in the position I was in nothing leaked out of me. He put on his robe and left never having said a word. Mr Yee was still standing there and after the man left he whispered to me that it was Tanaka's intention to breed me. He wanted me to produce a female offspring that would be able to mature and since she would have the same genetics as me produce the same milk as I do now. So that's what they were trying to do. If they couldn't duplicate me in the lab they would do it the natural way.

Yee stayed in the room and he had some kind of stool he brought over and sat next to me. He produced some kind of little tool bag and set it on my lower back. He then brushed my hair aside exposing my upper back. He wiped an area down high up between my shoulders near my neck. Using something from his tool bag I felt him prick me with a needle of some kind. Not a deep prick but definitely into my skin. He kept doing it over and over. He was making a pattern. He was very precise and had obviously done this before. When he was done I estimated the design he had done was about the size of a 50 cent piece. He had tattooed me. He whispered in my ear that the mark he had placed on me was a Japanese letter of their alphabet. It was the first letter in the name of the man who I had just had sex with. It would stay with me forever he said to remind me of this. I couldn't see it of course but I knew it was there.

I went to my cell and wondered if I was now pregnant with a strangers child. I slept some and then was taken back to the room. I was milked again and then Yee came in. A robed man was with him again and I knew what was going to happen. Yee didn't even ask me anymore. The man shed his robe and moved behind me. When he entered me I could tell he was a different guy. His cock was bigger. Just by enough for me to tell. I couldn't tell how much time had passed since the first guy. Was it a day or just hours? He fucked me the same way as the first guy without saying a word. When he came it was very forceful. I could feel him shooting inside me. Again there was a lot of it. After the guy was finished and had pulled out of me Mr Yee came over to me and once again very skillfully tattooed another symbol on my upper back. It was a little lower then the first one following my spine. From what I could tell without seeing it was a different letter but the same size as the first. So two different strange men had fucked me and I had permanent reminders of it on my back now.

So this became my routine. I was pretty tired so I don't think they were letting me sleep much. The eighth different guy was fucking me at the moment. Each guy in the progression had a larger cock. This guy actually had difficulty getting inside me with his. He had to really stretch me but now he was sliding back and forth. The end of it was banging into my cervix. His hand were on my ass and from the size of them I knew he was a big guy. I had seven letters on my back and his would soon join them. I guess the tightness of my pussy was getting to him. I heard him grunt as he began to cum. His massive cock twitched each time he shot. His load was filling me up and nothing was escaping. I knew they figured if enough different men had sex with me it would increase my chance of getting pregnant. What I could not figure out was the increasing sizes of the cocks. Why were they doing that?

After another short sleep I was again led to the room. I was restrained in the rack again but was not hooked up to the milking machine. I guess the focus was not on that anymore. My big breasts were still locked in and hanging down but they were not being sucked on. The tenth different guy was in the room now. I was able to turn and look at him. He dropped his robe and I gasped a little. The previous men had been oriental or Caucasian but this guy wasn't. His skin was very dark, jet black in fact. This was going to be a first for me. I had never had sex with a black guy before. It's not that I ever avoided it, I just never had the opportunity. In the small town where I grew up if a white girl was suspected of being friends with some of the black guys she was immediately labeled as a black cock whore. The white boys would ignore her and not ask her out. I think it was because they thought is she had a big black cock in her she would laugh at their average white ones. Some of my friends had been with a black guy and they said it was amazing. I was about to find out.

My heart was pounding as he moved behind me. The last guy had been really big and I knew this guy was bigger. He rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down on my pussy lips getting it wet. I had been fucking progressively bigger men but when this guy started to push inside me I thought he was going to tear me. He kept pushing and my pussy opened up on it's own to take the big head in. He started to feed more of the shaft into me. If I had not been restrained I probably would have moved away or tried to slow him down. I was being fucked by my first big black cock and there was nothing I could do about it. At first it felt like my pussy was going to be turned inside out when he started to stroke, but it got looser as he continued. I was able to look down between my breasts and then my legs. I could see his muscular black legs between my lily white ones. I could see a huge pair of black balls swinging back and forth on each stroke. He was too long to get all the way inside me. I looked down on the dirt floor underneath me and noticed something weird. There were two wet spots. I saw what was making them. It was me or should I say my milk. My breasts were leaking on their own. Big white drops would form at the ends of my nipples then fall off hitting the dirt below. It was a steady flow. Was it because I was getting fucked by a huge black cock or was it because my breasts were overly full and needed to be emptied?

This guy was really pounding me now. He was much more aggressive then the other ones. The white boys back home were correct. Now that I had experience a big black cock like this an average white one would seem puny. I could hear the the sounds my pussy was making as it wetly gripped him. I started shaking all over as my body convulsed and I came hard. The extra tightness of my pussy must have set him off and I felt his firehose cock go off in me. I was being bred by a large black cock. Would this be the one to get me pregnant? Would I have his black baby? I continued to cum as he did the same. His black seed deep inside me. I felt owned by this man and decided that if I had to get pregnant I wanted him to be the one. Finally spent he slowly pulled his black snake out of me. When the still huge head got to my opening it hesitated. It was like my pussy didn't want to let go of it. He pulled with a little more force and it popped out. I felt so empty then. Mr Yee placed the black guy's letter on my back. There was room on my back for a couple of more then either he would have to start another row or this would be over which meant I would be pregnant. If this guys cock was huge what would the next ones be like? What would the last one be like?

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