Of this is the fifth installment. I feel like it is very balanced it is my personal second favorite in the series.
My Sister and I Part 5

After a long night last night I was surprised that I had beaten my alarm clock. It was only 7:14, but I was wide awake, and the alarm was set to go off at 7:30. I just stared around my room taking in all of my surroundings. I was the happier than I could ever remember being in my life and everything just seemed to be better than before. After my eyes had passed over just about everything in my room they made it to my sister, Katie, lying next to me in my bed. I just could not get over how cute and sexy she was. Her long red hair was partially covering up her face. Her fair skin felt so warm and soft against mine, and I could smell her cranberry-scented shampoo all day. After awhile my alarm started to go off, and I as I tried to reach over Katie to turn it off she woke up we locked eyes and she pulled me into a kiss.

We laid there kissing for a few moments before I continued what I was doing and turned the alarm. I rolled back over and we continued to stare at each other, just smiling. I broke the silence by bidding her a good morning that she answered back with a good morning in a soft voice. I pulled her into a quick hug and got out of bed and said that it was about time to start getting ready for school. Katie just laid there and lustfully watched me get dressed. For some reason I felt a little self conscience about her watching even though only a couple hours ago we had lost our virginities to each other. I got dressed at a pretty fast pace and flashed Katie a smile and said that she really should go get dressed. She slid out of my bed and I got a view of her completely naked body. Her straight long hair made it halfway down her back; her small slender body was sexier than imaginable; her small b-cup boobs were perfect in every way with small puffy nipples. As she turned and walked out of my room I got a great view of her round, but firm, ass. After the little show my dick was straining to get out of my pants, so I did the classic move of tucking my cock up into my waistband and left my room to go wait for Katie in the living room.

As soon as I entered the living room mom was leaving her room. She looked at me and asked where Katie was. I told her that Katie was still getting dressed because she had slept a little late. Mom replied back saying that it must have been Katie that she heard moving around this morning and gave me a suspicious look. My heart dropped at these words, but I tried to show indifference to her comment. Mom said that she was leaving for work and that Katie needed to hurry up or we would be late. Mom left, and a few moments later Katie came down to the living room and we left for school. It felt good to be able to have a conversation with my sister again and we talked the whole way to school.

School went by as normal as one could imagine (boring and time-consuming) and when it was over I made my way out to my car. Katie was already inside and had a frown on her face. I got in my car and asked her what was wrong. She said, without looking at me, that one of the boys in her class had asked her out. Out of reflex I asked her if she said yes. She turned her head and looked at me and said that of course she told him no. I looked at her questioningly and asked why this had flustered her and she asked how I did not see a problem. Once again I looked at her questionably and asked what problem? She said back seriously that saying no to that guy made her realize that she was not willing to be with anyone else, ever. I realized what she meant by this and I already knew that I felt the exact same way.

The ride back was mostly quiet, except for a little bit of small talk back and forth. When we had got home I stopped Katie before she could get up the stairs to her room and spun her around to face me. I told her that I loved her and locked her in a tight embrace. We hugged for a couple seconds before Katie asked what was going on. I replied saying that I thought we should tell mom what was going on. Katie looked at me fearfully and asked why. I told her that we couldn’t keep this up without mom finding out and that it would be better if she found out from us rather than if she was snooping around. Katie knew that what I was saying was logical, but she was still afraid of what mom would say or do. Katie asked if we could at least wait a little longer before saying anything to mom. I told her that we could wait a little bit longer, but should be very careful. On these words Katie gave me a smile and quick kiss before heading up to her room to do her homework.

Mom arrived about an hour after me and Katie’s talk, and I was sitting on the couch watching television. Mom asked me how my day had gone I told her that it was pretty good. She looked at me a little funny because over the last couple days I had been telling her that the days were just “okay”. Mom then told me that dinner would be in about an hour. At dinner the conversation was about everyday topics until mom looked at Katie and asked if she was sleeping okay. Katie answered back that she was fine and mom stared at her for a few moments before saying that she heard noises this morning. Katie’s face drained and she looked over at me; I shook my head to signal to her not to look at me. Mom saw my gesture and looked at me quickly before turning back to Katie who said that the noises must be something else. Mom said a quick “oh” and turned back to her food and finished eating.

After dinner Katie and I went back upstairs and to my room. As soon as we got into my room I closed my door behind us and asked her if she saw what I was talking about now. Her eyes started to water and she nodded at me. Katie then spoke the fear that I knew she was feeling and also that I was feeling. She stared into my eyes and said that she was afraid that mom would send one of us away if she knew the truth. Hearing this said out loud started making me second guess myself about telling mom, but I knew that it had to be done. I told Katie that no matter what the consequences were, we had to tell her and there was no way we could keep it secret forever. At this she broke into tears and I pulled her into a hug. I whispered in her ear that we still had tonight before we tell her. She looked up at me with a few tears on her cheeks and said that we should make the most of it and pulled my head down and started to kiss me. She then put her hand down my pants and wrapped her fingers around my erect cock. Knowing that I needed to stop this while I still could; I took her hand out of my pants and said that we needed to at least wait until mom had gone to bed. She gave me a wink and said that she would see me later on tonight.

At 11:00 I hear a knocking on my door; mom had gone to bed about an hour ago, so I had been anticipating it. I go over to my door and pull it open and just about fall over. Katie is standing there wearing the same sexy dress that she had worn on our date five days ago. She had put on a little make up and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were making bumps on her dress. I just stood there with my mouth agape before I gasped out that she looked nice. She then walked slowly over to me and grabbed my hand. I attempted to turn off the lights, but Katie stopped me and said that she wanted to see me. She pulled my hand led me over to my bed and we sat down. She attempted to push my back to the bed but I stopped her said that she was first this time and pushed her back down. She looked at me dreamily and I got on top of her and we started to make out. As we are making out I pull her dress up and start to play with her pussy. She begins to moan between kisses and I take that as a reason for my mouth to head down there also. When I got down to her pussy I ran my tongue over her slit a couple times before using one of my hands to open her slit a little bit and my other hand to insert a finger. When I had started finger fuck her I began to lick her clit. At first I was just running my tongue over the area, but then I thought of something. I looked up at Katie, who was now rubbing her tits, and said that she was going to love this. First I took my hand and pulled the top of her pussy open, so that I could have easier access and then I put my lips around her clit. When her clit was somewhat in my mouth I began to rapidly run my tongue over it. When I started doing this she started to buck her hips and moan and a minute later her body burst into orgasmic movement. After she had come off her climax she looked down at me and said it was amazing and then beckoned for me to join her at the top of the bed.

I crawled up next to Katie and she rolled on top of me and started grinding her pussy on the outside of my shirt. I then lifted myself up on my elbow and start trying to take my shirt off. When I get it off Katie slips off me and start to pull my pants and boxers off. As she gets them off my dick stands to attention and she takes it in her hand and plants three kisses on it before getting back on top of me. She leans in close to me, and locks my lips with hers and grabs my cock and starts rubbing her fingers up and down the shaft while grinding her pussy on my stomach again. After a couple minutes she stops kissing me and pulls her body away from mine so that she is sitting on my stomach again.

Katie then gives me a smile before lifting herself up and positioning my cock underneath her pussy. After hovering there for a few seconds with an anxious look on her face she lowers herself enough so that my tip is pressed against her hole. I then grab the underside of her thighs so that I can give her a little bit of help and she lowers herself more to where my tip goes into her pussy. After a little more progress my dick gets about halfway in and Katie pulls out a little and lowers herself back down. After a few minutes of going slowly she starts to speed up, aided by my hands lifting her. As my sister is riding my cock I could not help but stare at her. Her hair is sliding back and forth over her face which would occasionally scrunch up as she tried to take in more of my dick. She still had her dress on but her tits were hanging over top of it and bouncing around. As Katie’s pace quickened, so did her moaning and I could feel her climax approaching, and mine too. After a few more minutes her body tensed up and she started to writhe around. Her pussy had a death grip on my cock and was pulsating, feeling like it was milking it. The feeling of her orgasm was enough to put me over the edge and I lifted her little body up enough to just shoot my cum at the outside of her pussy.

Katie collapsed on top of me laid there for a few moments while I ran my fingers through her hair. After awhile I put my finger under chin and lifted it up so that I could give her a long kiss. After about a minute I whispered in her ear that no matter what happened tomorrow I would always love her. With that, her eyes watered up and she gave me another kiss before laying her head on my chest and falling asleep. I remembered to turn on the alarm even though tomorrow was a Saturday, but I didn’t want mom walking in here early. I stayed up for a few minutes thinking of the best way to tell mom about me and Katie’s relationship before letting sleep take me away with Katie in my arms.

Part 6 coming later (I will announce it) because this obviously could not be the ending, hope you enjoyed this installment.

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