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Even from the hallway Hermione could hear the sound of wands whipping and fellow students chanting spells from the Transfiguration classroom. She rushed in and passed a note to Professor McGonagall and sat down next to Harry, Ron, Lavender. She avoided looking at all of them in the eye, as she was slowly getting accustomed to. Harry, Ron, and Lavender on the other hand were getting accustomed to Hermione arriving late to class. She was running out of excuses and she knew that her cover was going to be blown.
“I was... helping Professor Flitwick grade papers,” she had said the first time she was late to Potions.
“Professor Vector wanted to talk about my last essay,” she said when waltzed into History of Magic late last week.
Hermione could feel them all staring at her so she looked up and said, “I needed to talk to Snape about last night's reading.” Ron and Lavender shrugged and continued their spellwork. Harry on the other hand knew exactly where she was. He slowly watched her take her spell book out and bite her lip as she turned to the right page. A slow smile spread across her face as she started her work. Harry knew she hadn't been talking to Snape and she sure as shit didn't care about the reading last night. She was messing around with Draco again. There was something that changed about her when she would skip into class late or walk sleepily into the common room at night. It was as if someone had turned a knob on a radio just a hair to the left and the station came in loud and clear. Hermione smiled to herself and next to her, Ron and Lavender giggled smiled. Harry couldn't help but grimace and swallow the need to vomit. Harry had warned Hermione. She was really going to get it.

Hermione never liked using broom closets. They were cramped and musty and the brooms had a tendency to fall whenever they pleased but Draco loved fooling around in them. On this particular occasion, Draco had pinned her to the wall and pulled her skirt down, revealing her soft pink underwear. He moaned as he grabbed her hips and and pulled her panties down, letting her flower come into light. He crumpled to his knees, too weak to resist Hermione anymore.
In fact, what started as a somewhat illicit affair had evolved into something completely different, for Draco anyway. At night he thought about her hot mouth on his tool and during the day he dreamed of her cunt, her perfect smooth cunt. When he woke up, his cock stood straight, clearly thinking of Hermione as well. Draco was completely alone aside from her lately. The mission the Dark Lord had sent him on had created an alienating effect and suddenly not even Goyle and Crabbe wanted to talk to him. Hermione was all he had and she didn't even know it.
What Hermione did know was that she loved getting off with Draco. Unfortunately due to their conflicting schedules and social groups, they were finding it harder and harder to sneak off and they often had to resort to broom closets between classes and lunch. Draco had a more difficult time dealing with the loneliness but it made the sneaking around more intense for Hermione. If she had to wait a few days for him to plunge his tongue in her pussy, it was worth it.
So, as Hermione closed her eyes and let out a deep breath as Draco delved into her wet folds, she planned to make the most out of it. Her climax came and went and Malfoy's mouth gravitated up, as well as his hands. He sucked and nibbled on her neck while Hermione let out soft oohs of pleasure. His hands grabbed fistfuls of her warm flesh, exciting her once more. Draco's hips gyrated almost unbeknownst to him. Hermione felt the hard bulge rub against and again she grew excited. “Stop kissing my neck,” she said breathlessly. “The last thing I need right is a hickey.” Draco pulled away with all the will power he could muster. The crook of her neck was a such a weakness. She always smelled of warm soap and fresh flowers. Nothing made him harder than burying his face in her neck.
“Oh shit!” Hermione gasped. “What time is it?” Draco shrugged and began to kiss passionately. Hermione giggled, yet pushed him away. “Seriously, what time is it?” Draco groaned and looked at his watch and said, “Nearly eleven thirty.” Hermione's heart raced and she grabbed her skirt and fixed her hair.
“Can't you skip? One day won't hurt. Tell them you were in the hospital wing or something,” Draco pleaded.
“And why would I be in the hospital wing?” Hermione asked seductively.
“Hmmm... your pussy was ravaged too hard,” Draco said sheepishly.
“You wish,” Hermione said. She gave him a sloppy kiss and undid his trousers. “I suppose I have enough time to get you off as well. Draco's cock was released and Hermione wrapped a hand around it. His smile grew and she sunk to the dirty floor of the broom closet.

The lunch bell reverberated loudly throughout the class and soon the halls were filled with the sounds of students stowing away their textbooks and filing into the the Great Hall. Hermione put her items away absentmindedly while everyone around her moved in a rush. “Miss Granger?” Professor McGonagall inquired once the room was empty. “I trust you can find your way out if I leave you here?”
Hermione nodded and continued to pack her belongings. She slung her bag over her shoulder and started to walk out when Harry burst into the room, closing the door and locking it in a rapid manner.
“Harry? What the hell-” she began to say before Harry interrupted.
“I thought we had a talk about this before,” he said as he circled her.
“Talk is one way to put it. Rape is also a good word,” Hermione said.
Harry shook his head. “You didn't complain afterword.” A slight smile crept up his face as she hesitated to answer.
“That's not the point. In fact, I think you're jealous,” Hermione said. A new found confidence had begun to grow inside her and it finally had a chance to rear its head.
“Yeah? Jealous of you fucking Malfoy?”
“No....” Hermione said. Harry stopped in his tracks and Hermione began to circle him. “I think you're jealous of Malfoy. He gets to fuck me senseless whenever he wants. He gets to suck my tits. He gets to lick my pussy. Him.. not you.” Hermione raised an eyebrow to make her point.
Anger boiled inside Harry, not all unlike the fateful night a few weeks ago. “I'll tell Ron. He'll be pissed, you know? More than pissed actually.”
Hermione let out a sharp laugh that echoed in the room. “Ron won't give a shit. Ron has Lavender now. If he cared about me... well let's just say that he wouldn't have left me for her.”
“He'll still be angry.”
“His anger means nothing to me. But, Ginny might be interested to know that you fucked me in the third corridor.”
Harry walked right up to her and said, “You wouldn't.”
“You don't know what I would and wouldn't do.”
“Fine,” Harry said, not breaking eye contact. “I'll tell Lupin. I think that he might get a bit angry.”
Hermione stared him down, but realized that he had played his cards right but she wasn't sure if he had the nerve to go through with his threat. She cleared her throat and said, “I won't tell.” Harry lifted his chest triumphantly at her answer. “But,” she said. “How do you know about Remus?”

Hermione had been attracted to Remus Lupin the day she first saw him on the train of their third year. His graying hair and raggedy clothes reminded her of an unappreciated intellectual she had once seen in a French movie with her parents over the summer. The man went about his life looking for love and he was eventually pushed aside for someone younger and worldly. His loneliness was what won Hermione over. She felt that all he needed was someone to love and she felt as if she was that person. Seeing Lupin on the train was like seeing a wish come true.
Hermione's advances to Lupin were never subtle. She would visit his office late at night, asking for advice on homework. One night, she went with a flimsy excuse about hinkypunks.
“Miss Granger, you come here a few nights a week asking questions about Defense Against the Dark Arts, yet you're the brightest student in class... Why is that?” Lupin finally asked.
“I don't understand what you mean. I really need help with this material. See, I-I-I need help.” Even as the words left her lips, she knew he didn't believe her.
“I don't want to perpetuate any school girl crushes you may or may not have, Miss Granger,” Lupin said with a serious tone.
“I-I-I don't have a school girl c-c-crush on you,” she stammered.
“Your intentions have been clear the first day you came for help,” Lupin said.
“Oh God,” Hermione said, sinking into one of the desks. “I feel so foolish now. I'm so sorry.” Tears stung her eyes and she buried her head in her hands. Lupin walked over to the desk and lowered himself to her eye line. “Hermione. Don't be sorry and don't punish yourself,” he said with a laugh. “I'm not angry, you know?”
She looked up at him with her bleary red eyes and said, “Really?”
Lupin shook his head with a comforting smile. “Really really.” Hermione, however, mistook his kindness for intimacy and she attempted to kiss him.
Lupin stood up and backed away. “I can't, Miss Granger. I'm sorry, but I can't.”
“Is it because you're a werewolf?” Hermione asked as she swept tears from her eyes.
“You really are a clever witch.” Lupin put his hands in his pockets and shook his head. “I'd hoped that none of my students would find out.”
“Your secret is safe with me,” Hermione mumbled.
“Hermione,” Lupin said in a grave tone. “Don't take it personally, but you're too young for me.”
Instead of being deterred, Hermione took his words to heart and when she was sixteen, recently let down by Ron, left by Krum, and abandoned by all the men in her life, it was Lupin she turned to.
Lupin was staying at Gimmauld Place for awhile, too sad to go home to Tonks and too sad to even talk to anyone really. Sirius had been gone for a month and he still trouble dealing with the loss. Hermione knocked on his door one night and slipped through the door quietly. “Lupin? Are you alright?” she asked tenderly.
“Yes, I'm fine.” He ran a hand through his hair and sighed quietly. “Is there anything I can help you with?”
Hermione slunk over to his bed and shrug her night gown off, revealing nothing but skin and underwear. “Funny, I was just about to ask the same thing.” Lupin couldn't help himself as she crawled over to him and kissed him lightly on the lips. His erection strained in his pants as he grabbed her and flipped her on her back and kissed every inch of her sweet body. She cooed softly when released her left breast and sucked on her taut nipple. “Oh, Professor Lupin...” she moaned quietly. Her hands moved to his pants and before he knew it, his cock sprang free. “Let me take care of that.” Lupin turned over and Hermione went to work. Her tongue covered every inch of his shaft and eventually she was able to envelope his entire seven inches with ease. Her head moved up and down at a steady rhythm. She paused sporadically to lick and play with the head of his cock.
“Hermione, I really shouldn't have turned you down all those years ago,” Lupin said breathlessly after ejaculating into her mouth. Hermione's eyes twinkled with happiness. The pair continued their late night visits for the rest of the summer. Both were disappointed once the beginning of the term loomed over them. They sat in bed night before term started and talked about the future.
“You'll always have Tonks, Remus. Don't forget about her. This was probably just a fling anyway,” Hermione said and she played with his hand.
“Don't say that. It's more than a fling.”
“Remus. I'm just a girl and you have a girlfriend. Granted, you haven't seen each other in months but she's yours.” Lupin said nothing but kissed the top of her head. Hermione hadn't seen him since then and often thought of that night.

Harry hesitated before answering. He held all the cards at the moment and didn't want to ruin the moment. Hermione raised her eyebrows, as if she was calling her bluff. “I heard you two one night, all right? I opened the door a bit and I saw him going down on you. Then he took his dick and started to plow you and screamed-” Heat began to grow between Hermione's legs at the thought of Remus' unshaven face in her twat.
“Fair enough,” she cut him off. Hermione straightened herself and headed toward the door. “I'll stop seeing Draco, okay?” With a whip of her wand she unlocked the door and walked to lunch. She saw Draco in at his table and he gave her a look that she had become all too familiar with. “Meet me on the third floor,” his eyes said. Hermione gave him a curt nod and knew that her relationship with Draco was far from over.

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