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My first story about my first time.
I'm not gonna bother with the introduction I had the first 2 parts. Here we go.

A recap of events from the past stories.


I don't know why, but then and there my eyes decided to wander.

She had a pure white fleece jacket on that masked her breasts, they were big. Bigger than any girl my age's. DD? Or something like it. She had jeans on that were slightly tight, snug, if you will. Her hair was tied back, but still was very beautiful. Dirty blonde, with streaks of brown coloring. Her face was smooth and her complexion was good for a white girl. Her eyes were green, and I know I'm going to be cliche, but they were green like emeralds. She looked like a woman that I could appreciate, respect, and get to know. Not to mention I was more attracted to older girls due to the fact I looked 15 or 16.

It was a bold question. But then again I was a bold man. Young man.


"You really are 13, aren't you?" she said with a smile that got me good.

I almost couldn't handle the flirtiness.

"I guess so." and I hit her with a smile she'd never forget.


I started to think to myself:

"No turning back now, Bryan. (again, name changed) might as well just go for it. You're ready."

I looked at her with mixed emotions and somehow mustered words.

"Let's go to the bed."

"Yeah." she said laconically.

But it didn't matter, for what was about to happen next would change me into a man.
(By today's standards.)



We walked down the stairs. Her hand in mine, our eyes locked with only the deepest passion between the both of us I'm not even sure if we made it to the door without at least taking something off. We knew it was wrong. But we were just too damn horny.

(She was on the pill, everything was good.)

My pants were already off so I worked hers off. She let down her hair as I gently began to tug her jeans off. I made quick work of her pants and then moved on to her shirt. I laid on top of her, letting out lips touch ever so gently. I took off our shirts and next thing to go was our underwear. But we didn't get naked until more kissing and touching. After maybe 5 or 6 minutes of her feeling my smooth light brown skin and me stroking her easy complexion we were going below the waist. I started to nibble delicately at her thighs and I traced circles on her inner thighs. She was moaning and groaning.

(I had learned all the tips and tricks I needed from previous studying)

"Mmm. Baby baby baby. That feels good." she licked her lips and closed her eyes, "More."

She was addicted already. Good.

I licked those thighs so well. They tasted like heaven, and the smell that was radiating from her privates suggested she would taste better than heaven. So I eased my way there. I started tracing those circles closer and closer. I could hear her breathing shorten and her moans were becoming evident. And by the time I was rubbing her pussy through her underwear, she was even gasping too. Tilting her head back she began to talk dirtier and dirtier as we got deeper into the moment.

"Mmm. Boo I am so wet."

Brittany was loving every second of this. Her hips rocked back and forth in anticipation and It was obvious she needed satisfaction and stimulation.

I nibbled at her panties and slowly took them off. What I had seen was more than perfect. It was flawless. I had seen vaginas before. Some in real life, others on websites. ( being one of them)
Maybe it was the fact she wanted more; the fact that I was bound to be in that sooner or later made this one special. So I continued to please her with my finger. In and out of her. I played with her outer labia using my other hand and eventually went in with my tongue. But before I went in I asked her a simple question.

"Where's your clit?" I said with a smile between her legs.

She reached down and spread her hood, exposing to me the most powerful of all organs down there.

"Be gentle," she moaned lightly.

I was. I was not going to ruin this. It was going to be perfect. I went down on her. I teased her clit with gentle licks with the tip of my tongue. And then I'd rub it in circles, semicircles, up and down, left and right, really anything to make this woman happy. She grasped the back of my head. Running her fingers through my curly, dark, and luscious hair. It was motivation, to say the least. I just kept going at her. And I slowly pulled away.

"I'm glad you did that." she smiled promiscuously and tugged my boxers down.

She laid by my side and started to stroke and kiss me. I hadn't been handled like this before. The pleasure was overwhelming but I didn't cum.

(In fact I would last much longer than I expected.)

She positioned herself between my legs. One hand on my thigh, the other hand full of 7.5" of carame- colored cock. She teased the tip by licking it a little. Then she sucked the precum out the tip. She kept stroking and jerking the entire time.

"Ugh.!" I grunted savagely. "So good... Oh.." I had few words.

She lowered her head and had to open up her mouth wide for me. She then used her lips on the tip and I don't think I moaned any louder.

My first head.

"Ahh.!" I shrieked.

Brittany knew I loved it. Her head was ravishing. She used all her tongue, not just the tip, just enough teeth, and her lips were heavenly.

But then she sped things up a bit, which was fine by me. She had to have it inside her, and she told me. I positioned myself in missionary, and she asked,

"Are you sure?" she said. She kissed me slowly on the lips.

"Yes ma'am." I said.

And we were both ready.

Part 4 tomorrow.

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2012-06-07 01:38:50
What story did the person below me read cause it wasnt the same one I just read


2011-06-06 07:37:12
What a great fantasy! Incest is the best sex training for the young ones. Dad needs to be the one to deflower Cassie and have more fun with his orther two kids. Maybe a hard dick up his son's and daughters ass and mouth. How about his younger nieces and their little spend a few weeks and join in. Likeemyoung!!!

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