A family realise the best fun is indoors!
This story is a complete work of fiction, and involves sex between family members. My story involves young children actively participating in sex, so if this not to your taste please don’t bother reading this story and then complain you don’t approve of the content! This is written to appeal to the reader’s sense of imagination and erotic fantasy; I do not condone sex with minors in real life!
As stated in my other stories, if you enjoy this one please comment and your suggestions for future chapters will be considered and possibly included. Constructive criticism is also welcome, but above all I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you do!
The players are myself, Allan, a 36 year old semi-retired investment banker, my foxy wife Katie, a 35 year old smoking-hot blonde, and our kids, Trish, a 15 year old smaller version of her mom, our 14 year old son Brad, and Cassie, an extremely precocious 12 year old!
“Life doesn’t get much better than this!” I thought to myself as my new Lexus ate up the miles, heading home from an extremely pleasant dinner-date with my wife, Katie. I glanced across at my stunning dinner companion, who was laying back in the seat, eyes closed and dress hitched up to her waist, as she stroked her shaved cunt slowly and intently.
“You want some of this when we get home baby?” She hissed as she stoked her glistening gash. “It’s really wet for you! Or do you want to pull over and fuck me right now?”
I was constantly thankful of the day she came into my life, as we had been together for 17 years and she still turned me on like no other woman could! We make some interesting choices as we move through life, but there was no doubt asking Katie to marry me was the best decision of my life.
One of Katie’s many attractions was that she knew exactly how to push my buttons and keep my cock rock-hard and ready. Tonight she’d let me know she had dispensed with her bra and panties, freshly-shaved her succulent cunt, and inserted a large butt plug into her tight ass before we left for dinner. I was very tempted to pull over and take up her offer, but I decided it could be difficult to explain to the Highway Patrol if they happened by, so I kept driving.
“Honey, your cunt is going to be red-raw by the time I’ve finished with it. I just can’t decide whether that’ll happen before I fuck your sweet, tender ass, or after!”
She smiled and pushed two fingers deep into her dripping fuck-hole. “I do so love the feeling when you blow a big load in my shit-hole!”
Katie enjoyed a couple of shuddering cums as we headed homeward, and had a dreamy, satisfied look on her face as we pulled up. I leaned over and gave her a deep, loving kiss as I stroked her slick flaps.
“Let’s take this inside honey.” I said.
“Mmmmm, yes please baby. I am so hot I want you to fuck all my holes tonight!”
We walked inside and I started wondering where the kids where, as the living room was dark and empty. We normally can’t get them out of there with dynamite as this is where wide screen plasma and games consoles are, so Katie and I exchanged curious glances and went looking for them.
After checking the kitchen and the pool area we headed upstairs, where the kid’s rooms were at one end of the house and our master bedroom at the other. As we got near the top of the stairs we could hear strange moaning noises, and saw a dim light coming from Trish’s room. The moaning was getting louder, but it sounded strange, not the sounds you’d expect if someone was sick or hurt. Katie stopped and turned to whisper to me. “Baby I’m not sure, but it sounds as though someone’s fucking! Let’s take a quiet peek!”
Now this blew me away, was my 15 year old daughter fucking? And if so, who was the guy? I didn’t even know she had a steady boyfriend! We moved quietly closer to her door, and the closer we got the more it sounded as though Katie was right. It was definitely sex noises we could hear!
Katie peeked through the door, and I saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop. I was just about to kick the door in and throw some boy down the stairs when Katie motioned for me to have a look and put her finger to her lips, indicating I should keep quiet.
She moved back and I peeked discreetly around the door. Trish was definitely fucking, on the bed doggy-style with a young, hard cock pounding into her sweet young cunt. The next surprise was who she was fucking as it wasn’t some guy from school, it was her brother Brad! I quickly realized this had been going on for some time, as Brad wasn’t fumbling around like a first-time virgin, he was driving his cock in hard and deep with a big smile on his face. The third surprise was that our sweet 12 year old daughter Cassie was in there as well! She was lying back on the bed with a glazed look on her face as Trish was tonguing her cunt!!! Cassie had her hands on Trish’s head, and as Brad thrust into her, Cassie would pull Trish’s face harder against her tender, young flaps. Trish’s tongue was working overtime, and it looked as though Cassie had already enjoyed a couple of huge cums as Trish’s face was glistening with fuck-juices.
I moved away from the door, and Katie took my hand and led me back down the hallway. She looked at me with a strange expression on her face. “I can’t believe our kids are fucking, even Cassie! And did you see how Brad was fucking Trish, he was really driving into her!”
“I know!” I replied, still attempting to come to terms with the scene I’d just witnessed. “So much for worrying about Trish losing her virginity! This must have been going on for a while, the question is, what are we going to do about it?”
“We need to think about this, and I don’t think we should just bust in there. Can we go downstairs and talk about?”
I nodded and we moved quietly away. When we reached the living room I poured a couple of glasses of wine and we sat on the lounge. I looked at Katie. “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but watching our kids fucking is possibly the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. Brad seems to be quite the teenage stud, and Trish sucking on Cassie’s cunt while Brad was fucking her just blew my mind. Please don’t think I’m some kind of sick pervert, but that was so hot I nearly blew my load watching them!”
Katie smiled broadly and kissed me. “I love you baby! I was trying to find the courage to tell you exactly the same thing! I came watching them, it was just so fucking hot! So, what do we do about this? It would be kind of hypocritical to try and stop them as we were around their age when we started fucking. Now that they know how good sex feels they’d just sneak around behind our backs anyway, and we’ve never been that kind of family.”
I thought about this for a moment. “That’s true honey, but we aren’t brother and sister!”
“No we aren’t, but what would you prefer? Our kids fucking someone who loves them and will treat them with respect, or someone from school who may dump them or hurt them? Not to mention the chance of them picking up some kind of disease.”
I was starting to see where Katie was headed, and despite the ingrained incest taboos she was making good sense. I felt there was more to it, something that she wanted to say but was unsure about.
I cupped her face and looked deep into her eyes. “So what do you want to do honey? Do want to go up there and talk to them now, do you want wait until morning, or just perhaps would you like to go up and join them?”
There was no doubt I’d hit the target, as she looked deep into my eyes. “We’ve always tried to be completely honest with each other, and I can’t lie to you now. I want to join them, I want Brad’s cock in my cunt. I can’t rationalize this or explain it, but I know I want this more than anything! Does this make me a bad mom?”
“Honey we’ve always had strong sex drives, and they are our kids so perhaps it’s genetic! I’d love to fuck Trish if she’s up for it, she really has a sweet little cunt and there’s no doubt she knows how to use it!”
The decision had been made and we headed back to Trish’s room. When we reached her door I knocked gently and we walked in.
I knew the kids would freak out completely having been caught by their parents, so I decided to attempt to control the situation. It looked as though they had just finished as Trish was now laying on the bed with Brad breathing hard on top of her. Cassie was still leaning back against the bed head with a dreamy expression on her young face, which changed to wide-eyed fear when she realized we were standing there. She squealed which immediately got Trish and Brad’s attention, and there was a flurry of young bodies as they dived for bed sheets or anything else they could use to cover up.
“Relax kids.” I smiled. “Mom and I have been home for a while and we know exactly what you’ve been doing.”
They looked at each other fearfully, still not knowing where this was heading.
“So you kids, how long has this been going?” Katie asked with a reassuring smile.
More glances were exchanged and I thought Trish might answer being the eldest, but it was Brad who spoke first. “Ummm, it sort of started a couple of months ago….and it kinda happened by accident! Trish and I were watching TV one night when you guys were out or something. Trish said something and we started wrestling and mucking around, then all of a sudden we were kissing, and it just went from there! So… guys aren’t really angry at us?”
I ignored his question for now. “So how did Cassie get involved?”
More nervous glances, and this time Trish replied. “Brad and I were fooling around in the bathroom one day and we forgot to lock the door. Cassie came in and caught us, and said she’d tell you unless she could fool around too! Are we in really big trouble?” She looked as though she was close to tears, so I sat beside her on the bed and put my arm around her.
It was time for some reassurance. “Well, you certainly gave us one hell of a surprise, but no, you’re not in trouble, so you can all just relax, ok?”
Collective sighs echoed around the room and the kids all started to breathe again as Katie spoke. “We got home a while ago and came up here wondering where you were. When we saw what you were up to we went downstairs and talked about it. Now that you have discovered sex and how good it feels we know you won’t stop, so there’s no point in trying to make you. We were wondering how you kids feel about Dad and I joining in? We could home-school you in sex-ed 101 if you want us to!”
Katie looked more nervous than the kids, as she was clearly ready to fuck someone and was worried about a negative reaction.
Brad and Trish exchanged curious glances and Trish said. “So you two want to join in with us while we have sex?”
“We’d like to join you if that’s ok, but I was thinking more that Dad and I could teach you about sex. Fucking can be beautiful, and can give you feelings and sensations that are better than anything else you could experience. But like anything, there are tricks and techniques that can make it better for you, so if want to learn these Dad and I will teach you. If this totally freaks you out we can leave you alone.”
I could almost hear the gears turning as the kids considered Katie’s offer, and to my surprise if was little Cassie that spoke first. “Well, I want to learn, so you can teach me!”
Brad was next. “What kind of stuff would you teach us?”
I looked to Katie, indicating she may want to field this one. “Well honey, has Trish ever sucked your cock?”
“Mom!” Trish cried, but I could see Katie had connected with her son on this one.
“Not exactly sucked my cock, no.” Brad replied. “She’s kissed the head a bit and that feels fucking awesome!”
Katie smiled. “Then can I show you how good it feels to have your cock sucked? Your Dad says I’m an excellent cock-sucker!”
Brad clearly didn’t know what to say, but I could see something stirring under the sheet he had hastily used as cover. “You mean here….right now?”
“Yes baby.” My hot wife replied. “I mean right here, right now!”
Katie had decided to go for it, and slowly pulled the sheet down until Brad’s rapidly stiffening tool was exposed. She wrapped her slender hand around his shaft, and milked a drop of pre-cum from the head, and then knelt over him and gently flicked the tip with her tongue. Brad rolled his head back and groaned.
Now I have to say that I had plenty of blow jobs when I was younger, but nobody sucked cock like Katie did. Deep throat was one of her specialties, and she was able to take me all the way into the back of her throat in one slutty movement, and I was bigger than Brad (though his cock was still impressive). He was in for a real treat! Katie opened wide and slid his now hard fuck stick all way down her throat until her mouth was resting against his balls. She had this unique way of massaging my nuts with her lower lip, and I could see Brad was receiving the same exquisite treatment. She held him deep for a few seconds, and then slid up until she was just caressing his cock-head with her moist lips, before impaling her throat again.
I was interested to see Trish’s reaction, as she was clearly fascinated in Katie’s technique. She moved down until she was kneeling on the floor beside her brother and had a clear view of her slutty mom in action. While we never used a lot of language around the kids, fucking was a different set of circumstances, and I knew how Katie responded to some explicit encouragement.
I moved closer until my mouth was beside my sexy wife’s ear, and spoke loud enough for the kids to hear.
“You filthy slut! How dirty does it feel to have your son’s hard fuck-stick wedged down your throat?” Brad’s eyes flashed wide open and he looked at me with his mouth gaping. Katie moaned deeply around Brad’s cock, and nodded as far as she could, so I took his hands and placed them on Katie’s head, showing him how he could control her movements.
“Is your cunt getting wet from sucking your son’s dick? Are you a dirty fuck-pig that wants a hard cock in your slutty fuck-hole? Show us your fuck box, bitch!” I hissed. She moaned and jammed hard down on Brad’s cock, shaking her head around in a frenzy of sexual heat, and still managed to spread her legs wide apart at the same time. I knew without checking that her cunt would be gushing juice, and her inner thighs would be dripping wet.
Trish was starting to breathe heavily, and was fingering her own glistening gash, so I gently lay her back on the floor. I nudged her feet and she spread her legs wide apart, continuing to slide her fingers up and down her slick flaps.
I was just starting to appreciate what an attractive young woman my daughter had become, as I had always thought of both my daughters as my darling baby girls. Trish was certainly no longer a girl, but a stunning young woman, with long blonde hair like her mother, a pair of firm breasts with pert, pointy nipples, a slender waist and long, slim legs. Clearly it was time that I started thinking about Trish in a different light, and I had no idea what to think about Cassie!
Brad was starting to groan from deep in his throat, and I knew my wife’s skills would soon be rewarded with a throatful of virile, young fuck juice.
Trish was becoming even more aroused too, as a gentle stream of juice was oozing from her flaps as she stroked herself. I placed my hand over hers, and then whispered to her. “I want to show you true pleasure, baby. Hold your flaps open for me, and just lie back and enjoy. Say anything you want, do you anything you want, just give yourself over to pleasure, ok?”
“Ok dad.” She groaned. “Are you going to kiss my pussy?”
I smiled at my sweet, sexy daughter. “No my darling. I’m going to kiss your cunt, and so much more!”
“Ohhhh God! I can’t wait!!!” She moaned.
As she held herself open for me I started with soft french kisses, gently moving up and down her flaps. Just as I was about to give her clit the attention she was craving, Brad cried out.
“Fuck Mom, I’m gonna cum!!! Suck my cock Mom! Suck it hard!”
Katie didn’t need any encouragement, taking our son as deep as she could as he started to pump his load down her throat. I could see her cheeks sucking in and her throat muscles working as she drank Brad’s juices. I knew she would take everything he had and not waste a drop, so I went back to Trish’s sweet little gash.
I doubted that Brad had paid much attention to her clit so far, as they were probably working through basic teenage fucking. So I kissed her clit and was immediately rewarded with a sharp gasp. I knew precisely what kind of clit attention Katie enjoyed, and started working the tip of my tongue slowly up and down over Trish’s little button. Gradually I increased my pressure and speed, and before long she was thrashing around wildly.
“Oh my fucking God, Dad! I don’t know what you’re doing but please, please don’t stop!!!”
I didn’t realise how wide she was pulling her flaps open until they slapped against my lips, and she grabbed my head and jammed it into her gash with a strength I had no idea she possessed! Her juices were flowing freely from her cunt, coating my face with her slick lube. I jammed my tongue deep inside her fuck hole and started scooping out her nectar. She tasted completely different to Katie, and I was enjoying all the sensations associated with a fresh, young fuck tunnel that was on fire with lust!
Trish was starting to tremble and I knew she was about to cum, and I was hoping it would be an experience she would never forget! “Oh fuck, tongue-fuck me Dad, suck my juicy cunt!!!!” She screamed, and she delighted me with a huge jet of cum pumping straight out of her fuck box and all over my face. Trish was a gusher just like her mom! This was so hot I nearly blew as well, despite the fact my cock was not receiving any attention!
After a cum like that Katie would normally collapse and lay back until she caught her breath, but Trish was like a wild animal. She pushed me back on the floor and jumped on top of me, kissing my face furiously until she finally started to calm down. She kissed me on the lips with raw passion, her tongue probing my mouth and tasting her own sweet juices. Finally she came back to earth, and looked at me with an expression of pure, unbridled lust.
“Daddy. I don’t know what you were doing to me then, but if you can do that again you can fuck me anyway you want, anytime you want! I’ll do anything for you if you can make me cum like that!”
I smiled and kissed her tenderly. “Honey, that is what fucking should be like! I love you and I care about you, just as I do for your mom and Cassie. Fucking should be as much about giving pleasure as receiving it. So I guess you enjoyed yourself?”
Trish sighed. “That was so amazing. I mean, I love fucking Brad, and he really is a caring guy because he always makes sure I cum, but what you did was so, so good!!! I can’t wait for you to teach us more, I think I’ll be an A student!”
I looked across at Katie and Brad, and they were smiling as well. “Well sis.” Brad said to Trish. “I’m fucking sure I’m going to study hard, and I’m really looking forward to homework assignments from now on!”
We all laughed at that, and then a small voice said. “What about me, don’t I get to have some fun too?” We had been so busy satisfying our lustful urges we’d completely forgotten about Cassie!
I wasn’t sure how to treat this, as Cassie was only 12 and still very much a child, though she had seen everything we had done and it was unfair to exclude her. “I’m sorry Cass!” I reassured her. “Would you like me kiss your little cunt like I did with Trish?”
She answered me by lying back with a huge smile, and holding her smooth little flaps open for me. “Yes please Daddy!”
I started as I had with Trish, gently French kissing up and down her sweet flaps, before I kissed her little clit. She closed her eyes, gave a little moan, and started moving her hips in encouragement. I heard her gasp again and realized Katie had joined, sucking on one of Cassie’s tiny nipples. I started probing into her sweet little cunt with my tongue, tasting her juice and marveling that she had her own unique taste and scent. Trish moved around the other side and took Cassie’s other nipple in her mouth, and soon I was struggling to keep my tongue in place as Cassie thrashed around on the bed. Her cunt was pumping a steady trickle of sweet juices as I swabbed her tunnel with my tongue. I started to massage her clit with a finger, going in slow circles, and before I knew it she was shuddering through a deep cum. “Oh Daddy, so good, so goooooooddddd!” She moaned, and while she didn’t cum as much as Trish or Katie, it was certainly surprising for a girl of her age! Katie and Trish gently released Cassie’s nipples and lay back beside her in a loving 3-girl embrace.
While it had been a mind-blowing evening, I still had a rock-hard cock that was oozing pre-cum, and if I didn’t find a warm, tight place for it I was going to explode! “Katie, I need you suck my cock now!”
She smiled at me, knowing it was finally time for some serious adult fun! She knelt before me and placed her arms behind her back in a gesture of submission. Katie knew giving me total control of her body made me even hotter, though tonight it really wasn’t necessary! She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. I was in no mood to “fuck around”, so I buried my cock deep into her throat in one powerful thrust. My beautiful wife knew me well enough to know I was close to cumming, so she kept her tongue clear and allowed me take control. Her mouth was warm and moist, but the pressure on my cockhead from her throat was bringing me seriously close to release. I kept thrusting into her sweet face until my cock was liberally covered in saliva, and then pulled out.
“Doggie-style babe! I going to fuck your tight cunt hard and deep!”
She quickly assumed the position and looked back at me over her shoulder. “Give it me hard you cunt-fucker!” She begged. “I want to feel your fuck juice dribbling down my thighs when you blow!”
The kids were watching closely as I knelt behind my Katie and thrust my fuck tool deep into her juicy snatch. She was certainly ready, as my shaft hit rock bottom on the first thrust and I ground my balls against her slick flaps. “Fuck me lover! Fuck me hard and fuck me deep!!!” She moaned.
I couldn’t hold back any longer and thrust into her so hard I was slowly pushing her across the floor. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and gripped her shoulders to ensure I was giving her every inch I had. “I’m going to full your slutty little cunt with fuck juice you whore!”
“Do it!” She yelled in encouragement. “Pound your little slut’s cunt, please!”
“I’m cumming bitch!!!” I shouted as started to pump stream after stream of thick, gooey cum deep into her cunt.
“Oh yes, lover, YES!!! Fill me!!!”
My knees started to shake and I collapsed onto her back, with my cock still pumping spasms of my seed into her greasy fuck-hole. I had given her what she asked for, as I could feel our combined juices running down her thighs and pooling on the floor. I couldn’t remember ever having cum so hard or for so long, and I was completely spent. When I felt her arms and legs start to tremble from supporting my weight I reluctantly eased my shrinking cock back, and collapsed on the floor with Katie beside me. I kissed her forehead and cheeks gently.
“After all these years you are still the best fuck on the planet!” I told her lovingly.
She smiled. “So are you lover, so are you!”

So, here ends the first chapter of my story, and I hope you are lying there with cum all over your fingers or your chest! If you enjoyed my store please tell me, in graphic detail if you want!
From here the story will get progressively hotter, with anal, bi, toys, water sports, and perhaps some bestiality thrown in. Where would you like to see my story go from here? Post a suggestion and perhaps I’ll include it!

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