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str8 Brian gets more jailhouse cock
Jail Force

Parts 13-15

By: Jimmy T Seay

(m+/t oral forced enema jail)


Steve's wish was not to happen, not yet anyway. As in dog packs, there's an
order among convicts. And that pecking order put Keith up next. Keith walked
towards Brian, his cock stuck straight out, as if pointing the way.

Brian was about to get a second fucking. Keith was about to get sloppy
seconds. Keith didn't mind, not at all. Keith's six incher may have lacked a
little in size, but Keith made up for it with his style. As Brian McKee
watched the man approach, he had no idea of the cruelty he was about to

Brian was broken, he was in doubt of his own masculinity, after Don had
fucked the cum out of him. One could see a change in Brian, already. Brian
stood differently. His shoulders weren't so square, his chest wasn't thrown
out. Brian had lost more than oral and anal virginity, Brian had lost the
confidence his maleness had once provided.

And, now, Brian was about to really suffer. Keith had a very cold streak,
especially when it came to punks. Keith was sadistic. Keith got off on
giving pain.

Brian didn't recognize the look in Keith's eyes. It was a look that should
have warned Brian. Steve saw it, it made him think of a serial killer movie
he had seen. Steve suddenly forgot about wanting to see the spic fuck Brian.
Steve felt this would be something worth watching. Steve would soon find out
how right he was.

Keith faced Brian. There was maybe a foot of space between the almost equal
sized males. Keith looked at the perfect face, the perfect skin, the boy's
build, his large cock, his big balls. Keith felt hatred building up, the kid
was perfect, he was the fine type of male that always had his way. Brian
McKee wouldn't be having his way with Keith.

Keith locked his eyes on the boy's chest. Brian's large nipples protruded
from his thick pecs. Keith said, "Play with your titties, slut."

Brian blinked, realizing he had been spoken to. He reached for his nipples.
Brian touched his own nipples, unsure what to do.

Keith's hand flew out, he back handed Brian's face. "I said play with them,
you stupid bitch. Pull them, twist them, hurt your fucking titties, you
dumb, cock sucking faggot!"

Brian gripped his nipples, he winced as his fingers touched the still sore
one. Brian twisted and tugged at his nubs. Keith drew his hand back again,
Brian twisted and pulled harder.

Steve stood at the bars, laughing so hard, he had turned red. Ortez snapped
pictures. Will was getting another erection.

Keith said, "Good faggot, now squeeze your nuts!"

As any male knows, testicles are very easy to hurt. Brian grasp his large
nut sack, he squeezed. He immediately felt pain. It was the gut wrenching
pain that only males understand. It was the pain that fills a male's body.
But Brian squeezed, watching Keith's hands. Indeed, Brian was broken.

Keith said, "Okay, punk, pull out some of your dick hairs."

Again, Brian complied, he grasp a hair, pulling it, feeling the needle sharp
pain. Keith's hand flew out, the sound of him bitch slapping Brian echoed in
the tank.

"Not like that, you stupid whore." Keith yelled. Keith pinched some of
Brian's pubes, yanking them out of the boy's vee shaped bush.

A sharp cry of pain came from Brian's damaged throat. Keith grabbed some
more hair, pulling it out of Brian. "Now, bitch, do it right!"

Brian yanked hair from his own bush. The golden boy had been forced to hurt
himself. Steve watched in stone silence, he shuffled, his dick had started
throbbing and getting hard, as he watched this scene.

"You stupid, sick faggot! Your a cock sucking homo! I wanna see you suck
your own cock! Now!"

Brian moved to the mattresses on the floor. Keith's foot struck out,
contacting with the golden boy's butt. "Not on the mattress, you stupid
cunt! Get on the floor! Suck your own dick!"

Will watched, totally amazed. Brian bent his body, the boy's big dick hung
inches from his mouth, Brian had folded his body into a 'U' shape, but
couldn't quite get his dick in his own mouth.

Keith bent Brian's athletic body, Brian felt as if bones were about to
break, then the kid found his own dick entering his mouth. Even Don watched,
even Don had interest in this. Don smiled as he watched the boy's new

Steve said, "He's sucking his own dick, the fucking fag is giving himself

Ortez snapped more pictures. The three newest pictures would show Brian
McKee sucking his own dick, half of Brian's cock was in his own mouth! Ortez
lowered the camera, and placed it in front of his own growing erection.

Keith made Brian self cock suck for a few minutes. Brian's dick got slightly
harder as he was made to suck it.

Keith snickered, "We got a real fag boy, total faggot!"

Bruno's wish was that Keith would hurry up. He awaited his turn, his dick
needed to feel that white boy's ass!

Keith was indeed now ready to fuck, but he was going to fuck Brian in his
way. Keith not only dicked an unwilling boy, Keith made the victim feel life
at it's lowest point. But Keith was ready to fuck the golden boy.

Keith gave Brian an order, "Get on the mattress, face your friends out
there, on all fours, bitch!"

Before Keith penetrated Brian, Keith reached out, one of Keith's hands
grabbed the boy's dick, the other held the boy's nuts.

Keith made his body melt on top of Brian's, he said, "When I hurt your nuts,
make your ass real tight, when I jack on your dick, be sure and like it!"

Keith stuck his dick inside of Brian, it may have been an average sized one,
but it hurt the golden boy. Keith tightened his hold on Brian's nuts. "Make
your ass tight, milk my dick!" Keith ordered.

One of Keith's hands made Brian's nuts feel incredible pain, the other hand
jacked Brian's dick. And Keith moved his hard dick in and out of Brian's

Ortez wasn't taking pictures at this moment, he needed the camera to hide
the hard on he had. Ortez watched Brian's rape.

Keith fucked with pure violence, Brian inched forward from the blows of
Keith's body striking his ass. Brian groaned in pain as the convict worked
his nuts, squeezing them, pulling them, racking the golden boy up into total

Keith had reached his point of no return, his nut was building, he was
peaking. Both of Keith's hands locked onto Brian's cock, twisting,
squeezing, and bending Brian's rod as Keith shot cum wad after cum wad into
the sobbing boy!

Keith harshly pulled his spent dick out of Brian, rising, Keith kicked Brian
hard in the ass, sending the golden boy down flat.

Brian lay sobbing in pain and terror. His body shook as he cried.

Part 14 - Telephone Pole Size

Bruno swaggered up to the golden boy. "Touch my cock, boy!" he said.

Brian reached out and touched the monstrous, swollen rod. It flexed at the
boy's touch. Brian's fingers could not reach all the way around this truly
wonderful piece of man meat.

"You're gonna feel that, bitch, all of that is gonna be up inside your sweet
ass. You're gonna be so full of cock. I'm gonna stretch you all the way
open, and I'm gonna fuck you senseless. " Bruno bragged.

Brian lay, holding the big dick, not knowing what to do. A trail of cum
leaked from his ass. Brian felt the sticky fluid slowly drip down his leg.
Brian stared at the hardness in his hand. He feared what it would do to him.
He knew the least would be incredible pain.

Steve said, "Come on, stick it in him!" Steve had been waiting for this, his
patience was thinning. He wanted to see that oversized cock force its way up
McKee's ass. Steve had witnessed the pain in McKee's face from the earlier
fuckings, this was really going to be something to watch.

"Yeah, touch my meat, feel it. It's huge, boy, fucking huge. It's Latino
dick! I'm gonna force it in you, and I'm gonna fuck you real good with it.
Latino's know how to fuck, we fuck from our hearts! We fuck because we love
to fuck!" Bruno's cock begin to leak heavily.

Everyone was staring at the boy holding the hard shaft. His hand looked
small compared to the cock. The naturally dark cock was even a deeper color,
blood pumped through it, making veins pulse.

Part 15 - Bitch Style

Brian's hot naked body looked good even against the current back drop of
jail house mattresses. Bruno placed pillows under the golden boy's sexy

The pillows had elevated Brian's head, he stared down at the Latino that was
at his feet. The boy's big cock lay asleep, curled in it's nest of hairs. It
was red and hurt from Keith's torture of it.

Brian's nipples were puffy, reddened from the work out they had received.
His tongue flicked out, moistening the chapped lips. The covering of saliva
made them appear redder and more luscious. The boy's body showed little of
the battering it had endured. Brian McKee had been raped, abused, tortured,
and broken but the golden boy was as good looking and sexy as ever.

Bruno was ready to abuse Brian even more. "Lift your legs up in the air, and
spread em, bitch boy!" Bruno ordered.

Brian's body was sore, but he lifted his legs high, spreading them wide
enough to receive the man's body. His ball sack slipped down, covering the
swollen, cum encrusted hole. The hole spasmed with each beat of Brian's
heart, sending signals of light pain to Brian's mind.

Bruno climbed over Brian, he looked down at the beautiful boy that was now
his toy. He placed the boy's feet on his broad shoulders, and molded their
two bodies to fit together. Bruno's huge cock stabbed Brian's low hanging
nut sack.

"Reach down and lift your nuts out of the way," Bruno said.

Brian fit a hand between them, carefully moving his nuts up out of the way.
Bruno placed his huge cock head against the damp, warm, pulsing hole. Bruno
rested slightly above Brian, a hand on either side of the athlete's arms.
Bruno locked his eyes on Brian's.

"Look me in the eyes, fuck boy, no matter what, let me see your eyes!" Bruno

Bruno lowered slightly, even though the hole had been fucked by two men
already, it resisted this larger, thicker object.

Brian screamed in pain, but never broke the eye contact. To him, it felt as
he was being split in half.

Don yelled, "Push out, boy! Remember, push out!"

Somehow, Brian heard through the roar of pain filling his body. Brian pushed
out, as he opened his ass hole, the huge dick managed to begin the process
of entry. It's pure girth stretched Brian wider and wider. Bruno wasn't
using his muscle to enter, he was letting his weight drop a little at a
time. He did not want this boy's hole to be a bleeding torn mass, he wanted
it tight and functioning.

Bruno had torn sphincters in the past, he knew the size of his dick made
anal entry a slow, tenuous thing. He looked into the boy's eyes, studying
the reaction, waiting for the boy to be ready for more.

Only the head was inside, but Brian could not believe this pain, it was
worse then the first dick that had deflowered his ass!

"Sir, I can't, I can't," Brian said in a deep, hoarse voice. Everyone heard
the desperation, and the pain that Brian's words contained.

"You can, boy, you ain't got no choice, you got to!" Bruno responded,
lowering a little deeper.

"I can't, I can't fucking take it! Please, get it out!" Brian begged as loud
as he could manage.

Bruno's answer was to lower more, more dick entered the boy. Brian screamed,
begged, pleaded, but inch after inch of Bruno's rod slowly sank inside him.

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2016-05-21 11:07:25
That's how I felt the day my ASS-PUSSY got deflowered with a huge unforettable COCK! Hurt like hell but I WANTED his BIG COCK in me!

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this story line is great... so far I am looking forward to reading this next part about this huge latino cock fucking this boy.....great stuff....

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