First off let me tell u a bit about my self. My name is Matthew and im 35 years old. I have blue eyes dark brown hair and am 5'9" tall and weigh about 170. I first met my wife when we were both junior's in high school. After we got out of school we were both still madly in love and got married right away, even though our parents strongly objected. My wife was named Katrina and I say was because shortly after our daughter was born she just dissappeared. I have no idea where she is now or what she is doing and for all I care it can stay that way. When our daughter was born we named her Sakina a very pretty name i've always enjoyed, but I just called her Suki. When my wife left I was heart broken.

Here we are four years later and me and my daughter could not be happier I have a well paying internet job I can do from home so none of that heavy traffic and working in a cube stuff. But my little girl one day was at the table and asked me "Daddy where is Mommy" well i must confess this took me by surprise. "Honey why do u ask" trying not to remember how painful it was when she left. She said that she noticed most every other kid in class has a mommy. I went over to her and kneeled down to eye level and looked at her and said "honey I wont lie to you, but truth be told I don't know where she is" my girl just said "humph" and never said any thing else.

Well after she finished elementery school she went to middle school and most everything was fine untill 15. One day my now not so little girl came in slammed the door threw her book bag across the room and screamed at the top of her lungs. Well I was in my study up stairs and heard everything and figured something was wrong. I stood up and nearly stumbled over my chair in my race to get down stairs. I hoped down the 6 stairs from top to bottom killing my feet and entered the living room. My daughter was there with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Suki what's wrong" I asked she screamed "all boys are pigs!" and raced to her room. I had been sorta dreading this moment for a while hopeing it would'nt come fat chance now. So I waited about 15 minutes and got a couple of drinks out of the fridge. Poured them into some glasses and added a little rum to them. Now don't think this is a commom thing for us I don't do this everyday, but figured this was needed.

I went to her room and gently nudged the door open and sat on the bed where my daughter was crying into her pillow. I set the glassed down on the night stand next to her bed and asked if she wanted to talk about it. She sat up and said " all boys are pigs." I just gave a little smirk and said "I have figured that out already but that dose'nt tell me whats wrong". So wipeing the tears from under her eyes and handing her the drink I poured I moved her into my lap and said "ok dear start from the beginning and tell me whats wrong". She said "ok there is this boy in school named Dillon, and we had been seeing each other for like maybe a month, but only at school. Then today we went behind the school during lunch and we started kissing and he moved his hand under my shirt and grabbed my tit. Which kinda felt good but than he moved my hand down to his penis and I told him I didn't want to touch it. He said please just a little so I at least held on to it and he tried to put his hands into my pants. Thats were I pulled away he asked what was wrong and I said I liked him but didn't want him to touch my like that. He said that I was a slut and he knew how to treat little whores like me, and I punched him hard and made his nose bleed. From there I said we were over and not to speak to me agian and left him there."

That just made my day let me tell you that my Suki had boundries and stood here ground. I said "well I hate to say that but thats the difference between a boy and a man honey". At that point she took a sip of her drink and made the cutest little funny face and I nearly fell off her bed laughing. She said "whats so funny" I replied just the face you made was funny is all. After I stopped laughing I said "hun you have no idea how proud of you I am for standing your ground today so we are going to do something special tonight, so go get a shower get dressed up nice something fancy and put on some make up, and let me know when you are out of the shower." So she trotted out of the room and I went back to my study to finish up my work.

Fifteen minutes later my girl came into my study not wearing a stitch of clothes drying her hair with a towel and said "im out of the shower now daddy". I turned around and my eyes popped out and my jaw hit the floor for what I saw was not expected. I hadn't seen my girl like this since I had stopped bathing her when she was young. She had the perfect hour glass figure her little kitty was shaved bare, and her tits at 15 were at least a B cup. I was speechless she said "whats wrong daddy." All of a sudden my mouth was like the sahara I could barely speak but I managed to say "um nothing I just was um caught unaware to what a beautiful young thing you had become." She giggled blew me a kiss and trotted off to her room. OH MY GOD the thoughts that were going through my head right now was a massive overload. I shot through the house like a bolt hit my knees to floor of the bathroom undid my pants and almost made a mess everywhere. I just had a massive orgasim at the sight of my little girls naked body, and had to sit for five minutes before I could stand agian.

But I got my composure back took a showere dressed in a nice white shirt some black slacks a tie and my suday shoes and went to get my daughter from her room. When I opened the door I must have had the same expression from before because my daughter burst into a fit of laughter. She was wearing clothes this time but WOW she had on a fancy red dress that went over one shoulder and had a frill around it and matching red high heel shoes. My daughter was a fox and I knew that this evening was going to be special and hard. After we both pulled our selves together I took my daughter out to a fancy five star restaurant and shelled out 150.00 bucks for our meal. My daughter all of a sudden didn't look to good I said "whats wrong honey" with some concern. She said "im sorry daddy but I think I ate to much" so I got my girl up and took her home and as soon as I parked in the drivway she was out of the car up the steps and into the bathroom.

Feeling concerned I knocked on the door and said "are you ok Suki" she said she would be fine but the food wasn't sitting well with her. So I headed to the living room and watched TV for about 30 minutes then my Suki left the bathroom and headed up stairs on some wobbly legs and took a shower. I must have fallen asleep on the plush leather couch because when I woke up there was my little Suki standing in front of me holding her favorite stuffed bear and wearing a very long Care Bears night shirt. I said "is something wrong baby" she said "could I lay down with you dad" I just nodded. I had undressed before I turned on the TV and was only wearing my boxers. I opened my arms and my little girl slid into me and I put my arms around her and held her for a moment. I could smell her hair it smelled like flowers and she turned to me and looked at me with the beautiful green eyes she got from her mother and said "daddy do you miss mommy." My eyes started to tear up and I couldn't help my self I started crying.

This time it was my daughter who was concerned for me we both sat up her in my lap and she said "oh daddy im sorry please don't cry." I said "im sorry honey but its just that I don't miss your mom all that much but when I looked into your eyes just a moment ago I remembered how wonderful it felt to hold your mom and kiss her and be with her and all the emotions I have'nt felt for so long came back all at once and hit me like a wall." My daughter leaned foward and put her lips to mine not like a daughter but like a woman and my lust for my daughter was fueled at that moment. I took off her night shirt and threw it down and kissed her with as much passion I could muster. She leaned back and pushed her sweet little tits foward towards my mouth and I could not resist taking her sweet nipple into my mouth and sucking it. She let out a moan and said "oh daddy that feels so good oh no what's happening". I let go and lifted her up so she was standing in front of me her little wet pussy lips glistening in the dim light. I stuck my toung out and licked right between her labia and strait to her clit. She screamed for the second time today and pulled my head to her quacking body before going limp in my arms.

After a moment she said "wow daddy what was that" I said "oh I was sucking on your clit is all" she said "can we do that agian" I said "sure but I have someother stuff to show you too." I took her and laid her on the couch and said "hun what do you know of sex." She said "not much just the stuff they taught us in sex ed about how it all works but nothing physical." I said "well lets just change that right now" as I dropped my boxers I thought her eyes were gonna pop out. But what she did next surprised me she sat up and started to suck my cock. I mean it was already hard but damn who knew a daughter could suck so good. She swallowed 3, than 4, than 5, than all 6 inches of my cock and was doing it like a pro. I pulled her head right down to my shaved base and shot my large load down into her. She pulled away a little shocked and than moved what little was still in her mouth and said not bad but I dont think I want to do that to often. I said "is it bitter" she said "no, I just dont really care for the taste to much is all." I figured I could live with that.

So as we sat on the couch I said "are you ready for more" she said "sure what's next." I just grinned and moved down to her sweet budding tits and small but very pretty nipples and said "let's see how you enjoy this." As I sucked on one of those sweet buds it got hard quick and her eyes rolled into her head and her mouth parted and a long deep moan escaped her. I just sat there for a moment than moved to the other one and massaged the already erect one with my hand and another moan escaped. From there I slowely nibbled and licked down her smooth belly till I got to her belly button and swirled my tounge around her delicate destention. And she jumped and than just layed there enjoying the sensation. I didnt linger there to long as I slid my tounge down and around her clit being ever so careful not to touch it yet. She mewled with anticipation and I slid my tounge between her wet cunt lips and opened them without using my hands.

I slowely pushed them open and slid my tounge inside tasting the sweet necter that my daughter had to offer. She gasped and started to breath heavily. I said "is it to much" she just mouthed the word "NO" so I continued. I moved my mouth up to her swollen clit and pushed two fingers easily into her vagina. She instantly started bucking her hips up and down than went ridged with a large arch to her back. Than just dropped back to the couch and breathed a deep sigh. She slowely opened her eyes and looked at my again erect cock since I had just spent half an hour pleasing her. She said "daddy I know this my be foward but would you please slide your cock deep inside me I think we both need it." I could'nt argue with her she was right after all and so I pulled her sweet lips apart with my fingers and started to push my cock into my girl. She gasped and said "please go gentle I am still a virgin." I said "I will but you know when I break your cherry it will be quite painful, but this is what will happen I will push hard when I hit it and go all the way in but than I will wait for you to say its ok to move again ok." She just nodded and I slowely entered her with about two inches and hit her cherry. I said "ok baby are you ready." She put her finger between her teeth and nodded.

With that I pushed with all my might and broke through. Her back arched her eyes went wide her mouth opened widely in a silent scream. I looked down and saw some blood drip out but only about 6 drops. She layed that way for about 15 seconds than slowely brought her back down to the couch. She just layed there with a couple tears falling from her eyes. I just sat on my haunches and waited with my cock stuffed into her enjoying the wonderful sensation as she felt the pain. Her eyes closed for a couple of seconds than reopened. She said " but im ok I think." I slowely pulled my six inches from her and she made a grimace so I stopped. She looked at me and nodded that she was ok so I pushed back in again. This time she did'nt make a face she just closed her eyes and let out another deep breath. So I slowely started pumping into my little girl and she started pushing her self back against me. As I pushed into her again and again I noted that I could feel my cock hitting her cervix. I was close to cumming and I shouted it she screamed "yes daddy yes cum in me fill my small cunt with your daddy seed!" I could'nt take the dirty talk and it pushed me over the edge and I pushed so hard that I felt her cervix give just enough to pump my cum right into her little womb.

She looked a little like some one had punched her in the gut I wonder why since I was pushing somewhere that I was not ment to be. But she did'nt say a word she just let it happen and had a wonderful set of orgasms she later told me. I said I was sorry to have pushed so far into her and opened her cervix like that. She said it was fine that it did'nt bother her, but that she would have to be taken to the doctor in a couple of weeks. I was a little confused by her sudden interest to go and inquired as to why. She said "because by that time we should know if im PREGNANT or NOT!"

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2011-06-07 10:27:04
Ok.. not a problem with subject.. ur writeing has potential.. u just need not try to rush it..dont rush daughter into being a cock slut.. (side note : slide two fingers in easy; but shes a virgin?) build story more solidly an make it read smoothly an you'll have a bright future..


2011-06-07 00:37:01
Firstly, I have no problem with the subject matter, and the layout is pretty good, but the spelling is childish. If you want praise - MAKE AN EFFORT. Pissant excuses like Oh I was standing on my head or I did it on Notepad are not credible. Getting it right is. I gave you a Positive vote because you have potential, just don't try to tell me that your fucking Notepad can't spell. Resubmitted because it dropped part of my critique.


2011-06-07 00:29:44
Firstly, I have no problem with the subject matter, and the layout of the story is pretty good, but the spelling is childish. If you want praise - MAKE AN EFFORT. Pissant excuses like Oh I was standing on my head or I did it on Notepad. Getting it right does. Simple really. I gave you a Positive vote because you have potential just don't try to tell me that your fucking Notepad can't spell.

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