Grandad loves his grand daughter very much, and she loves him
A very short story, which may or may not be continued, granddad shows his grand daughter the joys of sex.

Polly had her bath and came back to watch the TV she likes X factor so Tina said she could stay up and watch.
When she got in the lounge the only place to sit was on the floor, or she could squash her little body on the edge of the sofa with me.
She didn’t like the floor to hard so she opted for laying beside me, as she lay there her body turned toward me slightly, her head nestled in my shoulder she watched the X factor.

I had my hand on her leg; she was wearing a pair of panties and a short nightie which only reached her knees.
The sofa was slightly back from the chairs, so anyone wanting to speak to us would have to turn round.
She was glued to the box, and I felt her smooth leg under my hand and immediately wanted to touch her more, my cock was already rising.
I slowly slide my hand up her leg onto her thigh, I looked at the family they weren’t looking at me, I looked at Polly she wasn’t either.
My hand slide between her legs and again moved up her thigh I was almost at her panties, she didn’t move, my hand covered her panty clad pussy, she turned sharply and looked at me.

I put my finger to my mouth as if to say shhhhhhhhh, she didn’t say anything, and turned toward the TV again.
I gently rubbed her pussy though her panties, feeling her becoming slightly damp, her body had moulded its self into mine.
My fingers tried to gain entry into her pants but the elastic on the leg was too tight, I rubbed her once more over her pants, cursing the fact I couldn’t get inside them.

She moved away from me and left the room, but returned a few minutes later and got back in the position she had left moments before.
My hand went back to her thigh and I slide my hand once again up her leg toward her pussy, suddenly I realised where she had gone minutes before, to the toilet.
She had removed her pants and her pussy was wet from little girl pee, my hand was soaked, she looked at me again, and again my finger went to my lips shhhhhhhh.

She smiled and looked away, my index finger soaked in pee traced the line of her slit from the top near her tiny clitty to her anus, pushing deeper with each movement.
I removed my finger, Polly looked at me again, and watched as I licked my fingers, once again they went back into her slit, and again I drank her pee and dampness.
Polly watched as I sucked her pee into my mouth with a wicked grin on her lips, I smiled down at her as she watched.

My hand went back to her pussy, my fingers delving a little deeper into her; she was becoming damper as my fingers probed her opening.
Polly moved and turned slightly toward me, her chest facing me, one leg between mine, the other over the side of the sofa. She was open more now.

My fingers toyed with her pussy her body pushing into mine, her breathing becoming deeper, she looked at me again, and again I put my fingers to my lips shhhhhhhh.
My fingers still on her pussy her hand went to mine and pushed my hand hard against her, she fumbled for a moment and found my finger, she placed it at her small entrance and again pushed against my hand, my finger went inside her the full length, she gave a short moan and her face turned, something had hurt her, she didn’t know what, but she didn’t speak or cry out.
Instead she held my hand in place, I began to move it back and forward finger fucking her, she was moaning louder, Tina turned and told Polly to be quiet or she would have to go to bed.
Polly looked at me I said shhhhhhh

I moved her hand to my cock, it was like a rod of iron, she grasped it through my jeans; again a wicked smile came to her lips when she found it hard, she had never seen or felt it hard before.
I managed to unzip my jeans, and pulled it from its hiding place; she was squeezing me, wondering why it was so hard.
I grasped her hand and moved her hand in an up and down motion.
And there with a room full of people she began to wank me in the way she thought it should be done. Her fingers rubbing the head, smearing the precum over the head and her hands, then she began the up and down movement on my shaft.
I wanted to come so badly.

Tina turned again, Polly stopped I kept my hand still, “dad make us a cup of tea.”
I got up and went to the kitchen. Polly stood behind me, smiling, knowing she had unfinished business to attend to, and so did I.
I lifted her onto the kitchen table, her legs automatically opened she knew where I wanted to go.
I noticed a slight stain of blood on her thighs.
My mouth covered her pussy and I drank in her sweetness, I tongue fucked her for ten minutes, licking her tiny girlie clit and lapping up her juices, I probed her bum with my finger, just a little way I didn’t want to hurt my angel, plenty of time for that.

Her legs in the air thrashing about she had her little girl orgasm her first, but I knew it wouldn’t be her last, not now.
The kettle was boiling and turned off; I took the cups and filled them with milk and sugar, waiting for the tea to brew.
She knelt in front of me and pulling my zip down she once again found my missile still hard and waiting for attention.
I didn’t tell her, she already knew, I had used my tongue on her, and she would use her tongue on me.
I leaned on the units as she took part of my helmet into her mouth, her tongue sliding over my penis opening swallowing my precum.
She was smiling her eyes looking at me; she knew that what she was doing was right.
She remained kneeling as I began to spurt, rope after rope entering her mouth; she swallowed what she could, the rest landing on her face.

I picked her up in my arms and licked the sperm from her face and kissed her deeply like a boy would a grown girl, but Polly was only six.
And I loved her so much.

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2011-12-27 16:37:12
Great story. Would like to hear what happens next. Like hearing about them at that age.

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2011-07-07 01:31:38
Your a excellent writer keep writing please continue this story x


2011-06-07 10:53:11
Really nice story. Teaching a sweet little girl to love sex and make your sex toy is one of the greatest fantasies. Keep the story going maybe a sleep over with Granpa to continue her training or a over night trip. Likeemyoung!!!

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