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New job, new start; not for Fiona 3:

More from Fiona's journal:

It was nine days later before Fiona came home and handed me her journal with the next entry for me to read, it had been a long wait and Fiona had been on edge a lot of the time as she just never knew when Steve would make another demand. Nine days previous Steve had confiscated Fiona's bra as a punishment then made her expose herself in various locations in the warehouse so he could get pictures. Worryingly for Fiona was the fact that her bosses and the security guys had seen her braless and their behaviour towards her had changed a little and it was beginning to make her even more nervous.

One a couple of occasions since bumping into Mr. Symons and Mr. Butterworth on the stairwell they had both called her to their office for ‘meetings’ now these ‘meetings’ had never taken place before and Fiona got the impression it was just a way for them to eye her up. Mr. Symons (Donald) was a more discreet than Mr. Butterworth (Graham). Donald being sixty four and a quiet polite man would sneak glances at her when he thought Fiona wasn’t looking. But Graham openly leered at her now and would often sit really close making her feel very uncomfortable. Fiona had got the sense that the directors had lost respect for her as a business women, and look where that got her last time.

She confessed to me that she felt like leaving the job but it was the massive salary always holding her back, that and the fact Steve Lomax had hundreds of images of her that could ruin her career even if she left for pastures new. It seemed she was stuck in a very tricky situation again.

The security guards Gerald and Trevor seemed to float passed her office a bit more as well and seemed to be loitering out the side entrance when she left and always said they were on a site perimeter walk. She didn’t believe that for a second because as they’d watched her walk by and to her car she watched them duck back into the entrance back to their nice warm office.

Wednesday , 9 days later:

“The phone rang at five past nine; I’d been at my desk no more than ten minutes. It was Steve. He’d summoned to his office for twelve thirty. That was beginning of lunch break. I’m instantly nervous as its been over a week since he made contact”

Fiona obviously knew about being late so knew that wasn’t an option today, she had a very important meeting at one thirty with the three directors and couldn’t possibly be late for that either. She wasn’t late to Steve's office, in fact she was a couple of minutes early which seemed to please Steve when she entered. The rest of his staff had passed Fiona on her way up as they headed to the canteen so she knew they were alone.

“Take off your clothes Fiona and place them in the filling cabinet and lock it”

She did as Steve asked knowing she had urgent matters and didn’t want any delays.

“Now turn around so that your bum is resting on the desk facing me and bend over so that I can see your holes Fiona”

Again without protest she assumed the position Steve had described bending over with her holes exposed facing Steve who was sat in the chair behind about two feet away. She heard a cardboard box being opened behind her and the sound of some plastic being pulled apart and wondered what Steve was doing; she didn’t dare look round though.

“And then I felt it cold and smooth against my pussy pushed against my folds opening up my vulva with its smooth cold shaft. My lips parted and the cold object slid into my dry pussy about four inches deep and then stopped”

Steve didn’t say a word and Fiona held firm in her position with what she presumed was a dildo hanging from her pussy behind, she was like that for a couple of minutes then she felt the cold object slide out then back in her pussy and this motion went on for the next three or four minutes.

“Damn, the heat began to return to my lips and I was powerless to stop it as the smooth object began to slip inside my hole with growing ease. The feeling of moisture between my legs was increasing with every penetration from the object being used on me by Steve. he must of known that my hole was getting wet in front of him again”

The object was plunged a little deeper into her a final time causing her to let out a little yelp. Steve must of shoved the dildo almost all the way in as she could feel a slightly rougher edge on the outer part of her lips, which she presumed was the thickest end of the smooth dildo.

“A sound I’d grown used to started up behind me as Steve added more shots to his growing collection only they were getting more and more explicit as the meetings went on”

“Climb on the desk in front of me Fiona and spread your legs” Steve said from behind her as he reached out and removed the object. As she stood up a little bit of her juice leaked out onto her thighs and when she turned to face Steve see saw that the object was indeed a seven inch silver dildo. The desk was clear like Steve had cleared it purposely beforehand, she climbed up on her knees until she was in front of Steve then slid onto her bottom and lent back onto her elbows at the same time as moving her legs wide apart so that her feet were on either edge.

“At this moment in time it was the most vulnerable and humiliated I’d felt since Steve began blackmailing me. He was less than twelve inches away from me and had full access to my wet sex. Oh god my pussy was so hot but I didn’t want to look at Steve he would surely see the desire in my eyes I was trying to hide. But he told me to look at him right into his eyes as he moved the dildo towards my wet entrance”

The thin end of the dildo easily passed between Fiona's parted lips and seemed to slip in with so much ease. It wasn’t the thickest dildo, in fact it was very thin compared to some of the cocks she’d taken; but at that moment in time and in her situation and surroundings it was all Steve needed to make her yelp again and again as he jammed the dildo in until just before his fingers touched her lips. Steve assaulted her in this way for about five minutes and in that time he was bringing Fiona very close to coming.

She unscrewed her eyes for a moment when the dildo fucking stopped and noticed it was one o clock, she had half hour to clean up and be in the conference room. She didn’t want to say anything just yet as she didn’t want Steve to think she was being disrespectful. Steve again took snaps her with the dildo poking from her cunt at various points again adding to his extensive collection that was growing rapidly.

Steve then stood up and pulled her towards the front edge of his desk so that her bum was on the edge, still being able to see from leaning on her elbows she noticed a huge bulge in the front of Steve's jeans.

“He began undoing his jeans and my pussy seemed to ooze more juice in anticipation. From what I can remember his cock was impressive. His trousers dropped to the floor then he pushed his boxers down to join them and there before me was his magnificent eight and a half inches. I looked at the clock over his shoulder as he approached me. Ten past one. Twenty minutes until my meeting. I had to say something”

“Steve I....................................”

“I know Fiona you have a meeting in twenty minutes with the gaffers. Why do you think I've got you hear you stupid whore?”

“Humiliation doesn’t quite describe how I'm feeling at the moment; I'm powerless to stop Steve he was going to decide when I went for this meeting not me”.

He edged closer with his huge tool aiming at her hole with it in his right hand, he stopped millimetres from her entrance but she could feel the presence of his member hovering around in front of her. She waited another ten seconds or so until she felt the bulbous end of his helmet mash into the top of her folds and hit her clitoris. She moaned louder than she’d done before and Steve tapped his hard shaft up and down on her most sensitive spot making her yelp each and every time.

“It was almost impossible to take my eyes off his dick and I willed him to bury in deep into my pussy. Meeting or no meeting I needed filling up”

It wasn’t to come for Fiona though as Steve rubbed his dick around her entrance and clitoris over and over again almost masturbating her with the shaft of his hard penis and in fairness to Steve it was having the desired effect on Fiona who was now laying flat on her back dangling her head off the back of his desk and moaning softly as not to make too much noise, she was past caring what the time was as her first Steve induced orgasm began to rip through her body.

“I came hard and screamed a little as I wasn’t able to control myself, his big heavy cock beat my clit as my body shook and I gripped the desk hard. I could feel a pool of wetness around the bottom of my bum cheeks and knew I’d come heavily”.

“You’re going to be late” Steve said pulling away and pulling his boxers and jeans up leaving Fiona to slide of the wet sticky table.

She looked at the clock and rushed to the filing cabinet to grab her clothes as she was already five minutes late. As she put her bra on Steve came and took her knickers away chucking them back in his top draw along with her two bras she presumed were still in there.

“You can collect these at five o clock, and when you’re dressed clean that mess up on my desk”

Fiona said she looked around for a cloth to clean up the mess but Steve told her to lick it clean. Her humiliation was compounded as she bent over and licked her sweet juices from Steve's desk whilst he sat feet away watching. It was ten past one by the time she left and she still had to nip in the ladies to mop herself up before she made a mess in her trousers but that idea was soon dashed as a call across the pa system called out for her immediate attendance in the conference room.

“Shit” was all she wrote on one line in her journal after hearing the message.

She made it to the meeting as soon as possible but was still over fifteen minutes late. All Mr. Symons said was is that he’d speak to her afterwards. After that the three hour meeting went ok although Fiona kept getting the unmistakeable whiff of sex aroma every time she adjusted her seat position; the trouble was that she was pretty sure her trousers were now soaked with her dampness as she didn’t have time to clean up beforehand. And even worse for her was the fact Graham Butterworth was sat next to her and he also kept looking at her whenever she moved.

“Fiona I’ll see you in my office please” Donald Symons said in a stern voice. He got up to leave but Fiona stayed still hoping the other two, Graham and Gary, would leave next as she didn’t really want to stand up in front of them. “NOW Fiona” Donald shouted across the room from the doorway. She was left with no choice but to leave.

Fiona pushed her seat back and stood up moving the notepad she’d been using for notes down in front of her crotch area hiding it from Graham Butterworth's lingering gaze. She headed for the door walking in a slow manner as she could feel the sticky damp patch between her legs; she was almost at the door when Graham shouted over stopping her in her tracks.

“Have you sat in something Fiona there seems to be a stain on your behind?” she rubbed her hand on her cheeks and said no before heading out of the door before Graham could push the subject further.

She entered Donald Symons office and shut the door behind her still holding the notepad across her crotch hiding her damp trousers. Donald was sat behind the desk looking very annoyed and he motioned for Fiona to take the seat opposite.

“What the bloody hell has gotten into you in the last week Fiona? I will not tolerate you being late for meetings do you understand”

“Of course Mr. Symons it won’t happen again I was tied up with something urgent”

“Nothing is more important than our meetings Fiona remember that for the future and you’ll be ok” Fiona got up to leave but Donald waived his hand as if to say stay seated. “And one more thing Fiona can you make sure you come to work in proper professional business attire, coming without a bra is not acceptable do you understand?”

“Yes Mr. Symons I understand and apologise, it won’t happen again”

“Make sure it doesn’t Fiona even if it was a nice view”. Donald winked then told her she was excused from his office and her face began to burn as her embarrassment grew so she exited as quickly as possible being sure to cover the damp patch on her trousers.

She made it back to her office and searched out some baby wipes from her junk draw and cleaned up the sticky mess between her legs; Fiona chucked the wipe in the bin and sat on her chair and looked at the clock above her door.

“OH FUCK” was scrawled in her journal, she jumped up realising she was late for picking up her knickers from Steve at his office. She grabbed the phone and franticly hit Steve's speed dial.

“Steve I’m so sorry because I was late Donald had me in the office for a bollocking afterwards.........................”

“No excuses Fiona you should of come straight here from Donald's office......why the hell are your ringing me from your office at five fifteen?”

“I’m on.............” the line went dead and she bounded out the door the phone left swinging from its station. She didn’t care about people seeing her massive tits bouncing around this time as she dashed across the warehouse and stormed up the steps. She’d even flicked of her heeled shoes and ran with them in her hands so that she could get there as quick as possible.

“Stopping to knock wasn’t an option and I nearly took the door off its hinges as I flew at it......I then stopped dead in my tracks.........Steve wasn’t messing and my situation worsened”

Steve Lomax was sat on one side of his desk with Neal Daniels sat the other side opposite him where she’d been bent over displaying herself only four hours earlier.

“Ah the star of the show herself has arrived Neal” Steve laughed. “Come and stand here Fiona” and he pointed to a spot at the edge of the desk between them both.

“I looked down at the cluttered desk and realised that all of the pictures were off me in various naked positions, I could see ones from the shower room of me surrounded by cock but also some of Steve's own snaps were there. Neal had seen them all and was staring at me smiling”

“You obviously wasn’t taking my threats seriously Fiona so I thought I’d need to just make a little statement of my intent by inviting Neal into our little arrangement. That's not a problem with you is it Fiona?”

“No Steve”

“I don’t know why I bothered asking actually as I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. I suppose you've come for your knickers Fiona?”

“Yes Steve”

“You know where your underwear is kept Fiona help yourself”. She walked around to the filing cabinet and fished out her knickers and her bras thinking it was about time she had those back and she dropped these near her bag as she went and stood back where Steve had told her with her knickers still in her hand. “Why don’t you show Neal what sort of knickers you wear Fiona I’m sure he’d like a closer look”.

Fiona handed her black lace knickers to Neal who held them in front of him to inspect. “Ooh very nice and sexy” he then pulled them to his nose and sniffed deeply inhaling the aroma of Fiona's worn knickers. “Fucking beautiful smell that is” and he took another deep sniff. “I wouldn’t mind seeing them on though Steve”.

“Not a problem Neal my old mate.” He turned to look up at Fiona and she knew what was coming next. “You heard Neal Fiona he wants to see what you look like in your knickers so how about you give him a little modelling session, I know lets have your top off as well let him have a look at you properly”.

She hesitated and looked at Steve then across at Neal. “Today Fiona, times getting on and we have homes to go to”. Steve said getting impatient.

“Less than three minutes later I was stood in my underwear in front of Steve but also Neal Daniels another of the managers. My breasts received great reviews from Neal as well as my trimmed pussy as he ogled it before I covered my private area with my black thong. I was told to walk around in front of Neal before being told to bend over and hold my ankles with my bottom only a couple of feet from Neal. My pussy again involuntarily began to tingle as again I enjoyed the feeling of being used. My cunt pulsed as I felt Neal’s hands on my bare bum cheeks for the first time and the moisture began to come as his fingers snaked towards the material hiding my sex from his view”

“Is it ok if I have a proper look Steve?” Neal said to Steve his fingers already under the material ready to pull it away and reveal her wanton holes.

“Knock yourself out Neal I’m sure once you’ve seen the goods you’ll want in full time”

Fiona felt the elastic round her hips come away and pull downwards and as Neal pulled her knickers down; she felt the cold air from the air-con machine blow across her exposed arsehole and then across her pulsing cunt lips as the last piece of thin material pulled away from the folds of her lips. Neal left the knickers round her legs about three inches below her bum cheeks; he’d pulled them as far as he needed so was content for the elastic to hold them in place round her legs.

“Again I felt extremely vulnerable but also so incredibly turned on. It wasn’t my fault but i couldnt help my pussy was getting wet it just began to seep involuntarily as the nervous excitment grew and the fire in my pussy burned"

She must of stood like this for about a minute as Neal inspected her holes or the goods as Steve so crudely put it making her feel even more like a piece of meat, she could feel his breath on her naked skin as he bent forward and inhaled nosily and commented on her sweet aroma. It was then she heard a draw open and close.

“Here Neal use this, fucking whore juices up lovely with it. I take it your then Neal?”

“Damn right I’m Steve, can’t miss out whilst your getting all the cream can I?”

“Didn’t think for a minute you’d turn it down Neal you dirty bastard. But it’s on the hush hush for now yeah we don’t want it spoiling just yet mate.”

“Of cause mate you know I can be trusted. Anyway pass that”.

Humiliated and powerless Fiona stood bent as she was discussed by Steve and Neal until she felt the cold hard object at her burning entrance and she tensed her body. With her thighs being pinned together by her knickers it made her cunt really tight; and she could feel the object being nudged against her inflamed folds with more force with more force each time as Neal tried to sink the object into her moist hole. His persistence was eventually rewarded as on about the eighth jab her lips parted enough for the tip of the dildo to slip inside her tight pussy. Neal continued pushing it until she felt his fingers on her skin; the dildo was fully inside her. Neal left it there for a few seconds before removing it completely.

“Oh yes Steve now I see look at it already, its covered”

Again the dildo was nudged into her lips and they parted easier this time as the lubrication on the shiny shaft aided its movement into her hole; this time it was fucked into her about twenty times by Neal each time making her moan a little.

“Steve told Neal to continue fucking the dildo into me until I came, he told Neal that it wouldn’t take me long because I was such a horny slut and just loved having the dildo in me. Steve wasn’t wrong because within five minutes my legs shook and my cunt clenched the dildo as my orgasm ripped through my body. I could feel my juice forcing its way out my hole as Neal pulled the dildo out a bit and soon my thighs were wet and sticky. I fell forward as my legs gave way and I was on my hands and knees panting and moaning”

“Fucking hell Steve we’ve got ourselves a right goer here mate”

“Tell me about it. I could tell that from the photos of the whore surround by cock in the shower. Isn’t that right Fiona you’re a dirty whore that loves cock?”

She didn’t answer as she was still out of breath from the orgasm she’d just had so she just remained on her knees waiting to be told by Steve what to do or where to stand next. Nothing happened for a couple of minutes as Steve and Neal discussed her again.

“Have you fucked her yet Steve?” she heard Neal ask.

“Not yet Neal I've just been toying with her you know, making her do things and humiliating her a little bit. I rubbed my cock her cunt earlier and made her come and I’m certain she wanted me to ram it up her but I like to make the sluts wait you know, tease um a bit Neal. She’ll be getting it soon enough though and once I've had her Neal you can have a go”

“Make sure it’s soon then Steve I can’t wait to get stuck into her”

“Be patient Neal there’s plenty of fun to be had with her, it’ll be soon enough though mate. Anyway I've got to get home Neal I've got a lot on tonight so I’ll show you the sort of things you’ll be able to do to Fiona now you on board”

She heard shuffling and chairs scrapping as the both stood up to leave, she didn’t move and continued to wait for instructions.

“Right on your feet Fiona it’s time to go” she got to her feet slowly as her legs still felt wobbly “ Knickers off Fiona you can carry them in your hands and but your bras back in the drawer, I hope you don’t think you were having them back?”

“No Steve.”

“I put the bras back and then put my trousers back on, I could feel them sticking to the damp patches on the inside of my thighs and obviously my soaked gusset. I looked down at the dark patch already forming and just knew that Steve would make me walk out like this. I pulled my blouse back on over my naked breasts and got told to unbutton three buttons causing my blouse to gape open and revealing the dark areola on both my breasts. Steve then pinched my nipples until they stood erect and very visible. He then told me to walk with my knickers in my hand which I screwed into my palm”

“No no Fiona dangle them knickers by your side. Don’t forget your pictures Neal that's your set to keep; I suggest you get a camera so that you can add your own snaps once Fiona starts visiting your office”

“Ahh yes I’ll pick one up over the weekend mate good idea”

There was no night shift in on a Friday as the warehouse only opened in the mornings on a Saturday and Sunday so there was no fear of being seen by other staff. Fiona already knew as she left the office that Steve was going to send her through the security office where Gerald and Trevor were waiting. Steve made Fiona walk ahead of them and told her to go where she had guessed in her own mind already. The walk across the warehouse seemed oh so quick and before she knew it she was in front of Trevor and Gerald.

“Well well look who we have here again Trev”

“Ah the lovely Fiona again, I think it’s my turn to wave the wand is it not Gerald?”

“I think you might be right Trevor. Step this way Fiona and place your belongings in the tray for a quick check and then stand in front of Trevor with your arms up and legs apart a little”.

She followed Gerald's directions dropping her bag and knickers in the tray which bought puzzled but excited looks from both old men. She watched as Gerald opened her bag and look inside, he reached in and pulled out the shiny metal dildo holding it up for everyone to see before dropping it back inside. He then picked up her knickers and looked at her as he dropped them inside her bag as well.

“My face was crimson as I felt totally humiliated”. Fiona's journal read. “My embarrassment only grew as Trevor began to wand me; he went so slowly over my breasts his eyes never leaving them as he looked at my areola and pointy nipples through my blouse. He actually moved the wand so close across my nipples that he knocked them both”

“Sorry about that Fiona how clumsy of me” he said smirking.

“He got down on one knee in front of me and moved the wand slowly across the top of my trousers and around my gusset area. He came up the inside of my legs and held the wand between my legs awfully close to my swollen cunt lips for a moment longer than he should have”.

“Looks like you've sat in something or maybe got a little too excited here Fiona” he said standing up looking at her for a response.

“I think I sat in something Trevor, I’m very clumsy today” she said walking by picking up her bag from Gerald who was stood staring at her chest and smirking.

“Have a safe journey Fiona and we hope to see you next week!”

She waited near the exit as Steve and Neal quickly got searched and joined her on leaving the building.

“I'll tell you now trev there is something going on with fiona and that bloody Lomax”.

Fiona wasn’t sure if she’d heard right as it was only whispered, but she probably knew that she had heard right and that is what they thought.

She finished off in her journal and this entry.

“I was led up the car park past my car that was parked in the office staff area right up to Steve's car in the far corner, Neal was with his as his car was opposite Steve's in the other corner. Steve told me to remove my blouse and hand it to him. I really really didn’t want to do this but again Steve told me that it would be really easy to show some other people my pictures, and I knew he wasn’t joking; just look at how easy Neal jumped on board, and who wouldn’t. I handed him my blouse and stood bare breasted in the car park as the cold evening air bought my nipples to hard points. He then said by to Neal and told him he’d see him in the pub to explain things in more detail, I was then left to walk back to my car, maybe a hundred yards, my tits naked and bouncing also dawned on me that I’d have to drive home like this too. I couldn’t help but feel a stirring in my pussy again....a feeling that I knew I shouldn’t due to my situation.......but a feeling that I could not stop”

The blackmail continues.............................
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