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Episode III
Of the Adventures of John and Holly
Part 36: All You Need Is Love


I waited the excruciating week before going home. But it did come, despite my fears. I got on my plane, I sat in the chair, stared out the window, and thought. I felt so detached from the world. It’s like nothing is real, I’m staring out the window, and I don’t think I am really here. It all seems like a bad dream. John would be waiting for me. Did I even deserve him. I did these things…I don’t want to think about them…I did these things that I shouldn’t have done. He had been faithful to me, though I had not to him. I want to be in his arms again, I want to feel his love for me. I need him to feel my love for him. I am so down, I will see him, but I am dreading it. I am afraid. Afraid of the possibilities. Maybe he has had a change of heart. The whole world seems to be falling apart, disintegrating around me.

The plane touched down, rocking the whole cabin as we slowed and came to our gate. I walked off the plane, bag in hand, looking for a familiar face. John’s face came through the sea of faces. I stopped, standing in the middle of a veritable highway of travelers. I dropped my bag, falling to the ground. John’s eyes were quite excited. I was down, dreading the possibilities. Maybe my emotions were just shut off. I looked at him as he fought toward me, I stared at him coldly. He was only feet away “Holly” he shouted, his voice, his smile, his face, his eyes, they all hit me. I suddenly without thinking, knew it would all be ok. I don’t know how, but I saw that all, realized it all, in just a split second. My emotions returned. My eyes came back to life, suddenly smiling, and tears of joy came to me. I rushed forward to meet him, his arms wrapping around me as I wrapped around him. We held together in a tight hug that I wished could go on forever. No words were spoken. We both pulled back, still hugging, but face to face. Our eyes told each other what we thought. We walked hand in hand to baggage claim, waiting for the bags to come around the conveyor belt. John carried my bag, as we walked hand in hand to his car.

We got into his car, and John started to drive home. “How was it?” John asked me. “I just want to be home” I said. John persisted with the questions. I couldn’t hold back, I let loose, confessing everything. I told him the whole story, all of it. By the time I was done, we were nearly home. I was afraid he may not understand. He sat quietly, driving. I was hoping he wasn’t about to confess something similar to me. But he didn’t. “You want to know what I did?” He asked me, smiling. “What?” I asked. “I tried to have fun, waiting for you to come home. I am basically euphoric that you are with me again.” He said matter-of-factly. The repercussions I had feared never came. We were fine. He didn’t care about what had happened over there at all. And he hadn’t done anything here that I didn’t approve of. Maybe I didn’t want to jinx us by thinking about it, but it happened. We were just fine, just like it never even happened. I was extremely elated, just happy to be home, happy to be with him, and have absolutely no worry not a care in the world. Euphoric is a good word for it. I laid back in the chair, staring out the window for the last few minutes before we got home.

We pulled in, and John handed me his keys. I went up unlocking the door, as he followed behind with my bags. Finally, we were inside. Back home, it seemed unreal. I felt like I would wake up at any second…but I didn’t.


Holly had seemed so distressed, distraught maybe. But she seemed to have that all lifted off her. She actually thought that I would be mad that she had fallen in love with a woman. That’s not cheating…That’s hot. I guess she still doesn’t quite understand the male psyche. She seemed pretty tired though. She had gotten up quite early, to get on a plane for like ten hours, to get here for it to still be early. Jet lag. Maybe she just wanted to be home. She went into the bedroom and crawled into bed. I followed her. “You hungry?” I asked. “No” She said, happily. “come lay down with me” She said. She still had her sweats on from the flight. I took off my shoes, and stripped down to just boxers. I pulled up the sheets and crawled into bed beside her. She laid on her back, I laid on my side, perched over her, our bodies meeting in the bed.

We looked at each other for few minutes, without saying anything. “Did you take care of Steph and Sandy while I was gone?” She asked me. “You could say that” I said. “Did you get a lot of action over there?” I asked her. “Not really” she said. “It got complicated real fast.” “Well…your home…that’s not complicated” I said. Holly reached one hand up, feeling my chest, running her hand down my body. I in turn reached over caressing her. I pulled her shirt off, and she wriggled her pants off. All clothes were gone in a matter of seconds. Holly stroked my stiffening cock with one hand, while I played with her tits. She rolled on top of me, shoving her hips down against me. She stopped to line up my cock with her lips. Holly pumped her entire body against mine, our moans came suddenly. It was a spur of the moment thing. Just bam we were fucking. I could sense all of the tension, all of the complications of her journey, vanishing into thin air, as we fucked in our bed.

Holly came, her juices flowing down my cock. She collapsed into me, her chest on mine. Her head rested on my shoulder, just beside me. We sat in silence briefly. “So good to see you” Holly said, quietly. “I missed you so much” I said. “I’m so glad it’s over” Holly said, euphorically. “I missed you so much” I reiterated. “I don’t want anything to be complicated anymore” Holly said. “It’s easy…All you need is love” I said to her. “I love you Holly” I said. “I love you too” She replied. “I don’t want us to ever be complicated” Holly said. “Do you want to try…a normal love life?” I asked her. “I think so” She said. “Let’s not think of it as a regression. We are taking time off of all this other stuff, to be together. Just the two of us. Then we will go from there” I said. “I just want to be with you, and nothing should ever get between us” Holly said. “I guess we had to have this wake up call to remind us…remind us that sex is just sex…but Love is everything” I said. “Love is all you need” Holly said into my chest. We laid in elated silence for a few minutes. “Want to take shower?” I asked her. “Yeah”

I helped Holly up and went into the bathroom with her. I turned on the hot water, and waited for it to get hot. I helped holly step into the shower. I stood there at the entrance to the shower, leaning against the wall, watching her bathe in streams of water. I looked at her body, seemingly glowing, exuding her happiness. “You don’t have to wait outside for me” Holly said. “I just wanted to look at you” I said. “You can come in if you want” Holly said, as if she had to tell me that. I stepped in, and leaned against the wall below the shower head. The water came out just above me, and flew through the air onto her. Holly faced away from me, soaping up her body. She turned around, washing the lather off of her body. She stepped towards me, leaning against me, her tits pressed against my chest. Her hands wandered down my side, and mine around to her back. “If we are going to just have sex…just us two…you shouldn’t be shy” Holly whispered into my ear.

My hands wandered down to her lovely round firm ass. I lifted her slightly in the air, till she was on her tippy-toes. I slouched ever so slightly. Holly held my cock in her hand, pressed the head against her lips. Holly pressed forward, my cock gently stroking in and out of her tight pussy. This continued as we started moaning. I pulled out, sitting down on the shower floor. Holly laid down on her back, her legs up in the air. I sat with her legs up on my shoulders, my feet on either side of her head. I rocked forward, pushing inside of her. She rocked her body back and forth, countering my motion. I reached down with one hand, massaging her pussy above where my cock was throbbing and stroking in and out of her. The water was still streaming down, landing on her chest. Her tits rocked back and forth on her chest as she moved with the sex.

I was getting close to cumming. I rocked into her harder, we were both moaning loudly. I told her I was close. “Shoot it all over me” Holly said, excitedly. I pulled out, elevating myself slightly. Her legs still on my shoulders, I held my throbbing cock just above her pussy. I came, my cock spouting jizz that flew up to her chest, stream after stream dousing her chest, stomach, and crotch with my spunk. I sat back, her legs still on my shoulders, breathing heavily. She rubbed her hands around her tits, playing with my cum. I reached forward, fingering her excited pussy to orgasm. We laid back in ecstasy, catching our breath for some time.

Suddenly the water lost all heat, and was now ice cold. It would have been funny to watch us. We laid there for a long time, then suddenly broke for the door, scrambling to safety. Out of the shower we stood there. We were in a suddenly conscious, awake state, but had to laugh at ourselves. I reached in, turning off the shower. But we just kept laughing at ourselves. We got towels and dried each other off. We stood looking at each other, as if to ask ‘what’s next’. To you it seems like a joke. ‘What’s next?’ Duh…sex.

We went back into the bedroom. Holly jumped up on the bed, on all fours, turning back to look at me. She patted her ass cheek as if to say ‘here boy’. I fucked her doggy style. It was pretty frantic. We basically fucked continuously in various positions, some without names. Just rolling around, fucking, nor caring about anything else for several…several hours. The orgasms lined up, building on one another, for both of us. I kept it up, with the help of her oral skills, through three more orgasms of my own, and countless many of hers. To actually try and break it all down and describe each act would literally take longer to read than it took to actually do. Which was a long time. At the end of the marathon, their was pussy juice all over the bed, and jizz as well. We collapsed into our own love juices, panting, our bodies red and glistening. “I need another shower” Holly said panting. “Why the hell do we need other people when we have sex…im fucking…literally, fucking exhausted” I said. The panting continued to occupy us for some time. Finally Holly broke the silence of the moment. “Want to go again?” She said. We both literally laughed out loud. “Want do you want to do tonight?” I asked her, I was laying on my back staring at the ceiling, dizzy. Holly was face down over the edge of the bed, hanging off. “God…what time is it?” She said. “Ok…what do you want to do tomorrow” I asked. “You” She replied. “What about this week” I asked. “huh huh…you” She replied. “I guess I could assume that…but what ELSE do you want to do” I asked her. “Well…your free right…we could…have some…ok, lots of sex” Holly said. I guess this whole monogamy thing might work out just fine.


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