This series has been a joy to write and its amazing seeing how my writing has developed over only six stories. I tried adding a bit of comedy at the beginning of this one to balance out the seriousness as the end approached. So without further ado, here is the conclusion.
My sister and I Part 6.

A continuous beeping woke me up this fine Saturday morning. I reached over Katie, my sister, and turned it off before it could wake her up, but as usual the feeling of my body shifting woke her up and not the actual alarm. I gave her a quick “morning” before getting out of bed and starting to get dressed. Katie looked at me and asked what the rush was, and I replied back saying that I had a plan of letting mom know what was going on. Katie’s eyes drooped a bit at the concept of telling mom before asking what the plan was.

After I had told her the plan, she looked at me and said that there was no way that it would possibly work and I told her to have a little bit of faith. Katie got out of bed and gave me a small hug before heading out of my room; god, I loved the feeling of her small body against mine. I sat there going over the finer details of the plan in my head before finishing dressing myself and going downstairs. Mom still was asleep, I figured as much because it was still only 7:45 A.M. After a couple minutes of sitting in the living room I heard the shower upstairs turn on. Imagining Katie lathering herself up with soap was enough to get me hard. Feeling a little dirty, I decided that I too was in need of a shower and went back upstairs to join her. I was completely undressed by the time I had made it to the top of the steps and threw my clothes in my room as I passed it. When I made it in front of the bathroom door I started to second guess myself and think of different ways to go in. I decided upon just walking in with my flag flying high (not a bad pun, eh). I walked in the bathroom and look at the shower and see that nobody is in it. I say to myself “what the fuck?” and at that moment the door behind me opened up and Katie, wearing a towel around her body, walks in. She stared at me for a few seconds before asking if I was just going to stand there or get in the shower. I said back sheepishly that I was feeling dirty, and felt like an idiot saying it. “Lucky for you”, she said back, “I’m also feeling a bit on the dirty side”, and with that she dropped the towel from around her body.

Katie’s amazing petite body still gets to me, even after seeing it multiple times; in various positions. Her long reddish hair flowed over part of her face and over her right boob, but her left one was still showing proudly. Her tits were about a b-cup, perfect in my opinion, with little puffy nipples on them. My eyes followed her slender body down past her belly button and onto the little runway-shaped tuft of reddish hair above her pussy. Her pussy, of course, looked like a pussy, but showed youthfulness because it had only seen my cock, and that was only twice; needless to say, she was fairly tight. She walked past me and got into the shower first. As she walked past, my eyes were immediately drawn to her ass. It lacked any flaws or imperfections and was almost perfectly round and firm. My cock was already pretty hard walking into the bathroom, but after that little show my dick was so hard it honestly felt like it was going to cramp. After getting in the shower Katie turned around and looked at me and said that I could either stand there and keep looking at her ass, or I could get in the shower with her and feel it. I didn’t want to be rude, so I took up her invitation and joined her in the shower. Upon entering said shower, Katie turned and faced me and grabbed my cock, which now felt like it could chisel a diamond if I tried. She started rubbing her fingers up and down the shaft before dropping to her knees and rubbing her tongue over the tip before starting to suck it. The sexual tension of the morning assured that I was going to cum quickly and after about two minutes I shot load after load into her small mouth. She couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and probably half of my load dribbled out of her mouth and down the drain, but she swallowed what she could. She then stood back up and I asked her what my cum tasted like. Katie replied that it would just be easier for me to taste it myself and pulled me into long kiss. The taste was somewhat salty, but with a hint of sweetness and a gooey texture; duh. She asked me if I enjoyed the taste and I said back that she tasted even better. With that statement I pulled her into another kiss and wrapped my arms around her. I then put my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her up and pressed her against the wall. I am about as strong as your average 16 year old, but I thought that Katie would be easy to do this to because of her small size. I had her picked up for a few seconds before regretting doing it in the first place because 90 pounds starts to get heavy after a bit. I was tempted to put her back down, but looking up and seeing the look of admiration in her eyes made me man-up.

Her pussy was now eye level with me; perfect. I immediately began to eat her out, starting with the normal procedure of licking her pussy lips and occasionally moving up and giving her clit a nice tongue massage. Doing this confirmed my statement about her pussy tasting better because I swear I could enjoy a continental breakfast with a tall glass of her pussy juice. After only seconds of me eating her out, her pussy was wetter than the lower decks of a pirate ship (that was the last reference; okay, maybe one more later on). After continuing my pattern of licking her pussy lips, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue in her hole, and licking her clit I moved on to my patented orgasm-stimulating-clit-rubdown (it’s exactly what it sounds like). First I spread the top of her slit open and moved the hood off her clitoris. After that, I put my lips around her clit and ran my tongue rapidly over it for only about a minute; that’s all the longer it takes, guaranteed *wink*. After the minute was up, Katie’s body tensed up before exploding into an orgasm. It took the last of my strength, which wasn’t very much, to keep from dropping her as she writhed around.

After coming off of her climax she looked at me and said that all that was fun, but she still was feeling dirty. I gave her a wink and said that some soap and shampoo might help her out. Katie giggled before handing me the soap and telling me to wash her. I told her that this was going to have to go both ways and broke the soap in half and I handed her the other piece. I lathered up my hands up before running them all over Katie’s body, as she did the same with mine. My cock was hard again and I took my time going over her body and giving extra attention to her tits and ass. I massaged her tits, with soapy hands so that it was still technically cleaning, for about five minutes before pulling her in close and wrapping my arms around her to lather up her ass. Funnily enough, this was the first time that I had actually groped and squeezed her ass and realized that I was missing out on something special. When I had pulled her to me, she started to run her hands over my chest, stomach, and finally, dick. Slowly, she ran her soapy hands over my shaft and would occasionally clean my balls up a bit. After ten minutes of “cleaning” each other she looked at me and said that her hair still needed to be washed. I looked at her hair longingly because that was one of the features about her that I loved the most. I took the shampoo and squeezed it into my hands before getting to work. The shampoo was, of course, cranberry scented and I would recommend it to anyone. I put my hands through her hair just enjoying the softness of it. After I had gotten it all lathered up, I started the normal procedure of washing hair. When I was finished Katie turned around and looked at me and said that she had gotten the feeling that I had actually enjoyed that. I told her that I thought her hair was beautiful and she pulled me into a long kiss.

After a few minutes of making out I told her that a 45 minute shower is probably long enough to get a whale clean (okay that was the last one). We got out of the shower and dried each other off. We went back to our rooms and I got dressed again before heading back downstairs. It was still only 8:30 so I figured mom was still asleep and went to make breakfast. After making some sausage and eggs I called up the steps, loudly, that breakfast was done. A few moments later Katie appeared at the top of the steps wearing a mini-skirt with a white button-up shirt; she looked rather sexy. When she had made her way down the steps we went to the kitchen together and I thought I had heard some noises in mom’s room, but I wasn’t sure. When we got into the kitchen we started eating and the conversation is about normal topics. I thought I heard the very faint sound of a door opening, but once again I wasn’t sure. Katie than looks at me seriously and asks when we were going to tell mom about our relationship. I said that whenever she wakes up we will sit her down and explain. Katie looked at me and said that she was nervous about what mom would say if I told her that I love you with all of my being. I responded by saying that mom would never understand how much in love I was with you. I followed by saying that even if mom forbids us from seeing each other or something more drastic, that we would find a way to make things work.

On my last word I heard a noise coming from the living room that sounded like crying. I got up from the table and motioned for Katie not to talk and to follow me. I walked into the living room and saw mom sitting on the couch crying into her hands. I asked her why she was crying and she looked up and said between a sob that she knew there was something going on between me and Katie. I stared back at her and asked incredulously if she had been eavesdropping on us. Mom said back that she had heard every word of what we said and went on about it being all her fault. I walked over and sat down beside her and started rubbing my one of my hands up and down her back. After a few moments I told her that it wasn’t her fault and that love just found its way to Katie and I. Mom said back that a brother and sister should not be in love with each other. Katie popped in and retold what she had said to me exactly a week ago. She said to mom that it doesn’t matter if we are brother and sister; we love each other more than anyone else could ever imagine. Mom sighed at these words and sat there for a few moments before finally saying that when our dad had left she felt like someone had ripped her soul out. She followed by saying that she would never wish that feeling onto anyone else. I looked at her, surprised because this was the first time in memory that I had heard mom talk about dad. Mom then continued saying that the first few years after he had left she was so sad that it literally made her sick.

After mom had told the story to us she looked at me sadly and said that if I really loved Katie, then I would never leave her. I looked back into mom’s eyes and said that I couldn’t leave Katie even if the world depended on it. Mom then gave another low sigh and looked at Katie, who was also now in tears, and said that if she really loved me then she would never leave me also. Katie said back, between sobs, that throwing me away would be just as bad as committing suicide. On Katie’s last statement I got up, walked over to her and pulled her into a tight embrace followed by a long kiss that mom looked away from at first and then looked back at us with a smile. Mom then said that she was in no position to break us up and just asked us to be careful. She also said that we were not to do anything around her.

I gave mom a smile and Katie and I both walked over to her and gave her a hug. We all just sat there and hugged for a few minutes before mom got up and said that she was going back to bed. I said that sleep sounded pretty good right now and grabbed Katie’s hand we walked back upstairs; together. When we got to the top of the steps, and out of earshot of mom, I gave Katie another hug and whispered in her ear that I loved when a plan came together. She uttered a small giggle before pulling me into my room and shutting the door behind us. As the door closed Katie and I immediately started to passionately kiss before I lifted her up off the ground and into my arms. She then wrapped her legs around my waste and started to grind up and down on me. As she started to do this I kissed her a couple more times before nibbling on her bottom lip and then I started to kiss her neck. She started to relax in my arms when I started to do this and I felt like it was time to get things heated up. I then carried her over to my bed and more or less dropped her on to it. She sat up and started to undo my belt as I pulled her shirt of her. She got my belt down and ripped my pants and boxers down and immediately started to suck my cock. As she was sucking my cock I was fumbling around with her bra trying to get it off. I finally got the clasp undone and ripped her bra off and went to town rubbing and pinching her nipples. The room was steaming and everything was moving at a fast pace. After Katie had been sucking me off for about five minutes I could feel an orgasm boiling in my balls. A few moments later I shot my load into my sister’s mouth. We then moved seamlessly into me literally ripping Katie’s skirt off and eating her out through her panties. After a minute or two, I pulled Katie’s panties off and began to eat her properly. She was wetter than I can remember her ever being and as soon as my tongue touched her pussy she started to moan. I licked and tongue-fucked her pussy for a few minutes before she came and I drank the juices coming out of her happily.

Not even waiting for her to come down from her climax, I got on top of her and guided my dick to her pussy. I pushed the tip in slowly and then all that I could fit; she was so tight. After the initial thrust I began to pound her pussy as fast as I could. She was already moaning and writhing around after only a minute and I knew she was going orgasm again soon. I continued fucking my sister fast, and every so often I would massage one of her tits. After a couple more minutes Katie came again; she began to lose control of her body and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I tried to pull out as an orgasm came over me, but her legs were so tight around waist that I wasn’t going anywhere. I then came inside of her, shooting rope after rope into her womb. After she had come down off of her climax she looked at me with a smile and said that was the best orgasm she had ever had. I looked a little uneasily at her and she patted the area beside of her. I lay down next to her and she snuggled her warm body against me and then grabbed my arm and pulled it over her. She fell asleep in no time, but I laid there awake thinking of what just happened. I wasn’t ready to be a dad, but looking at Katie’s beautiful body next to mine made me realize how hopelessly in love I was. I was willing to be anything as long as it was with Katie. Sleep followed soon after and I was about to turn my alarm on before realizing that I didn’t need to, and let sleep take me in its arms once again.

With that, I put this series to a close. I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much I had writing it.

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2013-09-11 19:04:17
A great story, it was a real love story. you have got to write an another chapter and maybe get mum to join in and have a threesome.

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2013-07-31 03:48:41
this is a damn good story keep up the good work and also i hope things go well with you and your sister

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Honestly could and should make it like some of the other series. Alot longer, many more chapters. This has so much more potential left. :( overall amazing though

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Read the hole series should make a part two of the series when they are a little older :)


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Juz finishd reading all the storiez to this series n i hav to say therez no such word to explain the greatness in the detailz n storyline. Kudoz:) this definatly a top favorite. N keep writing, u obviously hav a gift:)

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